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Summary: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

Warnings:  MPREG!!  If you've been reading for this long, I'm sure you've already noticed.

Notes: Please remember that I am just another stupid American.  Please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors as I must
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More Notes:  Mentions of the events in 'Small Worlds.'  And yes,  it's still Christmas morning in the Davies household.


Part Forty

Ianto roused to the feel of warmth and a gentle touch at his side, stroking his flank in long, slow caresses.  Up and down.  Up
and down.  Sometimes sliding around to his lower back, and every now and then a feathery-light brush across his stomach and
then a bit firmer as the hand moved up to his chest.

He hummed under the petting, a smile easily pulling at the corners of his mouth as he was coaxed into awareness.  His eyelids
fluttered and opened.  He moved his hand in a sleepy slide over Jack's knee.

"How are you feeling?" Jack's voice came from above and behind him.

Ianto didn't give the question much thought and simply answered with the first thing that came to mind.  "Happy," he said softly,
rubbing his cheek against Jack's cloth-covered thigh.

Jack's other hand came up and delved into his hair, nails scratching gently at Ianto's scalp.  There was silence following Ianto's
admission and he became uncomfortably aware of the quiet.  He remembered the state Jack had been in when he'd first shown
up last night, the hollowed, haunted eyes; the ice cold body, shivering because he hadn't possessed the sense of mind to find
some other jacket to replace the great coat that had become imbued with the stench of exhaust fumes.  Jack had been distracted,
depressed and in need of comfort.  That he had come seeking out Ianto, made the Welshman's heart swell a bit.  He'd been all
too happy to dispense the comfort Jack needed.  But it seemed that he had been neglectful this morning.  He rolled back a bit,
enough so that he could turn his head to look up at Jack.  He raised a hand and touched the other man's cheek.  "I'm sorry, I
didn't think to ask earlier.  Are you okay?"

A short breathless laugh escaped Jack's lips.  He clasped Ianto's hand and kissed his palm.  "A night with you always makes my
day brighter."

Ianto had the good sense to blush, but he wasn't fooled by the Captain's charm.  He could see the lingering pain in those
endlessly deep blue eyes of his.  "I meant it," he said tenderly, wanting Jack to understand that.  "You can talk to me if you need

"I know," Jack smiled.  "And I will."  He lowered his voice to a breathy whisper.  "But not while we have an audience."

Ianto jumped in surprise and looked around, expecting to find his family staring at them.  The idea of it had him reddening in
embarrassment.  But there was no one in sight.  The area around the tree had been cleaned up, in so much that it could be.  The
presents had been shoved back under the tree, and the tattered remains of the wrappings had been cleared away.  "There's no
one here," Ianto said.  "Where is everyone?"

"I believe your lovely sister said something about the kids needing fresh air, so Johnny was enlisted to take them to the park
while she gets lunch started."  He bent and kissed Ianto's nose.  "But I'd still rather not talk right now.  Never know when we
might be interrupted."

Ianto nodded, even as he scrunched his nose, then rubbed at it with a finger.  "I understand.  I won't pressure you.  You can talk
when you're ready.  Or not.  It won't change the way I ..." he hesitated here, swallowed and drove on ahead.  "It won't change
the way I feel about you."

Instead of speaking, Jack kissed him.  Bent awkwardly over the Welshman, Jack was still able to take Ianto's breath away.  Fire
pooled in his belly, the flames licking and growing, spreading throughout his body with each swipe of Jack's talented tongue
against his lips, against his tongue; mapping out every corner and recess in the cavern of his mouth.  The man was a master at
the art of kissing and soon Ianto was arching his back, one hand wrapped around the Captain's neck while the other had to
contend with their positioning and was entwined around Jack's arm, his hand clawing at his shoulder.

A throat cleared loudly and Ianto snapped back to reality.  He broke the kiss with a panting gasp and looked to where the sound
had come from, bending his head back until he was looking over the arm of the sofa.  Rhiannon did not look happy.  She was
standing there, upside down from Ianto's point of view, with her arms crossed over her chest.  She had a wooden spoon in one
hand and Ianto wasn't so sure that she wouldn't hit either of them with it if she felt she needed to.  It didn't make matters any
better, that Jack had chosen to take advantage of Ianto's bared throat and was happily nibbling away at his Adam’s apple.

"Jack," Ianto hissed, although he'd rather Jack continue that delicious torture.  He pinched his ear, earning a yelp and a muttered
apology that sounded anything but heartfelt.

With Jack's help, Ianto managed to get himself sitting up.  He looked over to his sister again, just in time to get a fleeting glance
at her unhappy expression before it broke apart amidst her giggles.  He got the feeling he was being mocked.  She was still
having a difficult time containing her mirth as she said, "I haven't seen you blush so red since Tad and I walked in on you with
your hand up Mairwen Bennett's blouse."

"Oh, I want to hear more about that," Jack said, grinning wolfishly.  "Were her hands doing anything interesting?"  He waggled
his eyebrows suggestively.

Rhiannon grinned back.  "Well, they must have been going at it for awhile because she had hands down in his und-"

"Stop!" Ianto pleaded, certain that his face couldn't get any redder.

