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Notes:  PWP, LEMON, fun.  BDSM. 3x2, 4x2, and 4x2x3.  Very slight hint of 1x5.  Duo gets bored on a rainy day.

In the Company of Friends

Duo stared forlornly out of the large picture window of the current safe house the five of them were residing in.  It was raining,
the drops of water coming down in a torrent, soaking everything within sight.  It was like a sheet of water was pouring from the

This made Duo upset.  He couldn’t go outside and enjoy the sunshine if the weather was like this.  Plus, he was home all alone.  
Heero and Wufei were off on some mission that would take them a month to complete.  Duo sighed, knowing that they were
probably having fun wherever they were.  Everyone knew that the only reason they could stand each other as partners was
because they were both willing to relieve tension in a very fun way with each other.  And as much as they denied it, it was
obvious that they enjoyed each other’s company as well as the great sex they had.  

Quatre was also off on a mission, although not quite so long as the one that was occupying Heero and Wufei’s time.  He was
only scheduled to be away for the day.  It was just a surveillance mission according to the blonde, nothing too strenuous or
difficult.  And Trowa was out jogging.  Duo didn’t know how on earth Trowa could jog out there in that weather.  It had to be
difficult to see in, especially with the tall young man’s choice of hairstyle.

Duo sighed, turning away from the window and the depressing state of the weather and picked up a book.  He flopped down in
the comfortable chair he had claimed as his own and flipped through to the page he had left off on last night.  However, he
couldn’t get interested, not with that annoying drone of rain on the rooftop . . . nor could he get comfortable.  

Finally, after shifting around repeatedly, Duo found a comfortable arrangement.  He was lying on his back, his feet resting on the
back of the chair.  He was upside down, his braid laying on the floor below him as he read his book.

He heard as the front door opened, and knew that Trowa was home from his jog.  He finished off the paragraph he had been
reading, listening to Trowa’s footsteps as they got closer to the room he was in.  Then he looked up.

Duo’s mouth fell open, his book falling from his hands, completely forgotten.  A delicious pressure coiled in his stomach as he
looked at the tall young man.  He had to mentally restrain himself from running over there and taking his friend where he stood.  
However, he just couldn’t get over what a gorgeous view he had.

Trowa was standing in the doorway, soaking wet from head to toe.  Water glistened on his tanned skin, dripping from various
parts of his well-toned body.  His chest was heaving as he breathed heavily, doing a few stretches to relieve the tension in his

Duo was sure that he was drooling as he watched his friend move.  He couldn’t tear his eyes away, couldn’t stop himself from
gawking at the way Trowa’s white tank top and gray shorts clung to him . . . to every muscle and contour of his slender body.  
Duo felt his groin react to the sight of Trowa’s slim hips, noting that he didn’t see any sign that the taller youth was wearing
underwear of any kind.  

The final straw to Duo’s remaining resolve happened only a moment later.  Trowa raised his hands, brushing them up over his
face and then through his hair, effectively slicking that long bang back against his head with the rain that soaked it.  The fact that
Duo could now see all of Trowa’s face was a tantalizing idea.  Duo shuddered, the slight movement causing him to fall from the
chair and crash to the floor.

He rolled himself over and pushed himself up, biting his lip when his eyes locked with Trowa’s emerald gaze.  Damn, Trowa
looked even better when he was right side up, Duo thought.  Duo smirked, a wicked little idea forming in his mind.  What better
way to spend the day than with the company of a friend?

With that thought in mind, Duo strolled over to Trowa, smiling as he kept eye contact.  Trowa took a step back once Duo
crossed into his personal space, continuing to back up until he had backed into a wall.  Duo stopped, only a few inches away
from him.  

“I-Is there something you want, Duo?”  Trowa asked, uncertainty in his eyes, a deeper emotion lurking within the green depths
that Duo knew to be more than just friendship.

Duo smirked, licking his lips as he pressed his palms to the wall behind Trowa, his arms on either side of Trowa's shoulders.  “I’
m bored, Trowa.  Wanna do something with me?”  He asked, raising one eyebrow as he waited for Trowa’s reply.

Trowa swallowed nervously, breathing raggedly through slightly parted lips.  “What do you want to do?”  He asked, his voice
barely a whisper.

