Disclaimers:  I do not own Gundam Wing or any of the characters.

Notes:  Quatre follows Duo after class and witnesses something horrible.

Warning:  Lemon ahead.  Het lemon.  2xD with a smidgen of RxD involved.

Choices of the Heart

Part Twenty

Quatre kept an eye on Duo throughout the day.  His worries that Duo might have been the one that had robbed his house last
night were beginning to seem correct.  Duo was obviously avoiding him.  If Quatre tried to approach him, Duo would turn away
or duck into a classroom, or simply disappear in the crowd.  Quatre almost smiled at his efforts, if not for the fact that Duo had
burglarized his home.  ‘Poor Duo.  He seems to be punishing himself more than I ever could,’ he thought to himself, unable to
keep himself from feeling sorry for his friend.

He shook his head after the bell rang, signaling that it was time for lunch.  Now was his chance to get Duo alone to talk to him.  
There wouldn’t be any classes that needed to be rushed off too.  He knew that Duo took lunch at the same time as he did.

When he saw Duo heading off at a rather brisk pace, Quatre followed.  He had hopes of confronting Duo when they were
alone.  There was no need to embarrass Duo in front of others.  Not when the situation could be remedied by a simple
explanation.  Quatre was certain that he would have one.  Duo must have really been desperate for the money to have stolen
from him.

After a few minutes, Quatre began to think that Duo knew he was following him.  Duo was heading for the bleachers in the
gym.  What better place to talk where you couldn’t be spied on easily?  He approached and took a breath to call out to Duo, only
to stop at the sound of voices.  He ducked back out of sight, remaining hidden.  Again, he saw no need to embarrass Duo in
front of others.

“Oh, it’s just you.”  That was a girl’s voice.  An eerily familiar girl.  “What do YOU want?”

Duo’s voice was filled with self-loathing as he answered.  “You know what I want, Dorothy.  Why else would I come here?  It
sure as Hell isn’t to bask in your delightful company . . . or your pet poodle’s.”

Quatre took a chance and peeked around the corner, blinking when he found Duo talking with Relena and Dorothy.  Those two
girls had a rather bad reputation in school.  The Principal was always trying to catch them in the act.  They were both related to
faculty members and considered themselves above the law.  Most of the teachers turned a blind eye to their cruelty.  Even Alex
and Mueller had been smart enough to stay clear of them.

Quatre wondered what Duo was doing talking with them.

“I’m no dog, you pathetic worm!”  Relena moved to lunge forward, but Dorothy grasped her arm, a wicked smile on her face.

“My, my, my . . . acting all high and mighty today, aren’t we, Duo?”  She laughed without mirth.  “It’s almost as if you think
you’re doing us the favor by buying from us.  You aren’t our only customer.  We can easily take our business elsewhere.  Do
YOU have anyone else you can buy from?”

Relena snorted, raising her nose.  “We don’t need you, Maxwell.  For all we care, you could go back to the gutter like the filthy
trash you really are.  You know, I think we should start charging you more.  It’s not like you can go to the principal and report
us for dealing.  You’d be incriminating yourself for using.  So get off your high horse.”

Duo sighed and was silent for a moment.  “Look, I’m a little short this time.  I got held up on my way home from work.  You
know I’m good for it.”

Relena smiled, a cruel glint in her eyes.  “After your insulting attitude, I don’t see why either Dorothy or I should give you the
time of day.”  She pulled out a small plastic bottle and shook it, the contents rattling.  “But you ARE good for it.  Next time,
you'll pay three times as much.  Once for each bottle, and once more for interest.”

Quatre was shocked.  Duo did drugs?  Is that why he had stolen the money?  No, that couldn’t be it.  If that were the reason,
then Duo would have used that money to pay for the drugs.  Instead, Duo claimed to be short on cash.  Quatre was angry, but
he knew that he’d really have to hear the whole story before he leapt to conclusions.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!  I can’t afford that!”  Duo exclaimed.

