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Notes:  Duo takes Quatre out to the garden for a little fresh air.  2x4 Lime in this part.  Heero gets some distressing news.

Captive Hearts

Part Ten

Quatre was very nervous as he clutched Duo’s braid close to himself.  Quatre had been living in this castle for a number of
weeks now.  His body was fully healed and strong again, the wounds to his form were gone now . . . he was lucky that the
wound to his side hadn’t caused a scar, but Sally’s tending and the ointments she used on him had healed it without leaving
damage to his skin.

Upon Master Heero’s suggestion, Duo had volunteered to take Quatre into the garden to get some fresh air and sunshine.  The
two of them had begun acting strangely, whispering things to each other when they thought Quatre was asleep.  They were
planning something, and naturally it made Quatre uncomfortable . . . most likely they were planning something for him.

He was wearing his normal slave garb, his anklet of bells tinkling lightly with each and every step that he took.  But he also wore
a light tunic and a heavy cloth cloak.  The days were getting cooler, and Master Heero didn’t want Quatre to get ill again, so it
was best that he dress warmly, or at least a little more warmly than usual.

Still, it was all Quatre could do to keep from running back to the bedchamber where he felt he belonged.  He didn’t feel safe out
here.  Bed slaves were punished time and again for straying from their masters’ quarters.  Maybe this was all some trap, a ploy
to get him to let down his guard so that they could attack him.  Perhaps this was what they had been planning.

But no, Duo and Master Heero had been nothing but kind to him so far, treating Quatre like an equal and not a slave.  They
would not hurt him, Quatre knew that.  They had given Quatre his first real bath in so long, just a couple weeks ago, and several
times again between then and now, and now he no longer needed Hilde’s help to clean himself.  His skin still tingled with the
feeling of being clean, as he had bathed just yesterday.  They treated him so kindly . . . he didn’t think that they would cause him
harm.  Duo even allowed Quatre to hold his braid while they slept, a kind gesture from the other youth, who once again was
letting Quatre use his hair as if it were a leash, or a lifeline so that Quatre would be calm as they strolled through the cold
corridors of the castle.

Quatre cringed as they approached, and passed by, a couple of guards and he tried to hide himself in Duo’s hair.  He completely
missed the sympathetic looks he was getting in his desire to stay hidden from view.  Then the cobblestone floor beneath his feet
gave way to a soft earth path and he opened his eyes once more, timidly pulling his face from Duo’s soft hair.

He took in a sharp breath, his fingers loosening their grip on Duo’s braid as he looked around at his surroundings.  “Oh, my.”  
He whispered, releasing his hold on Duo’s hair as he took a few steps away from the other youth.  He had not been outside in so
long . . . he took in a deep breath, inhaling the scents of the autumn air, reveling in the feeling of the sun playing across his skin,
warming him.

The garden was quite large, surrounded on four sides by tall stone walls.  The only way in or out was the door that Duo and
Quatre had come through.  A fountain stood in the center of the garden, a stone path leading around it and around the grounds.  
As it was autumn, there weren’t many flowers left alive, and the many trees were shedding their leaves.  Quatre smiled,
shuffling through the fallen leaves in his slippered feet, enjoying the sounds of the rustling leaves as he moved through them.

Duo’s soft voice barely cut through the tranquility Quatre felt.  “Nothing so beautiful as nature showing off her colors, hm?”  
When Quatre turned to him, Duo quirked a grin.  “Come on, let’s sit by the fountain for a while.”  He said, offering his hand.

Quatre nodded, easily slipping his fingers along Duo’s palm, allowing the other youth to lead him to the fountain.  They sat on
the chill stone of the fountain and Quatre turned fascinated eyes to look at the glimmering water that rippled within the fountain.  
He had always enjoyed the sight and sound of water, whether a rainstorm or a waterfall, he simply liked it.

Duo’s warm hand cupped Quatre’s cheek, pulling him back to the present.  Quatre looked to his friend, blinking curiously at
him.  “You seemed far away . . . where were you?”  Duo asked, his thumb lightly brushing Quatre’s cheek.

“Nowhere.”  Quatre said, offering a small smile.  “I was only looking to the water . . . it catches my eye, as if there is something
familiar within it that I cannot remember.”  His brow furrowed, trying to think of what it could be.  “I fear I have forgotten
something terribly important.”