Duo could literally feel the heat radiating from Trowa’s body and felt invigorated knowing that he was the cause of the other
youth’s reaction.  He leaned forward, stopping only when his face was a mere breath from the crook of Trowa’s neck.  Then
he inhaled long and deep, savoring the scent of sweat and rain mingling on his skin.

As an afterthought, Duo let his tongue dart out, tracing a slick trail up along Trowa’s throat.  He both heard and felt Trowa’s
sharp intake of breath, could feel the taller youth raise trembling hands to lightly grasp Duo’s waist.  Duo chuckled, abandoning
his trail as he reached Trowa’s earlobe, sucking it into his mouth and nibbling lightly on the lobe.  A moment later, he pulled
away again, leaning up to whisper into Trowa’s ear.  “I want to do you.”  He said, smirking as he let his hands travel up along
Trowa’s wet tank top, massaging and caressing the strong muscles he found there, toying with the nipples he found under the
damp cloth.

Trowa gasped again, pushing Duo away for a moment and searching Duo’s eyes almost frantically, as if he needed to find
something if he were to continue.  “Are you just using me?”  Trowa asked, staring intently into Duo’s eyes.

Duo blinked, moving back and pondering it for a moment.  To be honest, he had wanted more than just sex from Trowa for a
while.  But Duo had been too afraid to do anything before since his affections were torn between both Trowa and someone
else.  Now that the someone else wasn’t around at the moment, Duo had come to his decision.  He wanted both, and he wanted
them as much more than just casual fucks.  Now, if only he could find a way to get the both of them involved at the same time.

He smiled, drapping his arms around Trowa’s neck and looking up.  “I would never use you, Trowa.”  Duo said, speaking in
complete honesty.  “It’s true that I have feelings for someone other than you, but I want you just as much as I want him.  
Perhaps someday the three of us can have fun together.”

Trowa didn’t reply.  Instead he bent his head, leaning down and swiping his tongue along Duo’s bottom lip, pressing forward
slowly and timidly.  Duo was amused at how shy Trowa was, and found it all the more endearing.  “What do you say we take
this to my bedroom?”  Duo asked, taking a moment to lick a drop of water from Trowa’s chin.  “I’ve gotten a bunch of gag
gifts over the years . . . perhaps we can put them to good use today.”

Trowa shuddered and nodded, his cheeks aflame as he grasped Duo’s hands with his own.  “I-I want you, Duo.”  He stated
quietly, ducking his head shamefully.

“Whatever you want.  I’ll be anything you want me to be, baby.”  Duo replied, taking Trowa’s hand and leading him up the
stairs to the bedrooms.

He pulled Trowa into his room, not bothering to shut the door.  It wasn’t as if anyone else was home . . . no one was there to
walk in on them.  For a moment, he let go of Trowa’s hand, dropping to his knees and searching around under his bed.  He
pulled out a box, throwing open the lid.  Inside were the numerous kinky sex toys he had gotten as gifts from various people.  A
pile of latex, leather and silk looked back at him, along with an assortment of flavored and unflavored lubricants.  Duo had never
used any of it before, at least nothing in this box.  He had never admitted it to anyone before, but he had been dying to use this
stuff since he had gotten it, just waiting for the right person to try it out with.

“What do you say we test this stuff out?”  Duo smiled, placing the box on a table near the bed.

Trowa leaned over, his chest pressed against Duo’s back as he looked over his shoulder at the contents of the box.  Duo
shuddered and moaned in appreciation as he felt Trowa’s erection pressing up against him, although he’d much rather feel it
without the constrictions of clothing between them.  He pushed aside the thought for now, settling on deciding what to use
today.  Trowa reached around Duo’s body, picking up a silk sash and felt it with his graceful fingers.  Those same fingers then
stroked along the surface of a ball gag.  

“C-Can I tie you up, Duo?”  Trowa asked quietly.

Duo nodded.  “Anything.  I just want you.”  He replied breathlessly.  He slid his hands up and down along Trowa’s thighs,
grinding his backside along his soon-to-be lover’s hardening erection, enjoying the groans he pried from the normally silent pilot.

