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Author’s notes:  This started out as just a simple idea about a Halloween party, but I just kept writing, and coming up with more
complex ideas.  Hope you like it.  This part is completely in Heero’s perspective, but in later parts of the series it will alternate
between two.

And I’m sorry about the title, but I couldn’t think of anything better.  I’m just so horrible when it comes to naming my fics.

Desires and Deceptions
Part 1

Heero sat at a desk, typing on his laptop.  It didn’t matter to him that it was Halloween.  It was just another day to him.

For a moment he stopped typing, his thoughts wandering to memories of Duo.  The first moment he had laid eyes on him, he
had loved his looks.  Sure, Duo had shot him twice, but he had still looked amazingly beautiful.  How Heero loved watching the
long-haired pilot.  Duo was gorgeous, with his exquisite long chestnut colored hair, and his cobalt blue eyes.

Heero shook his head, pulling his thoughts back to reality.  For a while now, he had been thinking like that, had been distracted
by thoughts of Duo.  How was he supposed to get any work done, if he constantly daydreamed about the other pilot?  It wasn’t
as if he felt anything for Duo.  No, emotions were just a needless distraction.  They would only get in the way of the missions.  
And the missions were more important than anything, or at least that was how he was instructed to believe.

Besides, with all the guys and girls that fawned over Duo, he probably had no interest in someone like Heero.  He wasn’t even
sure if Duo liked dating guys or not.  Either way, Duo most likely wanted someone that expressed their emotions in a way that
Heero just couldn’t.

Duo burst into the room, muttering curses.  Heero turned to his roommate, wondering what was bothering the other pilot.  Then
he turned back to his laptop and once again began typing.  It really wasn’t his business anyway.

“Damn mission!”  Duo shouted.  “Couldn’t it wait til tomorrow?”

“What’s your problem?”  Heero asked, without taking his eyes from the computer screen in front of him.

“Because of this stupid mission, I’m going to miss Quatre’s Halloween party.  Oh man, and it was supposed to be one hell of a
bash.”  He sighed, and flopped down on his bed.

“The missions are more important than some stupid party.”  Heero commented, as he turned to face Duo.

Oh God, did Duo look good lying on that bed.  How Heero wished he could run his hands through those silky strands of hair,
kiss those tempting lips.  Heero shook his head to pull himself out of those thoughts.  He couldn’t let himself get distracted by
those daydreams no matter how enticing they were.

Duo sat up.  “But Quatre’s parties are always the best.  The food, the music . . . he never spares any expense.  At least you’ll
have fun.”

“Who says I’m going?”  Heero replied.

Duo jumped to his feet.  “What?  You can’t miss Quatre’s party.  Do you know how upset he’d be if you skipped out?  
Especially after you’ve already R.S.V.P.’d his invitation.”

Heero stood, facing the Deathscythe pilot.  “When did I do that?”  He asked, trying to keep his voice calm.

Duo smiled slyly.  “Actually, I did it for you.  But Quatre doesn’t know that.  I guess you’re going to have to go now.  Wouldn’t
want Quatre getting upset, would you?  You know how sensitive he is about these kinds of things.”

Heero groaned, restraining the urge to slap Duo across the face.  He could be so annoying at times, even though Heero wouldn’t
have him any other way.

“When I get back, you can tell me what happened. Who dressed as what, who got drunk . . .”

Heero interrupted him, “But I don’t have a costume.  And it’s too late to get one.  I guess I can’t go.”

Duo smiled, then dropped to his knees.  He reached under his bed, and pulled out a box.  “I thought you’d say something like
that.”  He replied, as he stood and handed the box to Heero.  “Here.  I didn’t think you’d go out and get a costume for yourself,
so I got you one.”

Heero opened the box and looked at the contents.  “What the hell is this supposed to be?”  He asked, seeing all the leather

When he looked back up, Duo was gone.  He turned, looking for where the other pilot had gone to.  He saw him standing by the

“I had a heck of a time trying to find something for you.  But I didn’t actually pick it out.  Relena did.  She said you’d look great
in it.  I hate to admit it, but I think she’s right.”  Duo said, right before he quickly left the room.


Heero couldn’t believe he was actually at this party.  How did he get talked into this?        The next time he saw Duo, he'd punch
him in the face.

He looked down at himself, barely able to believe that he had actually put that outfit on.  He was dressed all in leather.  Leather
pants, leather boots, and a leather vest.  A pair of black fingerless gloves on his hands, and around his neck was a studded
leather collar.  His face was covered by a black mask.

