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Notes: Cloud unhappily makes breakfast.  He and Reno get closer.

Warning: Lemon ahead!  Sex ensues.

Risks and Wagers

Part Nine

Cloud clenched his teeth in anger as he started preparing breakfast for his unwanted guests.  He was beyond embarrassed at
what had happened in the hallway, and was berating himself for starting the whole scenario by kissing Reno.  It had, in all
honesty, been a genuine effort to cheer the redhead.  Although he'd be lying if he said he wasn't interested at all in Reno.  The
man was a boundless source of energy and didn't pester Cloud with a million stupid questions.

The memory of Reno's kiss caused Cloud to pause.  He had to admit, if only to himself, that Reno was one hell of a kisser.  He
brought his fingers up to touch his lips, which were still tingling.  It had been a mistake, that was all.  A mistake to begin
something that Reno might not mean.  The redhead was an insufferable flirt.

“Yo, Cloud!”  The Turk sauntered in and appeared in Cloud's line of sight.  “Where's the breakfast you were talking about?  I'm

Those words brought Tseng's comment to the front of his mind and he grabbed a box of cereal from the cabinet and set it on the
table.  “Milk is in the fridge.”  After that comment, he pulled out a bowl and spoon and set them next to the box.

Reno picked up the box and raised one eyebrow.  “Moogle Munchies … with Chocomallows?”

“It's Denzel's.”

“Uh-huh.”  He shrugged and set the box down again.  “You know, I was kinda hoping for something else.  Maybe some eggs or
pancakes.  You know, something homey.”

“I'm not a good cook,” Cloud grumbled.  He opened the fridge and took out the milk.

“Let me guess.  Tifa does all the cooking, huh?”  He didn't wait for an answer.  Instead, he grinned and headed for the fridge.  
Looking in, he was silent.  “Sit down.  Won't take me long.”

Cloud sat, but narrowed his eyes as he watched Reno rummaging around in the cabinets.  “You can cook?”

Reno shrugged.  He placed a frying pan on the stove and got the eggs out of the fridge.  “Well, yeah.  Didn't have anyone to
cook for me so I had to learn.  Either that or starve.”

Cloud didn't have anything more to say on the subject.  It was a reasonable explanation.  Reno had been raised in the slums.  He'd
had to fend for himself from a young age.  Cloud had never had a need to learn to cook.  He'd had his mother, then the Shinra
cafeteria cooking for him when he had been a grunt.  Tifa and Aerith had taken up the cooking when they'd been traveling.  If he
was on his own, Cloud tended to make the most simplistic fare.  Taste wasn't a high priority to him.

“What are you making?”

Reno grinned at him.  “Like I said.  Eggs and pancakes, yo!  I'd make some sausage, too, but the sausage you have in here is
more for dinner than for breakfast.”  He cracked open the eggs and started whisking them in a large bowl.  He added a little milk
and resumed his task.

Cloud watched in fascination as Reno started mixing ingredients in another bowl.  “Tifa has a mix.”

Reno chuckled.  “Trust me, yo, once you've tried my pancakes, the mix will be a poor substitute.  Some things you can't put in a
box.”  He resumed work.  “Anyway.  I'm usually the one who cooks for the boss.  Elena can't even boil water, Rude can only
barbecue, and, if you've ever had the little ninja cook, you know the kind of food most of the people in Wutai prefer.  I learned
the more fancy stuff out of necessity.  Just opened a book and started from page one.”

Cloud was amazed at how easy it seemed to prepare what he thought to be something complex.  He didn't understand how Reno
could do this with such apparent ease.

Reno grinned at Cloud as he started the actual cooking by pouring some of the pancake batter onto the large square griddle Tifa
had.  “It's not that hard, yo!  It's easier with a mix.”

Cloud shrugged.  “I've tried making pancakes.  I end up making boulders.”

With a chuckle, Reno poured some of the egg mixture into a small skillet.  “You must add too much mix.”  He flipped the
pancakes and started moving the eggs around.  “When you measure, you should make sure that the measuring cup is level.  
Otherwise, there's no telling what your result will be, yo.”  He looked around.  “Where are the plates?”

Cloud motioned to the cabinets to the right of the stove.  “Silverware is in the drawer right underneath.  Syrup is in the cabinet to
the left.”  In no time, Cloud had a plate in front of him.  He stared at it a minute.

