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Desires and Deceptions
Part 6

Heero thanked every deity he didn’t believe in, when he managed to get into the Emergency Room entrance.  “Somebody, help
him!”  He shouted at the top of his lungs, needing to find someone to help the unconscious pilot he carried so carefully in his

Several heads turned to face him, and quickly a gurney was brought over to him.  Duo was pulled from his aching arms and laid
across the gurney.  Doctors swarmed around the American, pulling the blankets away from Duo’s unconscious body.

A nurse grabbed Heero’s arm, pulling him over to a chair.  If she said anything, Heero didn’t hear her.  His eyes were transfixed
on Duo, watching as the doctors worked on him, until they finally pushed the gurney through a set of doors and down a hallway.

Finally, the nurse was able to get his attention.  “What happened to him?”  She asked.

Heero noticed for the first time, that he was sitting in a chair.  “He had pneumonia.  But he was getting better.”  He replied, his
entire body feeling strangely numb.

“Was he taking any medication?”

Heero nodded, and pulled the bag from off his shoulder.  He held it out to her.  “Here . . . It’s all here.”  He said, continuing to
stare at the door where Duo had been taken.  He wrapped his arms around his body, suddenly feeling unbearably cold.

The nurse continued, asking questions about Duo.  She wanted to know if he was allergic to any kinds of medication, if he had
any heart problems or other diseases besides the pneumonia.

Heero stood, feeling a need to call someone, to get a friend to come here.  He just didn’t know what to do.  Everything around
him seemed so wrong, like the entire world around him was spinning into chaos.  “I need to make a phone call.”  He mumbled
as he stood.

He stepped past the nurse, who futilely tried to stop him, and walked over to the nearest phone.  Quickly, he dialed Quatre’s
number, the first number he thought of.  After only one ring, Quatre’s face appeared on the screen.

“Heero?  Where have you been?  I’ve been trying to contact you for hours.”  Quatre exclaimed.  Trowa appeared right behind
the blonde, laying a hand on his shoulder.

“Duo’s in the hospital.”  Heero mumbled, tears threatening to come forward.  But he kept them back, not yet ready to
acknowledge their presence, to give in to the weakness.

“What?”  He said then turned to Trowa.  “I knew something was wrong, I just felt it.”  Then turned back to Heero.  “Heero, we’
ll be right there.”

“I don’t know what to do, Quatre.”  Heero said.

Quatre feigned a smile.  “Heero, your mission is to give the nurses and doctors any information they request.  Do you hear me?  
Treat this like you would any mission.  We’ll be there soon.”

Heero nodded as he disconnected the transmission, letting the soldier take control of his mind and body once again.  He shut
away his emotions, and walked back over to the nurse.  He answered every question she asked, treating each one with cool
efficiency, no matter what the question was.

Time stood still for Heero, as he awaited his friends.  He had finished with the nurse, had answered all of her questions.  Now he
was alone, sitting in that chair once again and watching the door.

“Heero?”  A voice called out.

Heero turned to look at the exit, and saw Quatre walking over to him.  Behind the blonde was Trowa, closely followed by Sally,
Wufei, and Relena.  Heero stood, staring coldly at the group, still hiding behind his soldier’s mask.  He didn’t want the pain of
worrying, didn’t want to fear for Duo’s health.

Quatre walked over to him, and grabbed his shoulders, shaking him slightly.  “Snap out of it, Heero.”  He said.

Heero met Quatre’s eyes, seeing the kindness and sympathy within the blue depths.  Moments later, the blonde’s arms were
around him, hugging him tightly.  Heero couldn’t keep it in any longer.  He tentatively returned the embrace with shaking hands,
closing his eyes as tears ran from them.  His legs gave out from underneath him, and he sank to the floor, Quatre’s arms
remaining around him for the entire time as he followed him down to the floor.  More tears came to his eyes and he buried his
face in the Arabian’s shoulder, unsure of how to stop the tears.

A gentle hand stroked the back of Heero’s head.  “It’s okay, Heero.”  Quatre said quietly.  “Sshh  . . . Everything will be okay.”

