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Notes:  Rasid retires to his bedchamber for the night.  Rasid X 2 Lemon ahead!

Acquiescent Concubine

Part Six

Rasid sighed and entered his bedchamber.  He had just spent all day within the confines of the court, once again presiding over
the often inane problems of his people.  Why they couldn’t solve most of these problems themselves, Rasid could not figure
out.  At the very least, his advisors should be able to oversee most of the petty squabbles that came to his court.

He quickly shed his garments, bringing a simple robe over his form.  He would have no need to wear anything further tonight.  
Then he turned his sights on the door that led to his concubines.  He smiled to himself.  He had waited all day for this moment.  
With that smile firmly set on his face, he strolled through the door and along a hall, dismissing the two guards that stood outside
of one of the many doors that lined this hall.  The guards had been a necessity.  Rasid did not trust the boy not to try and escape
if given the chance, not yet anyway.  Given time, Duo would grow accustomed to his new home.

Rasid opened the door and strolled in.  He paused at the vision laid out before him.  He had only seen the little thief twice before.  
Once the previous day, and once this afternoon.  The first time, Duo had been covered in filth.  The second time, he’d been
covered by white veils.

Nothing could have prepared Rasid for the true beauty of his newest acquisition.  The only thing marring that beauty was the
fact that Duo was thrashing on the bed and trying to get his hands free of the cording that bound his wrists, muttering quietly
through the gag that stifled his voice.  Not that this was unexpected.  Sally had mentioned to him earlier that Duo would fight
this even though he had given his word to be Rasid’s concubine.

Rasid made a sound as he approached and nearly wept at the terror in Duo’s wide, hyacinth eyes.  ‘It probably doesn’t help his
peace of mind any that he’s bound and gagged.  Poor child.  I won’t be able to start with him right away.  He needs comforting
and reassurance.’

He stepped toward the bed, only to frown as Duo recoiled away, curling in on himself as best as he could with his arms tied.  
Rasid sighed, taking hold of Duo’s arm and gently turning him over onto his stomach.  “There is no need to fear me.  I only
mean to remove you of these bonds.”  Rasid said, untying the cording.

He frowned deeply at the way Duo’s skin had been rubbed raw by the cord, knowing that he would have to punish his servants
for doing such a thing to this youth.  He could not abide his concubines being injured, even if the servants had only meant to
make things easier on Rasid.

Tenderly, he brushed his thumb across the damaged skin of his concubine’s wrist, only to blink as Duo jumped from the bed
and backed away from him.  Duo tore the gag from his mouth, glaring at Rasid hatefully.

“Keep your filthy hands off of me!”  Duo growled, backing away further.

Rasid only smirked, allowing his eyes to rake over Duo’s slender form.  He wore little, as was expected, just a simple cloth
made of a flimsy material.  Duo’s pale skin was awash in moonlight, since the youth was standing near the window.  He looked
simply beautiful with the way the light flowed over his creamy skin, his hair loose and flowing behind him like glorious waves of
chestnut silk.  His eyes glowed, although in anger.  Yet, they were still lovely to behold.

Still, Rasid could not allow Duo to speak to him in such a manner.  He crossed his arms over his chest, looking to Duo
solemnly.  He didn’t like having to say this, but it was necessary.

“We did have a deal, Duo.  You agreed to this, and you know what’s at stake should you go back on your word.”  He felt like a
real bastard as Duo’s eyes took on a haunted look, filling with tears that the youth refused to let fall.

Duo took a deep breath, obviously steeling his nerves.  “F-Fine.  J-Just get it over with so I can go to bed,”  Duo said, stalking
over to the bed, hastily untying the laces of his nightshirt and throwing it off his body before he climbed onto the bed, taking a
position on his hands and knees.  “Hurry up and just do it.  I don’t want you lingering around here,” he spat.