Reno was quietly humming while he prepared his own meal, and disturbed Cloud's thinking when he spoke up.  “Yo!  It's food,
not a Midgar Zolom. Eat up or you'll hurt my feelings.”

Cloud nodded and started eating.  After the first bite, he froze.  “It's … good!”  With that, he dug into his breakfast.  He wasn't
even aware when Reno sat down across from him and started eating as well.  The two of them ate in companionable silence, and
Cloud was sorry when the last of his scrambled eggs was gone.  Reno was finished not too long after and Cloud had to stop the
redhead from cleaning up.  “You cooked.  I'll clean up.”

Reno grinned in reply.  Cloud thought it odd, but didn't say anything.  He had a feeling that the redhead was up to something

He gathered up the dishes and placed them gently in the sink.  He was always cautious when it came to Tifa's dishware.  Tifa
wouldn't be happy if he broke them.

With his hands fully immersed in hot, soapy water, Cloud realized that Reno was no longer sitting at the table.  Swift arms
wrapped around him from behind, the strong hands slipping down and gripping at his inner thighs.

“You are so fucking hot,” Reno purred, his hands moving a fraction closer to the blonde's groin and squeezing the muscles
teasingly.  “I just want to bend you over this counter and fuck you so hard you see the Lifestream.”

“Let go of me,” Cloud frowned, though his voice came out far less commanding than he'd intended.

His heart was beginning to thump loudly and a quiver traveled along his spine as Reno's lips pressed against the nape of his neck.  
Why was Reno doing this?  He didn't understand.  Was this all just a game to the Turk?

Despite his confusion he couldn't stop his body from responding.  "Why?  Why me?"

Reno paused and nuzzled Cloud so his voice was soft and warm in Cloud's ear.  "I told you.  You're fucking hot.  You're also
strong, considerate, smart as all hell, and your voice turns me on to no end."  Reno took in a deep breath through his nose and let
it out with a sigh.  "And you smell awesome, yo!  Your hair is softer that a baby Chocobo's down."

Cloud turned to look Reno in the eyes.  He'd always thought he was a good judge of a person's motives.  It was why he had
considered joining up with Shinra when the Sephiroth copies had been running around before Reno had opened his mouth and

One thing he knew about Reno.  The man acted like an idiot most of the time, acting before thinking, but he was also honest to a
near fault.  There was no deception in those eyes that could shift from blue to green.  He had to admit that he found the man
attractive.  He had a personality that could fill a whole room.  It was difficult to resist and Cloud found himself nearly

“I don't … this can't work.”

Reno ignored him and leaned in close.  He tauntingly flicked his tongue against the stunned sword-wielder's bottom lip.  When he
spoke, it was in a breathy whisper.  “Hush.  Don't think.  Let's just have a bit of fun.”  His breath caressed Cloud's skin.  He was
so close that Cloud could practically taste him already.

Without thinking, Cloud shifted forward, timidly acquiescing to the Turk's offer.  Reno was all over him in the next instant.  
Hands fisting in the blonde's clothing, he yanked the man forward.  Halfway across the room they spun and Cloud found himself
being guided backward.  The kitchen table stopped him.  He staggered to a halt, twisting his still-wet fingers in Reno's borrowed
shirt to keep himself from toppling back.

Reno was amazingly talented.  Cloud was surprised at how easy it was to give up control to the lively young man.  He parted his
lips to a questing tongue, tasting the sweet remnants of syrup.  The hot muscle was unwavering and Cloud struggled to copy the
other man's actions.  He felt woefully inadequate and worried that Reno would find him less than pleasing.  It had been years
since he'd kissed anyone and even then it had been nothing like this.

He broke away from the smoldering kiss with a groan as Reno's skilled fingers found their way up underneath his shirt.  The
digits toyed with his nipples, pinching and rubbing them, bringing them to a hardened state.

Reno's eyes glittered as they looked down on him.  For a brief moment Cloud was confused as to why Reno was above him,
then realized that at some point he had been urged to lie back across the kitchen table.  He wondered if the table would hold the
weight.  How long before it collapsed under the strain?  The thought was easily cast aside and forgotten when Reno's hands
began to descend.  His stomach muscles quivered at the graze of Reno's nails as they traveled down his abdomen to rest leisurely
at the waistband of the blonde's pants.

“So fucking hot,” Reno murmured, repeating his earlier sentiment.  He passed one hand over Cloud's groin, feeling him through
the cloth.  “Bet you're harder than a mythril rod right about now.” he reached for the zipper.

