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Notes:  Quatre awakens in Trowa’s arms, then sadly goes about helping Trowa to get ready to leave.

Captive Hearts

Part Nineteen

Quatre breathed deeply and evenly.  He hadn’t felt this calm in a very long time.  He looked around at the green valley with the
small waterfall at one end and a cool lake near to where he sat.  He glanced down at himself and found that he was wearing the
clothing style that he had worn as a child . . . loose garments that permitted ease of movement.  Regardless of the familiarity of
the clothing or the serene surroundings, he sensed that his calm came from something else entirely.

A sound drew his attention to the lake.  He approached it and blinked as a figure emerged from the water’s depths.  The sense of
calm . . . came from this being.  Quatre knew, in the very depths of his heart, in his soul, that this individual would see to it that
no harm would ever befall him.  He’d had similar visions before being enslaved, then before Master Heero had rescued him, but
Quatre had known that Master Heero hadn’t been his dream protector.  Something now tugged at him . . . and he felt that he
knew who this person was, that he had met him during his waking hours.

Without fear, he reached up and touched the person’s shoulder.  His eyes widened with recognition as he gazed up into eyes as
green as the leaves on the nearby trees.  “Master Trowa . . .”

Quatre slowly awoke and gazed into Master Trowa’s eyes for a moment, stuck between his dream and reality.  His new master
looked worried, so Quatre smiled serenely to show that he was all right.  “I am well, Master.”  Quatre spoke, raising his hand
and tentatively touching his new master’s face.

“That’s good.”  Trowa said, gently grasping Quatre’s hand and kissing it.

A sudden sadness slammed into Quatre and he withdrew his hand.  “You are leaving today.”  He whispered, bowing his head.  
Maybe Master Trowa would change his mind while he was away and decide not to come back.  What if he really didn’t want
Quatre?  The mere thought of being abandoned left Quatre’s heart aching, his body beginning to tremble as he considered the
consequences of Trowa leaving him.

Trowa’s nimble fingers stroked down along Quatre’s cheek, pushing aside a lock of hair that had fallen to cover the blonde’s
eyes.  “I’ll come back for you.”  He said, as if he were able to read Quatre’s mind.

“You will forget me.”  Quatre whispered, keeping his head lowered, trying to hide his eyes from Trowa’s piercing gaze.  “You
will find a better slave in your travels.”

Trowa lifted Quatre’s chin, smiling kindly.  “How could anyone forget you?”  He pressed a chaste kiss to Quatre’s lips, pulling
away with a tender smile on his handsome face.  “I swear, I will come back for you.  You have my word.”

There was something within his tone that made Quatre believe him unequivocally.  Quatre nodded, a smile curling his lips
slightly.  “Yes . . . I see you will.”  He said, accepting Trowa’s words, his gentle comforts.  He then shook his head, sighing
sadly.  “Come, you must prepare for your journey.”  He said, rising from the bed.  “You will need a bath . . . and breakfast.  I
will assist you.”

Trowa chuckled lightly as he sat up, twisting his arms around Quatre’s body in a gentle manner.  “You are an angel, Quatre.”

Quatre blushed, relaxing against Trowa’s strong body, feeling at ease in this man’s arms.  He did not know what to say.  So he
merely stayed where he was, resting in Trowa’s embrace, relishing the few moments of peace he was allowed before the time
came for Trowa to leave him.

Eventually, they did get out of bed.  Trowa headed down to the baths, and Quatre followed him, after gathering clean clothes for
Trowa to wear.  Strangely, Quatre felt no fear at the prospect of bathing with Trowa, had no worries that Trowa meant to hurt
him.  And he found himself willing to get in the water with the young lord.  Happily, he helped his new master, washing Trowa’
s back for him.  They talked of nothing and everything as they washed, speaking of little things that really were of no
importance but helped them to learn about each other.

When the bath was over, Quatre dried his master, dressing him in the clean clothes.  Then the two of them had breakfast, dining
in the confines of Trowa’s bedchamber.  At the end of the meal, Catherine came and told them it was time to leave.

Quatre bowed his head, saddened once again.  He did not want Master Trowa to leave . . . not when he had only just realized the
importance of their meeting.  Trowa was the one he had longed for, the man of his dreams . . . of his visions.  He did not want
Trowa to leave.  Still, he knew that he could not change things.  Trowa had to go . . . he had to see to the protection of young
Mariemaia.  Quatre could not ask Trowa to remain when there were others who depended on him.

“I will go and find Master Heero.”  Quatre spoke.  “I am certain that he and Duo would wish to say farewell to you.”

“Thank you, Quatre.”  Trowa said, his voice tinged with sadness.

Quatre quickly left the room, not sure if he would be able to keep his tears back for long.  Trowa was leaving . . . in only a few
short moments.  Quatre did not want to think about that.  He hastily made his way to Master Heero’s bedchamber, trying to
keep his mind on more positive things, not wanting to dwell on Trowa’s imminent departure.

As he approached the baron’s bedchamber, Quatre heard sounds not unlike moaning.  With his breath caught in his throat, he
approached, knowing already what he would find within . . . and yet curious to see exactly what it was that was going on inside
the room.

He reached out, pushing the door open as slowly and quietly as he could manage.  What he saw inside, made his eyes widen.  A
blush immediately came to his face, his eyes transfixed on the scene playing out before him.

Duo rose and fell above Master Heero, their bodies conjoined in the most intimate of ways.  Duo’s hair was loose, surrounding
the two of them as if a curtain of chestnut silk, splaying over sweat-glistening skin as the light of the morning sun washed over
their bodies, making it appear as if they were glowing in the warmth of the rays.  Master Heero’s hands gripped at Duo’s slim
hips, pushing himself deeper into the willing body above him.  Moans fell from their mouths, words of praise . . . of pleading
ringing through the room.

