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Desires and Deceptions
Part 20

Heero was sitting on the floor of a hospital room in a Psychiatric Ward.  Across from him, huddled in a corner, was the beaten
and broken form of the young man that he loved, Duo Maxwell.  The American hadn’t moved, from where he continued to
cower, for over an hour.  He just sat there, crying, his body trembling severely.  At least the cuts on his arms had stopped

Heero glared toward the door every now and then, wanting to yell at those orderlies and doctors that continued to watch over
him.  They should never have gone near Duo with a needle.  But Heero knew that it was his own fault that Duo was even in this
place.  If Heero hadn’t broken his promise and walked out like that, then maybe they could have talked things out, could have
realized that Duo wouldn’t hurt Heero like that, wouldn’t ever betray him as Heero had so foolishly thought.

A commotion outside, drew Heero’s attention.  He watched curiously, waiting.  Then he saw Sally.  She stepped into the room,
her hand immediately flying to cover her mouth as she saw Duo.  “Oh, God.”  She murmured.

Sally took a step toward Duo, only to be stopped when a doctor grabbed her shoulder.  “I’m warning you . . . he’s put seven
doctors in casts.”  The doctor said.

Sally grabbed his hand, pushing it away from herself as she glared at him.  “Oh, REALLY?  And how many of those doctors
were approaching him with a needle?”  Sally asked, her tone seeping anger.

The doctor shrugged.  “All of them, of course.  It is standard procedure to administer tranquilizers and painkillers by injection.”

“NOT when you have a patient who is deathly afraid of needles!  You should have learned your lesson after the second doctor!  
Do you realize the HARM you’ve caused him?”  Sally sighed.  “And I tend not to tranquilize him.  I’ve been told that they give
him very vivid nightmares that he can’t wake up from.”  She glanced at Heero for a moment, then turned back to the doctor.  
“Where are the discharge papers?  I’m taking my patient out of here.”

“I’ll go get them.”  The doctor quietly replied.  He turned and hastily left.

Heero moved to get up, but Sally held up her hand, stopping him from getting too far.  He sat back down, just watching the
scene before him.

Sally slowly stepped over to Duo and knelt down in front of him, although Heero could still see since he was at an angle that left
Duo clearly visible to him.  Without moving another inch toward him, Sally spoke, her voice quiet and calm.  “Duo?”

Duo flinched, then looked up at the sound of his own name.  He peered over the edge of his bloody arms, squinting.  “Sa-Sally?”

“It’s okay, Duo.  It's me.”  Sally said, her voice soothing.  “You know I won’t hurt you, right?”

“Sally!”  Duo exclaimed as he threw himself at her, wrapping his arms around her body tightly.  Heero could see the expression
of pain on Duo’s face, and knew that the simple act had hurt Duo terribly.

Heero closed his eyes, bowing his head.  Duo hadn’t greeted him like that.  However, Heero knew that he didn’t deserve an
embrace from Duo.  He had betrayed the American, nothing could change that.  He could only hope to someday gain Duo’s trust
again, to at the very least be his friend now that he knew that he would never be anything more to Duo than that.  He would
never be loved by Duo again, and Heero deserved that most horrible punishment for ever doubting him.

“It’s okay, Duo.  No one will hurt you.”  Sally said, gently stroking her hands along Duo’s back.

Duo didn’t reply.  Instead, he just buried his face against her shoulder and sobbed.

After a few moments, Sally pulled him away from her.  She ran her hand along one of Duo’s bruised cheeks, causing him to
wince slightly.  Sally smiled.  “Let’s get you out of here.  Okay?”

Again, Duo didn’t reply.

The doctor walked in and hastily approached Sally.  Duo apparently saw him and didn’t like it.  He took his hands away from
Sally, scurrying back into the corner again.  Sally glared over her shoulder at the doctor.  “Did you have to go and scare him
again?”  Sally asked.

“Sorry.  Here are the discharge papers.  I’ll need your signature.”  The doctor replied.

Heero just watched as Sally signed the papers in several places, before she spoke.  “Bring me a blanket and a wheelchair . . . We’
re leaving now.”  Sally said.

“But he needs medication . . . medical attention.”  The doctor argued.

“And he’ll get that attention once we are out of this hospital.”  Sally replied.  “You’ve already seen how difficult he is when he’s
frightened.  There is no point in seeing to his injuries before I can get him to calm down.”

“Yes . . . of course.”  The doctor said, before turning and leaving.  When he returned, all he did was push the wheelchair in,
which had a blanket set on the seat, and then he departed again.

Sally finally gestured for Heero to approach and he jumped to his feet, happy to finally be of help.  However, he moved slowly
over to Duo, not wanting to scare him.  He stood and waited while Sally knelt beside Duo again.

