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Notes:  Sally tends to the Sultan’s new concubine, Heero.

Acquiescent Concubine

Part Three

Sally felt a lump growing in her throat as she approached the bathing chamber.  Abdul had taken the young slave, Heero, along
ahead of her while she had returned to her room to gather her medical supplies.  The boy most definitely would need use of

The mistreatment of those unable to defend themselves had always made Sally a little nauseous . . . but to see a slave that has
been mistreated so badly and then blamed for a crime he could not possibly have committed . . . it struck her deeply.  The very
idea had almost made her sick.

She pushed the urge to cry on Heero’s behalf away as she mentally noted what she had in the small basket that she carried.  She
had various herbs and salves to help the poor slave with the pain he must be in, as well as sticks and bindings so that the slave
would be unable to bend his fingers once she broke them again.

Sally had to stop outside the door to the bathing chamber, taking a breath as she considered what she was about to do.  If there
was one thing that she hated doing, it was causing pain.  It was in her nature to treat injuries, not to cause them.  She took
another deep breath and said what she always said to herself when these feelings arose.  “In order to end the long-term pain, you
sometimes must cause a little short-term pain.”

With a sigh, Sally grasped the handle of the door and pushed it open, stepping into the room.  Her eyes were immediately drawn
to look about the marble-lined chamber.  As always, she was impressed by the appearance of the room.  There were various
bathing pools in the large room . . . in the very center of the room stood a group of baskets filled with soaps and towels and
various other bathing needs.

Shaking her head, Sally made her way quickly to the nearest pool, where Abdul was currently tending to the slave.  Heero was
sitting on the steps at the edge of the pool, only his lower body covered by the heated water.  Abdul stood before him, garbed
merely in a pair of flimsy pants that clung to him like a second skin.  Sally had to avert her gaze or else be embarrassed by being
caught eyeing his rather well-toned form.  It wasn’t her place to drool over other men.  She was a physician . . . she had to
remain detached.

A sharp cry made Sally turn her attention back to the pool.  Heero shivered as he tried to move his bare body away from Abdul.  
Apparently, the handsome young guard had touched an injury.  Sally hastily made her way over to the two of them.

“Heero, no . . . don’t move around too much.  You may worsen your injuries.”  Sally said as she set her basket on the floor.  
She reached out and set her hands on Heero’s shoulders, only to sigh as the slave recoiled away from her, watching her with
widened eyes as he tried to retreat away from the both of them.

It was only when he was a few steps away that he calmed somewhat.  He bowed his head, holding his hands close to himself.  
“F-Forgive me . . . I . . . I am not used to this type of . . . treatment.”  He whispered, saying each word unsurely as if he
thought he would be punished for daring to talk.  But of course that was probably what had been happening for most of his life,
if not all of it.  He was a slave and his last master had not been kind.  It was a shame, and Sally was deeply sorry for the pain the
boy had suffered through.

Sally smiled but made no move to approach . . . she really didn’t want to step into the water to reach out to him.  “There is no
need for apologies.  Just allow us to tend to your wounds and cleanse your body.  Nothing else is required of you.”

Heero nodded almost imperceptibly.  Slowly, he moved back over to where he had been, silent as he allowed Abdul to continue
cleaning his thin form.  He stayed quiet as Abdul washed him, moving only when he was told to.  Sally hadn’t expected the
young man to be good looking, not with all of that dirt and the harsh treatment he had lived with.  Yet Sally had to bite back a
gasp as she saw the face beneath the layer of grime.

Truly, Heero was a beautiful young man.  His skin was smooth and unmarred by scars, although he was pale and bruised.  His
dark hair was thick and unruly, his eyes a startling shade of blue.  Still, the sight of the bruises disturbed Sally, although she
could see that the majority of injuries were to his hands and wrists.  Heero’s master had probably used his cane on Heero’s
hands for the most part, Sally noted, shaking her head as Abdul assisted Heero in getting out of the bath.

“I had no idea you were so attractive, Heero.”  Sally commented, watching while Abdul wrapped the shivering slave in a drying

She watched Abdul dry Heero’s body for a moment and then got her basket ready.  Abdul then got a cloth for himself, wrapping
the linen around his waist a moment before he drew off his pants and dropped the soaked garment to the floor.

“I’ll need you to stand for a short while.”  Sally said, stepping toward Heero slowly.  “Abdul, help him remain upright.”

Abdul nodded and moved closer to Heero, slowly taking hold of one arm in the effort of taking on some of his weight.  Sally
smiled a little, gently pulling the drying cloth from Heero, dropping it carelessly to the floor.  She then began to examine him,
sighing with each bruise that she found, with each cut or wound.  She was worried by his weight, concerned with the dark bags
beneath his eyes.  Was he never fed or allowed sleep?  By looking at him, she could see that he could very well have been
starved . . . he was suffering, and it deeply saddened Sally.

“Tell me, were you ever in an . . . intimate relationship with either a man or a woman before?”  Sally asked.  Usually such a
question would leave her flustered, but it was her duty to see to the health of others and she had to know if there was a chance
that this boy was diseased or not.

“N-No . . . I have never . . .”  He looked down, most likely embarrassed by his own inexperience.  “My master was a feeble
man . . . old . . . he did not require me to do such things for him.  He was only interested in his inventions and nothing more.”

Sally smiled and tended to his injuries as best as she could.  She wrapped his swelled ankle, treated the few cuts and sores that
she found with a soothing balm, and bandaged what she felt needed to be bandaged.  Then she came to his hands, and paused.