"Oh, all right," Rhiannon sighed with dramatics.  "I don't remember you being so prudish."  She looked at Jack.  "He used to
have a mouth that would shock a sailor as a teenager."  She shrugged, apparently blind to her brother's mortification.  She
winked at Jack.  "I'll tell you later."

"I look forward to it," Jack replied.

"Did you come over here just to torment me?  Or did you have some other purpose as well?" Ianto asked.

Rhiannon was smiling innocently.  "Me?  I just wanted to tell you that lunch is nearly ready.  I was wondering if Jack wouldn't
mind going to fetch Johnny and the kids while you help set the table."

Jack slapped his hands on his knees.  "Sure, I'd be happy to," he announced, then stood.  He bent and gave Ianto a swift peck on
the lips.

Before he could draw back fully, Ianto grabbed his arm.  "Do me a favor and take a jacket?  I think Johnny has a spare you can

"You don't have a coat?" Rhiannon butted in.  "In this weather?  Are you daft?"

Jack gave a careless shrug.  "I forgot it."

Rhiannon moved away, shaking her head and muttering about idiotic men.  Ianto let Jack have another kiss before he left as well,
not really even noticing as Jack used the distraction to draw Ianto to his feet.  He only noticed when he pulled back away from
the kiss and found that they were standing eye to eye.  "Sneaky bastard," Ianto grumbled.

"You love me anyway," Jack chuckled as he turned away.  He never noticed the way that Ianto froze, his eyes widening as he
tried to digest that casually thrown statement.

After a breath, Ianto just shook his head and tried to forget it.  Jack couldn't possibly know that Ianto had begun to feel just
that.  Love.  He had tried to deny it, to ignore it completely, but it wasn't easy to set aside.  He'd tried to tell himself that it was
too soon, that Lisa had only been gone a short while and he wasn't ready to feel anything of the sort.  It was useless.  He'd
considered leaving, retiring from Torchwood after the baby came and raising him as a single parent, a normal life away from
aliens and rifts.  But the thought of leaving the team - of leaving Jack - made his chest constrict.

He had a feeling that it was far too late for him to do anything else but love Captain Jack Harkness.  Just his luck to fall for an
immortal from another century.


Ianto could hear Rhiannon admonishing Jack for not wearing a coat.  He shuffled into the kitchen, grinning to himself as he
heard Jack's attempts at extricating himself.  Then he tried not to laugh at Jack's yelp when Rhiannon apparently swatted him
with the wooden spoon she'd been holding.

He heard the door close and a moment later Rhiannon came into the kitchen, muttering to herself.  She seemed to be doing that a
lot lately.

"So, now that you've shooed Jack off, I suppose it's time for the 'talk,' isn't it?" Ianto asked, going to the cupboard and
retrieving the plates.

Rhiannon's hand slid across his shoulders.  "That's what older siblings are for."  She got the glasses.  They began to set the
table.  "So?  Your boss, is he?"

Ianto barely restrained the urge to roll his eyes.  "He's not pressuring me into this, if that's what you think.  I initiated it; made the
first move, I mean."  He thought of that first kiss, of the fracture of the team following the fiasco with Jasmine and the fairies.  
The team had turned their backs on Jack when there simply hadn't been anything he could have done differently.  The fairies
would have killed them all and just taken Jasmine anyway.  Hadn't they proved their ruthlessness already in killing that poor old
woman?  The team had gotten over it, eventually, but that night Jack had needed a little understanding, and Ianto had readily
stepped in.  He'd listened to Jack when he needed it, offered his own opinions in the hopes of cheering him.

He raised his fingers to his lips, softly smiling.  Jack's lips had been warm.  He'd tasted of liquor and something else, something
solely Jack, something that Ianto found himself craving more with each passing day.  Ianto had been so unsure, unfamiliar with
the feel of a rough stubbly cheek instead of smooth softness, the jagged hard lines of a man's jaw in place of a woman's more
delicate bone structure.  He'd felt like a gawky teenager all over again, but he looked back on it fondly now.  After all, it had been
the first of many; of kisses and of touches.  And it had led to Ianto losing his heart to the enigmatic immortal.

Something passed before his eyes and he blinked, returning to the present.  Rhiannon's hand swept up and down in front of
him.  "Ianto?  Are you in there?"

Ianto blinked at her innocently, a little embarrassed for getting so lost in his own mind.  "I'm sorry.  Were you saying

Rhiannon smiled and shook her head.  "God, you are so in love."

Blushing was becoming an all-too-common occurrence for Ianto, and he felt his cheeks heating once again.  "N-No, I'm not.  
It's ... he's ... it's complicated," he finished lamely, unable to meet his sister's eyes.

She laughed softly.  "Oh, it's love."  She patted his cheek then tucked her fingers under his chin and tipped his face up.  She was
smiling warmly.  "I'm happy for you."  Her smile slipped and a steely glint entered her eyes.  "I'll tell you something though.  He
hurts you and I'll rip his balls off."

Ianto didn't doubt her for even an instant.

To Be Continued ...