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Desires and Deceptions
Part 15

Quatre was tired . . . exhausted . . . but still, he struggled to open his eyes.  Something felt wrong to him.  There was a great
deal of anger lingering in the air around him, and there was an odd feeling of worry, mixed with another emotion that Quatre
couldn’t quite identify at the moment.  Something was definitely wrong, and he couldn’t feel Trowa’s presence.  Why would
Trowa leave him?  Where had he gone?

His vision was blurry as he slowly turned his head to look around the room.  Once his vision cleared, he saw that he was alone,
that no one else was in the room with him.  Quatre blinked, fear stabbing at his heart at the thought that everyone had just left
him there.  

He struggled to lift his tired arms, then positioned them so that he could push himself up.  It took a while, and he trembled, his
arms threatening to give out on him as he moved, but he was finally able to sit up.  His head swam in dizziness, but he
continued, sliding over to one side of the bed, and dangling his legs over the edge.

Quatre took in a breath, exhaling before he slowly stood.  Immediately, he fell forward, landing on his hands and knees.  His
arms buckled beneath him, and he collapsed to the floor.  The small amount of energy he had been able to muster, now
completely spent.  Quatre whimpered, stifling a sob, knowing that he was alone, and now stuck on the floor with no perceivable
way to get up and back into bed.

The sound of the door opening, drew his attention and he turned his head, surprised to see Wufei walk in.  Once again he
struggled to get himself to sit up, this time unsuccessfully.  He ended up just falling to the floor again, his fingers clawing at the
floor as he whimpered in defeat.  

Wufei quickly crossed the room and knelt beside Quatre.  “Winner, what do you think you are doing?”  He asked, anger
apparent in his tone.

“I’m sorry.”  Quatre mumbled, as Wufei helped him up and back into bed.

Wufei propped a few pillows behind his head, allowing Quatre to sit somewhat upright.  Then he took a seat on the bed beside
him, while he covered him with the blankets.  “Now, why did you try and get out of bed when you are obviously in no condition
to be walking around?”  Wufei asked.

Quatre turned away, deciding that he just couldn’t meet Wufei’s gaze right now.  He had been foolish, and he knew it.  It was
bad enough that he was weak, but he was ashamed of his own behavior as well.  “I, I just didn’t want to be alone.  There was
no one here.  I got scared.”  A single tear dripped from his eye, but he suppressed the rest, knowing that Wufei would only think
him weak for showing such emotion.

“If I had known you would awaken so quickly, I would not have lingered outside to talk with Sally.”

A thought occurred to Quatre, and he looked to Wufei, “W-where’s Trowa?”  He asked, his hands beginning to shake in his lap.  
He clasped them together, trying not to fidget as he struggled with his emotions.  He couldn’t stop the fear, wondering where his
lover had gone to or why he would leave him.  Maybe Trowa had finally gotten tired of his empathic abilities, and how they
always seemed to get in the way.  

Quatre was still being affected by whatever had occurred to him.  No one had really explained to him what had happened before
Sally had stuck that needle in his arm.  And he had only been able to catch bits and pieces of what they said since everything
was assaulting his senses so violently.  But now he still had no control over his fears and other feelings, although he was
struggling to regain control.

“Barton and Yuy went to confront Relena for what she did to you and Maxwell.”  Wufei replied.

“Relena?”  Quatre asked, his brow furrowing in confusion as he tried to comprehend what was going on.

Wufei nodded.  “Yes, Miss Relena drugged you and Maxwell at the party.  She tried to set it up and make it look like Maxwell
was having an affair with that Hilde woman, and it succeeded very well.  We do not know where he is, as he has left the estate.  
But the information you provided should be of help.”  

“I provided information?”  Quatre asked, unsure of what Wufei had meant by that.  “How?  When?”

“Yes.  Right after Sally injected you with something to counteract the drugs affecting you, you somehow used your empathic
abilities to lock onto Duo.  It was vague, but we got a few clues as to where Maxwell might be, or at least where to start looking
for him.”  Wufei replied.

Quatre didn’t remember any of that.  To be honest he really didn’t remember anything after Sally and Trowa grabbing him to
give him that injection, except for the moment of consciousness when he found himself being transferred from being held in
Trowa’s arms to Wufei’s warm and comforting embrace.  A blush crept over his face as more emotions assaulted him.  Wufei
was attractive, but Quatre doubted that Trowa would like him thinking of the Chinese youth in that particular way.

“Are you well?”  Wufei asked, laying a hand on Quatre’s shoulder.

“Y-Yes, I’m fine.”  Quatre replied, trying to hide his embarrassment.

“Are you sure?”

“I am a bit thirsty.”  Quatre said, trying desperately to avoid what was truly troubling him.  How could he say that he was
having thoughts of an affair?  Right now, Quatre wished he could control himself once again.  It wasn’t as bad as before.  His
own emotions were now being let loose instead of him being painfully assaulted by other people’s.

