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Notes:  Duo and Heero finally get to spend some time together, and celebrate Duo being able to stay with enthusiasm.

Warnings:  Yaoi LEMON ahead!!

Captive Hearts

Part Eighteen

Duo was trembling with joy as he followed Heero through the halls of the castle.  He was Heero’s now . . . Trowa had said so.  
‘I have to find a way to thank Quatre before he leaves.’  He thought with a smile.  His mind quickly returned to thoughts of
Heero though.  Duo wished that he could ignore protocol and hold Heero’s hand, but he was still a slave and garbed as he was .
. . despite the fact that the staff liked him . . . they would not have approved.

As Heero opened the door to the bedchamber, Duo was about ready to start weeping.  He stepped inside the room and turned as
Heero closed the door.  Then he just ran and leapt into Heero’s arms before the young noble could fully turn around.  He wanted
so desperately to be held by Heero.  He’d missed it so terribly.  Duo buried his nose in Heero’s soft hair and took in a deep
breath.  He let out a sigh of pure contentment as Heero held him just the way that Duo needed to be held.

“I was so scared, Heero.”  His breath hitched, and he took another deep breath through his nose.

“Sshh . . . so was I, Duo.  It’s okay now.  If I know Trowa, the way I THINK I know him, he’ll be good for Quatre.”  He
pressed a kiss to Duo’s cheek.  “As soon as everything is final, and Trowa officially hands ownership of you over to me, I’ll
begin the paperwork to set you free.”  He pulled back just far enough to gaze into Duo’s eyes.  “I want to show the world how
much I love you, and I don’t want to risk anyone taking you away from me again.”

Duo was beyond articulating his thoughts with words.  He did the only thing he could do . . . the only thing he could think to
do.  He swept forward and took Heero’s lips, plundering his mouth mercilessly.  They had been too long apart . . . even a day
was too long a separation in Duo’s mind.  He loved Heero deeply and never wanted to part from him again.  In fact . . . he loved
him so much that he decided it was time.

With a smile and a chuckle against Heero’s delicious lips, Duo began undressing the young noble, all but tearing his garments off
of his slender body.  Heero’s hands gripped at his arms, trying to push him away a bit, and Duo allowed it this once, pausing in
their heated kiss to smirk at Heero.

“Duo . . . what are you . . . are you serious?”  Heero asked, already panting for breath.

“I’ve never been more serious about anything in my entire life, Heero.”  Duo said, nodding his head in affirmation.  “I love you .
. . and I know with my heart that you love me in return.  I want nothing more than to finally be in your embrace . . . to lay with
you . . . to be yours in every way.”

Heero smiled, a true smile that lit up his entire face.  Duo was overcome with joy at that simple expression, thrilled by the love
he saw in Heero’s eyes.  His heart skipped a beat as Heero encircled him with his arms, sweeping him from the floor with ease.

Heero carried Duo to the bed, laying him down with the utmost care.  Duo felt like he was floating on air . . . the way that Heero
looked at him . . . it brought shivers to his skin, set his blood aflame.  He craved Heero’s touch and when Heero obliged with
one gentle caress down his chest, Duo arched against his palm, letting out a deep moan of satisfaction.  He had waited so long
for this night . . . they both had.

Clothing was shed with haste.  Duo reveled in the feel of Heero’s strong hands gliding across his bared skin, delighting in each
and every touch made to his quivering body.  He whimpered and gasped as Heero’s mouth descended on him for the first time,
laving attention to him with his hot, slick tongue.

Duo had been intimate before . . . but neither of those two times had been done so tenderly.  No, his first had been Solo . . . a
deathbed plea so that the ill youth would not die as a virgin, and Duo had granted it as carefully as he could.  Solo had passed out
during it, his body too weak from the illness that was slowly killing him.

And the only other time that Duo had been intimate with anyone was with Trowa.  They had both been awkward teenagers, and
Trowa had wanted to know what it was like.  Being the only one with any type of experience that Trowa could turn to, Duo had
done his duty to his master.  He had made Trowa happy for a time . . . Trowa was the only one he had shown submission to . .
. no other deserved such a sacrifice from Duo.

Being loved by Heero was a new experience, an exhilarating event.  Heero had such a talented mouth . . . Duo couldn’t contain
his pleasure and cried out as Heero nibbled at his earlobe.  Who knew that could feel so good?  He reached up, grasping Heero’s
head, his fingers sifting through the silken hair of his bed mate.

“D-Do that again.”  Duo gasped out, wrapping a leg around Heero’s waist and arching against his hard body.

“Duo . . .”  Heero groaned, his breath hot against Duo’s ear.  He ground his hips against Duo’s, sending a thrill of pleasure
through his entire body, even as his lips and teeth returned to gently nibble against Duo’s sensitive ear.

Duo easily slipped his hand between their sweaty bodies, curling his fingers around the firm proof of Heero’s desire for him.  
Loving the feel of Heero’s shaft, Duo stroked it gently a few times.

Heero groaned against him.  “Duo . . . if you keep that up . . . I won’t last long.”  He breathed, taking little nips at Duo’s throat.

Duo sighed as he tilted his head to let Heero continue with those little nibbling kisses that Duo was starting to love.  “Don’t
worry about lasting.  We have the rest of our lives to worry about that.”  Although Heero had known of Duo’s love, Duo
wanted to prove that he intended to stay with Heero . . . regardless of status.

Heero nuzzled Duo’s shoulder.  “I know that, love.”  He whimpered, rocking his hips as Duo continued stroking.  “Mmmmmm .
. . that feels so good.”