“Come on . . . We’re going to take you someplace safe.”  She whispered, helping Duo to his feet.

Duo didn’t say a word, didn’t even lift his gaze to look at either Heero or Sally.

Heero grabbed the blanket off the wheelchair, holding it out once Duo was standing.  Sally took it from him, offering a slight
smile then wrapped it around Duo’s trembling body.  Sally sighed, bundling Duo up.  “I’ve come to care for Duo as if he were
my little brother, Heero.  I don’t like seeing him in so much pain.”  She said, helping Duo to sit in the wheelchair.  “If I ever hear
that you let something like this happen to him again, I will personally see to your long and painful death.”  She said, keeping her
voice and tone calm, obviously so that she wouldn’t scare Duo any further.  “You understand me?”

Heero nodded.  “I understand.”  He replied, his voice quiet.

“Good.  Now take him out to my car while I go get some supplies that I think we will definitely need.  I shouldn’t be too long.”  
Sally replied, smiling slightly as she handed him her keys.  “I’m in space seven, row fourteen.  It’s a blue car.”

Heero didn’t reply.  He slowly began to push the wheelchair out of the room and through the halls of the hospital, hoping that
Duo wouldn’t try to escape.  Duo just sat there, staring down at the floor, never once glancing up at his surroundings.  As he
walked, Heero ignored the doctors and nurses around him.  They were just idiots anyway.

He made his way to Sally’s car.  He used the keys and quickly unlocked the doors, opening one of the back doors.  Then he
slowly helped Duo out of the wheelchair, moving cautiously since he was unsure of the extent of Duo’s injuries.  All he had seen
were the ones to his upper body.  However, Heero was certain that there were others to his lower half.

Once Duo was in the car, he curled his legs up closer to himself, pressing his body as far from Heero as he could get.  Heero
frowned at that, knowing that Duo didn’t trust him at all at the moment.  He pushed the wheelchair aside, not caring whether it
sat in the parking lot all day or not.  He slowly climbed into the backseat beside Duo, staying on his own side to give the
frightened American as much room as he wanted.  He took out his cell phone, deciding that it would be a good idea to let the
others know that Duo had been found.


Wufei awoke to the sound of the phone ringing.  He opened his eyes, groaning as he pushed himself to a sitting position.  He
would rather stay in bed, holding onto Trowa, trying to ease the tall youth’s deluded illusions that he was unworthy of the two
that loved him.

However, Wufei knew that he should answer the phone.  It was Quatre’s private line, so whoever was calling probably had
good reason to risk disturbing the blonde’s sleep.  Wufei stood, moving as quickly as he could over to the phone.  

“Hello?”  Wufei yawned, opening the transmission.  He noticed immediately that it was audio only.

“Wufei . . . it’s Heero.”  The voice on the other end replied.

“Heero?  Is there a problem?”  Wufei asked, concerned.

There was a pause, and then Heero answered.  “I found Duo.”

“What?”  Wufei gasped, shocked and relieved to hear that Duo had been found.  “Is he well?”

“No, he’s not well.  I found him in the psychiatric ward of a hospital.  He’s been beaten . . . hurt badly.  He’s terrified, Wufei.”  
Heero answered, a hint of guilt and sadness in his voice.

Wufei grimaced, not liking the idea that the American was in such a bad condition.  “Do you need any help?”

“No.”  Heero replied.  “Sally helped to get him discharged from the hospital.  We’re going to be leaving here soon.  I just called
to let you know that he’s been found.”

“Thank you.”  Wufei said.  “That was very considerate of you.  Take care of him, Heero.”

“I will.”  Heero responded, then the transmission was ended.

Wufei switched off the vid phone.  He sighed, turning back to the bed.  He saw that both Quatre and Trowa were awake now.  
However, he frowned at the sight of Trowa.  The tall youth was quietly sobbing, holding onto Quatre almost desperately, as if
Quatre would leave him alone.

Wufei stepped over to the bed, just as Quatre began his attempts to comfort his lover.  The blonde made soothing sounds, gentle
hushes, while he stroked a hand through Trowa’s hair.  It reminded Wufei of how you would soothe a distressed animal, but
Trowa did seem to be responding to that sort of attention.

Hesitantly, Wufei reached out, not sure if his actions would be helpful, but wanting to do something to try and help.  He slid his
hand along Trowa’s back, slowly stroking the strong muscles beneath the shirt that the young man wore.  He glanced over,
relieved to see Quatre giving him a reassuring smile, silently telling Wufei that he was doing good.

After a few moments, Trowa slowly calmed down, his tears subsiding as he loosened his grip around the blonde.  However, he
kept his face buried against Quatre’s chest, hiding his beautiful features.  “I’m sorry.”  He whispered, his voice slightly muffled
by Quatre’s body.