Wufei nodded, and stood.  Quickly, he left Quatre’s side and went into the bathroom.  A moment later he returned, carrying a
glass of water in one hand.  Quatre reached out to take it from him when Wufei sat again.  However, Quatre couldn’t hold it up,
and nearly spilled the water onto himself and the bed.

“Allow me.”  Wufei said, his tone kind.  He lifted the glass to Quatre’s dry lips, tilting it slowly and allowing Quatre to take small
sips of the cool water.  It was definitely refreshing to his parched throat, and he drank as much as he could.  Once he was
finished, he lifted his hand slightly, turning his head away as Wufei pulled the glass away from him.

“Thank you.”  Quatre said.

“You are quite welcome.”  Wufei replied politely, although Quatre still faced away from the other ex-pilot.

While Wufei set the half-empty glass on the bedside table, Quatre let his mind drift.  He found himself thinking of Trowa once
again, wondering exactly what his handsome lover was feeling.  Almost immediately after the thought popped into his mind, he
felt it.  Trowa’s emotions hit him like a ton of bricks.  Anger . . . worry . . . all he seemed to want to do was hurt Relena, to
make her suffer for the pain she had caused.

Quatre shuddered, tears beginning to freely run along his cheeks.  He tried to stop sensing Trowa’s negative emotions, not even
sure how he could sense them from so far away.  It seemed as if his connection to the other ex-pilots, Trowa especially, was
much stronger than he had originally thought.  Finally, after much concentration, he was able to push Trowa’s emotions from
his mind, although it left him feeling tired, his body trembling as he cried.

He blinked, shaking his head then realized that Wufei was grasping his shoulders and shaking him slightly.  “Are you okay?  
Answer me!  What’s wrong?”  The Chinese youth asked, his voice hovering near panic.

Quatre gasped, then began sobbing, ashamed of himself and of his uncontrollable emotional outbursts.  “I’m sorry.”  He cried,
trying to stifle his tears.  “I can’t seem to get control of my own emotions now.”

Wufei sighed.  “Sally warned me that you might have mood swings for a while.  But it won’t last forever.”

“That’s wonderful!”  Quatre exclaimed, suddenly very happy although he continued to cry.  He threw his arms around Wufei,
feeling a need to be held, for human contact.

Wufei slowly returned the embrace, holding him gently in his warm arms.  It was calming, the way Wufei slowly rubbed his
hands along his back in slow circles, trying to soothe him.  Quatre greatly appreciated that Wufei was being so caring, that he
would forgo his gruff exterior to embrace him.

Quatre’s tears subsided quickly because of Wufei’s kindness, and a new set of emotions made themselves known within
Quatre's body.  He leaned closer to Wufei, pressing his body as close to the other young man as he possibly could, letting his
hands begin to wander across the strong muscles in Wufei’s back.  Then he nuzzled his face against Wufei’s neck, taking in a
deep breath to savor the scent of the other, while one of his hands slid lower on the Chinese youth’s back, quickly dipping
beneath his waist to stroke at his backside.

Quatre felt Wufei’s body stiffen in his arms, and finally realized what he was doing.  He pushed himself away from Wufei, his
cheeks burning with embarrassment.  “I . . . I’m sorry, Wufei.”  Quatre apologized, lowering his gaze to the bed sheets, afraid
to look into Wufei’s eyes, thinking that he’d only see disgust where there had once been kindness and friendship.

A gentle hand grasped Quatre’s shoulder, but he still could not lift his gaze.  “Do not worry yourself over it.  As I said . . . your
moods will swing randomly for a while.  And I would be lying if I said I was averse to the idea of you finding me attractive.”  

Hearing that, Quatre snapped his head up, only to see that the Chinese youth was avoiding eye contact.  His gaze was currently
focused totally on something to the side, and he was blushing a slight shade of red.  “Wufei?”  He asked, not quite believing his
own ears.

Wufei looked up, then quickly averted his gaze again, smirking slightly as his blush deepened to a crimson shade.  “We will
discuss this with Barton at a later time.  Now rest.  You should conserve your energy.”

“Okay.”  Quatre conceded, “As long as you promise we will talk when Trowa arrives.”

Wufei finally looked to him.  “You have my word.”  He smiled, helping Quatre to lie back, then covering him with the blankets.

Quatre closed his eyes, ready to relax and go to sleep.  But then he felt the bed move, and knew that Wufei was leaving.  
Quickly, he opened his eyes and lashed out, grasping Wufei’s arm almost frantically.  “Please, don’t leave.  I don’t want to be
alone again.”  He whispered, releasing his grip on his friend’s wrist.

Wufei nodded slightly.

“Please . . .”  Quatre started, feeling incredibly nervous and foolish for what he was about to ask.  “Would . . . would you hold
me?  I promise to keep my hands to myself.  But I just don’t want to feel alone.”

“As you wish.”  Wufei replied, toeing off his shoes then sliding into bed beside Quatre.  