“Wait, Lena.  Perhaps Mr. Maxwell here can pay us in another way,”  Dorothy said, suggestively winking at Relena.  There was
something about the look in her eyes that made Quatre shudder.  The answering smile from Relena was hardly encouraging

“What are you talking about?”  Duo asked, his posture stiff.  “How can I pay you?”

Dorothy sauntered forward, her heels clicking on the floor as she walked.  She looked like a predator ready to pounce on her
next meal.  It made Quatre’s stomach turn to watch, but he couldn’t look away from the scene playing out before him.

She lifted her hand, lightly touching Duo’s chest.  “If you can’t figure it out . . .”  She slid her hand slowly down his body, her
fingers catching in the waistband of his jeans.  “Do I have to tell you?”

Duo swallowed, looking nervous.  He shook his head.  “No, y-you don’t have to tell me.  B-But . . .”

“Don’t tell me you’re shy all of a sudden.”  Relena laughed.  “The way you flaunt yourself around, I figured you’d jump at the
chance to have even one of us.”

“Now, now, Relena.  Let’s not make Duo here all self-conscious.”  Dorothy smiled sweetly, licking her lips as she regarded the
young man before her.  “What do you say, Duo?  I assure you, it could be a very . . . pleasurable . . . way to pay us.  You’d be
paid up in full.  Maybe we’ll even throw in an extra bottle, depending on just how well you perform.”

“B-But I’ve . . .”  Duo stammered, never getting a chance to finish his sentence as Dorothy chimed in excitedly.

“You’re a virgin?  Well . . . then you deserve something extra.”  She snapped her finger at Relena and the girl dug through her
bag, pulling out a bottle that had to be three times larger than the first.  Relena tossed it to her and Dorothy waved it in front of
Duo’s face.  “See this . . . one hundred and fifty tablets, not the skimpy little fifty we’ve been giving you.  You give us what we
want and you get this.”  She rattled the bottle, her wicked smile widening as Duo finally gave a shaky nod.

“W-What do you want me to do?”  He bowed his head.

“All you have to do is . . . well, me.”  Dorothy smirked.  “My Lena likes watching.”

Quatre held his hand to his stomach, feeling quite ill.  He was watching Duo whore himself out for a bottle of drugs.  How could
he stand around and do nothing?  But, if he did interrupt, Duo would hate him.  He couldn’t stand the mere thought of Duo
despising him.  And for the life of him, he couldn’t seem to turn away.

Duo nodded shakily.

Dorothy smiled, raising her hand to stroke Duo’s cheek.  “Now be a good boy and strip,” she said as she shrugged off her own

Duo did as he was ordered to.  Quatre felt his cheeks flaming as Duo discarded each layer of his clothing until finally he was
standing there in the nude.  Dorothy clucked her tongue at the sight though, shaking her head.  “Well, this won’t do at all.  You
could be a bit more enthusiastic about this.”

“But then how would you get to see him squirm?”  Relena chuckled, leaning back against a wall.

“So true,” Dorothy agreed, fluidly dropping to her knees in front of Duo.

Duo stood there silently as Dorothy’s hand curled around his member.  He closed his eyes, whether in shame or from
enjoyment, Quatre didn’t know.  He bit his lip, his breath hitching as the blonde before him began to stroke him.

Dorothy leaned forward, her tongue tarting out to taste the tip.  Duo groaned and Dorothy smiled at the reaction barely a
moment before she parted her lips and took him in.  Duo’s hands balled into tight fists, his body shuddering.

Quatre watched as Dorothy began to move, her head bobbing up and down slowly.  He felt his own breath hasten at the sight,
some part of him wishing that he was in Dorothy’s place.  His eyes widened at the thought and he raised his hand to his mouth.  
Did he really feel that way about Duo?