Duo smiled.  “Well then, perhaps the water will be able to tell you.”  He ran his fingers in a soft caress down Quatre’s face,
slipping along his throat lightly.  Then he raised that hand and brushed aside Quatre’s bangs.  “Look into the water, but don’t try
to think of what you’ve forgotten.  Just look and enjoy it . . . and tell me what you see within.”

Quatre nodded, turning his eyes to look into the shimmering water of the fountain.  He focused his gaze there, watching the
gentle ripples, the soft waves that moved the water about.  A faint smile quirked his lips, catching sight of the reflection of
himself and Duo on the surface.  As he watched, the image changed, as if the ripples were creating a new image . . . Quatre bit
back a gasp, knowing that face as it had been permanently etched in his heart.

“I see . . . I see . . .”  Tears fell in slow trails from his eyes, yet he wouldn’t take his gaze from that image, fearing that it would
vanish if he were to look away.  “I see my father.”  He finally whispered, his heart aching as he looked upon his father’s visage,
at the warm smile that the elder man had always given to his one and only son.

The image changed again, showing a memory that Quatre had forgotten, a wonderful day, the last day he had seen his father
healthy.  He wept, remembering the day they had spent in each other’s company . . . it had been a hot summer day and Father
had found a lake within the confines of a heavily wooded area.  It was their secret, a private place where only father and son had
gone, away from the pressures of society, away from Quatre’s sisters, or anyone for that matter.  It had been just the two of
them, all day long.  They swam, they ate a picnic lunch, they talked and played . . . it had been a happy day.

“I see my father . . . I see the happiest day of my life.”  Quatre said quietly, crying as the image slowly faded.  “My father and I
at that lake back home, the day we shared in each other’s company . . .”  He could go no further, the tears in his eyes obscuring
his vision, and he finally tore his gaze from the water in the fountain.  “I had forgotten that day . . . I didn’t want to remember
what it was like before . . . before I . . .”

“Before you were a slave?”  Duo said, finishing his sentence.

Quatre nodded, his eyes cast downward.

Duo’s strong arm circled his body and Quatre fell against him, timidly wrapping his arms around his friend’s body as he cried.  
He clung to Duo like a child that had gotten lost, needing comfort from someone, anyone . . . and Duo was willing to give it.

“Was your father the only family you had?”  Duo asked softly, his hand running up and down along one of Quatre’s arms.  “Do
you have anyone else?”

Quatre sniffled, wiping his fingers over his eyes.  Duo was being so understanding, so Quatre answered.  “My sisters . . . I have
many sisters, twenty-nine of them.  I was the youngest child in my family.”  He sobbed a little more, not wanting to remember,
wishing that he could forget.

Duo’s hand rubbed soothing circles on his back, gently stroking him.  “We could . . . we could return you to them.  I’m sure
they must miss you terribly.”

Quatre whimpered a little, shaking his head.  “One . . . maybe two of them . . . but the rest?”  He shook his head again.  “No . . .
I’m better off here.”

“Why?”  Duo asked, his tone one of confusion.  “Surely you can’t be better off apart from your family.”

Quatre’s throat closed up and he sobbed against Duo, clutching himself to the other youth as the pain of the betrayal hit him
anew.  “No . . . because it was my sisters.”  He let out a tiny wail, trying to keep himself from breaking down totally.  “My
SISTERS were the ones that sold me into slavery!”

Duo gasped, seemingly in alarm.  His arms tightened around Quatre briefly.  “Whatever for, Quatre?  Were you from a poor

Quatre shook his head and tried to hide himself.  He didn’t want the truth out, but he felt that his friend had the right to know.  
“No . . . far from it.”  He sighed, biting his lip and forcing himself to take a long, deep breath.  “My . . . My father was the king
of the land I came from, and my sisters wanted to rule . . . in order to do that, they had to get the rightful heir out of the way . .
. meaning me.”

“What of your father?  Didn’t he look for you . . . or try to stop them?”  Duo asked.

Quatre knew that Duo was only being curious, but it still hurt to hear and speak of this.  “He died, only days before my sisters
rid themselves of me.  At least I was able to be by his side as he breathed his last breath . . . I would hate myself if I hadn’t.”

“Sshh . . .”  Duo hushed, his hands gentle against Quatre’s back.  Quatre wept, his body trembling as he clung to his friend.  He
didn’t want to be a burden, yet he needed the comfort.