Wufei sat on the edge of the bed, letting his one hand rest at Trowa’s waist while the other was set on his shoulder.  “You have
nothing to be sorry about.”  Wufei said.

“I . . . I just don’t understand why either of you love me.  I’m just a nobody . . . nameless . . .”  Trowa replied, his words
beginning to trail off.  However, his last words caused Wufei to flinch at the harsh way they came out.  “Just little Nanashi . . .
he’s not worth the effort.”

Quatre suddenly pulled himself away from Trowa, pushing himself into a sitting position.  Trowa sat up too, just staring at
Quatre while the blonde took a few deep breaths in an obvious attempt to calm himself.

“Stop this, Trowa . . . please.  I know you were hurt in the past, that you didn’t even have a name to call your own . . . but
none of that matters to me.  I have loved you since the first time I saw you . . . long before you told me that your name was
Trowa Barton.  Why don’t you trust me?  I won’t leave you.”  Quatre replied, bunching his hands in the sheets below him as
tears silently fell in steady streams along his cheeks.

“You have Wufei now.  You don’t need me anymore.”  Trowa answered, lowering his head.

Quatre looked hurt.  “I . . . Trowa . . . I may love Wufei, but I love you as well.  And no matter what else, I loved you first.  
Trowa . . . please don’t do this to me.  Don’t hurt yourself because you think I’m going to hurt you.  Or don’t you love me
enough to believe in my feelings for you?  There were times when you left to be with Catherine at the circus and I let you go,
believing you’d come back . . . which you always did.”  Quatre reached out and grasped Trowa’s hand.  “Trust me, Trowa.  
Trust Wufei.  Trust in the love we have for you.”

Trowa nodded.  “I know . . . I’m being foolish.”  He said, tightening his own hold on Quatre’s hand.

Wufei leaned closer to Trowa, slowly wrapping an arm around his waist.  “No, you are not.  You are just unused to this.  It is
quite understandable.  But you have no reason to continue behaving like this.  You are loved, by the both of us, so please trust us
and just love us in return.  We won’t leave you.”

Trowa nodded again, pulling Quatre closer to his body, bending his other arm behind his back to hold Wufei as well.  “I do love
you both.”  He whispered against Quatre’s shoulder.  “I-I’ll do my best to get over this stupid fear.”

“And we will be here to help you.”  Wufei said.

“The both of us.”  Quatre added.

For a few moments, they stayed like that, just holding each other.  Quatre and Wufei both trying to offer comfort to Trowa,
who obviously did need it.  Eventually though, they did pull away from each other, Quatre being the first to move.  “I’m kinda
hungry.”  He said, offering a slight smile.

Wufei smiled in return, at just an angle to see a slight grin on Trowa’s face as well.  He looked down at his watch.  “Perhaps we
should have breakfast then.”

Trowa nodded, then turned to face Wufei for the first time that morning.  A smile quickly spread across his face.

“What?”  Wufei asked, confused as to why Trowa was staring at him like that.

“Your hair . . . it seems to have come loose in the night.”  Trowa replied, lifting his hand to gently pull at a few long strands of
hair, lifting them into Wufei’s line of sight.

Wufei reached behind his head, noticing that the ponytail had indeed come loose.  Who knew where the elastic band was now?  
It could be anywhere.  “I guess I’ll just have to leave it down for a while.”  He smiled.

Quatre leaned over Trowa’s shoulder, stretching out one of his small hands and brushing nimble fingers through Wufei’s hair,
pulling it from behind his ear to drape over one shoulder.  “It’s very nice.  You should wear it down more often.”  Quatre smiled.

Wufei felt a blush creeping over his features.  “It just gets in the way.”  He said, smirking at Quatre.  “However, if you like it so
much, I could let it down sometimes.”

“I’d like that.”  Quatre replied, taking his fingers away from Wufei’s hair.

Wufei turned to Trowa.  “Shall we go down to breakfast now?”

Trowa nodded.  Then he and Wufei helped Quatre out of bed, allowing him to walk on his own as much as possible.  Still,
Quatre shuffled his feet, barely able to lift them off of the floor.  It would do Quatre good, to let him walk around a little, instead
of staying in bed all of the time.  This would help to get him to regain some of his strength.

Quatre sat in one seat, Trowa and Wufei taking the seats on either side of him.  A servant had seen them entering the dining
room, so Wufei was sure that breakfast would be served to them soon.  Sure enough, only minutes later, their meals were

They each had something different.  Wufei had what he usually had for breakfast, a simple bowl of fruit . . . pears, peaches,
grapes and bananas.  Trowa had lightly buttered toast and some oatmeal.  Although it seemed that Trowa only had enough
appetite for the toast.  It was no surprise considering his current emotional state.  And Quatre was having scrambled eggs,
which were good for him.  The servants had probably thought he would need some protein.  Besides the eggs, he also had a
slice of toast, a few slices of apple, and a glass of milk, so that all of the four food groups were there.

