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Notes:  No Duo or Heero in this part.  It’s all in Quatre’s POV.  Enjoy.

Desires and Deceptions
Part 22

Quatre blinked his weary eyes open.  He slowly pushed himself up, smiling as he saw Trowa beside him, his arms loosely
wrapped around Quatre’s body.  Quatre wiped a hand over his tired eyes, yawning as he stared down at his handsome lover.  

Trowa was just lovely, especially when he slept.  Trowa usually looked so peaceful . . . perhaps even content . . . when he slept,
a smile sometimes gracing his normally stoic features.  And today he definitely looked content, laying on his side, which left
Quatre with a perfect view of most of Trowa’s face.  He was simply beautiful in Quatre’s eyes.

Quatre sighed, slowly climbing out of bed, moving with as much stealth as he could muster from his weak body.  He didn't
want to awaken Trowa, but he felt that he did need a shower.  For some reason, after having met with Relena that morning,
Quatre just felt so dirty, as if her obvious insanity had rubbed off on his skin somehow.  He didn’t know why, but he felt that he
needed to get cleaned off.

It wasn’t until he had slid out of bed and was staring down at Trowa’s sleeping form, that Quatre noticed the absence of
Wufei.  He wondered where the other young man had gone too.  Perhaps to his own room to get a change of clothes?  Quatre
shook his head, knowing that Wufei wouldn’t be gone for too long, no matter where he had disappeared to.  There was no way
that Wufei would risk hurting Trowa’s feelings when the tall young man was having doubts of his own self-worth.

Slowly, Quatre made his way over to the bathroom, stumbling along weakly.  Maybe he should have waited until one or both of
his loves were here and awake before he attempted this.  He wasn’t sure if he could make it on his own . . . he was already so
tired, and not even halfway to the bathroom door yet.  But there was no point in going back now, not when he was already out
of bed.

He sighed in relief as he weakly grasped the doorknob, glad that he had finally made it to his objective.  He slowly opened the
door, already breathing heavily and sweating profusely from the effort of walking across the room on his own.  Well, if he hadn’
t needed a shower before, he definitely needed one now.

He stepped into the room, closing the door behind himself, his head lowered in tiredness.  It took him a few steps to even realize
that there was someone else in the room with him.  And once he did look up, he immediately blushed, seeing Wufei standing by
the bathtub, his body bare of any and all clothes as he reached to turn on the water.

Quatre stood there, taking in the sight of Wufei’s sleek body, the way his muscles rippled as he moved.  Quatre knew that he
was staring, and he didn’t care at the moment.  Wufei was just so gorgeous, his hair unbound from its tight ponytail and hanging
about his shoulders like a curtain.  The veil of ebony hair was probably why Wufei hadn’t noticed that Quatre was standing near
the door, his eyes wide, his mouth hanging open as he took in the sight of the beautiful young, Chinese man before him.

“Enjoying the view?”  Wufei asked, turning slightly to smirk at Quatre.

Quatre’s blush deepened, feeling so very embarrassed.  He hadn’t known that Wufei had noticed his presence.  “I . . . I'm sorry,
Wufei.”  Quatre said, stumbling backwards.  “It . . . It was wrong of me to stare at you.  I'm so sorry.”  His back hit the wall,
and his foot slipped out from underneath him, causing him to quickly slide down to the floor.

Wufei grabbed a towel, quickly wrapping it around himself as he rushed over to Quatre.  He knelt before him, one hand holding
the towel around his body, the other grasping Quatre’s shoulder.  “Are you okay?”  He asked.

“I’m sorry,”  Quatre said.  “I . . . I should have knocked before walking in.  I didn’t mean to intrude on your privacy.”  Quatre
kept his gaze lowered, just wishing that he could sink into the floor to get away from the unbearable embarrassment he felt.

Wufei chuckled, hooking his fingers under Quatre’s chin and titling his head upward.  “Please stop apologizing.”  Wufei said.  “I
feel no shame about my body.  Besides, it would only be fair since I have seen you without your garments.”

Quatre could feel himself blushing again.  He smiled slightly, still avoiding eye contact.  “Yeah . . . but I was ill at the time and
couldn’t even stand on my own.”

“It doesn’t look as if you are all that much stronger yet.”  Wufei commented.  “Why won’t you look at me?”

Quatre sighed and looked up, still fearing that Wufei would hate him for walking in on him like that.  “Umm . . . it’s just . . . uh .
. .”  Quatre stammered, not exactly sure what to say.  However, anything he might have thought of was lost as Quatre felt
Wufei’s moist lips press against his own.