After a few moments, Quatre began to feel bad.  He’d made Duo unhappy . . . and if Duo was unhappy, then Master Heero
would be unhappy and Quatre knew that would lead to him being cast aside.  He calmed himself enough to think, and then
remembered something.  He timidly brought one hand to the base of Duo’s neck and wiggled his fingers against Duo’s skin.

“Gyah!  Quatre!”  Duo pulled back with an incredulous look on his face, holding Quatre’s biceps in his gentle hands.  “Are you
tickling me?”

Quatre ducked his head with a sad sigh.  He’d hoped that it would have worked . . . maybe he shouldn’t have even tried.  “You
were unhappy.  I’m sorry.”  He whimpered, shivering a little as Duo looked at him.

Duo smiled, shaking a finger at Quatre.  “Ah ah ah!  Tit for tat.”  With that, Duo gave Quatre a little tickle on his side.  When
Quatre giggled and squirmed away a little, Duo grinned widely, his eyes sparkling.  “Oh!  So you are ticklish!”  He announced,
then promptly pounced on Quatre and mercilessly tickled him.

Quatre laughed harder than he could ever remember laughing before.  Eventually, he was on his back, tickling and being tickled,
the both of them warring to make the other one give up.  He looked up at Duo, his fingers moving across Duo’s sides in his
attempt to win.  He wouldn’t be outdone in a tickle match, even if he was timid.  Duo laughed hard, his smile wide and eyes
glittering with happiness.

Quatre was happy that he hadn’t caused his friend any strife.  But he was losing this tickling match.  With a devious smirk,
Quatre reached over and grabbed a handful of leaves, giggling even as he dropped them on Duo’s head.

Duo blinked, his smile seeming to grow wider.  “Sneaky, aren’t you.”  He said, then tossed a handful of leaves back at Quatre.

Quatre wriggled his way out from under Duo . . . and the leaf fight began.  They tossed leaves back and forth, getting
themselves and each other dirty.  Eventually, Quatre was backed up against the trunk of a tree, still tossing leaves.  Duo caught
Quatre’s arms and the two of them just stood there for a few moments, panting for much needed air, sweat covering them . . .
leaves and dirt littering in their hair and stuck on their clothes.

Quatre was lost in Duo’s eyes, confused by the look present within them.  He blinked when Duo reached up and tenderly
removed a leaf from Quatre’s hair.  He was about to ask what Duo was thinking about, when Duo slowly closed the distance
between them and gently placed his lips to Quatre’s in a delicate and chaste kiss.

When Duo pulled back, Quatre raised a trembling hand to his lips and stared at his friend in pure confusion, his cheeks burning
in embarrassment.  “W-What . . . ?”  Quatre asked, his heart beating erratically, feeling as a few drops of moisture fell onto his
face.  It took him a moment to realize that it had begun raining . . . a gentle downpour that barely caught Quatre’s attention as he
watched his friend.

“I just wanted to show you that not every touch can be bad.  You’ve known a lot of pain in your life, Quatre . . . you should feel
some pleasure.”  Duo said, brushing his fingers along Quatre’s cheek.

“I am a bed slave.  I know . . .”  He started, but Duo didn’t allow him to finish.

His fingers tenderly fell upon Quatre’s lips, even as the rain grew steadier, falling upon them and soaking them.  “You don’t
know anything, not really.  You know how to have sex, Quatre . . . but you have no idea what making love is.”

Quatre’s blush deepened and he ducked his head, biting his lip as his emotions warred within him.  He was frightened and yet he
did want to ask this question.  He wanted to . . . he really did, and that was what finally convinced him to speak.  He raised his
head, holding his breath as he finally spoke.  “W-Will you . . . Will you teach me, Duo?”

Duo smiled, laying a hand upon Quatre’s shoulder.  “I’d be honored to.”  He said, slowly leaning forward and pressing a delicate
kiss to Quatre’s cheek.  “We won’t go far, Quatre . . . And I swear I won’t hurt you.”

“What about Master Heero?  I thought you said you loved him.”  Quatre said, trying to keep his breathing normal.  He was
confused.  What had made Duo change his mind about this?  Before, Duo had said no because of his feelings for Master Heero.  
Had something changed?