Heero tightened his own hold, not wanting to feel the pain alone, afraid of dealing with this by himself.  He just didn’t know how
to deal with all the pain, he hadn’t been trained for this.

“I can’t lose him, Quatre.  I only just found him.”  He mumbled into the blonde’s shirt, as tears continued to stream from his

The words Quatre said as he soothed him, disappeared into oblivion, as Heero held tightly to his body.  But the tone of the
blonde’s voice remained, while the actual words never reached his ears.  It was soothing, listening to Quatre’s kind voice, his
sympathetic tone.

And soon he was lulled to sleep by that kind tone.  In truth, he hadn’t slept in three days, not since Duo had taken that turn for
the worst.  It had taken all the energy he could scrounge up, just to carry Duo all the way to this hospital.  And now, finally, he
let himself drift off to sleep, Duo’s health the only thought in his mind.


Quatre noticed as Heero’s arms fell from around him.  He glanced down at Heero, a small smile threading its way across his
face as he saw that the Japanese pilot was asleep.  Heero obviously needed the rest, so maybe this was a good thing.  He sighed,
gently pulling Heero away from his body.  Carefully, Quatre laid Heero down on the floor, not knowing what else he could do
with him.

He turned, looking around at the faces of the people that had come with him to the hospital.  Trowa was standing there, his face
just as expressionless as always, but Quatre could sense the worry in his heart.  Sally and Wufei stood beside each other, their
hands clasped together.  And Relena was talking with a nurse, demanding to know what had happened to Duo.

Quatre stood, leaving Heero’s side as he walked over to Relena and the nurse.  He tapped on Relena’s shoulder.  “What?” She
nearly shouted, as she turned to Quatre.  When she saw that it was him, she offered an apologetic smile.  “I'm sorry.  But they
won’t tell me anything.  How’s Heero?”

“He’s asleep.  He must have been exhausted.”  Quatre replied, unconsciously rubbing his hand over his chest.  The dull ache
was still there, reminding him that all of his friends were in pain, and that’s what had alerted him to Duo’s suffering, that ache in
his chest.  He had been sure that something was wrong, but he wished his space heart had been mistaken.

Relena turned back to the nurse.  “Well, if you aren’t going to tell me anything, the least you could do is get him a room.  Or at
least someplace quiet to rest.  A floor is no place for a person recovering from an illness, no matter how minor a cold it is.”

“Yes, ma'am.”  The nurse replied, as she gestured to an orderly down the hall.  The young man quickly brought a gurney over to
Heero’s side.  Quatre watched as Trowa and Wufei carefully picked Heero up and set him on the gurney.

As the orderly pushed the gurney past the nurse, she said.  “Take him to Exam. Room 12.  It should be empty.”

Quatre and the others followed the orderly, entering the room he put Heero in.  Wufei and Trowa helped to transfer Heero onto
the bed.  The orderly left, and Quatre and the others were left to watch over an unconscious Heero.  Quatre couldn’t help but
worry for both Duo and Heero.  He worried for Duo’s health, and for Heero’s sanity.

After a few hours of watching Heero sleep and wondering about Duo’s condition, Sally walked over to the door.  Quatre turned,
wondering where she was going.  “Where are you going?”  He asked.

“I’ve had enough of this waiting.”  Sally replied.  “I'm going to find out about Duo.  The doctors have had ample time to assess
his condition.”  She turned and left the room without another word.

Quatre turned back to look at Heero, hoping his friend would be okay.  Relena was standing over Heero, fussing over him like a
mother hen.  Quatre rolled his eyes at her.  Wouldn’t she ever leave him alone, he asked himself.  It was obvious that Heero
loved Duo, not her.

Of course, her actions could just be friendly, they did have a history together, a friendship that no one else seemed to
understand.  That sure would go a long way in explaining why Heero hadn’t killed her when he’d had several chances to do so.

