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Notes:  Rufus and Nicky enjoy an afternoon together.

Risks and Wagers

Part Four

"Please, teach me."

Those three simple words sent a thrill up Rufus' spine, but he knew that he had to take care with this shy treasure or Nicky
would just bolt from the room.  Even now, the young man was trembling a little and a blush remained firmly on his face.

Rufus removed his jacket and spread it out across the floor.  It would do well enough.

Nicky swallowed, wringing his hands together.  "Won't ... won't it get ruined?"

Rufus chuckled and looked up from his seat on the jacket to regard the brunette.  "And if it does?"  It wasn't as if he didn't have
three others like it.  Even if he didn't, he had the money to replace it.  "Please, sit down.  Your sister went through the trouble
and finances to provide us with refreshments, and I haven't had anything to eat yet today."  He smiled at the way Nicky seemed
to sag in relief, the timid brunette moving to sit.  Of course, getting Nicky on the floor was only step one but he had to move
carefully.  Rufus knew there was no chance of intercourse this afternoon, but he had a few thoughts and most of them required
both he and Nicky to be on the floor.

He reached up and grabbed the bag that Ana had brought in and set it down between Nicky and himself.  He decided to merely
enjoy Nicky's company for the few minutes they spent eating.  Rufus mostly wanted Nicky to get comfortable with him, or at
the very least slightly more at ease with Rufus' presence.

By the time their snack was finished, Nicky appeared a little more relaxed.  His blush was slowly working its way back to his
face though, and he began to chew his lower lip as he fiddled with the top of his soda can.  "So what now?" he asked meekly,
his eyes glued on the can in his fidgeting hands.

Rufus leaned forward, easing the soda from Nicky's shaking hold and setting far enough away that it wouldn't accidentally be
knocked over.  "We have a little while.  Let's see how far we can take this."  With that, he leaned forward and pressed his lips to
Nicky's, coaxing response from the shy brunette.  He delighted in the flavors of his companion, and was only slightly saddened
that there would be a limit to how far he could go.  As shy as Nicky was, he was unspeakably sweet and hot once coaxed a
little.  Still, he had given his word.  A part of him respected Nicky's reluctance to go all the way with a stranger.

Once Rufus was finished thoroughly devouring that sweet little mouth, he trailed little nibbling kisses down his chin and the
column of his throat, dipping his tongue into that spot just where his collarbones came to an end.  Nicky gasped in reaction, his
hands lying stiffly at his sides, fingers balled up tightly enough to turn his knuckles white.  Rufus shifted, licking along the
collarbone, up to the junction where neck met shoulder and sucked against the salty-sweet skin.  While the brunette shuddered,
Rufus untucked Nicky’s shirt and reached his hands beneath the fabric, skillfully finding and brushing against rapidly hardening

Nicky bucked beneath him, a soft cry falling from his parted lips.  If what Ana had said was true - and at the moment Rufus
believed every word of it - then Nicky had denied himself even the simplest of pleasures.  Rufus held no notions of trying to rid
Nicky of his shyness today.  The slight trembling under his fingers that had nothing to do with passion testified to the fact that it
would take a long time for him to lose his nervousness.  And he was sure; he'd only relax with someone he truly cared for.  
Rufus was just in the right place at the moment.  Nicky was curious and Rufus was horny as hell.  They both got what they
wanted this way.  Well, more or less.  Rufus would be satisfied when they were finished today, he was sure of that.

So, he wouldn’t get the pleasure of ridding the lovely young man of his virginity.  Rufus could live with that.  It didn't mean that
he couldn't teach him other joys of the flesh.  He pulled back from the tasting, smiling as he looked down on Nicky's flushed
face, at the pouting reddened lips that beckoned for his attention once again.  

"As shy as you are, your body is extremely sensitive to touch," he said, abruptly tweaking those pert little nubs with his

Nicky arched his back in response, his eyes fluttering shut as he drew his bottom lip into his mouth to gnaw on it.  

"How delightful," Rufus groaned at the sight of Nicky's reactions.  Each heaving breath the brunette took; every panted gasp and
harsh whispered call of Rufus' name was music to the blonde's ears.

A scarlet blush blossomed on Nicky's cheeks, his head turning the side in an obvious show of embarrassment.  He trembled
beneath Rufus, his fear now mixed with the pleasure he was obviously still feeling.  

Rufus lovingly caressed one warm cheek, stroking the skin tenderly. "You have no need to be embarrassed, Nicky."  He deftly
unbuttoned the youth's shirt.  "You have beautiful skin and a well-toned body.  Any man you choose to be with should gladly
worship your body."  He pushed the shirt apart and pressed his mouth to the very center of his chest, then moved across the
broad expanse to take one dusky nub between his lips.  His one hand stayed still on Nicky's side, the other hand occupied by
toying with the boy's other nipple.  

