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Disclaimers:  I do not own Fake or any of its characters.

Notes:  PWP Lemon.  Berkeley/JJ pairings.  JJ is claustrophobic and finds himself trapped in an elevator during a blackout.  
Commissioner Rose finds a way to keep his mind off of things.  Enjoy.


JJ muttered silently under his breath as he scrawled some notes down and shoved it into one of the case files before him.  He
was stuck here working the graveyard shift pretty much alone.  Ryo and Dee had left hours before JJ had even shown up for
work.  Drake was off with his girlfriend, having conned JJ into taking this shift for him . . . sometimes JJ thought he was too
much of a pushover.  But then again, doing this for Drake was better than having to listen to him complain about how he and
his girlfriend never get any time together.  JJ shook his head, sighing . . . there really was no point in dwelling on the matter.

Finally finished with this particular file, JJ dropped his pen.  He stretched his arms above his head and yawned, arching his
back in the process.  He was tired, not to mention quite bored.  Doing paperwork all night was not a fun thing . . . it was a
slow night, much to JJ’s continued relief.  He’d rather there be nothing to do than to find himself swamped with calls . . . the
less crime the better, in his opinion.

He pushed himself from his seat, deciding that he might as well take the folder down to the file room now . . . he’d only have
to do it tomorrow if he didn’t.  Besides, maybe the walk would help to wake him up a bit.  With another sigh, he grabbed the
file and walked off, heading for the elevator.  He blinked when it dinged and opened before he even pressed the button.

Berkeley Rose stepped out with a frown set on his face, water dripping from his hair and clothes.  “I thought tonight was
Drake’s night.”

JJ shrugged.  “He had a date.  If I hadn’t covered for him, we would have heard him complaining about it all week.  I was just
going to bring this down to the file room.”  He sighed when he looked into the elevator.  “I wouldn’t mind having someone to
talk to though . . . unless you have other things to do that is.”  JJ wasn’t a huge fan of elevators . . . and he disliked having to
go down to the file room.  To be blunt, any small space gave him the creeps.

Berkeley shrugged.  “Fine.”  He said, making JJ think that this may be a bad idea . . . Berkeley didn’t appear to be in any mood
to talk.

Then again, even silent company was better than none at all . . . JJ would rather not be alone in the elevator.  He frowned at the
mere thought, then followed Berkeley inside, unable to suppress the tremble that swept through his body as the doors slid
shut.  He did not like it in here.

JJ opened his mouth, only to shut it again as he couldn’t think of a single intelligent thing to say.  All that came to mind was
small talk about the weather . . . or topics just as dull.

“Would you stop doing that?  You look like you’re trying to imitate a fish.”  Berkeley chuckled, though, playing off the
comment as a joke.  “So . . . how about this weather?”

JJ flushed . . . well, at least Berkeley could think of nothing better.  “Yeah . . . is it still raining?”  He winced when he
remembered that Commissioner Rose WAS somewhat waterlogged . . . his shoulders and various other parts of his jacket and
suit were darkened where the water had soaked him.

Berkeley nodded.  “Yes, pretty badly, too.  I don’t remember how long it’s been since I last saw a storm like this.”

JJ almost sighed with relief as the doors opened.  He quickly exited and walked over to the door to the file room, not really
noticing that Rose had followed him until the taller man spoke.

“You don’t like small spaces.  Why is that?”  Berkeley’s tone was curious with no hint of scorn.  Still, JJ didn’t truly like
talking about this matter.

JJ let out a breath.  He didn’t question how Berkeley knew . . . the man was a cop after all, it wasn’t difficult to interpret the

“I don’t really know.  It’s not bad, usually . . . but too long in a small space and it gets difficult for me to breathe.”  He said,
speaking in half-truths.  He knew perfectly well why he didn’t like small spaces, but he wasn’t about to confess it.  It was bad
enough that he had to explain his phobia at all.  He said nothing more, stuffing the file folder into the appropriate cabinet.

Berkeley nodded and turned back to the elevator.

JJ was simply glad that Berkeley hadn’t pressed the matter.  With a sigh, he followed behind the Commissioner.  Feeling
foolish about his problem, he looked down at his feet as the doors closed again, taking slow, careful breaths as the elevator
began to move again.