Even Quatre couldn’t understand Heero’s reasoning for letting her live all throughout the war.  She was in the way, a threat to
him.  Even if Quatre was against the killing of innocents, of all people for that matter, he knew a threat such as the one Relena
had posed during the war, shouldn’t have been allowed to remain alive.

Quatre shook of that train of thought, deciding that it truly didn’t matter now.  All that mattered at the moment was Duo’s health
and finding out what had happened to him.

Heero suddenly sat up, his eyes flying open.  “Duo?”  He called out.

Quatre rushed to his side, with Trowa and Wufei right behind him.  “Stay calm, Heero.”  He said.

Heero grabbed Quatre’s shirt, his eyes filled with fear.  “Where is he?”

Quatre pried Heero’s hands from the fabric of his clothing, offering a small smile in the hopes of comforting Heero slightly.  
“We haven’t been told how he’s doing.  The doctors are still with him.”

Before Heero could say anything more, Sally returned.  Quatre looked at her, seeing the expression on her face.  It was like a
cross between confusion and disgust.  Whatever news she had found out, must be bad.  “What did you find out?”  Quatre
asked, not sure if he actually wanted to know or not.

“The lab analyzed Duo’s medication.”  She said, then paused.  “The results say that he’s been poisoned.”

“What?!”  Heero nearly shouted, as he jumped from the hospital bed he had been laying on.

“The various toxic ingredients are most commonly found in most rat poisons.  His pills were covered in it.”  Sally said, her
words coming out in mumbles as she stared at the floor.

“Who would do such a thing?”  Wufei demanded.

“Maybe there’s a traitor back at the base, someone who knew Duo was sick.”  Trowa said.  “Did you tell anyone about his

Sally looked up at him, her brow furrowing in thought.  “I told a couple of the technicians, several nurses.  But I doubt any of
them would do such a thing.”

“But it is possible, right?”  Quatre asked.

Sally nodded.  “Anything is possible.”

The door opened, and everyone turned to see who had entered.  Quatre narrowed his gaze at the sight of the two strange men,
definitely not doctors.  Both wore cheap, wrinkled suits with dark overcoats.  One was a tall man, broad shoulders with a good
build.  His hair was dark and a small amount of stubble stuck out along his chin.  The other man was the exact opposite.  He
was short, with a narrow build.  His hair was blonde, and his face was clean shaven.

The two men stepped over to the group, pulling out their wallets and flashing their badges.  Just what they needed, Quatre
thought, a pair of cops.

“I’m Detective Samson.”  Said the dark-haired cop.  “And this is my partner, Detective Forrester.”

“Officers.”  Quatre said, offering a pleasant greeting.  “How may we be of help to you?”

“Which one of you brought in the young man?  I believe his name was given as . . .”  Detective Samson flipped open a notebook
and looked at a page before speaking again, “Max Jones.  Which one of you is Rick?”

Quatre turned to Heero, not realizing that Heero had used aliases when admitting Duo to the hospital.  But now it seemed like an
obvious decision to make.  The five pilots had too many enemies, they couldn’t be caught when in a hospital.

“I’m Rick.”  Heero said, stepping forward.  “What is this about?”

“If you’ll please come with us.  There are a few questions we need to ask you at the station.”  Detective Forrester replied.

Heero stayed where he was, glaring at the two men.  “I'm not leaving without knowing how my friend is.”

“I understand that you’re worried, but we need information that may be vital to this case.”  Detective Forrester shrugged.  
“Right now we only have one suspect.”

Relena gasped.  “You can’t mean . . . you can’t suspect Rick!  Do you?”  She said, taking up Heero’s alias as if it were not
surprising to her to see him switch names.

Detective Samson nodded his response.  “Right now, he’s the only person we can suspect Miss  . . . ?”

Relena stood up straight, lifting her head with an air of dignity.  “Vice Foreign Minister Dorlian.”  She replied quite proudly.  “I’
ve known Rick quite a long time and I can assure you that he is the last person who would harm Max.”  She smiled gently in
Heero’s direction.

Detective Forrester’s eyebrows shot up.  “How can you be so certain, Miss Dorlian?”