Rufus worried the nipple between his teeth, alternating his gentle nips with sucking and tasting the delicious piece of flesh.  He
licked one last time, and then moved to the other, showing it the same attention he had shown its twin.  He took a quick glance
down and felt a thrill of delight when he spotted the undeniable bulge in Nicky's jeans.

He pulled back from his attention to the brunette's chest, thinking he should try and calm him again.  The way he was trembling
was a bit distressing.  "Relax, my beauty.  I won't go all the way with you."  He knew he had said the right thing when a slight
tenseness in Nicky's muscles suddenly vanished and the constant trembling eased.  "You are far too lovely and a simple fling is
not a worthy enough reason for you to waste your most precious prize.  You save your virginity for when it counts."

Nicky smiled shyly at Rufus, his eyes seeming to glitter.  "Thank you.  I will," he said, nodding.

Rufus smiled in return.  "Now, just lie there and relax for now.  Allow me to take joy in giving you pleasure."  He skillfully and
quickly unfastened Nicky's belt and cast it aside, showing similar swiftness in opening Nicky's jeans.  He smiled as he tugged the
youth's boxers down, drawing the soft cloth over the hardening column.  "If you want to do something for me, as well, during
this session, just say the word."  He experimentally ran his hand along Nicky's stiffness, easily stroking the boy fully hard.  He
watched it with avid interest, each rasping breath making Rufus' own body pulse in reaction.

A bead of moisture gathered at the tip of Nicky's rather impressive endowment and Rufus couldn’t resist the urge to bend
forward and take a taste.  He chuckled as he swallowed the sweet saltiness, giving Nicky a look.

Nicky's cheeks were a vivid crimson.  "What?  So I use handy wipes after I'm done in the men's room.  Is that a crime or

Rufus couldn't help it.  He laughed in delight.  "No, but the lover you choose to be with will thank you for your habit.  There are
those who do not enjoy this only because of the taste due to poor hygiene.  Now, I do believe I will actually enjoy every minute
of this."  With that said, he resumed suckling lightly at the very head of Nicky's cock, taking the time to toy with the sac at the
base.  He massaged lightly, not wanting to harm the boy inadvertently.  He felt a small thrill run through his body like an electric
current as Nicky let out a low moan.

Pulling back, he spoke to the brunette again.  "Be as loud as you want.  No one is here to hear you.  This entire floor is vacant, I
believe.  And even if anyone DOES hear you, then they shouldn't be here and deserve any discomfort they get."  He wrapped his
free hand around Nicky's member, delivering strong strokes meant to stimulate.

"Nngh!  What are you ...?"

Rufus chuckled as he caressed the youth.  "So innocent ... so naive ... so perfect."  He truly envied the one who would be the
first to have this young man.  His reactions were perfect and excited Rufus immensely.  "If you would allow me to finish ... it's
called a blowjob."  He resumed with a hunger he hadn't realized he'd had.  Of course, being nearly killed in an explosion and then
contracting Geostigma had put a large damper on his sexual activities.  One hand job in two years just wasn’t much.  Definitely
not enough.  'Hmmm ... no wonder Reno was looking good enough to eat yesterday.'

Nicky bucked up into Rufus' mouth as the blonde took in all that he could, easily moving back with the motion of Nicky's body
so that he wouldn't choke.  Delicately, shaking, Nicky's fingers sifted through Rufus' hair.  He moved as if afraid of doing
something wrong, never holding tight enough to hurt or tug on Rufus' hair uncomfortably.

"Oh, God ... please," Nicky whimpered when Rufus began to suck.

Rufus couldn't resist the temptation.  He let the throbbing organ slip from his lips and smiled.  "I'm not God, but tell me what you
want and I'll see if I can give it to you."

Eyes glazed over with lust, Nicky looked down on him.  He licked his lips, his blush darkening.  "P-Please ... let me do
something?" he offered meekly.

"Are you sure you want to?"

Nicky nodded rapidly, his fingers still twisted in Rufus’ hair.

Rufus smirked.  He reached up, untangling those delicate hands from his hair.  "I'm afraid this won't last long for the either of
us.  You're too inexperienced to last long and I haven't any such attention in a very long time." Rufus stated, hastily removing his
pants and tossing them aside.  His shirt remained.  For what they were going to do, there was no need to strip completely.  After
all, Nicky did still have the majority of his clothing on and he didn't seem to be complaining in the least.