Duo smiled lovingly at the little gasps that he got out of Heero.  Each moan sent a thrill of desire to his own loins . . . his shaft
was achingly hard just from listening to Heero.  Knowing that Heero loved him made the pleasure that much more exquisite.

Abruptly, Heero shuddered above him, releasing stream after stream of his hot seed to coat Duo’s hand and stomach.  Duo very
nearly came himself from that simple sensation.  He had been the one to please Heero, to bring him to rapture . . . it was a
realization that Duo almost couldn’t handle.  But Duo had other things in mind . . . he wanted more, so he continued his strokes.  
Under Duo’s talented fingers, Heero quickly became hard again.

“Heero . . . please . . . take me.”  Duo pleaded, rocking his hips upward and causing his throbbing cock to brush against Heero’s
strong thigh.  “I want you.”

Heero smiled, reaching over to the bedside table.  However, Duo didn’t pay attention to what he was reaching for.  In fact, he
lost all sense of time and reality as Heero set to devouring his mouth with the most intense kiss he had ever gotten in his life.  It
was enough to make his toes curl in exhilaration.

It was only when something pressed up against his opening that Duo regained awareness.  Without thought, Duo spread his
legs, accepting Heero’s slick finger into him.  He groaned, rocking against the digit, too worked up to care about anything else.  
With enthusiasm, Duo allowed himself to be stretched, feeling as Heero worked one then two more fingers within him.  All the
while, Heero kissed and sucked against his skin, touching and tasting everywhere.

Duo was a moaning bundle of need by the time Heero finally took pity on him.  He withdrew his fingers, almost immediately
replacing them with his dripping shaft.  The head of his thick cock gave Duo a burning sensation as it forced its way past the
tight ring of muscle . . . but the pain lasted only a moment.

And then Heero was within him.  Duo choked on a sob.  Heero was really inside of him.  They were finally lovers, in every
sense of the word.

Duo wrapped his legs around Heero’s waist, grabbing his arms tightly.  He pulled the other youth forward, taking all that Heero
had to offer with one quick thrust.  He moaned, feeling Heero’s balls up against his backside, knowing that Heero was fully
within him now.  There was no turning back now . . . although the thought of rejecting Heero had never even crossed his mind.

“Move.”  Duo whimpered, wriggling beneath Heero’s weight to no avail.  Heero was stronger than him, and if he didn’t want to
move, he wouldn’t.  He had allowed Duo to pull him down, to sheath him in Duo’s heat . . . but he wouldn’t rush things now . .
. and Duo knew that.

Duo’s eyes flew wide when Heero finally adjusted his position.  He grabbed Duo around the waist, easily hoisting him up to
straddle his thighs.  Then, in an almost brutal show, Heero began pounding up into him.

Duo screamed in pure bliss.  Fast and rough, they rode each other, Duo falling against each of Heero’s exquisite drives, taking
everything and wanting more.  Heero took his hips in hand, digging his blunt nails into the skin as he took Duo’s nipple into his
mouth, biting harshly and making Duo cry out time and again.

Duo wrapped an arm around Heero’s head, wanting more of the sweet torture that mouth was providing, scratching the nails of
his other hand along the contours of Heero’s back.  This was perfect . . . this was all that Duo had ever wanted.  Heero was his
now . . . nothing would change that.

The pleasure erupted within Duo, Heero hips jerking in time with their racing hearts.  No hand had touched his shaft and yet Duo
found himself coming, spraying his seed to splatter Heero’s chest.  Heero moaned, but he wasn’t done yet.

He pushed Duo down to the bed, turning him onto his stomach.  With wild abandon, he let himself loose, dragging his throbbing
organ from Duo’s quivering body, and plunging back in with a long, deep stroke.  He repeated the movement over and over
again, long hard drives . . . Duo screamed, feeling as Heero’s fingers curled around his length and squeezed.

“Oh, God!”  Duo cried out, pushing back against Heero’s shaft.  Who knew that Heero could be such an animal.

He quickly found himself rising to the occasion again, his sensitive erection being manipulated by Heero’s hand in an expert
manner.  Duo found the strength to bring his knees up, raising his hips from the bed, although his face remained against the
mattress, his hands clutching at the bed sheets.

It was enough though.  Heero settled behind him, his pace never wavering.  He snapped forward, hitting Duo’s prostate hard
enough to made Duo convulse.  He was merciless, giving Duo as much pleasure as he could ever want, bringing him to the
brink of ecstasy yet again.

With a wild fury, Heero drove his cock into Duo’s ass, whispering his lover’s name like a mantra.  His fingers sped along Duo’s
shaft, pumping fast.

Duo was the first to fall.  He cried out again, spilling himself across the bed sheets, his eyes rolling back into his head as his
entire body was rocked by pleasure.  Heero jerked behind him, driving once . . . twice more . . . before he buried himself hilt-
deep into Duo’s spasming body, calling out Duo’s name as he came within his lover.

Spent and sated, they fell to the bed together, Heero’s flagging organ falling from Duo’s opening.

“We . . . we . . . should do that . . . again . . . sometime.”  Duo managed to say between panting breaths.

“Mmmm.  A few minutes and I’ll be ready again.”  Heero commented, wrapping his arms around Duo’s body and pulling him
back to press their bodies together.

Duo chuckled, feeling as Heero’s length twitched against his thigh.  “Insatiable.”  He smirked, turning in Heero’s embrace.

With a smile, he kissed his lover, a sweet kiss that he would never grow tired of.  “Give me five minutes and I’ll be ready right
along with you.”  Duo said, laying his head against Heero’s chest.

They had all the time in the world for lovemaking.  But right now, Duo was content to stay just where he was.

To Be Continued . . .