Everyone at the party wore masks, similar to the one that Heero wore.  It was one of Quatre’s rules.  He wanted everyone to
have a mask that could be pulled off at the unmasking at midnight.  Sometimes the blond Arabian could be so picky about things.

Heero was amazed that Quatre had gone to such lengths for this party.  Not only had Quatre rented the ballroom of a local hotel,
but he had also rented rooms for each of the guests, in case they got too drunk to make it home.  And there were literally
hundreds of guests.  If he did this for every party he threw, he’d quickly go broke.

Heero lifted his gaze to look around at the rest of the party, still not believing that he had been talked into this.  Everyone he
knew could be easily identified.  Wufei was standing by the punch bowl.  His version of a costume was a pair of shorts and a
Hawaiian shirt.  He claimed to be dressed as a tourist.  And his blue mask matched his brightly colored shirt.

Trowa and Quatre were on the dance floor, their arms draped around each other as they danced to the slow song that the band
was playing.  Quatre was dressed as a devil, with the usual ornaments of horns, a pitchfork, and a tail.  His mask was red with
black trim around the edges.  And Trowa was just the opposite, dressed as an angel.  He wore a long white tunic with a braided
gold rope as a belt.  On his feet were a pair of sandals, with long laces that were wrapped around his legs and were tied just
below his knees.  A pair of white wings adorned his back, and his mask was white with gold trim.

As he looked around at the crowded ballroom, he noticed that he didn’t see someone.  There was Dorothy, dressed in a cat
costume, Sally as a witch, Catherine as a belly dancer, Noin as an Egyptian queen, and Hilde in only high heels and a body suit
with a fuzzy white tail and bunny ears.  Even Zechs was in costume, dressed as a Roman soldier, probably to match Noin.  But
the one person Heero didn’t see, was Relena.  She wasn’t there.

That’s odd, Heero thought.  Relena would never miss one of Quatre’s parties.  For a moment, he wondered why she wasn’t
there, but he shoved the thoughts away.  It really wasn’t his business what she did or didn’t do.  Besides, he could just ask her
later, if he wanted to.

Heero turned away from the party, feeling a need to get some fresh air.  It was way too crowded in there for him.  Before he
could leave, however, Quatre grabbed one of his bare shoulders from behind.

“Wow Heero, I never thought you’d wear something like that.”  Quatre commented.

Heero turned to him.  “I didn’t pick it out.  Duo did.  I mean Relena did, but Duo gave it to me.”  Heero muttered.  “I would not
have chosen this costume, if I had been asked what I wanted to wear.”

“Well, you look good.”  Trowa said.  As usual, he was standing beside the blonde Arabian, his arm wrapped around his waist.

“Have you seen Relena?  She said she’d be here, but I haven’t seen her.”  Quatre asked.

“No, I haven’t.”  Heero replied.

Trowa smiled slightly for just a moment.  “I'm sure she’s here somewhere.  You’ve probably seen her, but not recognized her.  
When the masks come off at midnight, we’ll probably see her.”

Quatre smiled back at Trowa, then turned his attention back to Heero.  “Were you leaving?”  He asked, his voice reflecting a hint
of concern.

“Just getting some fresh air.”  Heero replied, in his usual monotone.  He turned and walked away, not waiting for either Trowa
or Quatre to say something else.


Heero stood on the terrace, his hands on the stone railing in front of him.  Behind him, he could hear the party raging on.  He
hadn’t gone far, only through the glass doors that stood along one of the walls of the ballroom.  It was cold, colder than it
should have been at this time of year.  But the cold didn’t bother him much, even though he had nothing covering his arms.

He looked out over the grounds, admiring the hedges and gardens of the hotel.  At the center of the garden, was a lovely
fountain.  Heero felt that he couldn’t truly appreciate the beauty before him, that only someone like Quatre could.

“Not into the party scene?”  A pleasant, lovely voice asked.

The voice sounded strangely familiar, but when Heero turned to see who it was, he couldn’t recognize her.  She was a young
girl, roughly his age, with exceptionally long black hair that could have been a wig.  If Heero could see more of her face, maybe
he could have been able to better determine her age.  But she wore a mask, just like everyone else, a black mask, with silver
trim.  Heero looked her over from her feet then back up to her head, trying to figure out why she seemed so familiar to him.

She wore fishnet stockings and a pair of stiletto heeled knee-high boots.  Her miniskirt was leather, as was the tightfitting
sleeveless zip-up shirt she wore.  Long, black fingerless gloves that reached almost to her elbows, covered her arms.  Her nails
were long and painted black.  Around her neck, was a studded leather collar, that covered most of her throat, with a leash
attached to it.