Cloud jerked forward and grabbed his wrist.  He was unsure.  Did he want Reno to continue?

Reno shook his head, smirking faintly.  He withdrew his arm from Cloud's grasp.  “You think too much.”  He bent and licked
Cloud's nose.  “Sometimes it's better just to feel.”

A kiss kept Cloud silent.  Not knowing what else to do, he held onto Reno's biceps.  The Turk took the action for what it was,
an invitation to continue.

Reno's hands made quick work of undoing his pants.  Once again Cloud was left gasping when Reno reached in and withdrew
his pulsing member.

“Stop,” Cloud panted, tightening his grip on the hard muscles in the other man's arms.  This was too much.  He needed time to
think about this.  The feel of Reno's callused fingers made his organ twitch.  It was too much, too soon.

“No way, yo.  This is too much fun.”  He attached his lips to Cloud's throat, sucking and biting at the tender skin.

Cloud turned his head, forgoing his earlier objections for the pleasure at hand.  It felt unbelievably good.  Reno's hand was
wrapped around his shaft perfectly.  He stroked just so, not too fast or too slow.  Each pump of his fist brought the blonde
closer to his peak, every pass of the Turk's thumb across the sensitive head left his spine tingling.

A sudden stop of all motion gave Cloud a chance to breath again.  The reprieve was over quickly and Cloud nearly bucked
himself completely off of the table when his cock was enveloped in a wet heat.  His eyes went wide as saucers.  Reno was
sucking his dick.  The sight along was incredibly erotic.  The image of his thickness disappearing into that hot mouth and the feel
of that wicked tongue bathing him in attention was the end of him.  He came, hips jerking as he spurted repeatedly into the
redhead's eager mouth.

Reno kept sucking, slurping up every last drop.  Only when there was nothing left did Reno allow the spent member to slip from
his battered lips.  He was grinning again and Cloud blushed, suddenly embarrassed by how quickly he had released.

“Hey, don't get all shy now.”

Cloud blinked down at Reno, watching as he rubbed himself through his own pants.  “Do you want me to?” he asked, lifting his
hand to indicate Reno's obvious problem.

Reno rose up and leaned over Cloud's prone body.  “Can I fuck you?”

Cloud was taken aback by the frankness of the request.  Leave it to Reno to be so blunt.  For once, Cloud didn't think.  He
nodded, not trusting his voice to remain steady.

The light that sparked in Reno's eyes made Cloud's heart thump a little harder.  “Wait right here!” he said, holding out his hands
in a 'stay here' gesture.  He took off in a shot, leaving a very confused Cloud.  Where was he off to so suddenly?  What was
important enough that he had to leave NOW?


Lube.  Lube.  Lube.  Reno ran haphazardly from the kitchen.  Why the fuck hadn't he thought of it before?  He couldn't fuck
Cloud dry.  Well, he could, but it would be painful to Cloud and maybe himself as well.  He had a suspicion that Cloud was a
virgin.  For a first time it would be better to have some lubrication.

He ran upstairs.  The door to Tifa's room was still closed.  Reno had to assume that the doctor was still checking Rufus over.  
Tseng was undoubtedly watching everything like a hawk.

Turning, he went into the nearest bathroom.  He rooted around through the medicine cabinet, desperate to find anything he could
use.  Toothbrushes.  Floss.  Bandages.  He wasn't seeing anything.  Frustrated, he knocked aside a bottle of mouthwash and
revealed a small jar he hadn't noticed before.  With a smirk of triumph he grabbed it and ran back down the stairs and into the

Cloud was still there, sitting on the edge of the kitchen table, looking confused and annoyed.  Reno's grin faded.  He sauntered
over to the blonde, planting a placating kiss on his bruised lips.  “Sorry, babe.  Needed lube.”  He held up the jar of petroleum
jelly he had found, smiling again.

A pretty blush colored Cloud's pale face.  His hands fidgeted.  It was cute the way he was sitting there, his hands cupped over
his limp member to hide it from view.  The fact that he hadn't refastened his pants was a good sign.

He was about ready to cream his shorts as he pried Cloud's fingers away from himself.  “I don't think I've ever seen such a
pretty dick before,” he commented, petting the flaccid length.  At least he knew for certain that Cloud was naturally blonde.  He
smirked to himself at the thought.  Now was not the time for jokes.

