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Notes:  Quatre and Duo take care of Heero.  Then a time skip and both Quatre and Heero are recovering well.

Captive Hearts

Part Nine

Quatre watched as Duo worriedly ran his hand through Master Heero’s hair.  Quatre didn’t like seeing Duo unhappy.  Nor did he
like seeing Master Heero unwell.  If Master Heero died, then who would Quatre belong to?  Would he be sold again?  What
happened if he was bought by someone worse than Queen Une had been?  The very thought made Quatre shudder inwardly and
he decided that he would just have to help Duo care for Master Heero.

“Duo . . . do you think Master Heero would be more comfortable if he were without those garments?”  Quatre asked shyly, his
eyes cast downward.

“Yes, I’m sure he would.”  Duo replied, smiling.  “Would you like to help me . . . only if you’re well enough of course?”

Quatre nodded.  “I think that I can manage.”  He said, slowly getting himself into a sitting position.  He moved slowly, partially
because of his injuries, but also because he was tired and dizzy.  Still, he wanted to help Duo, wanted to help Master Heero as
well.  It wasn’t right for him to just lie around when his master was in need of something.  He was a slave and it was his duty to

While Duo worked on getting Master Heero’s cloak and tunic off, Quatre removed his shoes and breeches.  Quatre was used to
seeing his masters unclothed . . . it no longer made him blush to see nudity, at least it usually didn’t.

Sometime while they had been undressing him, Master Heero opened his eyes.  “What’s going on?”  Master Heero asked tiredly,
looking between Duo and Quatre with confusion obvious in his weary eyes.

“We’re getting you undressed.”  Duo said plainly, dropping Master Heero’s tunic to the floor beside the bed.  “You’ll be more
comfortable in the nude, and it’ll make it easier on us while we’re taking care of you if we don’t have to worry about
cumbersome clothing.”

Master Heero didn’t reply, although he looked quite embarrassed.  Quatre carefully pulled Master Heero’s breeches down and
off, tossing them over the side of the bed.  Then he moved to sit beside Master Heero, pulling the blankets up to cover the young

Duo smiled. “Quatre, you keep an eye on him and make sure he’s comfortable.  I’m going to check the fire and see to it that it’s
going strong.”

“Yes, Duo.”  Quatre said, nodding his head.  He watched as Duo turned away, following the young man with his eyes briefly.  
Then, Quatre looked down at himself.  He could keep his master more comfortable if he were without his own garments.  
Quickly, he took the chain from around his waist, setting the cock ring aside.  

“What are you doing?”  Master Heero asked, his voice barely able to be heard.

Quatre looked to Duo, taking note that the other youth was busy with the fire, then looked back to Master Heero.  “I must see to
your comfort, Master Heero.  I will be better able to keep your body warm without any hindrances between us.”  He said,
nodding slightly.  He then moved to take off his loincloth.

Master Heero placed his hand over Quatre’s, stilling him.  “Don’t . . .”

Quatre frowned, deciding that he did in fact have to do this.  “But you are ill, Master Heero.  I must help to keep you well.”  
Quatre said, removing his loincloth, tossing that and the chain with the cock ring on it to the floor.  He still wore his bandages,
but there was little that he could do about those.

Quatre had settled himself alongside Master Heero’s body by the time Duo had returned, both of their nude forms covered by
the blankets.  “I see you’re both comfortable.”  He smirked, taking a seat on the edge of the bed next to Master Heero.  “I’d join
you, but someone has to stay clothed for when Hilde shows up with our food.”

It wasn’t much longer before Hilde arrived with their meals.  She helped to feed Quatre, while Duo tended to Master Heero.  
Then after Hilde had left, the three of them settled down to go to sleep.  Duo stripped off his own garments, sliding into bed on
Heero’s other side.  The three of them stayed close together, Duo and Quatre both offering warmth and comfort for the ailing,
young lord.


