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Notes:  Quatre gets to know Zechs better.  

Acquiescent Concubine

Part Twelve

Zechs had been awake for a while and watched over the frail youth in his care with a deep frown of concern.  It was a great
relief to him when the boy's fever-glazed eyes fluttered open.  "Good morning, young one.  How are you feeling?"

The youth moaned softly and looked around, confusion in his eyes.  "I've been better.  Where am I?"

"You're in your room.  Have you forgotten me already?"  He smiled, shaking his head.  "You are quite ill, so it is understandable.  
I am Zechs, a fellow concubine to the Sultan.  Our master has entrusted me with your care."  His smile widened a little as the
youth nodded in understanding, the haze fading from his lovely aqua eyes.  "Are you hungry?  I have some fruit here.  And some
porridge sweetened with honey and spiced with a pinch of cinnamon.  My sister was kind enough to bring a small meal for us,
though I've already eaten."

Quatre smiled tiredly.  "That sounds wonderful.  I feel I can actually eat something today.  I haven't felt like eating anything in
such a long time."

Zechs was pleased to hear that.  He placed a number of pillows behind Quatre's back so that he could sit up.  "Now, you just
rest and I'll feed you.  I know it seems demeaning, but you should conserve your strength."

Quatre granted him a weak smile and opened his mouth, silently showing that he didn't mind.  Zechs slowly and carefully began
to feed Quatre, watching his gaunt features for any sign of distress.  He didn't know if Quatre would try to force himself to eat
more than he could.  Zechs wanted to be sure that Quatre didn't cause further harm to himself by trying to do too much at
once.  After only a few mouthfuls, Quatre raised a shaking hand and turned his face away from the spoonful held before his lips.

"I'm sorry," the pale youth said, lowering his eyes.  "I'm afraid I haven't had much of an appetite since before my father died
more than a month ago."

Zechs smiled, setting the bowl aside.  "There is no reason for you to feel sorry," he said, trailing his fingers along one sunken
cheek.  "Your health is fragile.  It is only natural for your body to need to adjust itself.  The fact that you can eat even a little will
help.  You can try to eat more later."

Quatre smiled in return, then tilted his head as he regarded Zechs.  "Your hair is very long," he stated.

Zechs had to chuckle.  He did get some grief about his hair, but it was nice to hear Quatre’s soft voice so he decided to remain
on the subject.  "Yes, I like it this way.  My hair is almost nothing compared to the hair of another new concubine though.  I
haven't had the chance to speak with him yet.  Our master has asked him to help Une with the care of her brother."  He smiled
as Quatre reached up to run his fingers along the plait that was casually hanging over Zechs' shoulder.

"It's so smooth, almost like silk."  Then Quatre blushed and bit his lip a little, his hand falling to the bed.

Zechs didn't like that look.  Frowns had no place on such an attractive face.  "What's wrong?"

Quatre's blush deepened.  "I was just wondering if your skin was just as soft.  It looks soft," he said bashfully, never looking
Zechs in the eye.

Zechs blinked and smiled.  Oh, the innocence of Quatre's nature was quite appealing.  He hoped that Quatre would cling to it.  
"You can feel for yourself, if you'd like," he offered.

If it was at all possible, Zechs believed that Quatre's face had turned pure scarlet for the deep blush coloring his cheeks.  "I've n-
never.  I wouldn't know what ... or where to start."

"You truly are an innocent," Zechs breathed in amazement.  He had never met anyone that embodied such purity.  He must be a
spirit sent from the heavens.

Quatre fiddled nervously with the blankets.  "The Sultan did not want to strain me.  He didn’t-"  He shook his head.  "He merely
touched me."

"Ah."  Zechs nodded.  "Don't worry, I won't do anything if you don't wish me to.  Your chastity will remain intact."

A shy smile delicately tugged at the corners of Quatre's lips.  With a groan and a number of grunts, the younger blonde managed
to heft himself to a sitting position.  He worriedly looked at Zechs then, peering up at the elder man through thick eyelashes.  "W-
What should I do?"

Zechs shrugged, though there was a grin on his face.  "Do what you feel is right."

Quatre nodded.  He cleared his throat, raising his hand to hover alongside Zechs' cheek.  He swallowed, then bit his lip as he
finally settled his fingers against the older man's face.  The young blonde barely breathed as he tenderly began to move his hand,
watching with obvious fascination as his fingers glided down along Zechs' throat and passed over his shoulder.  It slid in a
graceful caress across the expanse of Zechs' chest.  His thumb barely brushed across one of Zechs' nipples, causing the tall
blonde to shiver in response, biting back a moan so as not to scare the petite youth.