However, after only a few seconds, the elevator lurched to a stop, the lights flickering off.  JJ looked up, eyes wide as the
backup generators kicked in, harsh orange lighting flooding the small space . . . small space . . . JJ tried to control his
breathing.  It wouldn’t be long . . . they wouldn’t be trapped long.  The power would come back soon . . . he tried to believe
that, held on to the hope that this was only temporary.

“Looks like the storm’s knocked out the power.”  Berkeley commented, though JJ could clearly see that himself.  “Guess we’ll
just have to wait it out.”

JJ nodded.  “Y-Yeah . . .”  He said, inhaling as deeply as he could manage.

“You okay?”  Berkeley asked.

JJ nodded shakily.  “Fine . . . I’m fine.”  He managed to grate out.  He closed his eyes, trying to ward off the sensation that the
walls were closing in on him.

“Talk to me.  Try to get your mind off of the situation.”  Berkeley said.

JJ tried to do that, really he did.  But, the room felt so confining . . . the air seemed so thick and heavy, weighing down on
him.  He was losing it . . . he hated this, this horrible feeling that everything around him was collapsing.

He shook his head, wrapping his arms around his body as he tried to force away the fears, the memories that ate away at his
resolve.  “I can’t do this.”  He croaked, sliding down to kneel on the floor.  “It’s too much . . . too much like . . .”  He bit his
lip, trying to keep his secrets to himself.  But he already knew it was too late.  He had let it slip, had already given Berkeley the
hint he needed to push, to ask a question.

“Too much like what?”  He asked, just as JJ knew he would.

JJ shook his head again, denying that he had even heard the question.  “No.  I can’t.”  He started to rock back and forth, his
breath coming out as harsh pants.  He was sweating, though his body was shivering as if he were sitting in a bucket full of ice.

A hand gripped his shoulder, a sharp pain crossing his face and bringing clarity to his mind.  He trembled as he opened his eyes
and looked up, finding that Berkeley was kneeling before him, that it had been his hand that had struck JJ’s cheek.  “Get a hold
of yourself!”  He sneered, shaking JJ roughly.  “This is no time to fall to pieces!  Now, talk to me.”

JJ nodded.  “I . . . I was seven.  M-My parents and I were supposed to go on vacation.  But I didn’t want to go . . . I
convinced them to let me stay home, that I could take care of myself.  I . . . I wandered downstairs . . . I was bored.  I was
just exploring.”  He whimpered, digging his fingers into his own skin, beginning to rock again.

“I-I found a door in the basement that I’d n-never seen before.  It was s-stuck, but I got it open.  It was so dark inside . . . I
couldn’t see anything.  I shouldn’t have, b-but I went in.  It was j-just a closet . . . and the door it closed behind me.  I couldn’
t get it open . . . and it was so small.”  He swallowed, taking short breaths.  Tears filled his eyes, which he fought to keep at
bay.  “No one knew I home . . . they didn’t look for me.  Three d-days . . . I was stuck . . . trapped.  So small . . . there was
nothing.  No light . . . no place to go . . . just the walls, the stale air suffocating me.  God, it’s like I’m back there again!”

Berkeley’s hands shook him roughly.  “Don’t think about that.  Talk about something else, something pleasant.”

JJ shook his head.  “I can’t . . . I can’t think.  It’s too hot in here . . . I can’t . . .”

There was silence for what felt like an eternity, and then Berkeley did something that drove all thought from JJ’s mind.

Berkeley kissed him.

Hot and deep, the kiss sent shivers through his body.  It reached to the bone, the swipe of a slick tongue across his lips making
him gasp and part his lips.  Taking the invitation, Berkeley swept inward, tasting each recess of JJ’s mouth, making him forget
about the blackout . . . the confines of this much-too-small elevator.  Desperate to hold on to this lack of remembrance, JJ
lashed out with insistent arms, dragging blunt nails across Berkeley’s back.

