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Notes:  Part 8 of my fic.  Takes place a few days after the events in Part 7.  Enjoy.

Desires and Deceptions
Part 8

Quatre sighed, opening the door to Duo’s room and walking in with a tray of food for both Duo and Heero.  There on the bed
was Duo, Heero’s arms wrapped protectively around the American’s body.  Quatre approached the bed silently, not wanting to
disturb either of the sleeping pilots until it was necessary.

It had been days since Duo was released from the hospital, but Quatre and the others remained worried about him.  Duo's health
had continued to improve, and now he was once again able to eat almost normally, but still there was some concern as to his
safety.  Someone had tried to kill him, someone who had access to Preventers Headquarters.  His pills had been laced with rat
poison, and only the people in the medical staff, and a few select others, knew that Duo was even sick.

Quatre frowned.  No one had been able to find out who had poisoned Duo.  After days of searching and questioning various
members of the Preventers, they were no closer to finding whoever had made an attempt on the American’s life.  It was
frustrating to say the least.

Heero opened his eyes, staring directly at Quatre as he held the American pilot close to his body.  He nodded silently, as nice a
greeting Quatre had gotten any morning he had come to this room.  But of course, Quatre didn’t expect anything more.  Heero
wasn’t the most verbal guy in the world.  Quatre smiled in return, watching as Heero leaned his head down, pressing his lips to
the long-haired pilot’s lips.

A faint sigh reached Quatre’s ears, and he watched as Duo tightened his embrace around Heero ever so slightly.  “Good
morning.”  Duo murmured, snuggling even closer to Heero, draping a leg around Heero as he sighed contentedly.

“Morning.”  Heero replied.  He looked up at Quatre, then back at Duo again.  “We have company.”

Duo turned his head, blushing as his eyes met Quatre’s.  He smiled, despite the redness that covered his cheeks.  “Good
morning, Quatre.”  Duo said, as he and Heero sat up.

“Good morning, Duo.  Good morning, Heero.”  Quatre said, cheerfully, as he laid the tray in front of them.

Quatre removed the lid from the tray, uncovering both plates of food, and watched with amusement as Duo’s face lit up.  
“Pancakes?”  Duo gasped, looking up at Quatre hopefully.  “I can eat these?”

“Yes, your health has improved enough.  I’m willing to bet that your stomach can handle a solid meal now.”  Quatre replied.  
“Just don’t eat too fast.”

Duo smiled broadly as he picked up his fork and impaled a pile of pancakes.  For a moment, Heero watched him, then began
eating his own food.  Quatre, seeing that he was no longer needed in the room, turned and left.


“Please?”  Duo whined in his most annoying tone.  He pushed the blankets away from himself and sat up.  He was tired of lying
around in bed.  He wanted to get out.

Heero rolled his eyes and shook his head.  “Baka.”  He muttered, pushing Duo back down onto the bed and once again covering
him with the blankets.

“Aw, come on.  I feel fine, Heero.  Please, can’t we go out?”  Duo pleaded, just wanting to get out of that bed and away from
the house for a few hours.  He didn’t care where they went, just as long as he wasn’t stuck in bed anymore.

“I don’t think it’s wise for you to get up.  You were very sick.”  Heero argued, sliding into bed beside Duo and wrapping his
arms around him.  “I don’t want you getting sick again.”

Duo sighed at the warmth that Heero’s body provided.  But he wasn't about to give up.  “It’ll only be for a few hours.  I
promise that if I feel even a little bit off, I’ll tell you, and let you drag me back home.”  He smiled, his most sincere smile.

Heero sighed.  “Fine.”  He relented.  “But only if Sally says it’s okay.  If she says it’s too risky, you’ll stop whining, right?”

An ice cold shiver ran through Duo’s body at the thought of Sally having to check him over.  He did not like the idea of her
touching him, of her coming anywhere near him.  But if it meant he could get out of bed, he’d go through with it.  “Right.”  Duo
replied, giving Heero a quick kiss on the nose.

Heero took his arms from Duo and stood.  “I’ll go get Sally.  You stay in bed.”  He said as he left the room.


Duo sighed, sitting there on the bed.  He had his hands clasped together over his lap, as he waited impatiently for Heero to return
with Sally.  He wasn’t too thrilled about Sally coming near him, but if it would allow him to get out of the house for just a few
minutes, it would be well worth it to suffer through her examinations.