The kiss was sweet, delicate like a butterfly alighting on a flower.  Quatre closed his eyes, just enjoying the contact, his heart
fluttering in his chest as he curled his arms around Wufei’s body, pulling him closer with as much strength as his weary body
allowed him.  He slid his hands down Wufei’s bare back, moaning into the kiss as Wufei became more assertive with his
mouth.  The dark-haired young man leaned forward, his lips more firm against Quatre’s.  His one hand was braced against the
wall beside Quatre’s head, his other hand reaching to wrap around the back of Quatre’s neck, his fingers moving to lightly
stroke the fine hairs at the base of Quatre’s skull.

Wufei pulled back, briefly sucking Quatre’s bottom lip into his mouth before plunging forward again, allowing Quatre and
himself to only take a short breath in that instant where they were separated.  His tongue swept a slick trail across Quatre's lips,
and Quatre parted his teeth happily, allowing the Asian youth to plunder his mouth greedily.

Quatre was quickly becoming aroused, feeling the consuming waves of love and desire from Wufei as the young man massaged
every inch of his mouth, caressing Quatre’s tongue with his own.  Quatre was still highly sensitive, his empathic abilities not
quite under his complete control just yet.  But at the moment he couldn’t care less.  Right now, he was just fixated on Wufei and
what his wonderful mouth was doing to him.

Quatre jumped, startled at the sound of someone clearing his throat.  He broke away from Wufei, panting, as he gazed up to see
who had disturbed them.  He paled as he saw Trowa, the tall ex-pilot looming over them.  Quatre blushed, wondering if Trowa
would be upset about this.

“Having fun without me?”  Trowa smirked, crouching down beside Quatre and Wufei.  He raised his hand, lightly stroking his
fingers through Quatre’s hair, toying with the golden strands as he smiled slightly.  He turned to Wufei.  “Mind if I join in?”  
Trowa asked.

“Not at all.”  Wufei smirked, moving himself away from Quatre slightly.

Quatre opened his mouth to ask something, but the thought flew from his mind as soon as Trowa leaned forward to claim his
mouth in a loving kiss.  He had missed this . . . had missed the feel of Trowa’s lips on his own.  Even though it had only been a
few days at most, that was too long in Quatre’s honest opinion.  And while Wufei’s kiss had been wonderful, Trowa’s kisses
were also wonderful . . . just different . . . more delicate.  Trowa always let Quatre be the more dominant one in their actions,
whether teasing kisses or more sensual activities.  It was familiar, comfortable . . . so Quatre gave himself over to the
tenderness, loving the feel of Trowa’s pliant lips.

All too soon, Trowa pulled away.  Quatre pouted, whimpering at the loss of contact.  He wanted more, even if Wufei was
there.  However, he saw that since Trowa had kissed him while in Wufei’s presence, perhaps it was a sign that Trowa was
accepting Wufei into their relationship.  For Trowa to be so open around Wufei was a good sign.  Quatre reached out to Trowa,
only to feel himself being lifted off of the floor by Trowa’s strong arms.

“What?  Where are we going?”  Quatre asked, feeling slightly confused.

“I think you need a bath, Quatre.”  Trowa said, smiling slightly.  He set Quatre down on the edge of the tub, quickly divesting
him of his clothes.  “I’m sure Wufei will help us.”  

Quatre looked over, eyes widening as he watched Wufei remove the only thing that had been covering his body, the towel
around his waist.  Wufei then slid into the water-filled tub and reached over to turn the water off.  Quatre hadn’t realized that
Wufei had left the water running for so long, or that the drain had been plugged.  The kiss hadn’t felt like it had taken that long,
neither of them had, at least not long enough for the water to fill the tub.  

Quatre looked back to Trowa, shivering slightly in the chilly room.  Porcelain was a cold substance, especially when against bare
skin.  His lips inadvertently quirked into an appreciative smile as he watched his tall lover strip out of his own garments, leaving
him wonderfully naked before Quatre’s eyes.  However, that appreciation turned to confusion, wondering what Trowa was up

Trowa once again lifted Quatre, this time gently setting him down in the bathtub, Wufei’s hands landing on his back to help
lower the blonde.  Quatre gasped as the warm water surrounded him and at the realization that he was being set down right in
front of Wufei.  He started shivering as Trowa drew his arms away, not really sure why he was having such a reaction.  
Perhaps it was just the close contact between him and the two young men that he loved, both of whom were just as naked as he
was himself.

“Don’t worry, we won’t do anything.”  Wufei said, leaning over to whisper into his ear.  “We only intend to help you get

Quatre nodded, feeling foolish about even thinking that either Wufei or Trowa would attempt anything while he was still so
weak.  He could feel the blush rising in his cheeks and looked down, ashamed of himself.