Berkeley pulled away, a faint tinge of pink just across the bridge of his nose, his glasses slightly askew as he smirked.  JJ
flushed under the attention, certain that he was dreaming this.  There was no way that Berkeley Rose had just kissed him.  No,
Berkeley, like Dee, was completely obsessed with Ryo . . . though JJ did know for a fact that Berkeley did date other men and
women.  Ryo was just another conquest he wanted . . . was that what he thought of JJ too?  Was he just a trophy to be won,
a mindless fling that would be forgotten about come the next pretty face?

JJ shook his head.  “Don’t do that.”  He whispered, removing his arms from around Berkeley’s tempting body.  He slid himself
back and to the side, pushing himself into one of the corners.  There, he buried his face against his knees, wrapping his arms
around his legs.  “I don’t want to be some meaningless prize.”  He muttered silently to himself, almost immediately wishing that
he hadn’t said that out loud.

“Is that what you think this is?”  Berkeley snapped.  Then he took a breath, calming himself.  A gentle hand brushed across JJ’
s cheek . . . he turned toward it instinctively seeking out the warmth of the other body.  “I only want to help you.”

“Help me?”  JJ frowned, but raised his gaze, a stray tear slipping from one eye.  “Why should you care?  You only have eyes
for Ryo . . . those other conquests of yours are just to pass the time until you manage to get your hands on him.”

Berkeley’s hand slipped from his face and JJ couldn’t help but feel the cold bite at him where that hand had been only a
moment before.  “You’re not much different, JJ.  If I’m not mistaken, I’ve only ever seen you hanging off Laytner’s arm.”

JJ looked away.  True, he did have feelings for Dee, then again pretty much everyone in the station knew about it . . . if they
didn’t then they were either deaf or blind.

Berkeley leaned in close, his hot breath brushing JJ’s ear.  “What say we forget about Ryo and Dee . . . about everyone else
and just focus on the here and now?”  His hand slid across JJ’s abdomen, sending tremors through his body.  “We can worry
about the future another time.”

Without thinking, JJ nodded.  It had been too long since he had been with anyone else.  There had been one or two through the
years, but his heart was still dead set on getting Dee all to himself . . . to think about anyone else always felt like a betrayal.  But
now . . . now he just wanted to be touched, to be caressed and fondled.  His body ached for contact, for the warmth of a
lover’s body . . . and Berkeley was good looking, so that was a definite plus.

Berkeley shrugged off his coat.  His suit jacket soon followed.  He pulled at his tie, loosening it, but left it on, moving forward
to give JJ’s body some attention.  He pushed at JJ’s knees, moving them away from his body, giving him access to JJ’s

With pliant fingers, he unbuttoned his shirt, spreading it open with one hand and splaying his fingers across the bare skin he
had revealed.  JJ sucked in a breath, shyly turning his eyes away from Berkeley’s burning gaze.  He felt self-conscious under
the attention, fearful that perhaps he wasn’t good enough . . . not attractive enough.

Soft, warm lips fell against JJ’s chin, a tongue tracing its way up to his earlobe.  Teeth tenderly nibbled, pulling lightly at the bit
of flesh.  “You’re quite beautiful.”  Berkeley breathed, pushing the shirt off of JJ’s shoulders, trapping his arms in the fabric.

“D-Do you mean that?”  JJ asked, feeling like a fool for even thinking up such a question.  “Sorry . . . forget I asked that.”

Berkeley smirked, pulling back just enough to look him in the eye.  “You are beautiful,”  He said again, whipping the glasses
from his own face and setting them aside.  “Your body . . . your hair . . . your eyes . . . I could go on and on about your

“Screw it.”  JJ said, his eyes raking over Berkeley’s clothed body.  He was too eager to see the man sans those coverings.  
“No . . . just screw me.”

Berkeley chuckled, leaning forward again.  He kissed JJ again, tongues dueling as they tasted each other.  Berkeley’s hands
didn’t remain idle.  They swept down JJ’s body, deftly unfastening his belt and pants.  One hand slid around, slipping down to
grab at JJ’s rear, the other eagerly pushing underneath his boxers.  Fingers sifted through curls of hair, making JJ buck and
moan as they eventually curled around his awakening arousal.