After a few more minutes, he was happy to see Heero entering the room once again.  But his smile quickly faded at the sight of
Sally walking behind him.  It wasn’t that he hadn’t expected her to come, just that he wasn’t pleased to see her.  Doctors, in his
mind, were never any good.  They only caused suffering and pain in his experience.

Sally sat next to Duo, as Heero walked around the bed and sat on his other side.  Duo felt his body shudder as Sally set her black
bag on the bed between the two of them.  He turned to Heero and smiled gratefully as the Japanese pilot took hold of his hand.  
Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad as long as Heero was there to help him through it.

“Heero says that you think you’re ready to get up.”  Sally commented, pulling a thermometer from her bag.

“Yeah, I feel great.  Can’t wait to get out of this house.”  Duo replied, hoping he didn’t sound as if he were rambling.

Sally smiled, but to Duo it didn’t matter.  Her smile didn’t make him feel any better.  “Open.”  She said, then stuck the
thermometer into his mouth.  While they waited, she pulled out a penlight and checked his eyes.

She pulled the thermometer out, and checked it, a smile on her mouth.  Then she pulled out a stethoscope and placed the plugs
in her ears.  She lifted Duo’s tank top, but before pressing the cold stethoscope to his chest, she breathed across its surface,
warming it somewhat.

“Thanks.”  Duo said, appreciating the gesture.  The first time she had used that thing, she hadn’t warmed it.  He hadn’t liked
that one bit.  At least she had thought of his comfort this time.

Sally smiled up at him.  “Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.”  She said.  He quietly obeyed.  “Again.”  She said, moving the
stethoscope to the other side of his chest.

“How is he?”  Heero asked.

“His heart beat sounds fine, so do his lungs.  His temperature is normal, and his eyes look okay.  I just have a few more tests.”  
Sally replied.  Then she looked back at Duo.  “Are you okay with that?”

“Yeah.”  He said quietly.

She checked his blood pressure, then his reflexes.  All the while she was asking him questions.  “Have you been feeling dizzy or

“Nope . . . feel great.”  Duo replied.

“And how is your appetite?”

This time Heero replied for him.  “He ate an entire stack of pancakes this morning, not to mention stealing a few from my plate
when he thought I wasn’t looking.”

Duo grinned sheepishly, slightly embarrassed.  “Yeah, well I was hungry.”  He replied.

Finally, Sally pulled a tongue depressor out of her bag.  “Open your mouth and say ah.”  She said.

“Ahhhhhhh.”  Duo said, doing just as Sally had asked him to do.  Once she pulled the tongue depressor from his mouth, he
swallowed to get rid of the dryness in his mouth, then asked, “So, can I go out?”

Sally sighed.  “You appear fine.  I guess it would be okay if you went out, but not for too long.  You should wear warm
clothing, and keep covered.  And I don’t want you to overexert yourself.  If you feel the slightest bit tired, I want you to take a

“If he gets tired, he’s coming back here.”  Heero replied.

Duo didn’t care how long he stayed out, as long as he got out.  So he was just happy to be getting the chance to leave.  “Thanks
Doc.”  He said, smiling brightly.

Sally packed her equipment back into her bag, then left the room.  As soon as she was gone, Duo tossed the blankets away from
his body.  He quickly stood.  “Finally.”  He sighed, taking several steps away from the bed.

Warm arms wrapped around his waist from behind, and Duo leaned back into the embrace.  He welcomed Heero’s warmth, felt
comforted by it.  But his mind was set on leaving this house today, although the idea of staying in Heero’s arms sure was

“Where do you want to go?”  Heero whispered, his breath brushing across Duo’s ear, causing a shiver to run down the
American’s spine.

“Anywhere but here.”  Duo replied.  “The Mall.”  A gentle kiss pressed against the back of his neck, and Duo sighed
contentedly.  “Anywhere is fine as long as you’re with me.”

The arms pulled away from him, and Duo pouted at the loss of warmth.  Heero stepped around him, a small smile crossing his
features for a brief moment.  “I’ll get a car.  You get dressed.”  Heero said.

Duo nodded, smiling.

Heero leaned forward, pressing his lips to Duo’s quickly.  Then he turned and left the room.  Duo reached up with his fingers,
gently touching his own lips, where Heero’s kiss had landed.  Finally, he let out the breath he hadn’t known he had been holding.

