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Notes:  Picks up where I left off in Part 6.  Heero was taken to the police station and questioned about Duo’s near death.  Duo
and Heero are both going by aliases.  Heero is Rick, and Duo is Max.  Just in case you forgot, or haven’t read the other parts.  
Well, enjoy.

Desires and Deceptions
Part 7

Heero sat in a chair, waiting impatiently.  He was in the interrogation room of a police station.  Over an hour ago, he had
subjected himself to a lie detector test, in the hopes that he would be let go as soon as possible.  He had to get back to Duo, had
to be there when the American woke up.  There was no way Heero would let Duo wake up alone and afraid in a place that
terrified Duo more than he would ever let on.

The cops were taking their sweet time.  Heero had answered all of their questions, had patiently sat through the lie detector test
three times.  He had only let his heart rate and blood pressure rise when he wanted them to, keeping them at normal levels when
he didn’t want them to know he was lying about something, such as his name.  The cops knew him as Rick, and knew Duo as
Max.  If they found out he was lying about that, they’d keep him there for longer.  And if they found out that they were really
Gundam pilots, there was the danger of one of their enemies finding out.  If someone went after Duo now, he couldn’t defend
himself, especially if whoever had poisoned him decided to disguise himself in some way to get into his hospital room.

That thought caused fear to rush through Heero’s body.  If whoever had poisoned Duo learned that he was still alive, they could
go after him.  And if he or she was a doctor, then whoever it was might be able to slip past the other guys.  Heero jumped to his
feet, panic overwhelming his common sense for the briefest of instants.  But soon he got himself to calm down.  No, the guys
would stop anyone from going into Duo’s room, they would be able to protect him.  Besides, the person who had poisoned him
had to have been someone inside the base, someone that they all knew, or at least had seen on base at some time.

Heero sat back down, taking a deep breath to keep himself calm.  Only a few minutes later, the door opened and Detectives
Forrester and Samson walked into the room.  Heero stayed where he was while the two officers walked over to him.

“Why are you so agitated?”  Detective Forrester asked as he stepped over to Heero.

“I’m just worried about Max.”  Heero replied, trying to regain his sense of calm.  “Can I go now?”

Detective Samson sighed.  “Well, you passed the lie detector test with flying colors, so we really have no reason to keep you
here.  You’ve answered all of our questions and we can’t just hold you for no good reason.”

“We’re sorry for the inconvenience.”  Detective Forrester said.  “We’ll keep a lookout for anyone who might have had motive
and opportunity to poison your friend.”  

Heero almost laughed.  Good luck, he thought.  These guys wouldn’t be able to catch the person that had poisoned Duo.  They
didn’t stand a chance of any kind.  “Can I get a ride back to the hospital?  I’m worried about my friend and want to be there
when he wakes up.  Unless I’m already too late for that.”  He said, glaring at the officers as he stood.

“No, your friend is still unconscious.  I called just before we came in here.  And we’d be glad to get you a ride back to the
hospital.”  Detective Forrester said.


Duo slowly opened his eyes, his eyelids feeling as if they were covered by weights.  He felt odd, his stomach paining him
slightly, also feeling like it had just done a couple of back flips.  Everything around him was out of focus, and there was this
strange beeping sound annoying him, making his head pound from the massive headache he had.

As his eyes focused, he saw more of the room he was in.  White, that was what he saw, a lot of white.  “Oh no.  Good Lord,
no!”  Duo whimpered, knowing immediately where he was.  The white, the noises from the machines, it could only mean that
he was in a hospital.  Why had Heero done this to him?  Had Duo done something wrong?  There was no other explanation,
Heero had to have done this because of something Duo did.  Duo just couldn’t think of what he had done wrong, his memories
were vague, somewhat missing in places.

He frantically looked down at himself, seeing the IV in his arm, the various other equipment attached to his body.  His heart
raced in panic.  Why had Heero done this to him?  

He clawed at the IV, trying to get it out of his arm, needing to get it out.  A hand clamped over his, pulling it away from the IV.  
Duo looked up, seeing Quatre standing over him, worry apparent on the blonde’s face.  But Duo returned to what he had been
doing, feeling terror in his heart at the knowledge that his friends had let him stay in this awful place, in this hospital.  How could
they betray him like this?

