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Notes:  Duo feels sorry for running out on Heero.  Quatre comes to cheer his spirits.

Captive Hearts

Part Twelve

Duo was miserable.  Finding out that Heero was in love with him should have been the most joyous occasion of his life.  In the
light of the news that Trowa was going to be here soon, however, all it did was break Duo’s heart.

He was sitting in the garden that he had brought Quatre to only a little while ago.  The rain had stopped at some point, and the air
was now cold and damp.  The ground was soaked from the recent downpour.  He was curled up on the chilly, wet ground,
fighting against the burning tears that wanted to fall from his eyes.  ‘I should have stayed in the bedchamber.  Heero would have
let me cry on his shoulder.  He would have held me.’  Duo repeated over and over again in his mind, fearing that he had made a
terrible mistake in running away.

A gentle hand on his shoulder caused Duo to look up.  Quatre was standing there next to him, looking worried.  “Quatre . . . you
. . . ?”

Quatre swallowed, his eyes darting around nervously.  “I-I probably shouldn’t have been wandering around without you or
Master Heero with me, but . . .”  His cheeks turned pink, as if he were about to reveal a terrible secret.  “You’re my friend, and
your pain is my pain.”  He paused, kneeling down on the ground.  “Why are you so unhappy?  Regardless of whoever comes, it
shouldn’t matter.”

Duo smiled, rising to a sitting position.  Of course Quatre didn’t understand.  “Quatre . . . when Trowa arrives, I might have to
go with him when he leaves.  However, it is a long and complicated story and I really don’t feel up to talking about it.”

Quatre nodded.  “I understand, Duo.  I will not force you to speak with me if you do not wish to.”  He said.  He sat beside Duo,
wrapping an arm around his shoulders.  “If you should wish to confide in me sometime in the future, I will listen.”

“Thanks, Quatre.”  Duo chuckled, happy that the little blonde was getting more comfortable with touching him.  His thoughts
returned to Heero however, to the young man that he loved, as they often did.  “W-Was Heero upset . . . when I ran out?”

Quatre offered a bright, albeit, brief smile.  “Yes . . . but it was obvious that he wasn’t upset with you, in any way.  He loves
you.”  Quatre then sighed, his eyes taking on a haunted look.  “I often wished, as a child, that someone could love me that
much.  Now . . . who would want me?”

Duo was brought out of his own misery a little.  He didn’t like hearing Quatre talking like that.  “Anyone who has eyes, a heart,
and a brain would, Quatre.  You didn’t ask for what happened to you.  And despite it all, you’re still beautiful . . . inside and
out.”  Duo’s heart ached as he spoke, but he felt that he needed to say this.  “Quatre . . . if I do have to leave . . . please promise
me that you’ll try and get Heero to fall in love with you.  He needs someone to look after his emotional well-being, and I can’t do
that if I’m not here.  Please, Quatre?”

Quatre’s smile was sad as he nodded.  “I promise you that I will try.  But I cannot foresee my success in this matter . . . for he
only holds you in his heart.”

Duo could very well feel the tears streaming down his face at the sound of those words.  Heero loved him . . . and Trowa was
arriving.  He shuddered, bringing his hands to his face as he wept again, feeling as Quatre wrapped his arms around him to pull
him close.

“I don’t want to lose him!”  Duo cried, burying his face against Quatre’s slender body.

“You will not lose him . . . I am certain that things will work out well.”  Quatre assured.  “Please, do not cry.  I do not like
seeing you in pain.”  Quatre said, his own voice becoming strained.

Duo pulled away, frowning at the tears that trailed Quatre pale features.  “I’m sorry . . . I didn’t mean to upset you.”  He
sniffled, wiping his hand across his own face roughly.  Then he broke out into a yawn, which he tried his best to stifle.  Crying
always left him weary.

Quatre grabbed his hand, pulling him to his feet.  “Come . . . return with me to the bedchamber.  I believe you need a good rest.”

Duo shook his head, not allowing himself to be led away.  “No . . . I can’t . . . I can’t face Heero again, not now.”  He lowered
his head, feeling ashamed for having run away earlier.