Trowa grabbed a few things from the box, moving too quickly for Duo to notice what he had taken.  Of course, Duo didn’t
have much time to think about it, since he was quickly spun around and found his mouth being devoured by Trowa.  For
someone so shy, Trowa could be really aggressive, Duo thought with a mild chuckle . . . Duo liked it.

Trowa set the items he had taken from the box on the side of the bed, then gently lowered Duo onto the comfortable surface as
well.  His hands searched and roamed, finding all of Duo’s most sensitive areas and neither of them were even undressed yet.  
Duo tugged on Trowa’s wet tank, urging him to remove it.  Trowa obliged quickly, peeling it off his muscular body and tossing
it to the side.  A moment later, Duo’s T-shirt followed it.

Trowa climbed onto the bed, one knee between Duo’s legs, the other on the outside.  While his mouth was busy driving Duo
crazy by sucking and licking along his throat, his hands were unfastening his shorts, easily pushing them and Duo’s boxers
down and off.  Trowa leaned back, his eyes roaming over Duo’s bared flesh.  He ran an appreciative hand along Duo’s body, a
smile on his face as he gazed at him.

Duo pushed himself up onto his elbows, licking his lips.  “You’re wearing too much, Trowa.”  He said, waggling his eyebrows.  

Trowa smiled, pulling Duo up to a kneeling position.  “Why don’t you help me out then?”  He asked, reaching around and
kneading Duo’s ass with his hands.

Duo nearly melted under Trowa’s touch.  It was better than he’d ever imagined it to be in his fantasies.  Those dreams were
nothing when compared to the real thing.  Duo pulled himself just far enough away to worm one hand down into the shorts,
grasping the hardened length he found in there.  Trowa gasped, throwing his head back as Duo lightly stroked his fingers along
the heated shaft, teasing him with tender touches.

“No . . . fair . . .”  Trowa panted, burying his face against Duo’s throat and sucking on the skin there, shallowly thrusting his
hips against Duo’s hand.

Duo grinned, pumping one last time before removing his hand.  Trowa groaned in disappointment, but never wavered from his
attentions to Duo’s throat.  Duo hooked his fingers into the waistband of Trowa’s shorts, sliding them down and off of Trowa’s
hips.  He pulled back slightly, his mouth watering as he took in the image of Trowa’s impressive length.  “You look good enough
to eat.”  Duo whispered, licking his lips.

Trowa chuckled, pressing himself down on Duo’s body, laying him across the bed.  “You’re a tasty looking treat yourself,
Duo.”  He replied before he began another assault on Duo’s body, tasting and pleasuring all at the same time.  Duo didn’t even
notice as Trowa kicked off his shorts.

The way that Trowa used his mouth was perfect, each slick swipe his tongue made leaving a streak of fire in its wake.  He
ground his hips against Duo’s, their erections meeting and sending sparks of pleasure up along Duo’s spine, while Trowa’s
mouth gave exquisite attention to either of Duo’s nipples in turn.

Duo didn’t think he could take much more of this, already on the edge of coming before anything really physical had happened.  
He felt Trowa’s tongue laving attention on him, slowly and torturously slipping further and further down his body until at last he
lapped at the very tip of Duo’s shaft.  Duo bucked futilely, wanting more.  Trowa merely blew a warm breath over Duo’s cock,
causing the American to writhe from sensation.

Finally, Trowa took pity on him, swirling his tongue around the tip before he took him in his mouth.  Duo opened his mouth in a
wordless cry, digging his hands into the sheets below him as the heat of Trowa’s mouth consumed him.  He wondered why he
and Trowa had never tried this before, cursing his own weakness for never getting the tall pilot in his bed before today . . . but
the thought was quickly forgotten as Trowa suddenly went down on him entirely, taking Duo in down to the base of his shaft
and hummed.

All thought flew out of his mind and he only felt.  He screamed, begging Trowa for more, not truly sure if he was really
speaking or not.  Trowa retracted his mouth slowly, then began to bob up and down along the engorged flesh in a pace that
hastened with each passing moment.  Duo thrust upward frantically, hoping that he wasn’t hurting Trowa as he took his
mouth.  Then he suddenly stiffened, the world going white as his passion exploded into Trowa’s eager mouth.  