“As you wish.”  Rasid nodded, slowly approaching the bed.  He climbed up, removing his robe as he moved.  He would take
Duo now.  But he would do it at his own pace.  He would not rush the poor boy, not when it was obvious that he was

Rasid knelt behind Duo, taking a moment to simply gaze at the body before him.  Duo was skinny, a bit undernourished, yet he
was still lovely.  And that hair, it was so thick and shiny.

“Duo, you are beautiful.”  Rasid commented, brushing Duo’s thick tresses aside to expose his bare back.

Duo’s body shivered, but he said nothing.  Rasid chose to continue.  He laid his hands against the expanse of Duo’s back,
gliding his hands across the strong muscles, caressing the smooth skin with the utmost care.  He relished the feel of Duo’s
body, leaning forward to kiss the back of the youth’s neck as he slid his hands around to touch his stomach, to finger the
quivering muscles of Duo’s abdomen.

“Are you afraid of me, Duo?”  Rasid asked, making sure that Duo could feel Rasid’s growing erection pressing against his thigh.

“Y-Yes.”  Duo shuddered, then yelped as Rasid lightly pinched his nipples.  “W-What are you doing to me?” he asked with a
bated breath.

“I am loving you, Duo.”  Rasid smirked, trailing a number of kisses along Duo’s spine, allowing his tongue to dart out and taste
the skin at the cleft of Duo’s ass.  “Did you think I would just take you roughly?  To have my way with you without care?  I am
not like that, Duo.  I care for all of my concubines.  Pleasure is not something I wish only for myself.  Allow me to show you.”

Not waiting for Duo to reply, Rasid returned his mouth to Duo’s skin, slipping his tongue down between the cheeks of the
youth’s firm backside.  He left one hand up, toying with Duo’s nipples, while his other hand strayed downward, nails grazing
along Duo’s flesh until he came to the heated piece of muscle that Rasid had been seeking.

With a chuckle, Rasid wrapped his fingers around that organ, giving the length a languid stroke.  Duo gasped and shivered
violently, a strangled whimper coming from his lips.

“S-Stop,” Duo begged, digging his nails deeply into the mattress below him.

“I cannot, Duo.  You gave yourself to me.  You stood before my court and gave up everything for the children you looked
after.  You belong to me now.”

“Y-Yes, Sire.”  Duo replied timidly.

“Sshh, don’t concern yourself with titles.  Just enjoy what it is I’m doing.”  Rasid hated bringing up the subject of the little
children, but he knew that if he didn’t bed Duo, then all would be void and Duo’s sacrifice would have been in vain and the
lovely youth would have his hands chopped off.  Still, he could tell that Duo was fighting the pleasure.  Regardless, Rasid kept
stroking the hardening column of flesh beneath his fingertips.  Duo deserved this much, at least.

Duo whimpered time and again as Rasid continued.  His body shivered near constantly as he fought the pleasure building within
him.  Rasid smiled deviously, deciding to see just how long Duo could deny the sensations.  He diligently pumped Duo’s
throbbing shaft, spreading the youth’s buttocks with his other hand.  Then, pausing a moment to chuckle to himself, Rasid
leaned forward and began licking at the youth’s hidden entrance.

Duo gasped loudly, his body shifting forward as if to escape the tongue toying with him.  However, the movement only served
to push himself deeper into Rasid’s fist, making him groan in desire.  Rasid would have smiled if his mouth wasn’t otherwise
occupied.  It wouldn’t be long now.  And he knew just how to make the youth find his release.  Slowly, he pushed his tongue
past the tight ring of muscle, squeezing just so against Duo’s cock.  He was rewarded by a sharp cry and the feel of a slick heat
pulsing over his hand.

Satisfied by the reaction, Rasid took his mouth away from Duo’s body, smiling as he raised his hand to taste the evidence of
Duo’s climax.  “I see you enjoyed that, Duo.”  Rasid commented, sliding his hand along Duo’s sweaty back.