Quatre blinked at Zechs' reaction.  A hint of a wicked grin flashed across his features before his touches became more bold.

Zechs chuckled at the motions of Quatre's supple fingers.  "I guess, once you get warmed up, you turn into a little vixen."  He
groaned as that slender and fragile-looking hand slid further downward, dipping beneath the blonde's waist.

"This is smooth, too.  I was wondering about that."

Zechs caught Quatre's questing hand as it started shaking.  "Let me lie down so you don't have to strain yourself."  He lay down
and carefully arranged Quatre so that the smaller blonde was lying along his side, almost on top of him.  This was the best
arrangement since Zechs didn't want to risk harming Quatre in any way.  "Now, is this better?"

A little color bloomed on Quatre's pale cheeks as Zechs felt that yes, this position was a good one.  He was pleased to feel that
Quatre was enjoying this act.  He chuckled softly and reached up to caress Quatre's face.  "There is no need for shame as long
as it feels good, hm?"

Quatre nodded, turning his head so that he could look down on Zechs' body again.  His hand was trembling again as he returned
to his earlier explorations, his eyes fixed on the heavy proof of Zechs' desires.  

He pressed the pads of his fingers to the stiffening erection, just barely squeezing as he pressed his thumb to it as well.  Zechs
couldn't quell the wave of passion he felt for this lithe little blonde.  Still, he would not touch Quatre, not wanting to frighten the
ill youth.  He bunched his hands in the bedding below him, holding his desires back, letting Quatre take the lead in this escapade.


Une hummed a soft tune to the two youths that were in her care.  The both of them still slept and she was sat in bed, with one
on either side of her.  She played her fingers through their hair, content to sit there and watch them.  

She was truly happy, for the first time in what felt like ages.  Her baby brother was in her life again, and that meant more to her
than any freedom.  With the new one Master Rasid had brought to her yesterday, she felt as if she had gained another brother.  
Something about the boy, Duo, called to her.  She could see the independent streak in him, but there was also the vulnerability of
someone thrown into a life they knew nothing about.  Une had the feeling that he didn't really want the life he had now, although
Master Rasid never took an unwilling partner.  She vowed to be there for the boy if and when he needed her to be.

As she watched, Duo mumbled and blinked his eyes open.  His waking was gentle, unrushed.  She was glad he wasn't starting
the day in agitation.

"Good morning," she said, making sure to keep her tone gentle.  "Are you hungry?  If so, I can get something for you."

Duo looked up at her, eyes flickering with uncertainty.  He glanced to where Heero still slept, then back up to her.  "Nah, I'd
better go.  You two just found each other again, right?"

When Une nodded, Duo slid out of the bed.  He grabbed the clothes he had worn the day before and raced behind the screen to
change into them, leaving the nightshirt he had been loaned over the it.

All the while, he continued to talk.  "I mean, if I just found my family after not being with them for so long, I'd want them
close.  Not like that'll ever happen, but still."  He came out and cast a nervous look around the room.  "So, uh, where do I go to
get something to eat?"

Une smiled and gave him directions.

Duo nodded and brushed his garments off before putting his veil on.  "Would you like anything?  Or should I bring something
for Heero?"

Une shook her head.  "No, but I thank you.  We will be along later.  I won't wake him.  He needs the rest."

She ran her fingers through her brother's thick hair, smiling as he nuzzled closer to her in his sleep.  He was so pale, so sickly
and thin.  He needed to eat, but the rest would do him well.

She shook herself from her thoughts, smiling at Duo again.  "You go on and take your time.  Enjoy breakfast.  Explore."

"Okay then."  Duo turned away and headed for the door.

Une stopped him with a soft call of his name.  He turned, his hand still on the door handle.

"I'm sure Heero would welcome a visit from you later though.  And I must admit, I am also fond of your company.

Une could see the traces of a blush despite the veil covering his lower face.  He nodded sharply, then darted out of the room.  
The door closed behind him with barely a sound.

With Duo gone, Une returned her focus to Heero.  He was still soundly asleep, his damaged hands pulled in close to his chest.  
Dark circles and sunken cheeks marred his features.  Une longed for the day when he would be well and whole again.  That day
couldn't come soon enough in her opinion.  She began to hum again, weaving her fingers through his bangs.

The smile that twitched at the corners of his mouth made the minor effort well worth it.

To Be Continued ...