Bonelessly, Duo collapsed against the bed, breathing in ragged pants as he fought to recover himself.  He really wanted to return
the favor to Trowa.  Vaguely, he felt as Trowa turned him over, gently taking hold of either of his wrists and pulling them
behind his back.  When Duo was fully aware again, he found that his hands were tied behind his back.

“Trowa?”  He asked, not sure exactly what he was asking really.

“We still have toys to play with, Duo.”  Trowa said, his hands firm on Duo’s buttocks.  Only a moment later, a slick finger
found and pushed into his opening, slowly delving deeper and stretching him.

Duo moaned, feeling his erection returning with the thoughts that swirled through his overactive imagination.  Of course, Trowa’
s hand was helping as well.  Duo raised himself onto his knees, not an easy task considering his hands were bound behind his
back . . . but he managed.  

Trowa pushed a second finger in, taking his time to prepare Duo’s body.  “More, Trowa . . . please?”  Duo begged.

Trowa removed his fingers, his body moving away.  Duo felt confused.  However, before he could turn to find out what was
going on, something crossed his field of vision.  “Open your mouth.”  Trowa urged, holding the ball gag in front of Duo’s face.

Duo smirked, but obliged, allowing his lover to gag him.  If he wanted Duo quiet, then that’s what he’d get.  As soon as the gag
was secure, Trowa returned to his previous actions, delving two of his fingers into Duo’s willing body and stretching him.

Duo moaned around the gag, wanting more.  He thrust back, a shudder working through his body as Trowa pushed a third
finger in.  He felt Trowa’s hand circle his cock, but it felt odd.  He looked down, groaning as he watched Trowa slip a cock ring
onto his length.  Damn, he hadn’t known that Trowa was a sadist.

The fingers were removed and something hot and hard slowly began to push inward.  Duo would have smiled if he could have,
but his mouth was occupied, so he settled for arching his back, feeling as he was stretched to his limits by Trowa.  Within
moments, he was seated on Trowa’s lap, his hands restrained between them, his back against Trowa’s chest.

Then Trowa paused, his hands firmly holding Duo’s hips down.  Duo wanted to protest, to scream and tell Trowa to move.  But
the gag was in his way.  He could do little more than whimper in protest, try to wriggle in an attempt to get Trowa to move.  It
was all futile though, Trowa had him at his mercy.  To prove that he was in control, Trowa rolled his hips, striking Duo’s
prostate and sending a spark of light across Duo’s vision.  It was only a glimpse though and Duo shivered, craving more.  
Trowa only continued to thrust shallowly, stimulating himself but only teasing Duo, randomly hitting that spot within him to
keep him precariously balanced on the very edge.

“Well, isn’t this a lovely sight.”  A voice called out.

Both Trowa and Duo froze, turning to see who had spoken.  Framed in the open doorway, was Quatre, his body drenched from
the rain.  He was blushing, but Duo could see a very obvious reaction to the blonde witnessing the state that Duo and Trowa
were in.  With his elbow, Duo jabbed Trowa in the ribs lightly, gesturing with a nod of his head to Quatre, then looked deep into
Trowa’s eyes, trying to convey his feelings with only his eyes . . . Quatre was the other person he loved, the other one he

Trowa smiled, apparently understanding completely.  He pulled himself from Duo’s cavern, leaving the American to grunt in
frustration.  Trowa’s face was calm as he looked at Quatre, no sign of a joke anywhere in his features.  “Want to join us?”  He
asked, holding out his hand to the petite blonde.

Quatre gasped, taking a step back.  For a moment, Duo was sure that Quatre would run away or say no . . . however, Quatre
paused, his eyes moving back and forth over the scene that he had walked into.  Then he shrugged.  “You know what they say .
. .”  he smirked.  “If you can’t beat them . . . then they’re not tied down properly.”

Duo blinked, not believing that Quatre had just said that.  He hadn’t known the blonde Arabian was into the bondage scene.  
Once again, Duo felt as if he had missed out on so much with how nervous he had been in approaching either of his prospective
lovers.  Well, now was the time to make up for his missed opportunities.