“So, that’s what it’s like to be kissed by someone who loves you.”  He murmured to himself, a smile tugging at his lips.  Still,
although that had been nice, he wanted more than just a brief touch.  He wanted to feel all of Heero’s passion, all of the love that
those warm lips, or his body, could give him.  He would do anything to feel loved like that, to know that he was truly wanted
and cared for by another person . . . by Heero.

He smiled once again as he crossed the room, heading for a dresser.  He had seen some of the servants placing his clothes in the
drawers, although this would be the first time he would need anything other than boxers or tank tops.  Since he had been sick,
there really had been no need for him to wear anything else.  He pulled out some clothes, a plain black T-shirt, a pair of jeans,
socks, and thermal underwear.

If he was going out, he was dressing warmly.  There was no way he wanted to get sick again and end up having to stay in bed
again.  However, the idea of spending more time in bed with Heero did appeal to him.  Quickly, he shook off those distracting
thoughts, and dressed.  Then he fixed his hair, braiding it once again.  As soon as he was ready, he grabbed his coat and left the
room, knowing that Heero was waiting for him.


Heero smirked as he watched Duo bounding from store window to store window, pressing his hands and face to the glass as he
looked in at the items for sale, no matter what the store was selling.  Everything just seemed to make him happy, all the sights,
all the sounds, even the cheesy music playing over the loudspeakers.

On numerous occasions, he grabbed Heero’s hand, pulling him into a store just to look at merchandise that had attracted his
attention.  Clothes, music, toys, whatever caught his eye for even a brief moment, he went looking at, dragging Heero along
with him.  He was acting as if he had never seen a mall before, like he had been locked up for decades.  Of course, to see Duo
so happy, made Heero happy.

“Come on, Heero.  Let’s go in here.”  Duo smiled, grabbing Heero’s wrist and pulling him into yet another store.  Once inside,
Duo let go of Heero and wandered away, his eyes and hands traveling over various objects as he looked around.

Heero glanced around the store, wondering where Duo had dragged him this time.  He sighed as he saw that it was a New Age
type of store, selling various items such as crystal balls and tarot cards.  He decided to wander around, if only to keep busy
while Duo shopped.

As he passed by a display case, something caught his eye.  He stepped over to the case, gazing in at the various pieces of
jewelry.  But one set of rings in particular drew his attention.

“Can I help you with something?”  The lady behind the counter asked.

Heero glanced over to see Duo still distracted by other items, gratefully not looking in Heero’s direction.  Heero turned back to
the woman.  “Yes.  How much are those?”  He asked.

After telling him the price, which didn’t seem too high in Heero’s opinion, she pulled them out of the case.  “I'll take them.”  He
said, setting the money on the counter.

“What message would you like put on them?”  She asked.

“A message?”  Heero asked.  He hadn’t known that engraving came with the rings.  “Give me a minute.”  He said, turning away
from the counter.

He didn’t know what he should put on the rings, didn’t know exactly what would have meaning to Duo.  So he thought that he
might as well ask.  Of course, he would have to be careful so as not to tip the American off to the fact that he was buying
something for him . . . for them.

Heero stepped up behind Duo, draping his arms around the American’s waist as he nuzzled the back of his neck.  “Duo  . . . if
you had to sum up, in one word, what you feel  . . . what would it be?”

Duo’s hands rested on Heero’s, and he leaned back into the embrace.  “What I feel with you?  Besides love?”  He asked, his
voice no more than an enticing murmur.

Heero smiled.  “Yeah.”

For a moment Duo was silent, as he was obviously thinking over his words.  “Home  . . . I feel like I’m home.”  He replied,
letting out a slow sigh as he continued.  “Growing up  . . . I never had a home, not really.  But when I’m with you, all the
feelings I thought I’d have when I finally had a home  . . . I feel them.”

“Home . . .”  Heero echoed, locking that little bit of information into his memory for future reference.

“And you?”  Duo asked, turning himself in Heero’s arms, his face mere inches from Heero’s.

Heero didn’t even have to think about his answer.  “Peace.  I feel at peace for the first time in my life.”

Duo smiled. “What brought this on?”  He asked, his hot breath sending shivers throughout Heero’s body.

“Does it matter?”

