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Captive Hearts

Part Four

The hours passed by slowly as Heero and Duo tended to the young slave, making sure that a cool compress was always laid
across his feverish forehead.  Night was falling and Quatre had yet to awaken again.  Heero had ordered the hearth to be lit, both
to warm the room and to provide light.  Now a kettle of water hung over the fire.  It would take too much time to order a goblet
of hot water every time Quatre awakened, so much easier to just have a kettle going up here for when Heero needed to make
that tea.

Heero sighed, lighting a lantern and setting it down on the bedside table.  The flickering of the flame cast enough light to see
Quatre.  Duo was gone, had been for several minutes.  Heero had convinced him it would be better to not crowd the slave.  And
since the room was Heero’s, he felt that he should watch Quatre at night and that Duo could keep an eye on him during the day.

Heero stood and walked over to the hearth.  He grabbed a rag from off the mantle and used it to prevent himself from being
burned when he took the kettle from the fire.  Then he set the kettle aside, knowing that if Quatre didn’t awaken soon, he would
just have to put it back over the fire once again.

There was a soft knock at the door.  “Come in.”  Heero called out, although not too loudly.  He truly didn’t want to disturb
Quatre’s sleep.

Hilde quietly entered, carrying something in her hands.  In the darkness, Heero couldn’t quite make out what it was.  “As you
requested, sire . . . his belongings have been cleaned.  However, his garment was replaced by one of your color.”

Heero nodded.  He remembered now that he had sent the slave’s belongings to be laundered, what few things the young man
had.  And now instead of wearing a crimson loincloth, the color and design of which designated the household of his master,
Quatre would now wear a black loincloth with green piping around its edging.

“Do you require anything else?”  Hilde asked, setting Quatre’s  belongings on the edge of the bed.  “If not, may I retire for the

“I do not need anything.  Rest well, Hilde.”  Heero replied, stepping over to the bed.

“Thank you, Master.  I hope you also sleep well.”  Hilde bowed slightly then turned and left the room, the tinkling of her bells
fading as she got further away.

Heero looked over the items on the bed, letting his fingers brush across the smooth leather of the collar.  He picked up the
anklet, examining the bells to make sure they had been properly cleaned.  They had been.  His eyes were then drawn to the cock
ring.  He put down the anklet and picked up the cock ring, letting it twirl around from the chain it hung from.  He wasn’t sure
why he had even had that thing cleaned.  It wasn’t as if Quatre would be using that again . . . that wouldn’t be needed for his
duties in Heero’s household.

Quatre groaned, turning his head from side to side as he slowly awakened, the compress that had been against his head slipping
off to one side and landing on the floor.  His eyes fluttered open and after a few seconds his gaze focused on Heero.  He
repeatedly glanced from Heero’s face to the object that Heero held, fear clearly written on his pale features.

Heero sighed, dropping the cock ring.  “There’s no need to fear me.”  Heero said, frowning as Quatre began trembling once
again.  “Since you are awake, you should drink more of this tea.”

“Y-yes, Master.”  Quatre whispered, slowly pushing himself into a sitting position.  Although he swayed slightly the slave didn’t
look as if he was in danger of falling over again.

Heero returned to the hearth and picked up the kettle from where he had set it earlier.  When he turned to walk back over to the
bed, he saw that Quatre had reached over and gotten his belongings closer to him.  At the moment, he was securing the chain
around his waist, the flickering light of the flames reflecting off the metal cock ring that dangled from the chain.

Heero shook his head, sighing, as he walked toward the bed.  He poured some of the hot water into the empty goblet that had
been set on the bedside table.  He then set the kettle aside, no longer needing it.  As Heero prepared the tea, opening the pouch
and dropping just a pinch of the herbs into the water, he glanced over at the slave.  Quatre had just put his anklet of bells on, and
had reached over to grab his collar, the leash still attached.  Heero didn’t try to stop him, allowing him to put his objects on.  If it
made Quatre more secure to wear those things . . . including the cock ring . . . then Heero wouldn’t stop him.

Heero grabbed the goblet, stirring the contents around with one finger for a few moments.  At least the water wasn’t too hot.  
He turned back to the slave, smirking as he saw Quatre putting on the loincloth.  Heero just watched as Quatre ran his hands
over the fabric, smoothing out the wrinkles of the dark cloth.

The blonde turned and looked up at Heero.  “Mine?”  He asked, meekly, gesturing down at the garment he wore.

“Yes . . . Now that you belong to me, you will wear the color and mark of my household, not the crimson or designs of Queen
Une.”  Heero replied, handing the goblet to the blonde.  “Drink.”