Quatre’s gentle fingers settled under his chin, raising Duo’s head.  “Master Heero is asleep.  I put him to bed and soothed his
muscles . . . I have always been able to give excellent massages, and he most definitely was in need of one.”

Duo sighed.  At least Heero was sleeping . . . that was good.  “All right then, I’ll come back with you, Quatre.”  Duo nodded,
clasping Quatre’s hand and walking along with him.

Along the way to the bedchamber, Duo noticed that Quatre continued to shiver, that he shied away or lowered his eyes
whenever a guard or servant passed by them.  He sighed, hoping for the blonde’s welfare.  If Duo had to leave . . . he hoped
that Heero could be patient enough to tend to Quatre’s needs, to soothe his fears.  Quatre deserved to be happy . . . so did Heero.

Quatre quietly opened the door, guiding Duo inside and closing the door just as silently.  He tenderly drew Duo’s damp clothes
from his body as they walked over to the bed where Heero lay sleeping peacefully.  Duo blushed as Quatre’s nimble fingers rid
him of his last garment, feeling shy for the first time since he had come to live with Heero.  He had never actually been naked in
the same bed with Heero before . . . well, except for during that time when Heero had been ill, but then he had only done it to
keep Heero comfortable and warm . . . still, it was something to get used to.

“Lie down and rest.”  Quatre whispered from behind him, delicately pushing Duo closer to the bed.

Duo gulped and raised the blankets, nervously slipping into bed beside Heero, who he noticed was equally bare of any and all
clothing.  He shuddered as he lay there, his eyes trailing across the planes of Heero’s beautiful body.  ‘He’s so gorgeous.’  Duo
blinked then, hearing an odd sound.  He turned, only to find Quatre undressing himself.

“What are you doing?”  Duo asked in a pale whisper, worried about waking Heero from his needed slumber.

“I am going to sleep beside you.”  Quatre stated simply.  “I am tired as well . . . and I would like to keep you warm.”  He smiled
shyly then, his fingers fidgeting for a moment with his loincloth before he finally stripped off that last article of clothing.

Duo swallowed as Quatre slid into bed behind him.  This was nice, although a little embarrassing . . . Duo was sandwiched
between two beautiful, naked men . . . very nice, but he felt like his face was going to burst into flame from blushing so much.  
All embarrassment was forgotten as Heero made a small moan.  Quatre’s movement must have roused Heero a little.

Heero blinked his eyes sleepily.  “Hmm . . . Duo?”

Duo smiled at his beloved and caressed Heero’s face.  “Sshh . . . I’m here, Heero.  Sleep now, my love.  We’ll talk in the

Heero blinked some more before giving Duo an exhausted smile.  “I’m glad you’re here.”

Before Duo could say anything more, Heero had turned and snuggled up to him with a contented sigh falling from his lips.  Duo
couldn’t help but hold Heero close.  ‘I really hope things work out.  I’ll die if I have to leave him.’  With that miserable thought
in his mind, he tightened his arms around Heero for a brief moment.  He was thankful of Quatre’s presence when the blonde
placed a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“All will be well, friend Duo . . . I have hope in that.”  He said shyly, as if his words were some big secret not to be shared with
anyone else.

Duo turned and gave Quatre a half-smile, nodding slightly.  “I certainly hope you’re right, Quatre . . . I don’t want to leave
here.  I love Heero so much.”  He said.

With Quatre’s gentle urging, Duo settled himself in bed, enjoying the feel of Heero’s strong body pressed along the front of him,
while Quatre held him from behind.  Locked in the embrace of these two young men, Duo easily succumbed to sleep, praying
for the best.  He didn’t want to leave Heero . . . not now, not ever.


It was dark when the carriage pulled to a halt outside of the entrance to the castle.  A furious youth climbed out in an angry
huff, stalking into the home of his friend.  He had traveled a long way, had been riding in that rickety old carriage for well over a
week.  He was tired and miserable . . . not to mention so angry that he felt he could rip the head off of the next slave that he saw.

“Heero Yuy!  Where the HELL are you?”  Trowa Barton shouted, anger dripping from his tone.  “Get your ass out here NOW!”

To Be Continued . . .