“No.”  Duo replied, leaning forward to claim Heero’s mouth in a searing kiss.  After a few minutes they broke apart, both of
them gasping for a much needed breath.  “I’ll be right back.”  Duo said, tapping Heero’s nose with a fingertip.  “Gotta use the
little boy’s room.  Don’t go anywhere.”

Heero smiled as he watched Duo leave.  The way he moved was just so attractive.  The subtle swaying of his hips, the way his
braid swung around, brushing against his backside with each step he took.  It was just so perfect . . . Duo was perfect.  He
sighed once Duo was out of sight, then turned around.

“I’ve decided on those inscriptions.”  Heero stated, stepping back over to the counter.


Heero had never smiled so much in his entire life as he had so far that day.  Being with Duo, knowing that he loved him, was
enough to make Heero so happy.  For the first time in his life, he finally had a reason to be happy.  And it was all because of
Duo, wonderful, beautiful, Duo.

Duo bounded from shop to shop, until they came to the food court.  “Oh, Heero, can we get some ice-cream?”  He asked, like
an exuberant child.

How could Heero say ‘no’ to a question asked so enthusiastically from the mouth of the young man he loved?  “Of course.”  He
replied, allowing Duo to take hold of his hand and lead him over to the ice-cream stand.

“What’ll it be?”  Asked a teenage girl that stood behind the counter.  Her reddish-brown hair was pulled back in a tight bun
behind her head, and covered by a hairnet and a cap.  She smiled, being a polite employee.

Duo looked to Heero.  “What do you want?”  He asked, cheerfully.

Heero shook his head.  “I don’t really want any.”  He replied.

“Aw, come on.  You gotta have some.”  Duo whined.  “I know.  You can just share mine.”

Heero found himself smiling yet again.  “Fine.”

Duo turned back to the girl behind the counter.  “One double chocolate cone, please.”

The cheerful girl behind the counter quickly served Duo his ice-cream, and Heero paid for it.  Duo was walking away before
Heero got his change.  “We’ll sit in the food court.”  Heero said, before turning to follow Duo.

When he turned, to his surprise and horror, he saw Duo’s entire body swaying with each step he took.

“Hee-Heero?”  Duo asked.  He dropped his ice-cream and staggered forward.

Heero rushed over and reached Duo just in time to catch him.  “Duo?”  He whispered, helping his love over to a seat.

“Darn!  I didn’t even get to taste my ice-cream!”  He gasped, trying to smile.

Heero pressed his hand to Duo’s face, feeling the warmth that radiated from him.  “Some other time.  You’re burning up.  I’m
getting you back to the estate.”  Heero said.

Duo pouted.  “No ice-cream?  But there’s no line.”

“Here.”  A gentle voice said, gaining the attention of both pilots.

Heero turned to see the girl that had been behind the counter.  In her hand she held an ice-cream cone.  “What’s this?”  Heero
asked, as Duo took the cone with a shaky hand.

“I saw what happened.  And since you didn’t even get to try any of the first cone, I thought you could use a replacement.  No
charge of course.”  She smiled.

“Thanks.”  Duo said, offering one of his own smiles to the kind girl.

“Yes, thank you.”  Heero said, protectively wrapping his arms around Duo’s body, turning away from the girl to give the
American his full attention.

Heero disregarded Duo’s protests that he could walk fine on his own, and picked him up.  Heero had seen for himself that Duo
couldn’t walk on his own.  Duo had nearly collapsed once already and Heero didn’t want to take the chance of that happening

He ignored every stare that came his way, as he took Duo out of the mall, not caring what strangers thought of him.  He looked
down at Duo, watching as he ate his ice-cream.  “Tell the truth.  How are you feeling?”  He asked.

“Tired.”  Duo replied, licking a bit of ice-cream from the cone.  He held the cone out to Heero.  “Want some?”

Heero smiled, despite Duo’s obvious exhaustion.  He stopped mid-step and leaned forward, capturing Duo’s mouth with his
own.  A fun way to get some ice-cream, Heero was sure of that.  And the mixture of tastes, the ice-cream and Duo’s own
unique taste, was just wonderful  . . . delicious.  Heero licked his lips as he pulled away.

“Tastes good.”  He commented, smirking at Duo’s surprised expression.  Then he nearly laughed when Duo blushed, shyly
eating the rest of the ice-cream.