“Heero and I had a talk.  We both see that you need to relax, and you need to know you won’t be hurt if you are expected to do
that.  So, we plan on doing anything, and I do mean anything, to help you.  We won’t let anything happen to you, Quatre.”  Duo

So that was what all those whispers had been about, Quatre realized.  Duo and Master Heero had been planning on helping
Quatre . . . although the manner of their help was a little frightening to Quatre.  He had never felt anything more than pain when
dealing with men . . . but Duo assured him that he wouldn’t be hurt.  This left him confused.  Yet, he did want to learn.  Duo
said he enjoyed it, and Quatre didn’t think that the other youth would lie to him.

“What do we do, then?”  Quare asked, bringing shaking hands up to touch his friend, grasping at his strong arms.

Duo smiled again.  “First, we get out of this rain.”  He said, wrapping his arms around Quatre and sweeping him off of his feet.  
“We’re going down to the baths and then we’re going to get all this dirt and muck washed off of us.”

Quatre nodded, throwing his arms around Duo’s neck and pressing himself closer.  He trusted his friend, he really did.  Still, he
was nervous and had a perfect right to be.  Most of his life he had spent in pain or suffering . . . he wasn’t used to being happy
or feeling pleasure.  Such things had been denied him by law . . . bed slaves were not permitted to have any kind of release,
especially sexual . . . most masters followed that rule.

He barely noticed as Duo returned to the confines of the castle, bringing them out of the cold rain shower that had been falling
upon them heavily.  He closed his eyes, laying his head against Duo’s chest, sighing in the arms of his good friend.

“We’re here.”  Duo said, an unknown amount of time later.

Quatre opened his eyes, a nervous smile coming to his lips as he looked around the room.  They were in the bathing room, its
tiled walls surrounding the two of them.  Reflections of the lantern lights on the clean water in the pool were casting shifting
lights that floated along the walls in varied patterns.  It was soothing to Quatre, to gaze at the shimmering surface of the water,
the clear water that almost called to Quatre as he stared at it.

Duo set Quatre down on the floor, then began stripping off his own garments.  Quatre blushed, yet followed his friend’s
example, quickly ridding himself of his clothing.  True, Quatre didn’t wear all that much . . . but what he did have, he took the
utmost care of, folding each article and setting them carefully aside.  Cleanliness was one of the first lessons that had been
taught to him by his trainers.  He shuddered at the memory brought up by that thought . . . his training had been particularly
unpleasant.  To go from being a prince to a bed slave . . . it was harsh and had been uneasy to grow accustomed to.

Sparing a glance to Duo, Quatre found his friend to be completely in the nude.  Quatre averted his gaze, trying to keep himself
from fidgeting as he waited to be told what to do.  He didn’t have to wait long.

“Quatre, why don’t you get in the water?”  Duo said, his hand gently laying on Quatre’s shoulder, squeezing it a little before the
hand was removed.

Quatre nodded, although he didn’t know if Duo had noticed.  He quietly slipped into the warm water, sighing as he took a seat
on a long stone bench that was embedded in the ground.  He could sit here and relax while the water caressed his flesh . . . he
had discovered the bench during an earlier bath.  At the time he had wondered why Master Heero and Duo had never told him of
the presence of those benches, but the thought was inconsequential . . . he hadn’t asked either of the two young men why they
hadn’t told him.  It didn’t truly matter what their reasons were.  Most likely, it was just an oversight on their parts.

He sat back and closed his eyes, relaxing in the encompassing warmth.  Eventually, a pleasant aroma filled his nostrils.  He
inhaled deeply, smiling at the scent of jasmine and lavender . . . a truly enjoyable scent.  Quatre opened his eyes, taking note of a
number of incense sticks burning in containers that were set into the wall.

“Like it?”  Duo asked, stepping down into the water and crossing over to Quatre’s side, carrying soap and washing cloths in his
hands.  He set them on the edge of the pool beside Quatre’s head, then took a seat beside the blonde.  The water came up to his
chest, while the water level was higher on Quatre’s body since he was a little shorter than Duo was.  “I’ve always been fond of

Quatre smiled, nodding.  “Yes, it is a lovely scent.”  He agreed.

Duo reached behind his back, pulling his lengthy braid over his shoulder.  Quatre watched as the young man pulled the ribbon
free from the end, leaving the bit of silk cloth to lie on the edge of the pool while he unraveled the wet braid.  Quatre just viewed
his friend, having only seen Duo with his hair down once before.  Duo usually washed his hair in private, or Heero washed it for
him away from prying eyes.  Quatre was simply amazed at the thickness and length of those luxurious strands, the way the dark
mass of hair swept out around him in the pool of warm water, some of it clinging to his body like a second skin.