Quatre grabbed his shoulders as Duo tried to push himself up.  He felt so tired, so weak, but he just had to get out of there, had
to get out before they killed him.  Hospitals and doctors only brought death and sadness, Duo knew that.

“No, Duo.  You are in no condition to get up.”  Quatre argued, still trying to keep Duo in the bed.

“Let me go!  Let me go!  I have to get out of here!”  He said, his voice as loud as he could get it.  Then he lowered his voice to
a mere whisper, a single tear escaping his eye.  “I don’t want to be here.  Please, let me leave.”

Quatre took one hand away from Duo, placing it over his own heart.  “Why are you so afraid?”  The blonde asked, clutching
tightly to the fabric of his shirt.

Seeing his only opportunity, that Quatre was distracted, Duo pushed the blonde away, using all the force he could manage.  
Quatre stumbled and fell backwards, landing on his butt.  Duo pushed himself up, looking down at the IV once again.  He
reached for it, intending to pull it out.  He was stopped by a firm grip clamping over his hand.

Duo looked up into Prussian blue eyes.  “Heero.”  He gasped, launching himself into the other pilot’s open arms. He hadn't
noticed Heero coming into the room, didn’t notice when Quatre silently crept out either.  

“Why?  Why did you bring me here?  I thought you loved me.”  Duo cried, holding Heero as tightly as his body would allow him

“Sshh.”  Heero hushed, gently stroking his fingers through Duo’s loosened hair.  “I had to.  I didn’t know what else to do.”

“But a hospital?  Why?”  Duo asked.

“Duo, you almost died, and . . . I don’t think I’d be able to live on if that had happened.”  Duo felt Heero’s arms tighten around
him, as the Japanese pilot spoke.  “I’m sorry.  I had to do it to save you.  I’ve never been so scared in my life as I was when
your heart stopped beating.”

Duo gulped in surprise.  He hadn’t known that his heart had stopped.  “I almost died?”  He asked, his body trembling.

Heero held him.  “Someone poisoned your medication.  I wasn’t here because the police were called in and they suspected me.  
I only just got back from the station.”  He said.

“Damn Sally.”  Duo muttered, still clinging to Heero.  “I was right not to trust her.”

“Duo, it wasn’t Sally.  If it were Sally, your medication would have been poisoned a while ago.  You’d already be dead if she
wanted to kill you.”  Heero replied.

After a few minutes, Duo finally relaxed in Heero’s warm embrace.  He let Heero gently push him away.  Duo laid down, fear
still remaining in his heart because he was in this awful place.  He looked up at Heero.  “When can I get out of here?”  He asked,
trying to stop his body from shaking.

Heero took hold of Duo’s hand, while he laid his other hand against one of Duo’s cheeks.  “I don’t know, Duo.  If you want, I
can talk with the doctors and find out.”

Duo tightened his grip on Heero’s hand, not wanting him to go.  “Please don’t leave.  Don’t leave me alone.”

“Duo, I’ll be right back.  I promise I won’t be gone too long.  Do you want me to call Quatre to come back in and sit with
you?”  Heero said, gently pulling his hand out of Duo’s grasp.

Duo could only manage to nod, the words locking in his throat before he could speak.

He watched as Heero left the room.  A few moments later, Quatre walked in, closing the door behind him, silently, as he stepped
over to Duo’s bedside.  He was smiling, a fact that made Duo feel a little bit better, but not much.

“Heero and Sally are trying to persuade the doctors to release you.”  Quatre said.

“I’m sorry I pushed you earlier.”  Duo replied, lowering his gaze to the floor.

“It’s okay, Duo.  There was no harm done.”  He said, then laid a comforting hand on Duo’s arm.  “Would you like to stay at
one of my estates while you recover?”

Duo’s mood brightened quickly.  “Yes.  Can I really?”

“Of course.  You’ll probably recover much faster in a place where you’re comfortable, instead of here or in some dreary motel

“Thanks, Quatre.”  Duo said, offering a smile.


Heero watched as Quatre walked into Duo’s hospital room.  He knew he had to leave Duo to talk with the doctors, but he didn’t
have to like it.  Duo still needed him, was terrified of being in this hospital.  Heero better hurry up and find a doctor to talk to.  
He just couldn’t stay away from the frightened American for too long.

