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Notes:  Duo and Heero speak while Quatre watches them.  Quatre becomes increasingly concerned as things continue.

Captive Hearts

Part Eleven

Quatre followed Duo and smiled brightly as Duo talked happily about various topics.  He liked Duo a great deal.  He was bright
and cheerful, the first positive influence in Quatre’s life since he had been sold by his sisters.  And Duo had shown him an
aspect of sex that hadn’t hurt him in the slightest.  Quatre appreciated Duo’s efforts greatly, wishing that there was some way
that he could repay his friend’s kindness.

Duo’s easy banter ceased when they entered the bedchamber, though.  And Quatre’s own good spirits dampened when he saw
that Master Heero was hunched over the desk, looking as if the weight of the world was upon his shoulders.

“Master Heero?”  Quatre questioned nervously, fearing that something was terribly wrong.

Duo left Quatre’s side and ran to Heero.  “Heero?  What is it?  What’s happened?”  The youth asked in a rush, dropping to his
knees and taking Heero’s face in his hands.

Quatre blinked as Master Heero looked up at Duo, his eyes full of sorrow.  He didn’t understand the great despair that he could
see in his master’s eyes.  It worried him terribly . . . he hoped that they weren’t planning on getting rid of him.

Master Heero spoke softly.  “Trowa is coming.  He’ll be here within the week.”

Quatre was shocked at the reaction that Duo had.  It was as if all the blood had drained from him, his face turned so pale.  Duo’
s voice was soft and heartbroken.  “No . . . no, it’s too soon!  It can’t be!”  He threw himself at Master Heero, clinging as if his
life depended on it.  “No!”

Quatre could only watch as Master Heero held Duo in a tight embrace.  “May the Gods forgive me, but I don’t want him to
come either.  It’s wrong . . . but I’ve fallen in love with you.”

Quatre wondered why that statement seemed to bring such sorrow to Duo.  He knew that Duo and Heero loved each other,
hearing the first proclamation of love should have been a joyous occasion.  He felt self-conscious as he shuffled over to the bed
as Duo started sobbing on Master Heero’s shoulder.

Duo’s voice was thick with tears.  “I love you, too!”  He exclaimed, clinging himself closer.  “I know we aren’t SUPPOSED to
love each other!  Everyone would see it as wrong!  But I do . . . God forgive me, I do love you more than life itself!”

Master Heero silenced Duo with a kiss, causing Quatre to blush.  “Trowa is a reasonable man.  I’ll talk to him.  We can only
hope . . .”  

Quatre looked away as the pair started kissing, not wanting to intrude on this very private moment.  A moment later, the
confused tone in Master Heero’s voice made him look over again.

“Duo?”  Master Heero was frowning in worry as Duo stood up and took a few steps back.  “Duo . . . what?”

“I can’t . . . Heero . . . why did you have to wait until NOW to tell me?  All the time we’ve WASTED, when we could have
been so happy together!”  He screamed, and then he turned and ran from the room.

“Oh, Duo . . .”  Master Heero sighed, sinking deeply into his chair.

Quatre bit into his bottom lip and took a breath.  “You could go after him, Master.”  He said timidly, his body tensing a little as
he expected to be punished for daring to be so bold.

Master Heero shook his head, closing his eyes briefly.  “It wouldn’t do any good.  Duo can outrun me, and he’s too good at
hiding.  He’ll come back when he’s ready.”

Quatre nodded as he slowly approached, twisting his hands together nervously.  “Umm . . . if you want me to, I can . . . distract
you for a time.  It is what I was made into, after all.”

Master Heero looked at him in alarm.  “No . . . no, Quatre.”  He said, his gaze softening as he crossed the room to stand in front
of Quatre.  “As attractive as you are, I can’t.  You see . . . now that our feelings are out, I doubt that anyone could excite me
the way Duo does.  It wouldn’t be fair for me to use you in that manner.”  Master Heero slowly smiled, setting his hand on
Quatre’s shoulder.  “But I thank you.  The offer was sincere, although hesitant.  I am honored that you would trust me with so

Quatre lowered his gaze.  “Duo . . . Duo told me that you and he were going to teach me about . . . about . . .”  He blushed,
finding that he couldn’t finish that train of thought.  “If this Trowa person arrives, will you not teach me?”

A soft chuckle escaped Master Heero.  “Duo told you, hm?  If Duo and I are separated, I will teach you.  I will need the
company should I never see Duo again.”  His hand slipped from Quatre’s shoulder and the blonde looked up, becoming worried
as his master’s expression became forlorn.

Master Heero turned away from Quatre, taking only a few steps before he stopped and stared out of the window.  He said
nothing, simply staring, his shoulders hunched as he deeply sighed.  Quatre did not like seeing his master acting like this.  He
wanted to make Master Heero feel better . . . but sex was out of the question.  Still, there was much that Quatre could do
without resorting to such physical activities such as sex.

Quatre reached up, removing his cloak and letting it fall to the stone floor.  He stepped out of his slippers, removing his tunic,
taking off everything except for his loincloth.  Master Heero never noticed, his attention focused on the sky outside, as Quatre
went to the bed and drew the covers back, then he found a jar of scented oil and set it on the nearby table.  He would calm his
master . . . it was his duty and he would do so without fail.  He was not so afraid as to shirk his responsibilities.

Quietly, he padded over to his master, approaching him from behind.  He reached out, slipping his hands around his master’s
form and unclasped the catch of his cloak.  Master Heero turned to him as he folded the cloak over the back of a nearby chair.