He wrapped his fingers around the blonde's penis, stroking languidly.  Cloud whimpered, his hands fisting at his thighs.  His cock
was slowly starting to respond, growing harder in Reno's hand.

“You're so thick.  I could barely fit this monster in my mouth.”

“You talk too much,” Cloud grunted, hips raising a fraction.

“Right.  No more talking.  Time for action.”  He squeezed Cloud, prying a frail noise from him.  “Get up and bend over.”

Cloud winced.  Hesitantly, he did as Reno said.  He slid from the table, his substantial organ jutting out proudly before him.  A
worried frown was on his face when he turned and leaned over the table, his elbows braced on the surface.

“Relax.  You'll like this.”

He yanked the hero's pants and underwear down, watching as the fabric pooled around his ankles.  Reno had to pause, his mouth
nearly watering at the sight of that incredible ass.  The creamy skin of those round globes taunted him.  He reached out and
groped one cheek.  “I can't wait to get inside you.”

“Get to it then,” Cloud practically growled.

Reno all but ripped the lid from the jar.  He scooped up a large dollop and set the jar aside.  Using one hand to spread the blonde
apart, he smeared the slick substance over his hole.  Eager to get to the main event, Reno worked a finger in, then a second.  
Cloud was tight.  It wouldn't surprise him if Cloud squeezed him dry in ten seconds.

“Fuck, I can't wait.”  He withdrew his fingers and dipped them in the jar again.  He almost ripped his own pants off in his haste
to pull his throbbing cock out.  Coating his shaft in the lube, he nudged the head against Cloud's waiting entrance.  He paused
there, knowing he couldn't rush things now.  “Take a breath.  Relax.  This may hurt at first.”

He pushed in.

With one swift movement he engulfed himself.  Cloud's body pulsed around him, the tight walls drawing him deeper into the
welcoming heat.  Below him Cloud was silent, his only sounds being the soft huff of his panting breaths.  

“You okay?”

Cloud was quiet for a moment before speaking.  “Move now and I'll cut your dick off with my Buster Sword.”

Reno bit his lip in an effort to comply.  It wasn't easy.  All he wanted to do was ram deep and hard into the body below him.  
Cloud was so damn tight and Reno didn't doubt that the pitiful amount of preparation hadn't been enough to spare the beautiful
blonde from pain.  He took a moment to run his hands along Cloud's arms and back in what he hoped was a soothing motion.  
This would be so much better if Cloud had taken off all of his clothes, but there was no need to be picky about things.

“Let me know when you're ready, yo.”

It seemed to take forever, but it couldn't have been longer than a minute before Cloud braced himself and nodded.  “Okay.”

Reno leaned forward and kissed between Cloud's shoulder blades.  “Fucking beautiful.”

He started an easy rhythm and tried to find the right angle to hit that perfect spot.  He knew he'd found it when Cloud arched his
back and uttered a delectable moan.

Reno set a slow pace.  Not because he didn't think Cloud could take something more vigorous, but because he wanted to savor
each and every second.  He might not get another chance like this again.  He'd take every bit of pleasure out of this that he could

Pausing, he slid his hands across Cloud's lower back, then shamelessly fondled the firm globes of that spectacular ass.  He
kneaded the smooth skin, smirking to himself.  “You enjoying this?”

“Is now really the time to ask that?”

Reno laughed.  “I want to know, so yeah.”  He pressed the man's buttocks apart, staring down to where his member drilled into
the sphincter.  The already tight hole twitched around him, urging him to thrust.  He denied himself, wanting Cloud to respond.  
It was thrilling to see his cock disappearing into Cloud's body, to know it was him making Cloud gasp and pant.  “Tell me you
like it.”


“Always have to be difficult, huh?”  He rolled his hips, enough to get Cloud to shiver.  He reached around and played with
Cloud's arousal.  The blonde jerked under his touch, a clear sign that he wasn't that far from coming again.  “I bet you're just
aching for a good fucking.  C'mon, be a sport and say you like it.  I'll make it worth your while.”  He fondled the man's balls,
lightly tugging on them.

Cloud sharply inhaled.  “I-I like it,” he said softly, reluctantly, his tone little more than a whisper.

Reno nudged his hips forward, squeezing the testicles at the same time.  “You can do better, yo.”

