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Notes:  Quatre tries to fix things so that Duo can stay with Heero.  Trowa considers the offer made by the blonde slave and
discusses it with Duo.

Captive Hearts

Part Sixteen

Quatre trembled as he walked through the hallways . . . not because he was afraid that one of the guards would hurt him, but
because he was worried that what he was about to do would only cause more harm than good.  At the moment, Master Heero
and Lord Trowa were in one of the sitting rooms and Duo was in the garden.  The two lords were discussing whether Duo
would stay or not, and Duo was in one of his favorite places, relishing his time just in case he wouldn’t be allowed to remain
here for very much longer.  Although Quatre longed to comfort his friend, he could sense that Duo wanted to be alone.

Holding his breath, Quatre opened the door to Lord Trowa’s bedchamber, hoping that the female guard, Catherine, was not
within.  Thankfully, the frightening woman was not inside.  However, seeing that the room was in need of tidying, Quatre went
about and did just that.  He couldn’t abide seeing a cluttered bedchamber . . . not after his training.  He made the bed and fluffed
the pillows, picking up various parchments from the floor and setting them on the desk . . . he simply did the little things that he

After making sure that nothing else needed to be done in the room, Quatre took a deep breath and knelt on the floor, facing the
door with his head bowed.  He tried to keep his breathing calm as he heard approaching footsteps, and forced himself not to
whimper as the door opened.

“What is the meaning of this?  Why are you in my room?”

Quatre winced at the annoyed tone in Lord Trowa’s voice, but he steeled his nerves and answered.  “I have come to offer
myself . . . in exchange for Duo.”

There was a pause, and a sudden tenseness in the air when Lord Trowa finally spoke.  “Did Heero set you up to this?”

Quatre’s head shot up in alarm.  “No!  He would NEVER!”  Quatre gasped, shivering as he realized that he had looked Lord
Trowa in the face.  He quickly bowed his head, trying to stop his heart from pounding in his chest.  “It is just that . . . I heard
that Duo was not to your liking, and I thought that maybe I could . . .”

Quatre yelped in fear as Trowa picked him up and threw him onto the bed.  He forced himself not to struggle as the tall man
crawled over him, his hands firm on Quatre’s shoulders as he roughly kissed the slave.  Quatre was too afraid to respond one
way or another.  If he kissed back, Lord Trowa might think him presumptuous.  If he pushed the tall man away, Lord Trowa
might think him a troublemaker and a tease.

As a result, Quatre just lay there, his hands settled delicately on Trowa’s chest, and allowed the noble to kiss him in whatever
way he wanted to.  He shuddered though, as Lord Trowa’s hand slipped up beneath his loincloth, the strong fingers wrapping
firmly around his length and stroking slowly.  Quatre’s fingers dug into Trowa’s tunic, his body shaking . . . but he tried not to,
he didn’t want Trowa to think that he didn’t want him.  Before he knew it, the kiss was over, Trowa’s hand was gone from his
length, and Trowa was looking down at him with narrowed eyes.

“I do not take slaves who offer their bodies when their hearts are not willing.”  Trowa said.  With that, he pushed himself away
from the bed.

Thinking that he had just ruined his friend’s last chance at staying, Quatre reached out and grasped Lord Trowa’s wrist in

“F-Forgive me!  I d-don’t know what else to do!  There is nothing else I can offer!”  He sniffled as he remembered how sad
Master Heero had been the previous night.  Thinking of seeing his strong master reduced to nothing . . . to see Master Heero
crying . . . hurt Quatre more than he could bear.  “Master Heero’s heart will break if Duo has to go, I know it will!  What h-
happens to me d-doesn’t matter.”

Quatre started sobbing.  He simply couldn’t stop.  Certainly he was afraid of what treatment he would receive outside of Master
Heero’s home, but he wanted his master to be happy and Duo made Master Heero happy.

Quatre was so lost in his own misery that he barely noticed that Lord Trowa was gently embracing him, holding him with care.  
He sniffled and relaxed a little as a warm, strong hand rubbed his back.  “If you would but give me a chance, sire . . .”  Quatre
began, but his words were halted as Trowa pulled away a little.

Lord Trowa looked into Quatre’s eyes for a moment, then sighed.  “I will consider your offer.”  He held up a hand before
Quatre could express his gratitude.  “Now, you should go before Heero starts to wonder where you are.”  He gave Quatre a
small smile as he wiped Quatre’s tears away.  “Don’t cry.  I am not angry with you.  You have a good heart . . . Heero is lucky
to have you in his service.”

