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Notes:  Trowa once again think about Quatre.  Wufei wakes up.  Quatre has another lesson with Duo and Heero.

Captive Hearts

Part Twenty-Two

Trowa frowned as he watched the scenery pass.  On the one hand, he was relieved that they'd arrive at the next village soon
where he could tend to Wufei properly.  On the other, doing so meant a delay in his travels, which meant a delay in getting back
to Quatre.

"Why not send a messenger when we reach the village?"  Catherine was smoothing Wufei's hair away from his face in an almost
tender manner.

Trowa chuckled dryly.  "No.  I'll send a message when we reach Mariemaia‘s home.  We won't be in the village too long, and
I'd like Quatre to be able to write back before I have to leave for someplace else."  He smiled a little as he wondered what
Quatre's penmanship was like.  The blonde was educated, a noble, so Trowa was certain the petite slave was literate.  He
wondered if his handwriting was as delicate as Quatre seemed to be, or as strong as the blonde's spirit.  Only time would tell.

Catherine was smiling.  "Oh, you are smitten.  All I have to do it mention Quatre and your eyes go all soft before you wander off
into your own little dreamy world."  She smiled down at Wufei, who stirred a little.  "Hey, would you like some water?"

Wufei groaned and his fever-hazed eyes opened.  His voice was soft as he began uttering in what was probably his native
language.  Then he winced and swallowed, a grimace to his features.  "Water would be most welcome, Mistress," he said,
pressing his hands to the floor below him to push himself up somewhat and bowing his head.  The effort to stay up on his own
was obviously more than he could handle and he eased back to lie across the floor again.  "Forgive me, I am feeling weary.  But
I will do whatever it is you require of me."

Catherine shook her head as she slid down to the floor beside the slave.  She eased her arm beneath his shoulders and helped him
lean up a bit, then held a skin of water to his lips, tipping it so the cool liquid inside could be drunk slowly.  "Don't fret over any
formalities.  You have no chores to accomplish today.  Just rest for now.  We'll be stopping in a village for the night.  You'll be
able to have a nice long bath and your wounds will be properly bandaged."

"I am not worth such trouble," Wufei said, after he finished drinking.

"Nonsense," Catherine chided softly.  "You're a human being."  She eased Wufei to lie again, his head pillowed on her lap.  
"Rest.  We'll take care of you."

Weariness, combined with the gentle way that Catherine tended to him, eased Wufei back to sleep.  Her fingers sifted through
his dark hair, tenderly stroking his scalp.  Trowa knew how comforting her presence could be.  Every time he had been ill as a
child, she would do the same with him.  Even now, whenever he needed it, she would be there to comfort him like that.  He
smiled and turned his attention back to the scenery, his mind wandering to thoughts of Quatre once again.  He hoped the pale
beauty was faring well and couldn’t wait to return to him and ensconce himself in that gentle presence.


Quatre shuddered with the sensations running through his body.  Granted, it was still partly due to fear, but the way Duo's
mouth was gently nibbling on his thigh caused jolts of pleasure that almost made him forget how he had been treated in the past.  
Master Heero was behind him, caressing the skin that was already exposed, slowly working his way down to the loincloth that
Quatre was wearing.

“Quatre, I'm going to remove your loincloth now, all right?"  Master Heero's voice was filled only with concern, and it helped to
ease Quatre's fear a bit.

Quatre nodded, twisting his fingers in Heero's cloak.  He didn't know when he had grasped the garment, but it was in his hands
now and he couldn't find the will to release his hold on the soft cloth.  "All ... all right."  He shuddered as he felt the scant
covering slip across his sensitive skin, falling to the floor to pool at his feet.  Suddenly memories filled his mind and he couldn't
stop the well of terror that filled him.  "Mas-Master Heero?"

Duo stopped his nibbling and moved upward to gently embrace Quatre.  "Sshh, you're doing good, Quatre."

Master Heero also stopped his ministrations to simply embrace both Quatre and Duo.  "It's an improvement, Quatre.  But we'll
go no further right now."

Quatre sniffled, leaning closer to bury his face in the crook of Duo's neck.  "I ... I am sorry."

Duo tenderly rubbed Quatre's head with his hand.  "Don't be.  Any improvement is a good one."  He pulled away a moment
later.  "You hungry?  Want to get something to eat?"

Quatre shook his head.  "N-No."  He nuzzled closer to Duo, feeling secure between the bodies of these two men.