“Heero . . . I am sorry, but I’m going to have to break your fingers.”  She said, trying to be as kind as she could.  “It will hurt,
but I have something to ease the pain.  Do you understand why I must do this?”

Heero swallowed and looked down at his hands that were somewhat malformed into claws due to the improper healing of his
fingers.  “Y-Yes.”

Sally slowly reached out and, after Heero didn’t flinch, brushed his hair away from his eyes.  “It will only hurt for a little while,
Heero.  I’ll bind them so you won’t be able to move your fingers.  This time, they will heal properly and you will be able to use
your hands again . . . and without pain.”  She smiled as he nodded, and then took a deep breath.  “Abdul . . . hold him.”

“Yes, Sally.”  Abdul said, gently guiding Heero to sit on the floor.  Abdul sat behind him, wrapping his arms around Heero’s
body, gripping the youth’s arms in his strong hands.

Sally knelt before them, reaching into her basket and grabbing a thick strip of leather.  Placing it in Heero’s mouth, she sighed.  
“Bite on this . . . scream if you want.  It will hurt.”

Heero nodded, bracing himself as Sally took hold of his hand.  With one sharp movement, Sally broke his finger, wincing at the
loud snap she had caused.  Heero bit down hard on the piece of leather, a sharp cry escaping his lips.  He jerked in Abdul’s
arms, but Sally had expected such a movement . . . it was why she had told Abdul to hold him.

One by one, she broke each of his fingers, until finally she was finished.  Eight fingers in all . . . all of which had been broken in
the past by that brutal man, or had been broken by Sally this day.  In the end, Heero was shaking badly, his skin dotted with
sweat as he whimpered feebly.  He was tired and in pain . . . Sally despised herself for adding to his suffering, but it couldn’t
have been helped.  Those fingers had needed to be broken so that they could heal properly.

“There, all done.”  Sally hushed, finishing with the wrappings on his hands and his one wrist which had been fractured.  She
raised her hand and slid it across his cheek, taking the strip of leather from his mouth with her other hand.  “I absolutely insist
that you remain in bed for the next few days.  Your body needs time to regain its strength.”

“Th-thank you.”  Heero whimpered a little.

Sally pulled out the small bottle that she had brought along.  After unscrewing the lid, she brought the flask to Heero’s chapped
lips.  “Here . . . drink this.  It will help with the pain.”  She smiled kindly as the slave sipped the liquid dutifully.  “Well . . . I
guess now is as good a time as any for you to learn the rules . . .”

Heero sighed, bowing his head.  “I know . . . don’t speak unless spoken to.  Eat only what is given.  Stay out of your way.”

Sally shook her head and fought off the urge to hug the young man.  “No . . . those are not the Sultan’s rules.  Abdul?  Help him
dress, while I list them.  They aren’t that difficult, so you won’t have a problem remembering them.”  She watched as Heero
nodded weakly before she started to put her supplies away.  “First and foremost . . . you belong to the Sultan alone, and only he
has the right to demand services from you.  You have the right to fight back if someone other than the Sultan tries to force
themselves onto you.  On the same note, you are expected to defend the Sultan with your life.  The only times you may use any
sort of a weapon is to defend yourself or to defend the Sultan.  Understand?”

Heero blinked, but nodded.

“Good.”  Sally smiled and packed the bandages.  “Now for the actual rules.  The clothing that Abdul is putting on you, is for
tonight only . . . white is common in presentations, especially in cases where the chosen is a virgin . . . and you are to be
presented to the Sultan tonight.  After tonight, you will wear the color that the Sultan chooses for you and only that color.  A veil
is to be worn when someone other than the Sultan, his mage, or I is present.  After tonight, Abdul is not permitted to see your
face.  This is to keep strangers from seeing how lovely some of the Sultan’s concubines are.  They are his treasure, as you will
be within the night.”  She nodded as Abdul affixed the veil and hood . . . now all of Heero’s skin was covered, his features
hidden by the coverings he had to wear.  Abdul took a moment to dress himself, then returned to where Sally and Heero were

“Abdul . . . you’ll have to carry him.  I don’t want him walking on that ankle.”

Abdul nodded and lifted Heero without any effort.

Sally took her basket and walked in front of Abdul.  “The concubine common room is central to the communal area.  From
there, you will be able to go into the areas specifically for the members of the Sultan’s Harem.  Each door is marked with a
symbol, so it’s easy to tell which door leads where.  You’ll see for yourself when you’re brought there.  You are not allowed to
leave the Concubine area without permission, and even with permission you must be accompanied.  What you do with the time
you are not with the Sultan is entirely up to you.  If you so choose, you may seek pleasure with one of your fellow concubines.  
Are there any questions?”

Heero, who must have been half-asleep by now, shook his head.

“Don’t worry, Heero.  You aren’t expected to do much other than rest.  Although . . . tonight, you will have to . . . consummate
your relationship with the Sultan.  It is required that it happen the first night.  This is so that no one can contest that he took you
for his harem.  There are mages that can detect that sort of thing.”

Sally sighed again, stopping when they reached their destination.  They now stood outside the doors to the Sultan’s court, to
where his majesty was presiding over the affairs of the country.  “We will have to await the end of court . . . and then you will
be presented to the Sultan.  You will have to walk on your own, I’m afraid . . . but not for too long.  Bow before him and that is
all you need do.”  She turned and set her hand against the veil covering his face.  “Take care, Heero.  I will see you come

Heero nodded, but said nothing.

Sally smiled a little.  Then she turned and walked away, knowing that she had her duties to perform elsewhere.  She knew that
Rasid would take good care of the young man, and trusted that Abdul would make sure Heero entered the hall when the time
came for him to.

To Be Continued . . .