A few minutes later, and Heero and Duo were finally back to the car they had borrowed from Quatre’s garage.  Heero got Duo
settled into the passenger seat, worriedly watching as Duo had a rough time buckling his seat belt.  As he slid into the driver’s
seat, Heero glanced at Duo, and noticed that he was asleep already.  ‘Must have exhausted himself today.’ Heero thought.  
Without a second thought, he started the car and headed back to Quatre’s estate.


Duo was jolted awake when the car was pulled to a stop.  He wearily blinked his eyes open, wondering just when he had dozed
off.  The last thing he remembered was getting into the car, and now here he was back at Quatre’s estate.

He frowned as his door was opened, and he was pulled from his seat.  He really would have preferred to walk on his own.  
However, Heero seemed to have other ideas.  So Duo just curled against Heero, not putting up a fight, just snuggling closer to
him, and wishing he hadn’t gotten sick in the first place.

“What happened?”  Came the worried gasp of Quatre, as Heero carried Duo into the house.

“I'm fine, Quatre.”  Duo mumbled tiredly.  “I'm just a little tired, that’s all.”

“Sure.”  Quatre replied, sarcastically.  “I think I’d better get Sally anyway.”

“We’ll be in our room.”  Heero said, carrying Duo off to the bedroom.

Duo frowned as he realized he would probably be stuck in bed for a few more days at least.  Sally was sure to tell him to rest,
that he wasn’t well enough to walk around anymore.  He sighed, feeling depressed at his loss of freedom once again.

Sally and Quatre entered the room, only moments after Heero had set Duo down on the bed.  “Duo, what happened now?”  She
asked, sitting beside him on the bed.

“One minute he was bounding from store to store, and the next he just collapsed.”  Heero replied for Duo.

Sally nodded, and stuck a thermometer in Duo’s mouth before he could say a word in his own defense.  A moment later, Sally
had a stethoscope pressed against Duo’s chest, telling him to take deep breaths.

“How is he?”  Quatre asked, fidgeting behind Sally as she pulled the thermometer from Duo’s mouth.

“He shouldn’t have been running around.  But he’ll be fine.  He has a slight fever, but that seems to be the extent of it.”  Then
she turned to Duo.  “You need rest.  I suggest you get out of those clothes and get some sleep.”

Duo nodded, hoping Heero wouldn’t be mad that he had pushed his health too far.  “Okay.”  Duo whispered.

Sally and Quatre both left the room, leaving Duo and Heero alone.  Heero pushed Duo back, laying him down, then proceeded to
help him out of his clothes.  Duo just lay there, utterly wiped out from all that running around he had done.

Once Heero had gotten him back into a tank top and a pair of boxers, the Japanese pilot kicked off his own shoes and laid down
beside Duo.  He wrapped his arm around Duo’s tired body, pulling him close against him.

“I'm sorry.”  Duo whispered.

“For what?”  Heero asked.

“I’m sorry for being so stupid.  I shouldn’t have run around like that today.”

A kiss fell upon his forehead, and Duo looked up into Heero’s eyes.  “There’s nothing to be sorry about.”  Heero said.  “You
were just excited about being outside for the first time in weeks.  I can understand that.  I’m not mad at you.”


“Really.”  Heero said.  “Now, get some sleep.”

Duo nodded, then closed his eyes.  He laid his head against Heero’s chest, basking in the other pilot’s warmth as the beating of
Heero’s heart lulled him to sleep.


Heero slowly opened his eyes.  Carefully, he drew his arms away from Duo, getting out of the bed while trying not to awaken
the still sleeping American.  Heero had plans . . . plans to surprise Duo tonight.

He silently crept over to the door and stepped outside.  A Maguanac quickly approached him.  “Can I be of help, sir?”  He asked

“Yes.  I need a few items delivered to this room.”  Heero replied.  Then he went through his list, watching as the Maguanac
pulled out a pencil and pad then quickly scribbled everything down.

A few minutes later, Heero was watching as the various items he had requested were placed into the room.  A table, two chairs,
two place-settings, and various other things for the dinner Heero had planned.  Heero set the table himself with the expensive
looking tablecloth and china, along with the vase containing two roses, and the candles in the center.

As he waited for the dinner to be made and delivered, he smoothed out the delicate tablecloth, getting rid of any remaining
wrinkles.  He leaned over, sniffing the fragrance of the roses in the vase.  They were purple, a light shade.  Heero found red
roses too common for his tastes . . . they were seen everywhere, but purple roses weren’t as commonly seen.  And this way, he
had something special, something just for Duo.