He wiped his hand off on the blankets, wrapping his other arm around Duo’s slim waist.  “Now, let us consummate our
arrangement.  After tonight, your children will be safe.  And you will never have to find yourself in my bed again unless you
wish it.”  Rasid said, aligning his own erection with Duo’s previously stretched opening.

Duo said nothing, his voice silenced by the harsh gasping breaths he took.  He nodded though, moving as Rasid bade him to, his
back coming to rest against Rasid’s chest.  Slowly, deliberately, Rasid raised his hips, bringing Duo down against him at the
same time, entering the youth with care.  Duo held his breath, his back arching as Rasid settled within him.

As Rasid stilled, Duo let out a groan, letting his head fall back against Rasid.  “I . . . I thought this was . . . was supposed to
hurt,” he breathed, raising a trembling hand to brush his hair from his face.

“I would never hurt anyone in my bed,” Rasid said.  “Pleasure and happiness is all I ever wish upon any of my concubines.”  To
illustrate that point, Rasid slowly retracted his shaft from Duo’s hot body, driving in once more.

Again and again he delved into that tight body, altering his angle until he found Duo’s prostate and Duo almost jumped off the
bed in surprise and delight.  Rasid chuckled, enjoying Duo’s company in his bed, thrusting harder and deeper as time wore on.

Duo slowly became more vocal, eventually began to move in synch with Rasid.  Finding that he could give and get pleasure on
his own, Duo began to move more swiftly along Rasid’s thick cock, raising himself up, only to fall again, taking all that Rasid
could give and more.

“Feels . . . feels so . . . good,” Duo whispered, moaning and panting near constantly.  “Please . . . please touch me.”

Rasid, lost in his own desires, could deny Duo nothing.  He slipped his hand around Duo’s body, easily moving his hand along
Duo’s slick shaft in time with their ancient rhythm.  Duo panted and moaned, repeating Rasid’s name like a mantra, his voice
thick with lust.

Duo’s body seemed to go into convulsions.  He came so hard, his seed all but shooting from his cock as the youth screamed in
passion.  Rasid groaned, following his newest concubine within moments, the delightful constrictions around his length too
much for Rasid to handle.  He had already been worked up before, simply touching Duo had left him hard and aching for the
youth.  He rolled his hips a few times, letting the sensations wash over him until they eventually ebbed away.

When he regained a sense of himself, Rasid frowned.  There was something wrong.  He pulled himself from Duo’s body, gently
turning the quivering youth in his arms, only to find that Duo was crying.

“Why are you shedding tears?”  Rasid inquired, brushing his thumbs along the young man’s cheeks.

“It was supposed to hurt.”  Duo sobbed.  “Why couldn’t you make it hurt?”  He thrust his fists against Rasid’s chest, weakly
pushing at him before he collapsed against the older man.

Now he could comfort.  Rasid pulled Duo close and cradled him as if he were a mere babe.  “I would never harm one in my
bed.  There is no shame in what happened here, beautiful young Duo.  There is nothing wrong in finding pleasure.  Do not
weep.  You will be safe here.  You will never want for anything again . . .”

Rasid would have continued, had it not been for the barely audible snoring.  He smiled as he looked down at the pale youth
cradled in his arms.  Duo was asleep, tears still dripping from his chin as he snuggled closer to Rasid’s warmth.

Rasid sighed, laying Duo on the bed.  He retrieved his robe and pulled it on, wrapping a sheet around Duo’s slender form before
lifting him from the bed again.  Then, without a second thought, Rasid left Duo’s bedchamber, bringing him to his own,
deciding that it would be best for Duo to benefit from the comfort and security of Rasid’s bed.

He lay Duo down, tossing aside the sheet he had wrapped the youth in.  Then he shed his clothing, sliding into bed alongside
him.  “Sleep well, my beauty.”  Rasid whispered, pressing a soft kiss to Duo’s temple.  In reply, Duo cuddled close, wrapping
arms and legs around Rasid’s body.

To Be Continued . . .