Movement to his side drew Quatre’s attention and he looked up, only to see Trowa kneeling down, his arms loaded with various
items . . . towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo.  He dropped the stuff to the floor, picking up a bottle of liquid soap and handed it
to Wufei, also handing over a washcloth.  Quatre watched curiously as Trowa picked up a second bottle of soap and poured a
good amount of the liquid out onto a washcloth.

Quatre sighed as he felt Wufei beginning to rub that washcloth along his back, washing away the sweat along with his previous
worries.  Quatre closed his eyes, savoring the feeling as he raised his arms and laid them on either side of the tub, his hands
lightly gripping the edges.  However, he snapped his eyes open again, flinching as something touched his chest.

“It’s okay . . . just relax.”  Trowa hushed, gently scrubbing the washcloth over Quatre’s chest as he smiled.  “We’ll take care of

Quatre nodded, offering a smile in return.  He could see that Trowa wanted to make up for doubting him before, so he wouldn’t
complain about being catered to.  To be perfectly honest, he didn’t want to complain.  He couldn’t think of anyone who would
want to complain about having two gorgeous young men bathing and pampering their every whim.  If Trowa and Wufei weren’t
careful, they would spoil Quatre with this indulgence.

Quatre closed his eyes again, sighing as the two young men washed him, feeling his mind and body relaxing in the soothing
mixture of the warmth of the bath and of the pacifying touches of his two loves.  He felt as Trowa lifted his arms, washing
them clean, while Wufei busied himself by cleansing Quatre’s hair.

The next thing that Quatre was aware of was a gentle hand shaking his shoulder.  Quatre blinked his eyes opened, feeling
confused.  When had they stopped washing him?  “Huh?  What’s going on?”  He asked.

Trowa smiled, tracing his fingers over the side of Quatre’s face.  “You fell asleep, love.”

“Oh, sorry.”  Quatre whispered, offering an apologetic smile.  

For the first time he noticed that he was leaned up against Wufei’s body, the Asian man’s arms wrapped around his waist and
keeping him up.  Quatre looked over his shoulder, smirking at Wufei, enjoying the view of Wufei’s soaked hair plastering his
skin.  Wufei must have gotten himself washed as well, Quatre guessed.  

“Up we go.”  Trowa announced, helping Quatre to stand on his own.  

Wufei stood as well.  And when Trowa took his hands away, Wufei took his place, making sure that Quatre didn’t fall over.  
Quatre certainly did love all of this attention.  Although he did wish that he wasn’t so tired at the moment.

Trowa grabbed two towels.  He handed one to Wufei, while he wrapped the other around Quatre’s body.  Slowly, he helped
Quatre out of the tub, Wufei following along behind him, quickly rubbing the towel he had been given over his own skin to dry
himself somewhat.  Trowa smiled down at Quatre, then vigorously rubbed the towel over his soaked body, although not too
roughly to harm him.

“Wufei’s going to take you now, love.  I’m just going to take a quick shower.”  Trowa said, wrapping the towel around Quatre’
s waist.

“Okay.”  Quatre replied, yawning.  

Trowa handed Quatre a towel, handing another to Wufei as well, before Wufei wrapped his arm around Quatre’s waist and
began leading him out of the room.  Quatre took one last glance back at Trowa when he heard the water being turned on.  He
watched with great appreciation as Trowa stepped into the shower, the water raining down over his well-toned body.  The
water streamed along his body in rivulets, glistening as they trailed down his muscular back, along his great body.  It was just a
spectacular sight to behold in Quatre’s honest opinion.

“Lovely.”  Quatre murmured, unaware that he had said it aloud

“Yes, he is quite beautiful.”  Wufei replied, urging Quatre to leave the room, although he had lingered for a moment himself to
appreciate the view that Trowa’s naked form presented.

Quatre blushed, looking away from Trowa’s gorgeous body and shuffling out of the room, Wufei’s arm wrapped around his
waist to offer him support.  Wufei helped him over to the bed, letting him sit.  Quatre used the towel that Trowa had given to
him to attempt to dry his hair, although he didn’t think he was doing much good since he was just so tired.

Wufei left his side for only a few minutes, as he rifled through the dresser drawers in search of garments for Quatre to wear.  
He still didn’t know his way around the bedroom.  Quatre would make it a point to have Wufei move his stuff in as soon as
possible.  It would only be fair considering that the Chinese youth was now a part of this relationship.