Her jewelry caught Heero’s attention next.  Several silver rings adorned her fingers.  She had a nose ring, which had a silver
chain that attached it to the earing in her earlobe.  Several more silver hoops, lined the edges of each of her ears.  Heero
wondered if they were pierced or not.

She was intriguing, making Heero wonder what she was really like in real life if she dressed like this for Halloween.  Her skin
was pale, but that could be makeup.  Her lips were painted black, to match everything else she wore.  A pair of sparkling green
eyes stared back at him from behind the black mask she wore.

Finally, he answered her, after determining that she was just curious about him, and not a threat.  “No, I don’t like crowds.”

“Then why’d you come to a party?”  She asked, almost laughing.

“The person throwing it, is a friend of mine.”  Heero replied, turning away from the strange girl to look at the fountain again.

The girl hopped up on the stone railing next to him, crossing her legs in front of her.  Her long black hair flew over her shoulder
as she moved.        She roughly pushed it back, muttering,  “Damn hair, keeps getting in my way.”

Heero ignored her, and continued to watch the water in the fountain.  She cleared her throat several times, before Heero looked
at her.  “What?”  He asked, impatiently.

“Aren’t you going to ask me my name?”  She replied.

“No.”  He answered quickly, not really interested in making friends with her, or anyone for that matter.

“Well, then I guess I’ll just have to introduce myself.”  She held out her hand and flashed a smile.  “Hi, I’m Lily.”

Heero reluctantly took her hand and shook it.  “Heero.”  He replied.

“So, you here alone?”  Lily asked, as she took her hand away.

“Is it really any of your business?”

“I was just asking.  You don’t have to be so touchy.”  She said, as she spun around, swinging her legs over the other side of the

Heero sighed before answering her.  “Yes, I’m here alone.  Don’t you have something better to do than bother me?”

Lily only giggled and hopped over the edge of the railing.  She turned back to him, straightening her miniskirt while she spoke.  
“Come on, you can get a closer look at the fountain.”  She smiled.

Heero raised an eyebrow.  “Why would I want to do that?”

“You’ve been staring at it.  I thought you liked it or something.”  She grabbed his wrist and gently pulled on him.  “Come on, it’ll
be fun.”

Once again, Heero sighed.  He pulled his wrist away from Lily, then leapt over the railing.  He didn’t know why, but she was
very persuasive.  He found he didn’t want to say no to her for some reason.  There was something so interesting about her,
something so familiar that he just had to get to know her better to find out who she really was.

With every step she took, her heels sunk into the ground.  Eventually, she started cursing.  “Why the hell did I have to wear
these?!”  She yelled, not actually talking to anyone.

Heero found her frustration quite amusing, although he didn’t let it show.  He just followed her, as she walked over to the

“So, why are you here alone?”  Lily asked, as she sat on the edge of the fountain, crossing her legs in front of her.  “A guy as
handsome as you has to have a girlfriend.”

Heero smirked at the compliment, but it quickly vanished.  “I have no interest in a relationship of any kind.”  Heero replied,
although it was a complete and total lie.  He did want a relationship, with Duo, but that would never happen.

“I bet you do have an interest in someone.”  Lily replied, leaning forward and smiling.  “I’m sure there’s someone that’s caught
your eye.”

Heero didn’t like where this conversation was going.  It was getting too personal.  “That’s none of your business.”

Lily laughed.  “I was right.  There is a girl.”

“There is no girl.”  Heero snapped.

Lily feigned a gasp and placed her hand over her heart, in an overly dramatic show of surprise.  “If not a girl, then a guy.  Some
young man has captured your heart.”

Heero turned away, ashamed that she was able to see right through his thinly veiled lies.  He didn’t want to talk about this any
more, didn’t want others to know of his feelings.  Why did this girl have to pry?

“I’m sorry.”  Lily said from behind him.  “A lot of people tell me I talk way too much.  I should have just kept my big mouth

Heero didn’t reply.

After what had been a long and comfortable silence for Heero, a splash of water hit him.  He turned, wiping the cold water from
his arm.  “Hey!  What did you do that for?”  He asked, suppressing the urge to go over and splash her in return.

Lily was smiling again.  She shook the excess water off her hand.  “Just trying to get you to loosen up.  You’re too tense.”

There was a rumbling in the sky above them.  “Looks like rain.”  Heero said, turning to look up at the dark sky.

“Guess we should get inside then.”  She stood, and immediately, her heels sunk into the ground.

Without a word, Heero lifted her from the ground, placing one arm under her knees and the other around her back.  It would
take forever for her to get back to the party with her heels on.  Heero did not want to get soaked by the rain.