Heero sighed, closing his eyes against the thought of Duo terrified.  He opened his eyes once again at the sound of an argument.  
Quickly, he followed the sound to find Sally in a heated discussion with some doctor.

“Miss Po . . .”  The Doctor said.

“Doctor Po  . . . It’s Doctor Po.”  Sally replied.

The Doctor sighed.  “Doctor Po  . . . it is in the best interests of the patient to remain in the hospital.”

“I disagree!  Your staff has no idea how to handle him.  I have been informed that he seems very agitated.”  Sally said.

“Then we will merely sedate him.”

Heero stepped forward, hearing enough.  “I wouldn’t suggest that.  He hates needles.  He’ll hurt himself and a few others in the
effort to get away from them.  That won’t help his illness any.”  He said.

“But there could be complications.”  The Doctor argued.

“I am a doctor, and there is an excellent medical staff where we intend to take him, as far from a hospital setting as we can get
him.”  Sally retorted.

“He should be kept quiet.” The Doctor said.

“He is very agitated here, and is unlikely to get any rest  . . . and sedating him will do no good.  Trying to come near him with a
needle will only agitate him further.”  Heero replied.

“What about the attempt on his life?”  The Doctor asked, crossing his arms over his chest, holding his clipboard in one hand.

Sally gestured to Heero.  “Rick here will be more on guard now, and will probably be watching everyone and double-check
everything that goes through, and anything physical would have to go through the forty bodyguards that will be present on the
premises where Max will be staying for his recovery.”

“Look . . .”  Heero said, knowing that he had to persuade this man to release Duo.  “The important thing is that Max recovers.  
He won’t do that if he’s so high strung that he jumps at the slightest squeak.  He was doing fine until this happened, and I wasn’
t expecting someone to poison him.”

The Doctor sighed once again.  “I am afraid that I can’t just let him go.  His health is my responsibility at the moment and I won’
t risk his life in this manner.”

“Then I’ll sign the release papers.  He was under my care before someone tried to kill him, and he was getting better.  I’ll take
full responsibility for his health, and if he dies, it’ll be on my conscience not yours.”  Sally replied.

“Fine.  Your conscience, not mine.”  The Doctor said, handing a clipboard over to Sally.  

“Thank you, Doctor.”  Sally said, smiling.

Heero turned away from Sally as she was filling out the paperwork for Duo’s release.  He walked back into Duo’s room,
thanking Quatre as the Arabian left the two of them alone.

“Don’t worry, Duo.  You’re getting out of here soon.  Sally’s filling out all the paperwork now.”  Heero said, taking hold of Duo’
s hand.

“Good.”  Duo smiled, then promptly yawned.

“Why don’t you get some rest.”  Heero asked.  He noticed immediately when Duo’s eyes took on a fearful expression.  “Don’t
worry, I won’t leave you.  I’ll be right here.  I promise.  Now, will you go to sleep?”

Duo nodded slowly, then closed his eyes.  After a few moments, Heero was relived to see that Duo’s breathing had slowed, that
he had drifted into unconsciousness.  Just as Heero had said he would, he stood there, watching over the unconscious American.


Throughout the length of the ride from the hospital to one of Quatre’s many estates, Duo rested his head against Heero’s
shoulder.  He was bundled up, nearly totally covered in heavy clothing to keep the chill away from him, but he welcomed the
warmth of Heero’s body against his own.  It reassured him, let him know that he wasn’t alone all that time when he kept drifting
in and out of consciousness.

He was jarred awake one last time as the car was slowed to a halt.  Heero’s arm around his body kept him from falling forward.  
He blinked his eyes, trying to get the tiredness out of his body.

Duo sighed contentedly as Heero pulled him closer to his body, wrapping his warm arms about him as he lifted Duo from his
seat.  A cold breeze hit his cheek as he was being carried to Quatre’s place, and he turned his face away, burying it in the
warmth of Heero’s chest.

He must have dozed off for a few minutes, because the next thing he was aware of, was the softness of a bed beneath his
body.  Heero pulled his arms from around him, and Duo groaned at the loss of warmth.

Duo tried to help as Heero began pulling the layers of clothing from his weary body.  But he didn’t think he was being much
help.  He was just so tired, his entire body feeling like something had sucked all the energy from him.  After a few minutes, he
found himself only in a tank top and a pair of boxer shorts, what he usually wore to bed.