JJ whimpered and lifted his hips, pressing himself against Berkeley’s hand as it stimulated him.  The man’s lips never left his as
his strong hand slid along the column of flesh, stroking it to hardness.  JJ wriggled out of his pants furiously, feeling as if the
material was a terrible burden.  Once they were off, or at least only hanging from one leg, he spread his thighs, his body
jerking as Berkeley’s hand tightened around him.

Berkeley sat back, his face flushed as he sighed softly.  “I wonder if you taste as good as you look.”

JJ threw his head back with a surprised cry of pleasure as the blonde commissioner all but swallowed his member whole.  The
way the man’s throat muscles worked sent spirals of electricity shooting up and down JJ’s spine and took away all control.  
He had never dared to dream that something would ever feel this good.

He sobbed as the older man’s deft fingers stroked his thighs, one hand kneading his sac as his lips smacked loudly around his
shaft.  JJ struggled to untangle his arms from his shirt, needing to touch the other man, to grab onto some part of him.  But his
efforts were in vain, he only managed to get further ensnared by the constrictive garment.

JJ writhed, shaking his head as the sensations swam over him.  “S-Stop . . .”  JJ gasped.  “If you . . . keep . . . I’ll . . . I won’
t last long.”  He fought to make his words clear.

Berkeley took his mouth from JJ’s length, giving the tip a lick before he spoke, his hand pumping the shaft.  “Go ahead . . .
come for me.  I want to taste you.”

The throaty voice was enough to send another spark of ecstasy through his blood and he gaped soundlessly as Berkeley went
down on him again.  The man sucked like a vacuum as he bobbed his head.  JJ gave in, lightly rolling his hips until his first
orgasm of the night hit him.  His body shook with the force of it, his breath stopping.  God, that was good.  Vaguely, he felt as
Berkeley continued to suckle his length, licking up every last trace of semen as he brought JJ’s shaft to hardness again.

“My arms . . . please?”  JJ begged.  “I want to touch you.  It’s not fair . . . and you’re wearing too much.”  He frowned.

Berkeley merely chuckled again as he reached to unbind JJ’s arms.  “How about we get to the main event then, if you’re so

Instead of answering with words, JJ spoke with action.  As soon as his arms were free, he pounced on Berkeley, knocking the
man on his back.  Straddling his thighs, JJ devoured his mouth, pulling and tearing to get the man out of his clothes.  The
moment he was bare, JJ slid his hands down, using both to pump the man’s thick erection.

“That for me?”  He smiled coyly.

“You know it is.”  Berkeley replied, grabbing JJ’s ass and pulling him forward.  He latched his mouth onto one pert nipple,
licking at it . . . nipping and pulling at it with his teeth.

JJ moaned, never noticing as Berkeley took one hand away from him and began rooting around in his discarded pants.  It wasn’
t until a slick, cool finger probed at his entrance that JJ took notice.

“You have lube?”  JJ asked, though he pressed back against the single finger that sought entrance into his body.  It was
somewhat uncomfortable, but he knew the feeling would pass eventually.

“Of course I do.”  Berkeley said.

“I never took you for the boy scout type.”  JJ snickered, only to gasp as Rose’s free hand roughly slapped his ass.

JJ grabbed the lube from Berkeley, moaning as a second finger worked its way inside of him.  He spread the gel onto his hand,
then reached down, taking that delightfully hard shaft in hand again, watching with pleasure as Berkeley groaned in reaction,
arching his back.

A third finger pushed inside of him and JJ couldn’t help but rock back and forth, trying to gain more sensation from the teasing
touch.  He let out a yelp as that spot inside of him was struck, his balance failing him as a spasm shook his body.  He caught
himself with one hand, leaning his body across Berkeley’s, grinding his aching cock against the blonde’s.

“Come on . . . take me already.”  JJ groaned impatiently.

“If you insist.”  Berkeley answered.

He pulled his fingers free of JJ’s body and moved to kneel on the floor.  Without waiting for a further invitation, he grabbed
one of JJ’s hips and moved him to straddle his thighs, settling the tip of his erection against the tight ring of muscle and began
to push up.