Heero lifted Lily over the railing and put her down.  “Thanks.”  She said, smiling sweetly.

“I just didn’t want to get wet.”  Heero replied, as he jumped over the railing.

They walked back into the ballroom.  Heero could see that the party was still going strong.  Wufei was now talking with Sally.  
Quatre and Trowa were once again on the dance floor, but instead of dancing the two of them were locked in kiss, a very
passionate kiss by the look of it.

“You know what I just realized?”  Lily said, slapping Heero on his arm.

“What?”  Heero asked, glaring at her.

“We match.  I decided on Bondage Chick for my costume.  What were you going for, Masochistic Boy?”

“Someone else picked the costume for me.  I had no say in the matter.”  Heero replied, glancing at Lily for a moment.

She frowned.  “I see.  Well, whoever picked it had good taste.”

“I guess.”  He replied, under his breath.

Lily stepped in front of him.  “I hope you’ll excuse how forward I’m being, but I just have to do something before I chicken
out.”  She said.

Before Heero could ask what she meant, or even open his mouth to form the words, Lily grabbed the sides of his head and
pulled him to her.  She pressed her lips against his, the sticky black lipstick leaving an odd taste in his mouth as she brushed her
tongue against his teeth.

At first Heero wanted to pull away, but as the kiss progressed, he just let it happen, let his instincts take over.  He parted his
teeth, letting her tongue into his mouth.  He in turn, pushed his tongue into her mouth, caressing hers, savoring the sweet taste
of her mouth mixed with the odd taste of the lipstick.

Then suddenly, she pulled away from him, abruptly ending the kiss.  Heero just looked at her in shock, wondering why she had
kissed him like that, and why he had returned the kiss.  She just smiled up at him, her green eyes glimmering from behind her

“I just had to do that.  I’ll probably never get another chance to.”  Lily said.

A commotion caught Heero’s attention and he looked to the crowd.  Most of the people had their hands on their masks as they
looked to the large clock on one of the walls.  Then Heero glanced at his watch, although he could see the clock quite clearly.  
“It’s almost midnight.”  Heero said, not knowing why he was saying it out loud.

“Damn, I didn’t know it was so late.”  Lily replied.

She turned and took a step away from Heero.  Now he was very curious to know who she was.  He grabbed her arm.

“I have to go.”  She said, trying to pull away from him.

“It’s almost time for the unmasking.  I want to know who you are.”  Heero replied, calmly, as he tightened his grip.  She was
stronger than she looked.

Lily continued to struggle to get out of his grip.  “No.  I have to go.”

But Heero wouldn’t listen.  He just had to know who this girl was.  It had to be someone he knew.  Otherwise, why would she
seem so familiar to him?

As the clock struck twelve, Heero pulled his own mask off.  Seeing that Lily wasn’t doing the same, he reached out to grab her
mask.  She slapped his hand away, but Heero wasn’t about to let that stop him.  He tried again, this time grabbing hold of the
mask before she was able to knock his hand away.  He yanked it off in one quick movement.

Seeing the face beneath the mask, he released his grip in total shock.  The person he had known as Lily, fell to the floor since he
had let go so abruptly.

“Duo?”  Heero whispered.

Heero couldn’t believe that it was Duo.  The hair and eyes were the wrong color, the voice different, but he was sure it was
Duo.  But what was he doing here?  Didn’t he have a mission?  What was going on?

Heero was confused.  He took a step back, not knowing what to think, what to do.  He only watched, as Duo scrambled to his
feet and ran away from him.

Once Duo was gone, Heero realized that he had to go after him.  Heero pushed his way through the crowd of people, trying to
follow Duo.  But there were so many of them, and they kept getting in his way.

Finally, he reached the other end of the ballroom, and the door.  A hand clamped on his shoulder and he spun around, hoping to
see Duo.  But instead, it was Trowa.

He was holding an umbrella and a coat in one of his hands.  He held them out to Heero.  “Here, you’ll need these if you're going
outside.  It’s raining hard, and it’s getting pretty cold.”

“Did you know about this?”  Heero asked, as he took the coat and umbrella.  He quickly put the coat on.

“No.  Duo didn’t tell me he was going to do anything like this.  I thought he had a mission.  But when I saw him leave, I
guessed that you’d be following him.”

“Which way did he go?”  Heero asked.

“He turned left outside.  But he had a good head start on you.  I don’t know if you’ll be able to catch up with him, even if he is
in heels.”  Trowa said calmly.

“I’ll find him.”  Heero replied.  Then took off running through the lobby of the hotel, heading straight for the front doors.

To Be Continued . . .