Quatre took the goblet and lifted it to his mouth.  Slowly, he drank, pausing every now and then to take a breath.  Heero was
glad to see that the slave’s strength was returning so quickly.  Sally was definitely good at her job . . . It shouldn’t be more than
a couple of weeks before Quatre could perform simple chores without help.  He was still weak, even Heero could see it in the
way he continued to sway slightly, the tiredness he showed on his face.  He still did need a lot more rest.

With a shaking hand, Quatre held the now empty goblet back to Heero.  He dropped his hands to his lap, bowing his head as he
remained in a kneeling position.  Heero had to admit, Quatre was very well trained.

Heero set the goblet down, then walked to a nearby dresser where he pulled out a dressing gown.  He returned to the bed and
changed out of his clothes, feeling tired himself.  He just tossed each garment he removed across a nearby chair, knowing that
Hilde of one of the other slaves would take care of it later.  Out of the corner of his eye, Heero saw that Quatre was watching
him.  But he felt no embarrassment about his own body and continued to undress.  Finally, he pulled on the dressing gown and
climbed under the covers into bed.

The slave still knelt on the other side of the bed, his body trembling.  Quatre’s eyes were almost completely closed and Heero
knew that he wouldn’t be able to stay up like that for much longer.

“Lay down.”  Heero ordered.

“Yes, Master.”  Quatre replied, slowly laying down.  However, he made no move to cover himself.  The blankets just barely
covering him up to his knees.

Heero sighed.  He rolled over, propping himself up on one elbow.  He leaned over Quatre’s body, stretching to reach the blankets
and pull them up over the slave.

He turned to bid the slave a good night’s rest, only to blink in surprise as a pair of moist, warm lips pressed against his own.  
Quatre raised his hands, running them along Heero’s body in slow strokes.  Heero moaned, arching against Quatre’s touch,
finding himself lost in the moment.  He deepened the kiss, pushing his tongue past the slave’s lips to taste the sweet recesses of
Quatre’s mouth, the flavor of the tea still present on his lips.

Quatre’s small hands tugged at Heero’s dressing gown, bringing it up far enough for him to reach up underneath it.  Once again,
the hands stroked across Heero’s chest, slowly beginning to trail lower in tender caresses that alternated with brief fleeting
touches of his fingertips.

Every move Quatre made was perfect . . . every touch of his hands . . . each arch of his back that pressed him closer to Heero .
. . the way he moved his tongue against Heero’s . . . everything he did testified to the fact that he was very well trained.  Quatre’
s hands continued along his body, caressing the muscles of Heero’s torso, before slowly delving between his legs.  His fingers
wrapped around Heero’s member, giving one long, yet delicate stroke to his length.

Heero gasped, finally snapping to his senses as he pulled his lips away from Quatre’s.  He grabbed Quatre’s hand, pulling it
away, as he slid himself away from the blonde.  “No.”  He said, sitting up, his eyes drawn to stare at that tempting mouth, the
lips bruised from the force of their kiss, slightly parted as Quatre panted.

“You do not want me, master?  My body does not please you?”  Quatre whispered, fidgeting, his fingers toying with the cock

“No!”  Heero replied, a little more forcefully than he had meant to.

Quatre immediately recoiled in fear, crossing his arms over his face as if he thought that Heero would strike him.  “Please,
Master . . . forgive me.  I did not mean to displease you.”  He whimpered, almost sobbing.

Heero sighed, grasping Quatre’s wrists and pulling his arms away so that he could see Quatre’s face.  He frowned at the trails of
tears, also noticing that Quatre wouldn’t meet his gaze.  “Quatre, you are quite attractive . . . but I will not use you in such a
manner.”  Heero said, trying to quell Quatre’s fear.  “Now, go to sleep.  You are still quite sick and need rest.”

“Yes, Master.”  Quatre replied, still not looking up at Heero.

Heero let go of the slave’s wrists and laid back down.  He pulled the blankets up to cover himself, sighing once he was settled in
bed again.  Heero closed his eyes, ready to let himself drift asleep, only to snap his eyes open again when he felt an arm snake
across his waist, just barely touching him.

Heero turned his head, only to see Quatre sliding closer to him, a trembling arm reaching out over his chest to curl around Heero’
s body.  Quatre moved slowly, probably fearing Heero’s reaction, but Heero wouldn’t stop him.  The slave did need to stay calm
if he was to recover, and he wouldn’t be able to do that if he feared Heero.

“What are you doing?”  Heero asked, softly.

“My duty, Master.  I-I must keep you warm . . . and comfortable.”  Quatre replied, quietly, his head lowered.

Heero reluctantly reached out, wrapping his one arm around Quatre’s body, pausing when the blonde’s body stiffened.  Soon,
the slave relaxed, laying down beside Heero, pressing his body as close to Heero’s as he could get.  Heero sighed, listening as the
slave’s breathing slowly evened out, frowning as he continued to feel the shivers moving throughout the small frame.  He
reached over, pulling the blankets up around the slave’s body, attempting to keep him as warm as possible.