Duo whimpered, looking at Quatre sympathetically.  Quatre stepped into the room, taking a moment to close and lock the door
behind him.  Apparently, he didn’t want to share Duo and Trowa with anyone else.  As he approached the bed, Quatre stripped
off his garments, carelessly dropping them to the floor.  By the time he crawled up onto the bed, he was as naked as the other
two young men.

Carefully, Quatre removed the ball gag.  Duo took a moment to work the soreness from his jaw, then looked to Quatre and
smiled.  “You caught us, so do what you want with us.”  Duo smirked.

“We’re yours for the taking.”  Trowa added, his fingers moving in small circles on one of Duo’s swaet-dampened thighs.

Quatre blushed.  “Well, for one I think Trowa should be punished for gagging poor Duo.  I'd much rather hear him screaming.”  
Quatre giggled, pushing Trowa down to the bed.  He grabbed something from the pile of toys on the bed, and Duo smiled
brightly when he saw that it was a pair of fuzzy handcuffs.  Quatre secured Trowa’s wrists to the headboard by looping the
chain around one of the rails and then placing his wrists in either cuff.

“What are you going to do to me?”  Trowa asked, his voice sultry with lust, while he worked one of his legs up and down along
Quatre’s pale thigh.

“You’ll see.”  Quatre replied, once again reaching to the pile of toys.  

Duo didn’t see what he had taken this time though.  He moved around to Trowa’s side, eager to find out what the blonde was
doing.  Quatre leaned down, claiming Trowa’s mouth with his own, while his hands were busy in a lower area.  Duo saw as the
blonde wormed lubricated fingers into Trowa’s body one at a time, his other hand pumping Trowa’s length firmly.  An instant
later, Duo blinked in surprise, seeing that Quatre had slipped a cock ring onto Trowa’s length as well.  Well, Quatre certainly had
fast hands.

With an evil glint in his aquamarine eyes, Quatre pulled away, removing his three fingers from Trowa’s stretched opening.  He
reached to the side one last time, this time raising the object for both Trowa and Duo to see.  Duo chuckled while Trowa’s eyes
widened, taking in the sight of the vibrator that the Arabian held.

Quatre smiled, covering the vibrator with more lubricant before turning it on and sliding it into Trowa’s body.  Trowa gasped,
his hips bucking against nothing but air as the vibrator worked on him.  He moaned and writhed, his hands flexing and pulling
against the cuffs while he repeatedly lifted and dropped his legs.  Now that Trowa was taken care of for the moment, Quatre
took a seat beside Trowa, reclining against the headboard and beckoning to Duo with a curl of his fingers.

Duo crawled over, carefully avoiding Trowa’s writhing body as he knelt in front of the young blonde.  “What do you want me
to do?”  He asked, eager to please.

“Well, seeing as how I freed your mouth . . . I thought it could be put to more useful tasks.”  Quatre said, his face immediately
going red even as he was speaking.

Duo just found it adorable how Quatre could act so shy at a time like this.  He scooted down, not wasting a moment as he licked
random patterns around Quatre’s cock.  He quickly took the blonde in, wanting to drag him into ecstasy along with them.
Quatre panted, curling his delicate fingers into Duo’s disheveled hair, pushing him down even as he thrust upward into Duo’s
mouth.  If Duo’s erection had been softening with waiting around while Quatre had been doting attention on Trowa, then it was
harder than ever now.  Quatre just made the most exquisite sounds in the heat of passion.  In only a few minutes, Quatre spilled
himself into Duo’s mouth.

The blonde didn’t even seem to need a moment to recover.  He pulled Duo up, crushing his lips against Duo’s and urging his lips
apart.  He fervently tasted Duo as well as his own seed, his body maneuvering Duo’s into a different position.

Duo blinked when Quatre finally pulled away, finding himself straddling Trowa’s waist, his entrance poised over Trowa’s
dripping shaft.  “Ride him.”  Quatre whispered, and Duo immediately complied, thrusting downward and impaling himself on
Trowa’s length.

Both Trowa and Duo cried out in the midst of passion.  It was too much . . . Duo didn’t think he could take much more.  He
needed to get this cock ring off, as did Trowa . . . he craved to find release.  However, his body moved on its own, seeking the
release that he knew he wouldn’t get without Quatre’s mercy.  Up and down he rode Trowa’s body, Trowa returning each and
every thrust with a strangled cry and a pleading whimper.  They were both so close . . . they both needed to climax.