“Quatre?”  He asked.  “What are you doing?”

Quatre smiled a little, continuing with his task.  He unfastened his master’s sword belt and set it carefully aside.  “I am going to
help.  I will do nothing more than what I have been trained to do.  It is my duty to see to your needs and I will do so.”  He then
tugged at Master Heero’s tunic, drawing it up and off of the young lord.  Then, without hesitation, Quatre stripped off his
master’s breeches, shoving them down until they pooled about his ankles.

“Don’t . . . you don’t have to.”  Master Heero said, crossing his arms over himself.

Quatre nearly snickered at his master’s attempts to cover himself, but knew better than to do such a thing.  He did smile though,
bending and removing Master Heero’s boots and breeches completely.  He then rose to his feet and took hold of Master Heero’s
wrist, backing away with his master following his lead.  He stopped at the side of the bed, then reached over and patted the
surface lightly.

“Sire, please lie down.”  Quatre said.

“I told you, Quatre . . . I don’t want to use you in such a manner.”  Master Heero sighed, narrowing his eyes to glare slightly.

Quatre shook his head.  “That is not what I was intending.”  Quatre replied.  “I only mean to help you relax, nothing more.  
Now, please lie down, Master.”

Master Heero complied, although he didn’t seem all that comfortable with the action.  He settled himself on his stomach,
crossing his arms and setting the side of his head against them as he watched Quatre’s every move with interest.  Quatre gave
Master Heero a shy smile, then climbed up onto the bed, kneeling beside the baron’s body.

Silently, the slave picked up the jar that he had set aside only moments before.  As he opened it, he brought one of his legs up
and over Master Heero’s body, straddling his master’s thighs.  Only the thin fabric of Quatre’s loincloth was between their
bodies, yet Quatre had no fear that he would be used by this young lord.  Master Heero did not want him in that manner . . .
Quatre wasn’t afraid.

He felt a smile creeping over his features as he scooped a good amount of oil out of the jar, setting it aside once more.  He
rubbed his hands together, warming the liquid as he spread it to cover his palms and fingers.  Then he paused, taking a deep
breath before he pressed his hands to Master Heero’s back.

He moved slowly and with practiced ease as he massaged the stress from his master’s muscles.  He had been trained for this,
knew how to help people relax.  It was a simple task and he was happy to do this for Master Heero.  Below him, the young lord
groaned in apparent appreciation, enjoying it as Quatre worked the tension away.

Time ceased, Quatre’s mind focused on nothing but helping the baron.  With caution and care, Quatre moved along Master
Heero’s shoulders and neck, steadily moving down and easing the muscles of his back.  He waited until each muscle relaxed
before moving on, always heading lower and lower, scooting his own body back on the bed when it became necessary.

Down along his lower back, Quatre gulped as his hands brushed Master Heero’s backside.  He paused there, moving backwards
again, getting more oil on his hands before moving to work on his master’s thighs.  He listened intently to each breath passing
through his master’s lips, gauging what he should do by the reactions that his motions received.  The slight moans that he heard
encouraged him, so Quatre continued, eventually working his way down to massage each of Master Heero’s feet in turn.

When he was finished, Quatre rose from the bed and quietly moved to Master Heero’s side.  He smiled when he found that his
master had fallen into a peaceful slumber, grateful that he had been able to help his master rest.  Quatre grasped the edge of the
blankets and drew them up along Master Heero’s bare form, covering him so that he wouldn’t catch a chill.

Now that his master had been tended to, Quatre’s mind wandered, his thoughts returning to Duo’s welfare.  He was worried for
his friend, concerned that perhaps Duo was in need of comfort.  But what could Quatre do about it?  Quatre sighed, not truly
sure of what he could do about this.

He looked to the door, thinking over the situation.  Duo had run out . . . he was somewhere, in pain . . . he had been crying
when he had fled.  Quatre could not let Duo linger like that.  He had to help in some way.  But to help, Quatre would have to find
him, would have to leave the confines of the bedchamber alone.  He did not know if he wanted to do that.  The corridors outside
still frightened him, brought fear and terrible imaginings to his mind.  Despite the fact that he knew he wouldn’t be punished by
Master Heero, Quatre still dreaded that he would get hurt if he left this chamber.

Shaking his head, Quatre knew that he could not let his own fears stop him.  Duo was his friend.  Duo was in need.  Quatre had
to go to him, to find him and help in any way that he could.  With that determination in mind, Quatre retrieved his garments from
the floor, shaking out the few leaves and dirt that still clung to them and dressed himself once more.  He put his slippers on and
quickly crossed the room to the door, trying to be quiet despite the tinkling of the bells on his anklet.

He paused there, his hand still on the handle of the door.  He was trembling, was terrified of leaving the bedchamber, of being
caught and punished.  He couldn’t shake his fears.  Turning back, he looked at the slumbering form of his master, concern
washing over him for Master Heero’s sake.  Master Heero loved Duo.  He would be happy that Quatre went to look for him.  
And Quatre couldn’t stand to sit by and do nothing for Duo . . . Duo was his good friend.

He turned back to the door.  Taking a deep breath, he opened the door and exited, closing the door quietly behind himself.  He
had to find Duo, had to help his friend in some way.  He couldn’t allow Duo to suffer alone.  Pulling his cloak tight around
himself, Quatre slowly made his way along the corridor, hoping that he was traveling in the correct direction.

To Be Continued . . .