Master Heero hummed softly even as Duo was stroking Quatre's head.  The feeling of comfort and security soon lulled Quatre
into a light doze.


Duo smiled gently as Quatre started breathing deeply.  He met Heero's eyes and let all the love he felt for the man show in his
expression.  Soon, soon he would be able to stand beside Heero as a free man.  He would be able to love and be loved without
fear of separation due to his status.  His heart swelled with the knowledge that Heero was willing to do this for him.  Setting him
free had to be difficult for Heero.  It was a great show of trust and devotion that he would willingly allow his caged bird to fly
free.  Duo had no desire to ever be parted from Heero's side.

They stood there together, Quatre sandwiched and held up between their bodies, for a few minutes longer.  Then, Heero
indicated without words that Duo should follow his lead.  They carefully maneuvered Quatre into bed, laying him down and
tucking the blankets in around him snugly.  The pale blonde didn't wake, though he did shift slightly.  His hand came up,
gripping at the pillow beneath his head as he burrowed deeper into the comfortable bedding.  He was sleeping peacefully, Duo
was glad to know he would rest well.

Duo watched as Heero wrote a quick note to tell Quatre where they went, then smiled when Heero took hold of his hand.  After
they both had donned dressing gowns, Duo willingly followed as Heero led him out of their room.  Once outside, Duo blissfully
closed his eyes as Heero crushed their lips together.

When they broke apart, Heero swallowed.  "He's doing so much better.  But I can see he's starting to become frustrated with his
fears even if they ARE reasonable, understandable and justifiable."  He pulled Duo close and ran his hands along the long-haired
man's back in soothing motions.  "I'm worried that he'll start to rush himself, and I don't want that.  Forcing himself to go too
fast will only hurt him more than help him."

Duo sighed and set his cheek against Heero's shoulder, basking in the warmth and security he always felt when in Heero's strong
arms.  "Yeah.  He wants to be perfect for Trowa.  But a little pushing isn't bad for him.  We'll just have to keep encouraging him
and prevent him from pushing himself too far too fast."  He nibbled on Heero's neck and smiled against the pulse point before
pulling away to look into Heero's eyes.  "We must be patient with him.  I'm sure he knew tenderness while in Une's keeping
before she went mad.  Even I remember the stories of how kind and loving the Princess Une had been as a child, and how
generous and loving she was to the people when she took the throne."  He sighed, shaking his head.  "It's understandable that he
wants to feel the tenderness again, even if he is afraid of the pain and humiliation he's become all too familiar with."

Heero hummed softly, his eyes focused on Duo's lips.  "Come, we'll go to your old room for a while.  I have no wish to frighten
Quatre with our activities, but trying to help him overcome his fears has left me with a slight problem."

Duo chuckled warmly.  "Not so slight, if you ask me," he murmured, running his hand down along Heero's body.  He cupped
his palm around the hardness he found straining Heero's breeches.  "There's nothing slight about this in any manner of speaking."

He pressed against Heero's confined member, shivering with excitement and anticipation.  The mere sound of Heero's moan left
him quivering with need.  He wanted this hot piece of flesh bared before his eyes.  He wanted to worship it, to take it in his
mouth and suck it dry.  He shuddered again, his imagination carrying him away.  He could remember how Heero had felt inside
of him and he wanted to feel that sensation again, the bliss that came with being spread wide and fucked raw.  He wanted to be
taken and ravaged, to take in everything Heero could give and offer up all the love he had in his heart and soul as an offering to
this human-guised God that had deemed a lowly street orphan like him worthy of his adoration.

"God, I want you so bad," Duo groaned, letting his hand slip away from Heero's groin and rocking his own growing arousal
against his lover's hip.

Heero's hands shot up to cup Duo's cheeks, holding him gently but firmly.  He kissed the stunned slave with a fierceness that
made Duo's toes curl.  When they broke apart again, they were both panting, their bodies arching and writhing against one
another with barely controlled restraint.  It took all of Duo's will not to drop to his knees and swallow Heero whole.

"Find a closer room," Duo let out in a heavy breath.  "I can't wait."

Heero didn't answer.  Instead, he just grabbed Duo's hand and practically ran off, dragging Duo along behind him.  He barged
into the first room they came to.  Duo barely had time to register the fact that it was a linen closet before he found himself being
stripped and laid across the cold stone floor, his body prepared as quickly and thoroughly as possible.  And then it didn't matter
where they were, as Heero's lips claimed his once more and raised his spirit to the heavens with the first powerful thrust of his

To Be Continued ...