“Please, Quatre?”  Trowa begged, tears of pleasure streaming from his eyes as he thrust upward into Duo repeatedly.  “Please
let us cum?”

“Yes, please?”  Duo echoed, panting, his thighs on fire as he lifted and dropped himself over and over again.

Quatre smiled.  “Well, since you asked so nicely.”  He whispered, stilling Duo and Trowa for a moment and removing both cock
rings.  Trowa thrust upward one last time, hitting Duo’s prostate and screaming his release.  Duo shuddered, falling forward
against Trowa’s chest, his own climax having followed by less than a second.

Quatre’s leaned over Duo’s body, his tender hands stroking along Duo’s sweaty skin.  “I want more.”  He said, carefully pulling
Duo from off of Trowa’s length.  

Trowa was still on his back, his erection slowly returning since the vibrator was still working inside of him.  “More . . . yes.”  
Trowa panted, writhing under the toy’s influence.  Duo smirked, seeing that his emerald eyes were hazy with lust, his body only
working on pure instinct now.

Duo nodded to Quatre and Trowa.  “More.”  He said, leaning back against Quatre’s upper body, wanting all that the blonde
could offer.

Quatre giggled, removing the vibrator from within Trowa, just as soon as it was obvious that the tall young man was ready once
more.  Quatre’s hands hadn't been idle before that though, since he was making sure that Duo was good to go.  

“Spread your legs, Trowa.”  Quatre urged, maneuvering Duo between Trowa’s spread legs.  Quatre guided Duo’s fresh erection
into Trowa’s slick heat, making them both cry out once more from the sheer sensation of taking and being taken.  Only a
moment later, Duo felt as Quatre pushed his own length into Duo’s previously stretched opening.

Quatre’s hands settled on Duo’s hips, keeping him from toppling over as the blonde shallowly began a series of thrusts into
him.  With Quatre being the only one to have the use of his hands, they were both under his control.  However, unlike Trowa,
Quatre wasn’t teasing.  Instead, he plunged into Duo’s body fast and hard, sending Duo into Trowa with just as much speed
and force.

The dual sensations overwhelmed Duo quickly.  However, he held back, not wanting to be the first to let loose.  Trowa rocked
his hips up to meet with Duo’s, all three of them moaning and gasping, the ecstasy flowing through them with each and every
movement.  Trowa and Duo begged for more and Quatre was more than happy to give it.  His hips worked overtime, in and out,
in and out . . . retracting and plunging deeper, moving faster and harder.  None of them wanted it to end, the pleasure pulsing
through their veins like wildfire as they all sought completion together.

Eventually though, it ended.  Quatre reached around, his small hand grasping and pumping Trowa’s engorged cock until his
body was reduced to a mass of spasming flesh, his seed dripping along Quatre’s still-working hand.  Trowa’s release caused a
chain reaction.  His channel clenched around Duo’s shaft, making him even more tight and too much to take.  With one more
thrust, Duo released himself into Trowa’s body, held up only by Quatre’s arms as the blonde similarly reached his peak, the
warmth of his semen flooding Duo . . . all three of them shouting the names of their lovers and exclamations of love before they
toppled over the edges of their respective climaxes.

For a moment the three of them twitched and shuddered, enjoying the aftereffects of their orgasms.  Quatre weakly untied Duo’
s wrists, then removed the cuffs from Trowa.  Then the blonde pulled Duo from Trowa and himself from Duo, grabbing a
blanket and covering them all before he finally collapsed from exhaustion beside Duo.  The three of them lay there, a tangle of
bodies and limbs, none of them feeling the need to get up, all of them covered in the sticky evidence of their teenage hormones.

“We should do this again sometime.”  Quatre commented, snuggling up against Duo’s back.

“Sounds like a good idea to me.”  Trowa agreed, winding his arms around Duo as well, his one hand sliding up and down along
Quatre’s thigh.

Duo nodded, content in the arms of his lovers.  “Yeah, but next time we tie Quatre up.”  Duo said, yawning.  Behind him, Duo
heard a startled gulp, and chuckled.

The End