“I like it,” Cloud growled this time.  He sounded pissed, but he wanted to get off.  “I want you to … to fuck me.  P-Please fuck

A triumphant grin spread across his face.  Coming from Cloud, that was an exceptional speech.  “You got it, babe.”  He
withdrew his hardness and strove back in, forgoing his earlier desire to last in favor of a proper screwing.

He managed to hold back his deepest urges.  He didn't want to injure his inexperienced lover.  If he hurt him, Cloud would damn
sure hurt him in return later.  Reno didn't want to be picking up the pieces of his dick after Cloud chopped it into little itty bitty

It was over with far too quickly in Reno's opinion.  Cloud's entire body tensed beneath him.  He didn't make much noise when he
climaxed, but even that gruff little groan was enough to send Reno over the brink.  He fell forward over the blonde, hips jerking
as his semen expelled into the hot body beneath him.

Reno wanted to do it again.  He wanted to flip Cloud over and kiss him senseless.  But right now, he was damned tired.  All of
his muscles ached, but in a good sort of way, the 'I think my brain came out through my dick, I came so hard' good.  He grinned
stupidly, slipping his hands from Cloud's hips and genitals to ease silkily over his sweaty muscular frame.

“God, that was good,” he purred, loving the feel of the blonde's muscles twitching under his wandering hands.

Reno rested against Cloud's back trying to regain his breath.  Despite the sweat that clung to the delectable blonde, Reno could
smell the soap and shampoo Cloud had used when he showered.  He had all but forgotten his surroundings when he heard a
footfall followed by a sound of exasperation.

"What you do in the bedroom is none of my business, Reno, but could you at least have the decency to actually use a bedroom?"

Reno glanced up and smirked.  The Wutaian had his back turned to them, and Reno could tell the man was uncomfortable about
walking in on such a situation.  "Bite me, Tseng."

There was a pause as Tseng cleared his throat before he spoke with a dry humor.  "You mean Strife hasn't already done that?"

Reno felt Cloud tense and he moved away from the blonde with a great deal of regret.  Considering, the way the man had reacted
at being caught kissing Reno, he felt it wise to move before Cloud reacted to being caught, literally, with his pants down.

"I'm going out."  That was the only thing Cloud said as he straightened his clothes and strode out of the bar, only showing a little
discomfort from his recent activities.

After Cloud left, Reno glared at Tseng.  "Why'd you say something, yo?  Now he's gonna be harder to get to than Jenova's
remains were!"  He zipped his pants and looked mournfully at the door that Cloud had exited through.  He'd hoped to move to a
bedroom and cuddle with the taciturn blonde who claimed to have been a SOLDIER 1st-class.

Tseng glanced at him before quirking an eyebrow.  "Why are you so upset?  From what I gathered, I think you might have just
won the bet that Rufus mentioned."

"Fuck the bet, Tseng!  I mean it'll be great to take a free vacation at the Shinra beach house, yo, but Cloud is more than one of
those pretty little Honeybees I used to hang out with."  He shook his head.  "Now I gotta tell him all about it and hope he doesn't
kill me before I can explain everything to him."  He sat down and groaned.  "Zack would've throttled me if he thought I would
use Cloud in any way."

"Zack?"  Tseng said the name and Reno knew he didn't have to clarify who he was talking about.

Reno nodded.  "He was trying to set us up.  Told me Cloud was a nice kid with an easy smile."  He felt a pang as he wondered
what had happened to change that.  He sighed and stood up.  "There's some mix left to make pancakes.  I need another shower.  
Later, yo."  He left the kitchen and looked out the window just in time to see Cloud ride away on his motorcycle.


There was no question in Cloud's mind where he was going.  There were days that he just went wherever his feelings told him.  
At the moment, he was so conflicted that there was only one place he could go.

So it was a short time later that he found himself on the cliff that Zack had died on.  "What was I thinking?"

There was a chuckle on the breeze and a voice spoke as if behind him.  "You weren't for a change.  That's not such a bad thing.  
Why'd you run?"

Cloud fought the urge to turn and look, knowing that those in the Lifestream seemed very physical, but could vanish without
hesitation.  Instead, he took in a deep breath and let it out.  "Why Reno of all people?"

Unlike all the times Aerith had appeared to him, Zack seemed bolder and actually walked into Cloud's line of sight.  "Why not
Reno?  He's a loudmouth, but his heart is in the right place."

Cloud sighed and closed his eyes.  When he opened them again, Zack was gone.  “It was a mistake,” he whispered despondently.

To Be Continued …