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Notes:  Quatre thinks about Trowa and asks Duo and Heero for help in something.  Catherine notices how distracted her little
brother is.

Captive Hearts

Part Twenty

Quatre ran through the hallways, his heart aching deeply with every step.  It wasn’t until he found himself face down on a bed
that he realized he had run straight to the bedchamber Master Trowa had been using until only minutes ago.  Quatre grabbed the
pillow his master had slept on and hugged it close while burying his face in it.  He felt a little better after taking a few deep
breaths.  Master Trowa’s scent calmed him somewhat.

Not thinking of how silly it would look, Quatre picked up the pillow and walked out of the room with it in his arms.  He didn’t
hear most of the servants comments, but the words ‘cute’ and ‘sweet’ came through to him as he made his way to the garden.

The day was chilly as he found a place to sit by the fountain.  The rains had stopped and the ground was dry, so he had no fear
of getting the pillow wet as he set it down.  He just sat and held the pillow close, repeating to himself that Master Trowa
WOULD return for him.  It was with that thought that he curled up and fell asleep, his head resting on the pillow he clutched so
closely to.

He didn’t know how long he had slept, but he was awakened by a hand rubbing his arm.  He opened his eyes to a darkening sky,
Duo’s worried face looming above him.  Quatre smiled wearily at his friend, running the back of his hand over his eyes to clear

Duo returned the smile and sat beside him.  “You really fell for him, huh?”

Quatre hugged the pillow to his chest and sniffled.  “Do you think there is something wrong with me for wanting his attentions
after so short a time?”

Duo threw his head back and laughed.  “No, I don’t.  I’m curious as to why, but I am happy for you that you’ve found
someone you feel you can trust.”

“I trust you, Duo,” Quatre offered, then let his lips curl in a true smile, albeit a small one.  “If I tell you why, will you promise
not to laugh at me?”

Duo stopped laughing and smiled encouragingly.  “Go ahead, Quatre.  I won’t laugh.”

Quatre sat up and took in a deep breath.  “For a while now, I have had these dreams . . . visions, I suppose.  They have always
been of a peaceful valley that has a waterfall.  It is a beautiful place, and I know that I have never truly been there before.”  He
glanced at Duo who had a puzzled frown on his face.  “There has always been someone with me.  Before last night, I never saw
his face in the dreams, but I have always known that he would never harm me.  I have known that I would love whomever it
was.  I have always felt at peace there, with him.”  He smiled happily.  “Last night . . . I saw his face for the first time, and his
was the face of Master Trowa.”  He shook his head.  “I thought it was only a dream until last night, but . . . the figure of the
man never changed.”

Duo’s voice was soft, his hand resting on Quatre’s shoulder.  “There is a valley not too far from Trowa’s home.  And it does
have a waterfall.  Trowa used to take me there.  He loved swimming in that lake.”

Quatre had no words to express his feelings.  He was hopeful that his dreams would come to fruition, but he was still fearful of
disappointing Master Trowa.  He did not have enough knowledge.  He needed to know Master Trowa’s likes and dislikes, had to
know what would please him.  Quatre didn’t want to be sent away by the handsome lord.

“Duo?”  Quatre asked, feeling unsure and quite a bit scared to broach this subject.  “Will you and Master Heero teach me now?  
As you said you would?”  He bit his lip, peering up at Duo through his eyelashes.  He feared Duo’s answer.  Perhaps he would
say no, that he was not ready for such things.

But Duo didn’t say no.  Instead, his smile broadened, encompassing his entire face and seeming to light up the area around him.  
He reached up, weaving his fingers through Quatre’s hair, delicately cupping the side of his head.  “Only if you’re absolutely
certain,” he said, his thumb idly caressing Quatre’s scalp.

Quatre nodded.  “I am.  I wish to know what would please my new master . . . and I would like to learn not to shrink from his
touches.  He has done nothing to deserve my fear of him.”

Duo leaned forward and kissed Quatre’s cheek.  “Then let’s find Heero.  He’s been concerned for you.  It’s been hours since
we last saw you and we didn’t know where you had gone.”

Quatre let Duo help him up, grabbing the pillow as he rose.  He held onto Duo’s hand as they went to the dining hall, his heart
beginning to pick up its pace as the minutes passed.

Master Heero was there, looking out one of the windows at the night sky.  He turned when they entered the room and smiled
when he saw Quatre.  “I was afraid that you had run after Trowa.  Where were you?”

Quatre blushed and bowed his head, feeling foolish.  “I was in the garden sleeping, Master Heero.”  He felt his blush deepen as
Duo embraced him from behind, but he leaned against Duo in a show of trust.  Duo and Master Heero had always treated him
with kindness.  They deserved his trust.

Duo was the one who spoke.  “Quatre has asked me if we would teach him as we said we would.  He wants to learn how to
please Trowa without fearing his touches.”  His voice was warm and caressing, soothing to listen to.

Master Heero’s shocked expression turned to one of elation as he approached to tenderly caress Quatre’s face.  “I swear not to
harm you.  If you want to stop at any time, tell us.  No matter how silly the fear may seem to you, we want to know when you’
re afraid so we know what we must avoid.”