Wufei returned to Quatre’s side, carrying a pair of pale blue pajamas in his hands, along with boxers and a silk robe.  He set the
garments aside, then vigorously ran a towel through his own hair, leaving it disheveled but dryer than it had been.  Quatre just
watched for a moment, then grabbed the boxers from the pile of clothes.  He leaned over, trying to get himself dressed.  He got
one foot in, before he lost his grip on the waistband.

Wufei chuckled.  “You could have waited.”  He said, dropping the towel to the floor as he knelt down in front of Quatre.

“I wanted to try to do something on my own for a change.”  Quatre said, sighing as Wufei helped him to get his other leg into
the boxers.

“Don’t push yourself, Quatre.  You’re still sick . . . you should take it easy for a while.”  Wufei replied, rising to his feet and
helping Quatre to stand as well.  Then he leaned over and pulled the boxers up Quatre’s legs, removing the towel from around
Quatre’s body once the boxers were completely on.  

“I don’t like feeling useless.”  Quatre said, grabbing the top of his pajamas and pulling it on, while Wufei assisted him with the
bottoms, then helping Quatre to sit.

“You’re not useless.  You are ill.  I will not have you making yourself worse by pushing yourself to exhaustion.  Do not be
ashamed, just let yourself get better.”  Wufei smiled, sitting beside Quatre and brushing his fingers through the damp blonde hair.

Quatre nodded.  “I’m sorry.  I did not mean to be so foolish.”  

“No need for apologies.”  Wufei replied, rising to his feet.  “I’m sure it is aggravating to be waited on hand and foot by everyone
around you.”  He said, a tone of amusement in his voice.

“Well, I don’t mind too much.”  Quatre smiled.

Wufei nodded.  He reached down, grasping the towel that was around his waist.  He pulled it away, letting it slide to the floor to
pool around his ankles.  Quatre averted his gaze, knowing that he was blushing as Wufei stood before him in the nude.  Wufei
grabbed the robe that he had gotten earlier and slipped it on.

“That’s my robe, you know.”  Trowa said, walking into the bedroom, a towel wrapped around his waist, another towel around
his neck.  He stepped over to Quatre, sitting beside him on the bed.

“I can’t go walking around in the nude.”  Wufei replied, sliding a hand over the dark green, silk robe.  “I’ll return it to you later.  
For now I must go and get dressed.”

“Wait.”  Quatre said, smiling when Wufei nodded unsurely.  Quatre turned to Trowa, leaning over and whispering an idea into
his lover’s ear.

Trowa looked down at him for a moment then nodded, smiling slightly as he silently agreed with Quatre.  “Wufei . . . Quatre and
I were wondering if you would care to move your belongings in here?”

Wufei’s eyes widened for a moment.  “R-Really?”  He asked, sounding positively shocked.  “You are not just toying with my
emotions, are you?  If you are uncertain, I would not want to intrude.”

“I want you to move in.”  Trowa said.

“As do I.”  Quatre said, grinning.

Wufei nodded.  “Then I will return in a few minutes, dressed and with my few belongings.”  He said, bowing slightly.

Quatre giggled, watching as Wufei turned and left.  He would have to work on getting Wufei to lighten up.  The Chinese youth
was just too serious for his own good.  Trowa gently grasped Quatre’s face with his fingers, turning him to face him.  “Happy,
love?”  Trowa asked, brushing his fingertips lightly across Quatre’s lips.

“Very.”  Quatre answered, taking in a deep breath as he looked up into Trowa’s deep emerald eyes.  He could never get tired of
looking into those endless depths.  He wrapped his arms around Trowa’s body, noticing that it was still slick from his shower.  
He leaned forward, pressing his lips to Trowa’s throat, enjoying the deep moan from his tall lover.  His hands began to wander,
trailing along Trowa’s back, to easily dip below the towel, loosening the damp cloth enough so that it fell from his hips.

Trowa groaned, reaching back to grasp Quatre’s wrists and pull them away from him.  “No, Quatre.  We can’t do this now.”  
Trowa whispered, his gaze portraying that he did want to continue.

“But I want too.”  Quatre whined, sticking his lip out and pouting.  He tried to pry his hands away from Trowa’s, wanting to
touch him.

Trowa smiled, placing a chaste kiss to Quatre’s lips.  “You’re not up for it yet, Quatre.  You have to regain your strength before
I even attempt to do that with you.  I don’t want to hurt you, love.”  

Quatre nodded.  “Fine . . . but once I’m better you’re not getting out of this bed until I say so.”  He smirked.

“It’s a deal.”  Trowa chuckled, leaning forward to give Quatre a quick kiss.

To Be Continued . . .