Duo strolled through the corridors, heading to Heero’s chambers.  It was after dawn, so it was his turn to watch over the young
slave.  He wouldn’t make Heero watch him any more than he had to.  Duo knew that Heero didn’t like showing off his kind side,
not truly comfortable with expressions of kindness or affection.  So this was as much for Heero’s sake as it was for Quatre’s.

Duo opened the door and stepped into Heero’s chambers.  Silently, he stepped over to the bed.  He gasped, a smile quickly
creeping across his face, when he saw the occupants of the bed.  The blankets loosely covered the two of them, but neither
seemed cold, despite the chill of the morning.

Heero was lying on his back, like he usually slept.  However, Quatre was curled up beside him.  If the blonde got any closer, he’
d be lying on top of Heero.  As it was, Quatre had one of his legs and an arm draped across Heero, his head laying against Heero’
s chest.  And surprisingly, Heero had one of his own arms securely around the slave.

Duo sat on the edge of the bed, mesmerized by the serene expression on Heero’s beautiful, sleeping face.  He looked so peaceful
. . . Duo didn’t want to awaken him.

A slight movement drew Duo’s attention.  He glanced to the side, only to see as the slave lifted his head and looked up at him.  
Duo raised a finger to his mouth, silently hushing the blonde.  Then Duo turned his attention back to Heero.

Duo reached out, gently brushing his fingers along Heero’s face, smirking when the young man turned toward his touch,
mumbling something incoherently as he remained asleep.  Heero felt a little warm, which concerned Duo immensely.  He knew
that Heero had been pushing himself to his limits these past several days.

Heero had been doing nothing but working, skipping meals every now and then, rarely sleeping.  During the days he had to keep
up the appearance that he was a merchant . . . Baron in the Queen’s court.  While at night he had been plotting the Queen’s
assassination.  He hadn’t slept at all during the actual mission, at least not to Duo’s knowledge.  Perhaps he had napped a few
times, but still it wasn’t a good night’s rest.

Duo got up and walked over to Heero’s desk.  He took some parchment, dabbing a quill in ink and scrawled out a simple note.  
Then he returned to Heero’s bed, parchment in hand.  However, this time he stepped around to Quatre’s side.  “Come on.”  He
whispered to Quatre, dropping the parchment on the pillow.

Quatre slowly climbed out of bed, removing himself from Heero’s embrace, while Duo grabbed the items off the bedside table
and shoved them into his pockets . . . bandages, the vial of sleeping potion, the pouch of herbs, and lastly the jar of salve.  He
smiled when he looked back to Quatre, watching as the slave leaned over to make sure that the blankets were snug around
Heero’s body.  It was then that Duo realized that the blonde was dressed, wearing the mark of Heero’s household in the
garments given to him.

Quatre stood again, then turned to Duo, keeping his gaze lowered.

“Let’s go.”  Duo said quietly.

Quatre nodded and silently followed Duo.  The blonde walked slowly, limping along behind him.  Duo glanced back every few
steps, worried that the slave wouldn’t be able to make it on his own.  His worries were justified only moments later when he
once again glanced back.

The slave was on his hands and knees, panting, trying to take in deep breaths as shivers coursed throughout his small body.  
Duo immediately rushed to the blonde’s side.  “I’m sorry . . . I should have known you’d tire out quickly.”  Duo apologized,
easily sweeping the pale youth into his arms.

“No, Master . . . Please, I can make it on my own.  You shouldn’t have to carry me, Master.”  The small blonde argued, weakly
trying to push Duo away.

Duo wouldn’t listen.  He couldn’t risk the slave’s health like that.  “No . . . I want to carry you.  It would be better for your
health.  So stop arguing and let me do this.”  Duo replied, staring down at the youth he held.

Quatre bowed his head, sighing.  “Yes, Master.”  He replied quietly, reluctantly wrapping his arms around Duo’s shoulders.

Duo smiled then resumed his walk back to his own room.  A short time later, he saw Hilde walking down the corridor, heading
to Heero’s room most likely.  Duo could see the steaming goblet set on the tray she carried.  It had to be the water for Quatre’s
tea.  Beside that goblet was a bowl of broth, probably Quatre’s breakfast.

“Where are you going?”  Hilde asked, blocking Duo’s path.

“Heero needs rest, so I’m taking Quatre to my room.”  Duo replied, flashing his smile to the young slave girl.

Hilde sighed.  “Heero worked himself sick again, didn’t he?”  She asked.

Duo nodded.  “You know as well as I do that he never lets himself truly rest until he completes his mission.  He always wants
everything to go perfectly.”

Hilde sighed once again, then turned her attention to the blonde that Duo still carried.  “I think your friend here is tired, Duo.  
Perhaps you should put him to bed.”