As the days passed, both Heero and Quatre steadily grew healthier.  Duo was pleased to see them both recovering their health
and strength.  Heero’s fever was down, and Quatre’s body was stronger than it had been.  Now the blonde was able to get out
of bed and walk around a bit.  He never did leave the bedchamber though.  And the number of bandages that covered his
wounds had decreased, since many of his injuries had healed enough not to need coverings.  Still, he did tire easily and rested for
a good deal of the day.

Heero on the other hand was still being forced to remain in bed under Sally’s orders, although it was getting progressively more
difficult to keep him there.  Duo knew that Heero hated staying in bed for too long . . . he much preferred being useful.

“Can I get out of bed yet?”  Heero asked, his tone full of boredom.

Sally smiled down at him.  “Yes, I think you’re able to walk around a bit.  But you’re not to do any work today.  Relax, take a
walk outside, maybe have a soothing bath, but absolutely no work.”  She replied, ruffling his hair as if he were a child.

Heero grumbled, but nodded.  “Fine.  I won’t work.”  He waited until Sally had left before throwing the blankets off of himself
and sitting up.

Quatre was looking out one of the windows, so Duo took the opportunity presented to him to toy with Heero a little.  He knelt
on the bed behind Heero’s back and placed his hands on his shoulders, gently rubbing the young man’s skin, feeling the tense
muscles beneath.  Heero shifted a little, moaning slightly in enjoyment.  Duo always had been good at giving massages.

“I think you should do as Sally suggested and have that bath.”  Duo advised, slowly working the stiffness out of Heero’s
muscles.  He leaned forward, whispering into Heero’s ear.  “Actually, I think we all could do with a nice warm soak in the baths
. . . Sally says that Quatre’s up to more than just sponge baths now, and you definitely could use a decent washing.”

Heero nodded.  “Yes, I suppose it could be a good idea.”  He agreed.

“Great, I’ll go get Hilde, and then we’ll meet you two down in the baths.”  Duo said, smiling as he rose from the bed.

That had worked just perfectly.  Duo left his bedchamber, going off in search of Hilde.  Quatre still wasn’t all that steady on his
feet, so he might need help in the bath.  Plus she could reach his back for him and help him out in that capacity.  This bath
would probably be good for all of them.


Quatre watched as Duo left the room.  He was confused.  Where was Duo going?  In the past few days, Duo had not left the
bedchamber, not wanting to be too far from either Master Heero or Quatre in case either of them needed anything.  So why
would he leave now?

“Master Heero?  Where has Duo gone?”  Quatre timidly asked, hoping that it was permitted for him to speak.  He had noticed
that none of the other slaves worried about speaking out of turn with Master Heero.  Maybe he was allowed to do so without
permission.  If not, Master Heero would tell him.

“Duo’s gone to get Hilde.”  Master Heero said, rising to his feet.  He grabbed a dressing gown and garbed himself.  “Come on,
we’re going to the baths.”

Quatre nodded, moving swiftly to stand near his master.  He watched as Master Heero unsteadily walked, then followed behind
him, keeping himself at a distance as any good slave would.  Still, when Master Heero opened the door and left the room, Quatre
had second thoughts.  He rarely ever had left the bedchamber of his masters . . . his purpose was to serve them there, not
outdoors.  It was strange and new to wander the halls, and naturally, Quatre was quite frightened by the experience.

The sounds of footsteps caught Quatre’s attention and he panicked, backing up against the nearest wall, his heart racing.  He
was terrified of being away from the bedchamber . . . it wasn’t right that he leave it.  Hands gripped his shoulders and he opened
his eyes.  Master Heero was standing in front of him.  “I’m sorry, Master.”  Quatre whispered, casting his gaze downward.

“You’re frightened, aren’t you?”  Master Heero asked.

Quatre nodded.  “Yes, Sire.  It wasn’t so bad the last time, when Duo took me from your chamber . . . I was too tired to notice
where I was going.  But now I can tell.  It isn’t right that I leave the bedchamber.  I’m a bed slave.”

“Quatre, you have full run of this entire castle . . . at least when there are no guests visiting us.  I want you to feel free to go
wherever you please.”  Master Heero stated.