Duo rose to his feet, smiling at Quatre.  “Let me get myself clean, and then we’ll see about washing you off . . . okay?”

“Duo, I am quite capable of washing my own body.”  Quatre replied, feeling as his cheeks grew warm.

Duo smirked.  “Not today, Quatre.  Just allow me to do all the work.  You just relax today.”

“Okay, Duo.”  Quatre said, although he did feel somewhat confused.

Duo’s smile only widened.  He reached out and grabbed the soap.  He quickly, yet efficiently, washed his hair, then ran a soapy
cloth over his body to rid himself of the dirt.  Throwing leaves at each other had left them quite dirty . . . so there was a need
for this bath.  Quatre closed his eyes and leaned back, content to just bask in the warmth of the water.  He could hear the
sounds of Duo washing himself, the slight splashing indicating that he was moving in the water.

It was only a few short minutes later, that Duo’s hand fell on his shoulder.  “Ready?”  Duo asked, his smile warm.

Quatre looked his friend over, noting the absence of soap suds.  Duo’s hair was thoroughly soaked, and now clean.  Apparently,
he was finished with cleansing himself.  “Yes, I suppose I am ready.”  Quatre replied, rising to his feet slowly . . . nervously.

In his hand, Duo held a soapy cloth.  Smiling, Duo carefully washed the front of Quatre’s body, always moving slowly.  “Like I
said, Quatre . . . we’re going to go very slowly.  We’ll start with just washing you off.”  Duo whispered, running that cloth
gently over Quatre’s front.

Quatre nodded, not sure that he could come up with any words even if he had wanted to.  He merely stood there and let Duo
wash him, allowing Duo to turn him when it was time to wash his back.  Once Quatre’s hair had been cleaned, he was dunked
underwater and rinsed off.

Duo’s hands guided Quatre to stand facing the edge of the pool, Duo standing behind him.  Duo tossed the washing cloth aside,
no longer needing it.  “May I touch you?”  Duo asked, his voice barely a whisper in Quatre’s ear.

“Yes.”  Quatre replied just as quietly, nodding his head.  He was nervous, terrified that this experience would be painful, despite
the trust he had in his friend.  When Duo’s hands finally touched him, he shivered, biting his lip to keep back a fearful whimper.

“I won’t hurt you, Quatre.”  Duo assured, his fingers grazing over the skin at Quatre’s sides.  “I would never hurt you.”

He ran his hands up, eventually lifting Quatre’s arms.  He slid up along Quatre’s arms, taking hold of his hands and guiding them
to lie on the edge of the pool.  Quatre complied with the unspoken request, keeping his hands where Duo had put them.  Quatre
shuddered again when Duo’s arms wrapped around his waist, brushing light fingers over his stomach.

It continued at a slow pace, just as Duo had said.  Duo’s strong hands carefully swept along the planes of his body, skillful
fingers easily avoiding areas that would leave Quatre frightened.  The touches were merely teasing, testing Quatre’s body for
sensitive areas.  Odd, how Duo’s actions were so similar to the lessons that Quatre had been taught . . . this was almost how he
sought out his masters’ preferences, except at a much slower pace.

Slowly the gentle caresses became more firm . . . more enticing in the way that they felt his dampened flesh.  Duo’s thumbs
brushed across his nipples and Quatre gasped, arching his back against Duo’s chest.  He was embarrassed by his show of
sensitivity, but Duo said nothing at all in response.  Instead, Duo applied his warm lips to Quatre’s shoulder, lightly sucking
against the skin there.

Quatre dug his blunt nails into the tiles, fighting his instincts to reach back and touch Duo.  His hands had been put on the ledge
for a reason, although he didn’t know what Duo’s reason had been.  Still, he wouldn’t disobey.

Duo’s talented fingers toyed with Quatre’s nipples, easily making them hard.  Quatre was biting his bottom lip, keeping his voice
under control, wanting to keep silent.  Duo’s hands moved down, slipping along slick skin and coming to rest at Quatre’s thighs,
the strong hands massaging the muscles of his inner thighs.

Quatre couldn't help but become aroused . . . Duo’s hands were just so wonderful.  And then there was the distinct hardness
digging into the small of his back.  He knew that Duo wanted him right now, that the other young man would eventually seek to
quench his desires with Quatre or within Quatre.  All that Quatre could hope was for it not to be painful.