Dorothy pulled away with a grin, a dribble of saliva and pre-come running from the corner of her mouth, her hand making short
quick strokes along the now hard column of flesh.  “There, that’s much better,” she commented, taking one last lick before
rising to her feet.  Relena handed her something.  It took Quatre a moment to realize it was a condom.  Dorothy wordlessly put
it on Duo, caressing Duo’s shaft as she did so.

“My Dotty likes it rough.  You better make it good for her,” Relena warned.

Duo said nothing, did nothing for the longest time.  Dorothy and Relena looked to be getting quite impatient with him.  Then,
taking a deep, wavering breath, Duo finally moved.  He harshly grabbed Dorothy by her throat and hauled her forward, crushing
his lips to hers, his other hand gripping her waist in a bruising manner.  Dorothy yelped in surprise, her hands grappling to hold
Duo’s shoulders.  Then she sank into it, a moan springing from her throat as she melted into Duo’s rough embrace.

Quatre shuddered, though he didn’t know for certain which emotion was behind the reaction.  He was overcome with so many.  
Disgust.  Hatred.  Envy.  Lust.  He couldn’t pick between them.  They all mixed together, jumbling in his heart and mind,
confusing and intriguing him all at once.

Duo broke the kiss.  He grasped Dorothy’s crisp white button-down shirt and tore it open, the buttons flying in random
directions.  Dorothy gasped, a pleased smile on her face, pleasure dancing in her eyes as her chest heaved with each breath she
took.  He reached around, grabbing her ass as he buried his face in her chest.  Dorothy’s hands sifted though his hair, her nails
scratching against his scalp as she moaned deeply, her head thrown back.

His hand slipped down, moving up along her thigh and under her mini-shirt.  Duo broke contact then, shaking his head.  “No
underwear.  I should have known,”  He commented, leaving her no chance to reply as he roughly spun her around and threw
her up against the nearest wall.  He kicked her legs apart, pressing himself up against her back, reaching around to take one of
her breasts in his hand.  Without a further word or warning, Duo settled himself at her entrance and slammed inside of her,
sheathing himself in one solid thrust.

There was no pause for adjustment as he began a bruising pace, pounding up into her with wild abandon.  Quatre had to fight to
gain his breath and he was only watching it.  His hands began to shake with each wild cry from Dorothy’s lips, with each grunt
and groan that Duo let out.

Finally, Dorothy clamped her hand over her mouth, her body shuddering in obvious orgasm.  Duo merely grabbed her around
the waist and hauled her to the gym floor.  Pressing her flat on her back, he surged inside her again, jerking her hips up with his
hands to meet each drive of his shaft.  Dorothy threw her head back, her body writhing as her hands clawed at the floor.

“So good,” she murmured, urging him to move faster, harder.

Duo obliged, setting a frantic pace.  Relena came to them then, lying down along the floor beside Dorothy.  She stroked her
fingers along Dorothy’s bared, sweat-glistening stomach.  A smile curled her lips as she leaned down, capturing one of Dorothy’
s nipples between her teeth.

Again, Quatre felt queasy.  He almost turned away at that point.  But it was then that Dorothy arched her back and gave a
stunned cry of elation, her entire body going into spasms.  Duo shuddered above her, bracing his hands on the floor as he
grunted his own release.  He stayed there, motionless, breathless, for several moments until Dorothy curled her nose and roughly
kicked Duo away.

“Get dressed and get out,”  Relena growled, throwing the bottle of pills at Duo.  She then fell across Dorothy, kissing the other
girl passionately, their hands roaming over each other’s bodies.

Duo caught the bottle, looking down at for a while before he sluggishly got up and pulled his pants on.  He was still dragging his
shirt over his head when Quatre stumbled out of the gym.  Quatre knew that he couldn’t be caught now, not after that.  He’d
have to confront Duo later.  Right now though he needed time to think.  He had to consider what to say, how to get Duo to kick
this habit and confess the truth about the break-in.  

He had to help his friend.

To Be Continued . . .