Quatre had just put his fork down, finishing with his breakfast, when a loud commotion drew all of their attention.  Wufei
watched, curious, as Relena was dragged in by Rasid.  The Maguanac seemed to ignore all of Relena’s arguments, pulling her
along despite all of her struggling.  It wasn’t as if she was strong enough to get away from him anyway.

“What is she doing here?”  Wufei spat out, rising from his seat to glare at the young woman in front of him.

Rasid bowed slightly in Quatre’s direction, still holding a firm grip on one of Relena’s arms, strong enough to leave dark red
marks on her skin.  “Master Quatre, I thought it would be appropriate for you to decide what is to become of her.  You were the
one harmed by her.”

Quatre’s eyes became sad.  “I wasn’t the only one, Rasid, as you well know.”

Wufei smirked, sitting once again and crossing his arms over his chest as he leaned back.  Oh, he was going to enjoy this.  
“Oh!  I forgot to tell you that Heero called.”  He nodded as everyone turned to him.  “He found Duo . . . badly beaten, but . . .”

Relena screeched.  “He FOUND the little rat?  I hoped he would die before Heero could reach that hospital!”

Wufei stared at Relena in shock, his smirk completely removed from his face.  “You knew?  You KNEW where Duo was?”  He
gasped, appalled that Relena could be so cruel.  Then again she had tried to kill Duo and had nearly driven Quatre insane because
of her delusions.  

Quatre had gone pale.  “I knew you disliked Duo, but . . . how COULD you?”

Relena snorted, shrugging as if this was nothing to her.  “Because the little gutter rat should have learned his place.”

Quatre glowered at Relena.  It was one of the few times that Wufei had seen the blonde in this state.  And frankly, he didn’t like
to see Quatre so upset.  “Perhaps you need a lesson in humility, Miss Relena.”  Quatre seethed.  “I’m sure that I would get the
agreement of Lady Une.  Because of your actions, Duo is probably unable to work, Heero is an emotional wreck, and I’m too
weak to do much more than walk to the breakfast table.  All for what?  So that you could ‘get back’ what was never yours in
the first place?”

Rasid was deceptively calm as he asked, “What do you suggest we do with her?”

“It’s too bad we can’t kill her.  Her actions would warrant the death penalty.”  Quatre said, letting out an explosive breath.  It
stunned Wufei to hear such a venomous tone from the blonde.

“Perhaps she should learn what the ‘gutter rats’ have to go through.  I suggest you put her to work here as a housekeeper . . . a
servant  . . . Let her earn what food she eats.”  Trowa said, calmly as if he were discussing the weather.

Relena paled.  “I won’t.”  She said.

Wufei gave her a cold smile.  “Then you’ll starve.  Your fate is now in your own hands . . . literally.”

“Go on, Miss Relena . . . make your decision.”  Quatre said, pushing his plate away from himself.  “The breakfast dishes do
need to be cleared from the table and washed.”

Relena just stood there a moment, obviously weighing her possibilities.  In the end, she just bowed her head and slowly took
Quatre’s plate.  She just stood there, looking pathetic, holding the plate in her hands while tears fell from her eyes.  Wufei felt no
sympathy for the young woman though, not after what she had done to Quatre and Duo.

“Rasid, make sure she is never left alone for any reason.  She is to be under guard at all times.  I’m sure that if she had the
chance she would try to escape.”  Trowa said, speaking without emotion as he glared at Relena.

“Yes, Mister Barton.”  Rasid replied, bowing once again before he escorted Relena out of the room and toward the kitchen.

Wufei turned to Quatre, only to see tears rolling down his pale cheeks.  “Quatre . . . are you crying for Relena after what she did
to you?”  Wufei asked.

Quatre shook his head.  “She’s not the same person I used to know.”  Quatre replied in a quiet voice.  “She’s filled with such
anger, jealousy, and hatred.  The Relena I knew was never so petty.  She would never have hurt anyone.”

Wufei stood, just as Trowa did the same.  The two of them walked to either side of Quatre, helping the blonde to his feet.  “I
think you should go back to bed, okay?”  Trowa suggested, wrapping an arm around Quatre’s body.

Quatre only nodded silently, allowing Trowa and Wufei to lead him back to the bedroom.  It was obvious that he had sensed
something from Relena.  But unless Quatre talked about it, neither Wufei nor Trowa would know what that something was.  
Wufei could only hope that it wouldn’t cause Quatre to suffer any more.  The beautiful, blonde Arabian had already been put
through enough as it was.

To Be Continued . . .