“Do you mean that, Master Heero?”  Quatre asked, feeling confused and excited all at the same time.  He had never been given
any type of freedom before . . . it was a wonderful change and yet it was terrifying.

Master Heero smirked, although the kind expression was fleeting.  “Yes.  You are allowed to leave the bedchamber whenever
you want to . . . if Duo and I don’t need you for something of course.  But right now, we are going to go to the baths and soak
for a while.  It will help you to relax, Quatre . . . as well as cleanse your body.”

Quatre nodded.  “Yes, Master Heero.”  He said, taking a deep, calming breath.  “I will do as you say.”

“Good, then follow me.”  Master Heero said, then turned and began walking again.

Quatre followed, keeping close to his master, although not too close.  They took the private staircase down to the baths, where
Duo was already waiting with Hilde.  Duo grinned up at the two of them from where he was sitting in the water.  “It’s about
time you two got here.”  He smiled, waving them over.  “Hilde was in the kitchens.  She agreed to help with Quatre.”

“I would not have denied such a request.”  Hilde said, nodding in Heero’s direction.  Quatre was a little nervous about the fact
that both Duo and Hilde were bare of clothing.  He hoped that nothing would happen here to hurt him.

Master Heero took hold of Quatre’s arm, leading him closer to the water’s edge.  “Come on, Quatre.”  He urged.

Quatre complied, knowing that he couldn’t ignore an order from his master.  He watched as Master Heero stripped off his only
garment.  Then he followed Heero’s example by removing his own loincloth and his accessories, the cock ring that hung from
around his waist and the band of bells that circled his ankle, along with the numerous bandages.  He and Heero stepped down
into the warm water and Quatre couldn’t help but moan in reaction to the warmth of the water as he let himself sink into it.

“Feels good, hm?”  Hilde asked, maneuvering herself closer to where Quatre was standing.

“Yes, it is nice.”  Quatre shyly responded.  He looked over to Master Heero and Duo, watching as Duo proceeded to wash the
other young man.  Quatre looked down, feeling as if he were intruding on their moment together.

Quatre wondered why neither of them proclaimed their feelings when they so obviously cared for each other.  Duo had even
admitted to loving Heero, and yet he had not told Heero of these emotions.  Quatre couldn’t understand.  If he ever were to love
someone, he wouldn’t hesitate to tell them . . . there was no telling when life would end, when circumstances could arise to tear
them apart.  Still, it was not his place to interfere and so he didn’t intrude on Master Heero and Duo’s personal lives.  He was
merely a slave after all.  If they didn’t wish to tell each other how they felt, then Quatre could do nothing about it.

Hands touched Quatre’s chest and he flinched, moving back away from the contact.  He looked up at Hilde, wondering why she
had touched him.  Hilde smiled in return, laying a hand on his shoulder.  “I only mean to assist you.  Duo asked me to.”  She
said, and Quatre noticed that there was some soap in her one hand.

“As you wish.”  Quatre nodded, forcing himself to remain still as Hilde went about cleansing his body.  When her hands dipped
below his waist, Quatre flinched again, feeling as his cheeks burned with a blush.  He was quite embarrassed about being
touched in such a manner by another slave.  If it had been his master doing this, he would feel more at ease.  But Hilde was of
the same status as Quatre was . . . it was just strange to Quatre.

“Will you turn around, please?  I must do your back.”  Hilde requested.

Quatre nodded, turning his back to Hilde.  He raised his arms, setting them on the edge of the pool, setting his chin down on his
crossed arms.  He felt as Hilde’s hands returned to him, and found her touches to be quite soothing.  

He bit his lip, forcing himself to remain silent, despite the moan that ached to leave him as she put pressure against his aching
muscles, her hands working diligently to rid the tension from his back.  He didn’t know if this was the usual bathing method in
this household, so he didn’t question it.  He just allowed himself to enjoy it, knowing that if it were wrong, his master would put
a stop to it.

To Be Continued . . .