Quatre watched as Relena’s eyes saddened a little.  “Because Rick is in love with him.”  She replied.

“Sometimes people in love do horrible things.”  Detective Samson replied.

The two detectives stepped forward.  “Please, come with us.”  Detective Forrester said.

Trowa and Wufei immediately stepped between the officers and Heero, blocking their path.  “Rick had nothing to do with this.”  
Quatre announced, raising his arm, and crossing it over Heero’s chest, not only to block the officers, but to keep Heero from
doing something rash.

“Please step aside, or we’ll have to arrest you for obstructing justice.”  Detective Samson said.

Wufei huffed.  “There is no justice in this.”

“If Rick wanted Max dead, why would he bring him to a hospital?”  Trowa asked, staying where he was.  “Where’s his
motive?  He has no reason to want Max dead.”

Detective Samson shrugged.  “All I know is that we have one kid in intensive care and no other suspects besides the guy who
brought him in.”

“Look, I just want to see him.  I want to know he’s okay.  Then I’ll go, I’ll subject myself to a lie detector test if it’ll prove to
you that I didn’t hurt Max.”  Heero said, pushing Quatre’s arm away and stepping forward.

“Son, that’s all well and good, but we can’t allow you into the room with the victim.”  Detective Forrester replied, coldly.

“I want to see him.  You can put me in cuffs and stay in the room with me if that’ll satisfy you.  But I won’t leave until I see
him with my own eyes.”  Heero forced his way past Wufei and Trowa, standing directly in front of the officers, holding his
wrists out to them.

Detective Forrester grabbed Heero’s arm.  “Fine, but only for a few minutes.”

Quatre watched as Heero was led away.  He didn’t know what to do.  Should he go, follow Heero and the cops?  Or should he
stay and give Heero a few moments alone with Duo?

His questions were answered by a single glance from Trowa.  In just that one simple moment, where someone else would not
even see the glint of an answer from the silent pilot, Quatre saw it all.  He would stay.  Heero needed the time to himself.


Heero frowned at the contact of the officers’ hands on his arm as he was led down the hallway.  As they stopped outside a
door, Detective Forrester turned Heero around, his face to the door and his back to the two officers.

Heero sighed, knowing what was to come.  He put his arms behind his back, waiting for the cop to fasten the cuffs around his
wrists.  The coldness of metal met his skin, and soon after he heard the unmistakable click as they were locked in place.  Heero
knew that if he wanted to, or had to, he could get out of those simple cuffs easily, with barely any trouble.  So he wasn’t too
upset about it.

Detective Samson opened the door for him, and Heero stepped inside.  He nearly lost control when he saw Duo lying there, his
body hooked up to various machines.  It was almost more than he could take to hear the beeping of that heart monitor, the
noises of the other machines that kept watch over his unconscious body.  However, it was of some consolation to see that Duo
was breathing on his own, with no help from a ventilator.

Heero slowly approached Duo’s bedside, the two officers staying on either side of him as he walked over.  He wanted to reach
out, to caress one of those pale cheeks, if only to let Duo know that he wasn’t alone, the Heero was there for him.  But the
cuffs binding his wrists kept him from doing that.

So he just watched the steady rise and fall of Duo’s chest, watched as his pale body remained unconscious, Heero’s mind
reeling with the knowledge that someone had poisoned his love.  After a few moments, a hand clasped his shoulder and he
turned, to see Detective Forrester nod at him.  “Time to go.”  He said.

Heero nodded in assent.  The sooner he got this over with, the sooner he would be able to return to Duo’s side.  He turned back
to Duo one last time, leaning forward to plant a gentle kiss on Duo’s cheek.  “I love you.”  He whispered into Duo’s ear, a single
tear escaping his eye as he drew his face away from the deathly pale American.

Whoever had hurt Duo, would pay dearly for this.  Heero would not let whoever it was get away with this.  No one hurt the
ones Heero loved without discovering just how dangerous and vengeful Heero Yuy could be when provoked.

To Be Continued . . .