“Quatre, I’m going to touch you more . . . don’t be afraid.”  Duo whispered, licking the lobe of Quatre’s ear.

Quatre nodded.  “Yes . . . please, Duo.”  Quatre replied, not knowing what he really wanted.

Duo chuckled lightly.  “You are very sensitive . . . amazing.”  He let his hands wander back up along Quatre’s thighs again, one
of them wrapping delicately around the blonde’s erection, the other hand moving lower and taking hold of his sac.

Quatre nearly jumped in reaction, his hips pushing forward instinctively.  Duo kissed Quatre’s shoulder again, his tongue moving
along skin that rippled with minute shivers.  Behind the blonde, Duo adjusted his position, slipping his thick erection between the
cheeks of his ass, yet not penetrating him even in the least.

Duo hands started to move, his fist pumping slowly along Quatre’s shaft, the other hand busy massaging and caressing his sac.  
Meanwhile, Duo rubbed himself against Quatre’s body, his breathing hitching as he gave and took pleasure with Quatre’s young

The languid strokes of Duo’s hand hastened as time passed and Quatre found that he could no longer keep his hands on the edge
of the bath.  He reached back, grasping at Duo’s waist, trying to pull him closer, rocking his hips into Duo’s fist at the same
time.  Quatre’s voice was gone, his panting breaths all there were.

It ended abruptly.  Quatre’s eyes widened, his body going rigid as insurmountable waves of pleasure crashed into him,
overwhelming him.  Quatre opened his mouth in a wordless cry, distantly feeling as a warmth passed across his backside,
attributing to the fact that Duo had also found his release.

Quatre had felt nothing like it before in his entire life.  His vision went black temporarily, his senses fogging over briefly.  When
he next became aware of his surroundings, Quatre was lying along the cool tiles next to the pool.  Duo was kneeling beside him.

“Are you okay?”  Duo asked, looking down on him in concern.

Quatre blinked.  “That . . . that was wonderful.”  Quatre said quietly, embarrassed by his admission.  “T-Thank you, Duo.”

Duo’s smile was contagious.  “I’m just glad you enjoyed it.”  He said, running a drying cloth over Quatre’s body.  He helped
Quatre to sit up, then to stand, continually drying the blonde’s body.

“Is it always like that?”  Quatre asked timidly.

Duo shook his head, turning his attention to his own body and drying himself.  “No . . . it’s even better when you do it with
someone you actually love, with someone you consider to be more than just a good friend.”

Quatre went over to his clothing, shaking them out and pulling them on.  “And you feel this with Master Heero?”

Duo blushed, his hands faltering momentarily as he wrapped his soaking wet hair in the drying cloth.  Still, he did answer Quatre’
s innocent question.  “No, Heero and I have never . . . I know how he feels about me now, but we aren’t ready for that.  It’s
different with you . . . we only want to help you, to get you to see what most people already know.  Sex isn’t all bad.”

Quatre nodded, accepting the answer.  He yawned, raising his hand to his mouth.  “I am sorry, but I am tired.”  

“I quite understand. You wore yourself out today, not just here in the bath either.”  Duo said, pulling on his breeches.  He didn’t
cover his chest though, leaving himself mostly bare.  “Come on, let’s get you back to the bedroom.  You can get some sleep.”

“Okay.”  Quatre replied, smiling to his friend.  The thought of getting some sleep was very appealing to him right now.  As they
walked through the halls, Quatre couldn’t help but wonder if all such sexual encounters were as pleasant if done with a caring
person . . . he certainly wouldn’t mind finding out so long as Duo was there to help him . . . or perhaps someone he did truly


Heero frowned deeply, his eyes running over the contents of the simple parchment that he held so tightly in his hands.  Twice he
had read it, and still he could not believe it.  The time had passed by so quickly, the prearranged moment quickly approaching.

This was not good news, definitely not.  Duo would certainly dislike it.  For the simple fact that it might separate Heero from

He shook his head, fearing the worst if he were to tell the long-haired youth of this news.  How could he break it to him?  They
had known this to be approaching, yet it seemed far too soon to be happening.  They had just found their love for each other and
now this.

How could he break it to the young beauty that a familiar visitor was coming to the castle for a visit and for business?  And
when this visitor came, Duo and Heero might forever be separated from each other.  That was a very dismal thought . . . one
that Heero had hoped to avoid.  And now the time had come . . . Trowa Barton would arrive within the week.

To Be Continued . . .