Quatre rolled onto his side, his back to Wufei, to ensure that his hands didn’t get minds of their own while he was asleep.  Wufei
gently wrapped his arms around Quatre, keeping their two bodies pressed tightly together, Wufei’s warm breath brushing across
the top of his head.  The feeling of being held caused a shudder to run through Quatre’s body, yet he bit his lip to try and keep
his emotions under control.  He closed his eyes, letting Wufei’s slow breathing relax him into slumber.


Heero knocked on the door to Relena’s home, not stopping until Pagan answered it.  “Yes, Mr. Yuy?  How may I help you?”  
The man asked, politely.

“Out of our way.”  Heero demanded, pushing his way past the older gentleman, with Trowa entering the home right behind
him.  “We need to see Relena . . . Now!”

“Where is she?”  Trowa asked.

“Miss Relena is in her study I believe.  She had some paperwork to attend to, and has been in there all day.”  Pagan replied,
closing the front door.

Heero ignored anything else he said, as he and Trowa quickly walked through the house, quickly heading to Relena’s home
office.  They needed to talk.  Heero needed to know why she had hurt Duo, why she would do something so idiotic.

As he neared the door to Relena’s office, he thought he heard the sound of laughter.  The very thought that Relena could be
amused about something at a time like this, even if Heero hadn’t known that she had something to do with drugging Duo and
Quatre, made Heero’s blood boil in rage.  He hastened his pace, grabbing the doorknob and roughly pushing the door open,
forcefully enough to make it slam into the wall with a loud bang.

Relena jumped in her seat, her giggling stopping immediately as she turned to Heero and Trowa, her eyes wide with shock.  
“You startled me.”  She said, placing her hand over her chest as she took a few deep breaths.

Heero took a couple breaths of his own, knowing he couldn’t just kill her, even though that was what his instincts were
screaming at him to do.  “Why, Relena?”  He asked, after finally calming himself even if it was only slightly.

“Why what, Heero?”  Relena asked, rising from her seat as Trowa and Heero stepped further into the room.  “What are you
talking about?”

“Why did you set Duo up?  Why did you drug him?”  Heero asked, his fists clenched tightly by his sides.

Relena smiled slightly.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Heero.”  

“Come off it, Relena!”  Heero said, his voice raised.  “I know you had something to do with this.  Both Quatre and Duo were
drugged and you were the one that served the drinks to them.”

Relena’s body trembled slightly.  She looked directly at Heero.  “You have to believe me . . . I did this for your own good.  He
was disgusting, nothing but a dirty little street rat.  He should be dead!”

The truth hit Heero, and everything became clear to him.  “You were the one that poisoned his medication, weren’t you?”

She laughed, then her voice grew serious.  “So what if I poisoned him like the rat he is?  His control over you is sick and
degrading.  I can’t allow you to be seduced into such perversion!”

Trowa made himself known, finally speaking.  “Didn’t you help him get ready for the Halloween party?  If you hate him so
much, why help him with a plan to get Heero?”

“Help?”  She laughed again, as if the very thought was hilarious to her.  “That was Plan A.”  She turned back to Heero, ignoring
Trowa completely.  “You were SUPPOSED to be disgusted with him!  I WANTED you to find out it was Duo and be sickened
by the thought of another man kissing you.  Apparently, Duo has had you under his influence for too long!”

“You obviously don’t understand, Relena . . . I love Duo.  And there is no way in HELL that I could ever find you the least bit
attractive!”  Heero replied, then spat at her feet.

Relena just gaped at him, apparently at a loss for words.

Heero glared at her, stepping closer so that he was only a breath away from her face.  He spoke, his words seething as he
fought against the urge to just throttle her now and get it over with.  “I’m letting you live for the sole reason that I vowed I
would never kill anyone again.  If you ever go near Duo again, I might just forget that vow.”

“Heero, you can’t mean that.”  Relena whimpered, raising her hand to touch him as tears ran along her cheeks.

Heero slapped her hand away.  “I swear, if you come anywhere near him again . . . if he gets so much as a splinter or sneezes,
I'll make your life a living Hell.  I’ll make sure you lose everything . . . your job, your family, all your money and power.  You’ll
have nothing and I’ll laugh in your face.”  He said, speaking the last few words in a whisper.

Then he just turned and walked away, not giving Relena a chance to say or do anything.  He had to go find Duo, had to
apologize for the fool he had been.  “I'm so sorry, Duo.  And if you’ll let me, I’ll prove my love to you once again.”  He
whispered under his breath, leaving Relena’s mansion behind him as he walked away, not bothering to return to the car that he
and Trowa had arrived in.  

He knew that Trowa wasn’t behind him, that the other young man had his own issues with Relena to deal with.  Perhaps Relena
still might not live to see another day.  Trowa might just kill her where Heero hadn’t.  It wasn’t as if Trowa had made the vow
that Heero had.  Besides, he had his own reasons to want Relena dead.  Quatre was very dear to him, and to hurt someone that
Trowa cared for was definitely the wrong thing to do.

To Be Continued . . .