He turned, hearing a faint groan from the bed.  Quickly, he went to Duo’s bedside, wrapping his arms about him, just as the
American mumbled his name.

“I'm here, Duo.”  Heero hushed, brushing his hand through Duo’s bangs.

For a brief moment, Duo’s eyes opened, and a smile crossed his face.  Then Duo curled closer into Heero’s arms, closing his
eyes as he returned to sleep.  Heero sighed and sat there, not moving until he heard the door being opened.

He turned to see dinner being pushed into the room on a cart.  As the last Maguanac left the room, Heero pulled away from Duo
and walked over to the stereo.  He placed a couple CDs in, and grabbed the remote.  Then he quickly crossed the room,
dimming the lights and lighting the candles that he had set on the table.

He stepped over to Duo’s bedside, shaking his shoulder to rouse him gently.  “Wake up, Duo.  I have a surprise.”  Heero said,
leaning forward to whisper into his ear.

“Huh?  What?”  Duo asked, yawning.

Heero thought that Duo looked adorably confused, as Heero lifted him from the bed, taking him over to the table.  He set him
down in one of the chairs, and watched in amusement as Duo’s eyes lit up like that of a child’s on Christmas day.

“I had hoped to take you out, but I don’t want to tax your strength so this will have to do.”  Heero said, as he raised the remote
and turned on the music, listening for a moment to the slow love song that played.  He smiled down at Duo, then began serving
dinner, starting with the salad.

The dinner progressed, Duo and Heero eating the meal prepared by Quatre’s talented chefs.  The meal wasn’t all that elaborate,
just Chicken Parmesan, served with angel hair pasta and fresh bread sticks.  The drinks, only sparkling white grape juice.  Duo’s
health was still a concern to Heero, so alcohol was out of the question. But even though the food wasn’t as fancy as some meals
that Quatre’s chefs had made, it was wonderful to Heero, if only for the fact that he was sharing this meal with Duo.

They shared a pleasant conversation, talking about whatever appealed to Duo.  Heero purposely avoided any subject that might
cause Duo any discomfort and quickly changed it when he saw that Duo was less than happy.  He also didn’t want to talk about
the war, leaving out both the past and the present as topics.  So the two of them settled on discussing their plans and hopes for
the future, Heero wanting to know all about Duo’s dreams and aspirations.

Heero stood, taking Duo’s plate as he turned to the cart.  He placed his plate, and Duo’s down on the cart, and picked up a
covered tray.  Setting it directly in front of Duo, he watched the American’s eyes as he lifted the lid.

“Wow  . . . Tiramisu!”  Duo gasped.  “I haven’t had this in a long time.”

Heero looked down at the dessert.  Tiramisu appeared to be a dessert consisting of ladyfingers, cream, and chocolate.  Although
Heero had never tried it himself, he had heard that it was supposedly delicious if the balance was right, otherwise it might end up
too sweet.

Heero served up the dessert, then went back to his seat.  He watched as Duo took a taste of the Tiramisu, a smile gracing his
features as he made a delightful moaning sound.  “Mmmm.  This is the best I've ever tasted.”  He commented, after swallowing
the mouthful he had.

Heero smirked.  “When was the last time you had this?”

“On L-2.  I swiped some from a supermarket while I was living on the streets.”  The smile on Duo’s face faltered for a brief
moment.  Then the smile returned as he took another bite of the dessert.

Heero looked down at his own plate, then lifted a portion of the dessert to his lips, pausing a moment before actually opening his
mouth to eat it.  He wasn’t sure if he would like this, he had never had a chance before to have very many desserts in his life.

“Heero  . . . it’s not going to bite you back.”  Duo was watching him with an amused expression on his face.

Returning the smile, Heero closed his eyes and took a bite.  He opened his eyes as he analyzed the flavors.  The cream was only
slightly sweetened  . . . and had a similar consistency that pudding had, if somewhat thicker.  The ladyfingers had been dipped
into a strong coffee  . . . espresso by the taste of it.  The dessert would have been bitter if not for the chocolate adding
sweetness.  All in all it was a very sophisticated dessert.  He nodded his approval and continued eating.

“So  . . . what makes this better than the store brand?”  Heero asked, curious.