Duo looked down at Quatre.  The blonde’s eyes were almost completely closed, his head resting against Duo’s chest.  He looked
positively exhausted, a light sheen of sweat glistening on his pale skin.

After looking down on the slave for a few moments, Duo tore his eyes away from the beautiful young man that was curled
against him.  He started walking again, knowing that Hilde was right behind him.

With a small amount of difficulty, Duo managed to open the door to his room.  He quickly carried the slave over to the bed,
carefully setting him down.  Duo couldn’t help but smile at the seemingly innocent face that stared up at him with such a tired

Duo brushed his fingers through the slave’s sweat-dampened bangs, sweeping the blonde strands away from his eyes.  “Can
you stay awake long enough for me to tend to your wounds and get some food into you?”

Quatre only nodded.

“Hilde . . . you want to help?”  Duo asked, pulling items out of his pockets and setting them down on the bedside table, leaving
enough room for Hilde to set the tray down.

Hilde smiled, stepping over beside Duo and putting down the tray.  “Of course I’ll help.”

Duo and Hilde slowly began removing Quatre’s bandages, revealing the wounds that Sally had covered just yesterday, leaving his
loincloth on since it really didn’t get in the way of tending to the wounds.  Quatre’s arms and legs were nearly covered in
bruises and cuts, as was his chest and the rest of his body.  Most of them didn’t require to be bandaged, but there were a few
deep wounds, the most serious of them being a gash on his side.

Duo retrieved the jar of salve and opened it.  He dipped his fingers into it, then applied the substance to each of Quatre’s
wounds.  Hilde took over from there, wrapping bandages around the more serious injuries.  Duo then prepared the tea, after
having wiped his fingers off.  He turned and waited for Hilde to finish with the bandages.

“Do you want to eat your breakfast or drink the tea first?”  Duo asked.

“Either is fine, Master.”  Quatre replied.

Hilde turned and stared at Duo, apparently having heard as Quatre had called Duo, “Master.”  She opened her mouth, probably to
question it.  But Duo threw her a warning glance, silently begging her to keep her mouth shut.  She nodded slightly in

“No . . . I’d rather you choose what you’d prefer.”  Duo said, turning his attention back to Quatre.

Quatre blinked, but didn’t say anything.  He began to shiver.  For a long time he said nothing, just staring fearfully at Duo.  “I-I’
d prefer to eat first, Master.”  Quatre said, timidly.

Duo smiled, picking up the bowl of broth from the tray.  Hilde helped Quatre into a sitting position, propping several pillows
behind him.  Then she stepped back.  Duo sat beside the blonde, wrapping one arm around his small shoulders.  He held the
bowl to Quatre’s lips, the blonde raising one hand and grasping the bowl, his fingers brushing against Duo’s.

Duo smirked when Quatre tried to tip the bowl further, attempting to get more of the broth than Duo was allowing him.  “Easy
there, Quatre.”  Duo said, ignoring Quatre’s futile attempts.  The blonde just wasn’t strong enough to get the bowl away from
Duo.  And he wasn’t strong enough to drink so fast either.  It would only do him harm if he gulped anything down.

Quatre dropped his hand back down to the bed, obeying Duo.  He sipped at the broth, Duo pausing every now and then to allow
Quatre to take a breath.  Once Quatre had swallowed all of the broth, Duo handed the empty bowl over to Hilde.  Then he helped
the blonde to drink his medicine, holding the goblet to his lips and tipping it so that he could take small sips.

By the time he finished drinking, Quatre’s eyes were barely open.  Duo pulled the goblet away, staring down at the slave’s
parted lips, unable to draw his attention away from them.  They just looked so inviting, slightly moistened by the medicine he
had consumed only moments ago, just enough so that his lips glistened ever so slightly.  A stray drop of the tea escaped the
corner of his mouth and ran down his chin.

Duo handed the goblet to Hilde, never once taking his eyes off of the slave's beautiful visage.  He traced his fingertips across
those tempting lips, using his thumb to brush away that drop of tea that had collected on his chin.

“He is quite lovely.”  Hilde commented from behind Duo.

“More like beautiful.”  Duo replied, lowering the now completely unconscious blonde down to the bed, arranging the pillows
under his head.  He covered the pale body more snugly with the blankets, only wanting to see to Quatre’s comfort and health.

“Have you eaten anything yet, Duo?”  Hilde asked.

“No.”  Duo replied, never once taking his gaze away from the slumbering blonde.

“Then I’ll go get something for you.”  Hilde said.  Then she quietly left the room, taking the tray with her.

Duo kept a close watch over Quatre, hoping that one day the lovely blonde would learn to trust him.  Duo reached out and
clasped one of Quatre’s hands, using his free hand to stroke his fingers through Quatre’s short, silky hair.  Quatre seemed so
kind . . . he would undoubtedly make a wonderful friend.  

To Be Continued . . .