Quatre nodded.  He knew that Master Heero and Duo would never hurt him.  They had proven that time and again.  He smiled
shyly.  “Then, perhaps we should go to a bedchamber, Master Heero . . . should we not?”

Master Heero nodded.  But he walked over to the table and picked up a tray of bread, cheese and fruit.  “You haven’t eaten all
day.  We’ll eat in my chambers.”

Quatre nodded, allowing Duo and Master Heero to lead him back to the Baron’s bedchamber.  He ate when he was bade to,
feeling hungry despite his nervousness.  He didn’t know what the two of them intended with him.  And honestly, he was feeling
more than nervous.  It was more fear of the unknown than anything.

When he was finished his light meal, Duo and Master Heero gently guided him to his feet.  He was shaking as Duo’s hand lightly
caressed his throat, trying to control his breathing as Heero came up behind him, his hands resting on Quatre’s hips.

Things progressed slowly from there.  They showered him with affection and attention.  Kissing and touching everywhere they
could, never moving too fast for Quatre to handle.  He enjoyed the caresses to his body, the way Master Heero’s lips, teeth and
tongue moved across the back of his neck and shoulders in pleasurable ways.  Duo kissed his mouth, nibbled his ears, touched
and teased his nipples to hardness.  But when Duo’s hands began to trail beneath Quatre’s loincloth, the blonde froze in fear.

He raised his hands, lightly pushing at Duo’s chest, his hands shaking as he bowed his head in shame.  “I am sorry,” Quatre
whispered, taking slow breaths as his head fell against Duo’s shoulder.

“It’s all right, Quatre.”  Duo’s arms circled him, holding him gently.

“I think that’s enough for tonight,” Master Heero said.  “We can try to go farther tomorrow, if you wish to.”

“Yes.  Yes, please.  I want to learn not to be afraid,”  Quatre said, holding himself close to Duo.

Master Heero’s hands eased him away from Duo’s form, guiding him toward the bed.  Quatre put up no arguments as he was
settled in bed.  Duo and Master Heero joined him, laying on either side of him once they had changed into more comfortable
clothing.  Quatre quickly fell asleep in the embrace of the two men, the day's events having tired him even though he had napped
for several hours.  He missed Master Trowa.  He hoped the young lord would return for him soon.


Catherine frowned as she watched her younger brother.  It was late and Trowa was staring out the window of the carriage,
watching the stars with deep interest.  He looked sad, and it made Catherine’s heart ache to see him so depressed.  

Taking a breath, she raised her hand and settled it on his shoulder.  “My lord, you are deep in thought.  Care to share them?”

“Hm?”  Trowa asked, breaking his attention away from the night sky.  “Oh, I was just thinking about Quatre.”

“The little slave?”  She smiled at the memory of the blonde youth.  “He has a good heart and a generous soul.  He is also
incredibly brave considering what he’s been through.  Not many would offer themselves to a man who frightened them only
days before.  Of course, he is also incredibly attractive.”

Trowa chuckled.  “And he has no self-esteem.  He thought I saw him as ugly because I didn’t claim him last night.”  He sighed,
shaking his head.  “I think we should travel quickly.  He had convinced himself that I wouldn’t go back for him.  I was tempted
to take him with us.”

Catherine was silent for a moment.  She understood now.  Her little brother was already deeply in love with that precious
blonde.  She could see it in the way he looked longingly out the window.  He had never before lacked focus in anything he had
done, not until Quatre had come into his life.

“You already care about his comfort so much?”  She asked, awed that her brother could fall so deeply in love within only a
matter of days.  She wished one day to find a love like that herself.

“I feel . . . like I’ve known him for years,”  Trowa said with a bated breath.  “There is something about him that pulls at my
very soul.  I can’t imagine being without him.  And I cannot explain why.”

Catherine sighed, hoping that things would go well for the two of them.  But for now, she had to see to Trowa’s welfare.  “It is
late and you are weary.  Rest now.  We still have a long way to go before we reach Riverview.”  She patted her lap, smiling to
her baby brother.  “Come on.”

Trowa let out a tired breath, doing as his sister bade.  He lay along the seat, resting his head upon her lap.  He wrapped his arms
about himself, looking like a lost little boy.  It was the same when he had found out the truth about his parentage.  This was how
she had comforted him then, the day Mother had told him.  He had turned away from Mother then, angry with her for keeping
those secrets.  Catherine had been the only one he’d let near him.  She had taken care of him then and she would do the same
for him now.

She reached over and pulled the blanket that had been draped over his legs up over his body, only wanting to keep him warm
and comfortable.  “Get some sleep, little brother.  And don’t worry about Quatre.  You’ll see him again soon,” she whispered,
running a soothing hand through his soft hair.

Trowa grunted something in reply, his voice too distant to hear if he had said anything at all.

Catherine just smiled, beginning to hum a gentle tune as she looked after her dearest, younger brother.  She’d always be there to
watch over him.  She could only hope that Quatre would be able to make him happy, for both their sakes.

To Be Continued . . .