Duo shrugged and worked on finishing his own dessert.  “The flavor is more subtle.  The store brand was too  . . . rich.  Way
too sweet.  I guess they used a coffee-flavored syrup instead of espresso.  Makes sense  . . . brought the price down.  I liked it
though  . . . and I always wanted to try the genuine thing.”

Heero smiled again as Duo returned to eating.  He also began again, savoring the taste of one of the few desserts he had ever had.

Once they were both finished, Duo leaned back in his chair, raising his glass to his mouth to take a sip of his drink.  After a few
moments he closed his eyes and started swaying to the music, listening to the different tunes as they played.  When one song
ended, he sighed, and then another began and he would start swaying to the tune again.

Heero got up, as soon as one song began.  This was the song he had been waiting for, the one he had planned to be played last.  
He stood beside Duo for a moment, just listening as the guitar started, followed soon by the soothing sound of a cello.

“Care to dance?”  Heero asked, holding out a hand.

Duo opened his eyes and looked up, smiling.  He quickly accepted the offered hand.  “Thought you’d never ask.”  He
murmured, letting Heero lead as they danced to the song.

As the words began, Heero found himself singing along, whispering into the nape of Duo’s neck as they swayed to the gentle

“Close your eyes
Let me touch you now
Let me give you something that is real.”

He felt Duo shudder, as he echoed the words coming from the speakers.  He let his hands wander along Duo’s body, feeling
Duo arch against him.  He smiled and continued his movements, caressing the clothed flesh, running fingers along Duo’s spine,
massaging his back gently.

“Close the door
Leave your fears behind
Let me give you what you’re giving me.”

He continued, pressing gentle kisses to Duo’s neck between verses, loving the little moans Duo made whenever he touched
him.  Still he wasn’t touching him too intimately, only running his hands along Duo’s chest, slowly traveling down to his hips,
then dipping below to grasp at his well-defined buttocks.  Duo yelped as Heero squeezed tightly.  Then he relaxed, slowly
grinding his hips against Heero’s.  This time it was Heero’s turn to groan as he continued to sing.

“You are the only thing
That makes me want to live at all
When I am with you
There’s no reason to pretend that
when I am with you
I feel flames again
Just put me inside you
I would never ever leave
Just put me inside you
I would never ever leave you.”

Duo’s body trembled, as the last of the words faded away, the cello once again taking center stage of the lovely song.  Heero’s
lips found Duo’s and he greedily kissed him, wanting nothing more than to feel everything about him, every inch of the
American’s lithe body pressed against his own.  With an enticing groan, Duo opened his mouth, allowing Heero to plunge his
tongue in deeply, to savor the American’s taste.

Not wasting another moment, Heero swept Duo into his arms, swiftly carrying him over to the bed, their tongues continuing to
spar until Heero’s knees hit the bed.  “God, Duo  . . . I love you.”  He said as he laid him down.

Duo pulled Heero down with him, already moving to remove Heero’s shirt.  He smiled.  “No more than I love you.”  He replied
with a smile, finally pulling the tank top over Heero’s head and leaning forward to claim his mouth again.

Heero kicked off his shoes and socks, not really caring where they ended up as he hastily removed both his and Duo’s remaining
clothing, pulling away from their kiss only to get the shirt off of Duo.

With no clothes hindering them anymore, Heero pulled away.  Duo looked up at him, confused, a hint of fear crossing his face,
as if he thought Heero would leave him now.

“I’m not leaving you, Duo.  I’ll never leave you.”  Heero reassured him, gently running a hand across Duo’s bare chest, feeling
how rapidly the American’s heart was beating.  “I just want  . . . Are you sure you want this?”  He asked, faltering in his words.

Duo pulled him down for another kiss before answering, his breaths coming out in pants as his eyes took on a glazed, passion-
filled glow.  “More than anything I’ve ever wanted.”  He replied, his eyes never showing a hint of doubt in their beautiful depths.

Heero leaned over, his hands exploring each and every nuance of Duo’s body as his lips latched onto Duo’s neck.  “I’ll never
leave you.”  Heero said between kisses and licks.  He was rewarded by a positively stimulating groan from deep within Duo’s
throat.  A sound he hoped to hear once again, and very soon.

To Be Continued . . .

The song played during Duo and Heero’s dance is called “Flames” By VAST.  Such a pretty song, don’t you think?