JJ grabbed his shoulders, gritting his teeth at the initial pain of the intrusion.  Still, this was what he wanted, and he knew it
would feel so much better in a short while.  After seconds that felt like lasted forever, all of Berkeley was settled within his

JJ leaned forward, laying his head against Berkeley’s shoulder as they both let their bodies adjust to these sensations.  Berkeley
left tiny little kisses along JJ’s shoulders, his hands smoothing across the planes of his back.

“You ready?”  He asked, his voice husky with lust.

JJ nodded.  “Yes . . . please . . .”  He whimpered, wriggling his body a little.

Berkeley settled his hand at the small of JJ’s back, his other hand wrapping around the middle of his back.  JJ lifted his body.  
Guided by Berkeley’s strong hands, he let himself rise and fall, sparks of pure bliss flowing through his blood as he did it again
. . . and again . . . and again.

All too soon he was nearly bouncing on Berkeley’s lap, mumbled praises slipping from his mouth.  He pleaded for more,
wanted Berkeley to let him go faster, or to take control.  But Berkeley’s hands were strong, they stopped him, held him firmly
against his broad chest, his cock trapped between their two bodies, stimulated by the friction between them.

“More . . . please.”  JJ panted.

Berkeley’s mouth clamped onto his shoulder.  He said nothing, not a single word as he grabbed JJ’s hips again, lifting him and
laying him across the floor.  He hooked his arms around JJ’s knees, spreading the younger man’s thighs farther apart.

“You want more . . . I’ll give you more.”  He grunted, beginning a bruising pace.

Berkeley thrust hard and fast.  JJ screamed, loving the feel of this new position.  He pushed back against the tall man’s
movements, meeting each intense shove.  Berkeley leaned forward, letting go of JJ’s legs, pressing himself along the smaller
man’s form.  He laved attention to JJ’s throat, sucking and tasting, leaving a definite mark as his hips jack hammered against

“You feel so good.”  Berkeley groaned, sharply sending his cock ever deeper.

“Oh, God YES!”  JJ practically screamed, scrambling to hold onto something.  His nails raked across Berkeley’s back, leaving
streaks across the flawless skin.

It felt so good.  But even the best of things weren’t meant to last forever, no matter how much JJ wished this would.  The
friction against his shaft, the way Berkeley’s cock stabbed at his prostate, it overcame him quickly.  He cried out, wrapping his
legs around Berkeley’s waist to try and bring him deeper as his seed splattered their conjoined bodies.

Thrusting savagely, Berkeley hastily followed him.  Three . . . four more thrusts and it was all over, pulling JJ’s hip back hard
as he drove himself hilt deep.  He grunted, rolling his hips in slow circles, milking the sensations for as long as he could.

Spent, the both of them collapsed to the floor, Berkeley rolling off the smaller man to lie along his side.

“Wow.”  Was all that JJ could formulate.  He’d had no idea that Berkeley could be so intense . . . at least not in this particular

Berkeley chuckled.  “Glad you enjoyed that.”  He commented, a sly smile on his face.  “Why don’t you come back to my place
. . . I’ll show you a few more tricks?”

JJ spun to face Berkeley, not sure if he had heard correctly.  “Really?  Me?  You want me to come back to your place?”

Berkeley nodded.  “And this isn’t some cheap come-on either.”  He smiled, running his fingers along JJ’s face.  “Maybe . . .
we can reach an understanding of our own . . . somehow . . . we could give this a chance.”

JJ felt tears welling up in his eyes.  He rolled over, throwing himself against the tall blonde.  “Yes . . . Yes!”  He cried out,
snuggling against the man.

“But first . . . perhaps we should get dressed.”  Berkeley said, gently pushing at JJ’s body.

JJ looked up, eyes widening as he took note that the lights had come back on.  He scrambled to get his clothes on, smiling
sheepishly at the commissioner as he noticed that several buttons were missing from his shirt.

With a giggle, JJ entwined his fingers with Berkeley’s, striding out of the elevator as soon as the doors opened.  He couldn’t
think of a better way to have passed the time in that horribly small space . . . it had been a perfect distraction.  Perhaps . . . just
perhaps it would turn out to be more than that.

The End