Quatre backed away, closing the door.  It was wrong to watch such an intimate moment . . . to intrude on such privacy.  Still . .
. he could hear their cries, their moans . . . and he had to wonder.  What was it like to feel such pleasure?  Quatre had never
before experienced anything other than pain in such joinings.  How was it possible for Duo to feel pleasure when Quatre never

He pondered these things for several minutes, not realizing the passage of time.  It wasn’t until he finally noticed that the room
inside had fallen quiet, that Quatre pushed aside his wonderings and opened the door again.  He nodded to himself then, seeing
that Duo and Master Heero were finished.  Duo was laying beside Master Heero, the two of them wrapped in a loving embrace,
sated and happy after their bout of lovemaking.

Quatre cleared his throat as he approached the bed, biting his bottom lip in worry.  Would they hate him for intruding?  He hoped

Master Heero opened his eyes, a slight smile coming to his face.  “Good morning, Quatre.  Is there something you need?”  He
asked, even as he brought a thin sheet to cover his body and Duo’s.

Quatre nodded.  “Master Trowa is leaving . . . will you be saying goodbye to him?”

At that, Master Heero shot up.  Duo groaned disapprovingly from where he lay, his arms searching out the warm body that had
been beside him only a moment ago.  When Master Heero’s form was not found, Duo furrowed his brow and allowed his eyes
to slowly drift open.  “Heero?”

Master Heero reached over, ghosting fingers across Duo’s cheek.  “Time to get up.  Trowa’s leaving now.”

Duo blinked open his eyes, pushing himself to a sitting position.  “We have to say goodbye!”  He announced, rising from the bed
without any thought to cover his nakedness.

Quatre ducked his head, blushing.  True, he had seen both of them in the nude before . . . but he still felt uncomfortable with
Duo’s flagrant display.  “Perhaps you should dress first, Duo.”  Quatre said, pointedly not looking at Duo.

“Yes . . . of course.”  Duo said quickly, grabbing his clothes from the floor and throwing them on haphazardly.

As Duo rushed to dress, Master Heero donned his own clothes, although he was a good deal slower in dressing himself.  Heero
paused in his actions to look at Quatre.  “You’ve been crying.  What’s wrong?”  He asked, moving to stand closer to Quatre.  
“Are you having second thoughts?”  There was a look of anxiety in Master Heero’s eyes.

Quatre shook his head and blushed a little.  “It isn’t that, Master Heero . . . I just . . .”  He swallowed and ducked his head,
feeling embarrassed.  “I know that I should stay and learn more about what would please Master Trowa, but I can’t help . . .
wanting to go with him.”  When Quatre looked up, he noticed that both Duo and Master Heero were looking at him with pleased

Duo finished getting his clothes on and walked over, adjusting his tunic as he walked.  “You feel that drawn to him in so short a
time . . .”  He smiled happily, and reached to clasp Quatre’s shoulder with one hand.  “I knew you would be better off with
Trowa.  He has a calming aura about him that kind of clashed with my active nature.  You’re right, though.  It will be better if
you stay here and get stronger . . . and I can tell you more about Trowa’s home so you’ll feel more at ease there.”  He turned to
gaze at Master Heero.  “Are you ready?”

Master Heero nodded.  “Come . . . let us say our farewells.”


After saying his own goodbye, Heero watched as Duo gave Trowa a friendly heartfelt hug out of gratitude.  Heero’s heart was
full of warmth as he remembered the paperwork Trowa had requested . . . the paperwork that would officially seal their deal.  
Once Quatre was officially in Trowa’s possession, Heero would take the steps needed to free his beloved.  Duo deserved his
freedom, and nothing on this earth would keep Heero from giving it to him.

When Duo was finished, he walked over to stand beside Heero, the both of them looking on as Quatre stepped toward the tall
young man.  “I was right.”  Duo said, gesturing to the pair.  “Look at them, Heero.  They’ve only known each other a short time
and yet Quatre is so much more at ease with him.”

Quatre was saying something to Trowa and nodding at Trowa’s reply.  The blonde didn’t even flinch when Catherine
approached and ruffled his hair affectionately.  And then he returned the hug Catherine gave to him before Trowa leaned down
to kiss him.

Though Heero couldn’t hear what was being said, he could see how calm Quatre was.  The little slave was almost serene.  
Heero had to wonder if this was what Quatre had been like before Une had gone mad and started mistreating him.  If that were
the case, Heero almost wished that she was still alive so that he could kill her again.  To break such a kind and gentle soul was

Trowa smiled sadly, running his fingers along Quatre’s cheek.  He waved one last time to Heero and Duo, then turned and
climbed into the waiting carriage, Catherine following after him only a moment later.  In mere seconds, the carriage departed the

Before either Heero or Duo could walk toward him, Quatre turned and ran off, wiping at his teary eyes as he fled into the castle.  
Heero sighed, watching as the little blonde ran, his cries tearing at Heero’s resolve.  Duo made a move to chase after him.  Heero
halted him, grasping his shoulder.

“Give him some time.  Let him be for now.”  Heero said.

Duo’s eyes were full of sadness, yet he nodded.  “Yeah, okay.”

Heero sighed, sliding his hand off of Duo’s shoulder.  He smiled at his lover, moving his arm to wrap around Duo’s slim waist.  
“He needs time to adjust . . . but he’ll be okay if given time.  Besides, he knows, just as you and I do, that Trowa will return for
him.  He has his hope.”  He said, knowing that he meant every word of it.

He was confident that things would be well.  But still, Quatre would need comfort . . . and he was willing to help the little
blonde, just as he was sure that Duo would do the same.  Quatre would not be alone in his grief.

To Be Continued . . .