He turned his head away from watching Heero, hearing a sound from the other side of the room.  At the sight of Sally
approaching his bed, pulling along an IV on its hangar, Duo took in a sharp gasp, his eyes flying wide.

Oh, no.  She wasn’t about to stick that in his arm.  Duo pushed himself up, an unconscious reaction to Sally’s approach to his
bedside.  Before he could even get an inch away from her, he felt a warm hand clasp his.  Duo looked over to see Heero smiling
slightly, reassuring him that everything would be all right without saying a single word.

Duo let himself relax a little, as Sally sat on the bed beside him, taking one of his arms carefully in her hand.  Duo looked away
as she stuck the IV into his arm, looking back only when she had finished taping it down so that it wouldn’t accidently be pulled
out while he slept.  Then Sally quickly left the room, not uttering one word to either Duo or Heero.

Duo turned back to Heero, feeling a need to get something off his chest.  Heero kicked off his shoes and carefully climbed into
bed beside Duo, pulling up the blankets to cover them both.  He wrapped his arm around Duo, holding him gently but firmly.  

“There  . . . comfortable?”  He asked, snuggling closer to Duo.

“Yeah.  Heero?”  Duo asked, shuddering and turning away from Heero.  He just didn’t know if he could go through with this,
although he was ready to tell Heero the truth.

“What’s wrong?”  Heero asked, concern lacing his rich voice.

“You wanted to know . . . about my nightmares.  I’m ready to tell you now, but you gotta promise not to interrupt me.”  Duo

Heero hooked a finger under Duo’s chin, turning him so that their eyes met.  “Are you sure?”

“Yes.”  Duo said.  He was ready to tell Heero everything.  He had trusted Heero before, but now he trusted him all the more
because Heero had brought him to the hospital when it was the right choice . . . and it saved Duo’s life even though he hadn’t
wanted to ever go to one.

“Then I promise I won’t interrupt.”  Heero said, offering a slight smirk, which quickly vanished.

Duo took in a deep breath, trying to prepare himself.  “To tell the truth . . . there were methods my trainers used that were
worse than the needles  . . . Methods that even G wasn’t aware of.”  Duo said, letting it all out in one long breath.  

He could feel his body trembling, but Heero’s presence comforted him somewhat.  So he continued to speak, letting all the
demons out of hiding, exposing them to the light of day and hoping that Heero would still love him after this.  “G sent men into
the training room, to try and get information out of me . . . to beat it out of me and use drugs to get me to talk.  But they
disobeyed G’s direct orders every day when they  . . . molested me.”

Duo turned away from Heero once again, suddenly finding the wall very interesting.  One of three things could happen, in Duo’s
mind.  Either Heero wouldn’t believe him, Heero would believe him and be disgusted by him, or Heero would believe him and
only stay with him out of pity.  Duo didn’t want any of those things to happen.  But he knew there was no way Heero could
love him now.

“And I thought MY training was Hell.”  Heero said.

“Save your pity speech.  You heard it . . . now you don’t have to stick around.”  Duo replied, closing his eyes against hot tears
that burned the corners of his eyes.

“Duo  . . . look at me.”  Heero said, forcing Duo to meet his gaze.  “I do NOT pity you.  I do not feel sorry for you, because
despite the Hell you went through, you can still smile and joke even if it is a mask.  I’m pissed at G for being so blind that he
didn’t know what was happening, and if I ever find the bastards who hurt you, I’ll rip their throats out with my bare hands.  I
think no less of you because of what happened to you.”

“Yeah  . . . right!  You're just saying that.”  Duo replied, giving Heero one last chance to back out, to get away from him like
everyone else Duo had cared about.

“Duo  . . . do you think I would ‘just say’ ANYTHING?  Do you remember who you’re talking to?”  He smiled, a genuine smile
for a few seconds before once again returning to his emotionless mask.  “I love you, Duo.  No less than I did the first time I told

Duo threw himself into Heero’s arms, burying his face in the warmth, listening to Heero’s strong heartbeat.  “I’m sorry I ever
doubted you.”  Duo said, letting a few stray tears fall from his eyes before he was able to stop the rest that threatened to come

Duo suddenly felt tired, very tired.  The long day behind him, the confession of his past told to Heero, he just let himself drift off
to sleep, comforted in the knowledge that Heero still loved him.

To Be Continued . . .