It didn't take long to maneuver into the right position and soon enough Rufus was facing Nicky's straining erection once again,
though from a different angle.  He cast a look down at the feel of Nicky's fingers pressing just behind his knees and smiled.  
"Please, be mindful of your teeth."

"O-Okay," Nicky gulped, his eyes wide as he focused all of his attention of the hard cock bobbing just above his face.

Allowing Nicky to go at whatever pace he felt comfortable, Rufus gave himself over to pleasuring the fascinating brunette.  He
lost himself in the moment, doing all he could to bring Nicky to his first orgasm.

Rufus shuddered, his eyebrows knitting together at the first tentative touch of Nicky's tongue to his shaft.  The blonde forced
himself to stay still, not wanting to harm Nicky in any way.  It was a task not to respond to such gentle ministrations.  Despite
his lack of experience, it seemed that Nicky was a fast learner.  He did as Rufus had done.  Though his motions were a bit
rough, it was no less pleasurable.

Things swept away rapidly after that.  Nicky sucked with a wild abandon, lost in his own pleasure.  Rufus didn't try to stave off
his release, not knowing how much longer Nicky would last.  He didn't want to take the risk that Nicky would unintentionally
bite down when his release came.  It had happened once before to Rufus and the sensation was anything but pleasant.  At least it
hadn't been harsh enough to break skin, but the memory often caused a quiver to run through him.  This was not the time for
those thoughts though and Rufus quickly forgot about it.

The room was filled with the sounds of slurping.  Nicky was a vacuum, his tongue working wonders around Rufus in ways that
made the blonde wonder how Nicky was still a virgin.  He'd never felt anything so decidedly wicked and wonderful all at once.  
It didn't take long at all for Rufus to hit his limit.  He shuddered in almost painful delight as he spilled himself into the waiting
mouth below, almost coming again when Nicky voraciously sucked and swallowed everything that he could, continuing to lick
and moaning as he did it.

Spent, and quite thoroughly satisfied, Rufus eased his flagging organ from Nicky's eager mouth, almost chuckling at the faint
whimper the brunette issued.  The little virgin was definitely eager once prompted.  He'd make some man very happy, Rufus was
certain.  Still spasming with the aftereffects of release, Rufus returned his attention to Nicky’s throbbing shaft.  He put all his
skill into the act, making quick work of bringing Nicky over the threshold for the first time.

Nicky threw his head back and practically screamed, his hips bucking off the ground despite the fact that Rufus had settled his
palm on one hip.  Rufus reacted quickly, moving with the harsh thrust upward, and swallowing around Nicky manhood as a
wash of sticky semen flooded his mouth.  He'd never cared much for the taste before and he didn't now either, so he swallowed
quickly, suckling lightly until he was sure that Nicky was finished.

He flopped to the side, lying there on his back, his head resting beside Nicky's quivering thigh.  "Did you enjoy that?" Rufus
asked breathlessly, his throat aching and raw.

"Oh, yes," Nicky panted, his own voice rasping.  "D-Does it all feel like that?  Sex, I mean?"

Rufus chuckled.  He pushed himself up to rest on his elbows, a wave of weariness settling in.  "Not at all, precious.  It can feel
infinitely better with the right partner."

Nicky was silent, those eyes portrayed disbelief.

"I assure you, I am telling the truth.  Find yourself a good man, Nicky and he'll show you a world of pleasure.  I just gave you a
taste today."  He sat up, knowing that, as much as he would prefer to, he couldn’t lie around on the floor all afternoon with
Nicky.  He had an ill employee to visit.  "I wish I could stay, but I do have business to attend to.  Can you get up?"

Nicky shook his head.  "I don't know.  I feel ... weird."

"It'll pass."  He gently helped Nicky to redress, tucking his soft length back into his jeans again.  He even fixed the buttons of his
shirt, smiling as Nicky remained motionless throughout.  Then he went and got his own pants on and helped Nicky to stand.  "I'll
have Tseng give you a ride home." he said softly.  Hearing no complaints, he wrapped his arm around Nicky's waist and led him
from the office and to the elevator.  It didn't matter to him that he'd left his coat in the office.  He’d have someone fetch it for
him later and have it cleaned.

Tseng was there waiting for him by the car when Rufus reached his private parking area.  "My young friend here needs a ride
home," Rufus said.  "We can drop him off on the way to Seventh Heaven."

Tseng nodded.  He moved forward, wrapping his arm around Nicky and effortlessly taking his weight from Rufus.  "Yes, sir,"
he responded, taking on the task of helping Nicky to the car.

Rufus was in a much better mood than before.  He smiled as he watched Tseng put Nicky in the car, wondering if they'd have
the time for a second round while Tseng drove them to their destination.

Well, there was no harm in trying.

To Be Continued ...