Quatre gave Lord Trowa a tremulous smile and slid off of the bed.  He was almost to the door when he realized that he probably
should show Lord Trowa that he wasn’t totally averse to the idea of changing places with Duo.  After all . . . Lord Trowa was
very handsome . . . perhaps it wouldn’t be such a horrible thing.  With that thought in mind, Quatre walked back over to Lord
Trowa and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.  Then his courage left him, and Quatre fled the room.


Duo blinked as he watched Quatre step out of Trowa’s bedchamber.  He wondered why Quatre had been in there . . . however,
he didn’t want to frighten the blonde by asking questions.  Ducking back into the shadows, Duo stood by and watched as his
friend hastily walked along the hall, passing by Duo’s hiding place without a second glance.

Duo stepped out of the shadows and frowned, letting his eyes linger on Quatre’s retreating form for a few moments.  He had
been disturbed by the sight of tear tracks marring Quatre’s pale cheeks.  Had Quatre been crying?  Why?  And just why had he
been in Trowa’s room?

There wasn’t an answer to be found by Duo however . . . not just standing here anyway.  Sighing, Duo turned and headed to
the door that Quatre had come from, entering the room without knocking.  He wordlessly drew off the cloak he had been
wearing and tossed it over a chair, scanning the room to find that Trowa was on the bed, leaning back on his elbows.

Duo dropped to one knee before Trowa, casting his gaze to the floor.  “My master, is there anything you wish of me?”  Duo

Trowa shifted his position on the bed, moving to lean back against the headboard.  “Duo, rise and join me on the bed . . . have a
seat.”  Trowa bade, patting the mattress beside where he sat.  “And tell me of your friend, Quatre.”

Duo looked up, blinking in confusion.  Quatre?  Why did Trowa want to know about Quatre?  Just what had happened here
before Duo had arrived?

Still, even though he was confused, Duo obeyed his master’s wishes.  He rose to his feet and walked around to the other side of
the bed.  He made sure his hair was out of the way before he sat, thinking over what he could tell Trowa.

“I don’t know all that much, sire.”  Duo said.  “From what he’s been able to tell me in our times in each other’s company, he
was the heir to a throne in another land . . . but his sisters sold him into slavery to lay claim to the throne themselves.”  He shook
his head.  “I don’t know if Queen Une was his first master or not, but I do know that toward the end of her ownership of him,
he was treated very badly.”

Trowa nodded.  “Heero told me of how he found Quatre.  I was asking for your observations of him besides his background.”

Duo was still confused, but didn’t question his master.  “Quatre has a very good heart.  He’s very selfless.  True, he is nervous
around people that he isn’t sure of, but that’s to be expected.”  Duo frowned.  “May I speak plainly, Master?”

Trowa smiled.  “Always, Duo.”

Duo let out a breath.  “I’m confused as to why you’re asking me about Quatre.  Does it have something to do with why he was
in here?”

Trowa nodded and looked thoughtful for a moment.  “Yes . . . do you think he would be happy in my estate?”

Duo thought about that.  Trowa’s house guards were few.  All in his employ were very good-natured, and usually informal . . .
at least they had been when Duo had lived there.  And there was the aviary where birds of all colors sang.  Quatre would be left
alone for the most part . . . it would give him time to relax and gather his wits.  After the mental image of Quatre sitting by the
fountain in the elaborate gardens in Trowa’s home, Duo had to nod.

“I think he would be.  There are a lot of places where he can find peace . . . in his heart and mind.  It would do him good.”  Duo

Trowa rubbed his chin and looked thoughtful again.  “One more question.”  After a pause, Trowa sighed, nodding as he turned
to face Duo.  “Do you think he would be able to please me?”

Duo blinked at that question.  He knew what Trowa meant.  Any bed slave would do whatever they could do to bring their
master to fulfillment, but Trowa wanted more than simple carnal pleasures of the flesh.  He wanted a bed slave that would have
gone to his bed willingly, one who would engage him mentally as well as physically, someone that he could talk to as a friend
and not just as a master to his slave.

Duo tried to imagine his master with the little blonde and was amazed at the picture he painted with his mind.  They fit
beautifully . . . more perfectly than any couple Duo had ever seen.  And he was sure they would look even better together in real
life.  With that in mind, Duo smiled warmly.

“Given time, I believe he would.”  Duo nodded, believing it with all his heart.  Still, he had to wonder why Trowa was asking
this?  Was there something that Trowa wasn’t telling him?

To Be Continued . . .