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Notes:  No Duo in this part.  Just more of Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei.  Some kissing though . . . change that to a good deal of
kissing.  I hope you enjoy.

Desires and Deceptions
Part 23

Wufei walked through the hallway, heading for his own room.  He pulled the robe tighter around his body, feeling a bit self-
conscious.  He didn’t always stroll around wearing so little.  He didn’t really want one of the Maguanac to see him with so little
clothes on.  Although he wasn’t shy about his body, he just didn’t think that Quatre would appreciate rumors being spread about
the relationship between three former Gundam pilots.

As he walked to his own room, he thought back on the events of the previous few days.  He had never expected that he would
get the chance to try the relationship with Trowa and Quatre, always thinking that neither young man would welcome him.  But
his dream had been realized, his hopes finally attained.  

Trowa had even disrobed in front of him today.  Wufei felt honored that Trowa had trusted him that much so soon, it was
surprising to say the least.  Not to mention that both Trowa and Quatre had great bodies.  Even though Quatre’s body was
smaller, he was still a sleek youth, his musculature quite impressive, his skin as smooth as silk.  Wufei had been given the
perfect opportunity to feel those muscles, when he had helped the blonde bathe.  And Trowa was no weakling either, tall . . .
slender . . . beautiful.

Being with those two young men just left Wufei feeling wonderful.  Quatre’s body felt so right in his arms, as if he had always
belonged there, his kisses tasted sweet.  Wufei hoped he would get the opportunity to see how Trowa would combine into the
mixture, a brief fleeting thought bringing him to consider what Trowa’s mouth tasted like.

He shook his head, clearing his thoughts as he stepped into his room.  He quickly got dressed, brushing and pulling his hair back
once again into a tight ponytail.  He grabbed his bag out of the closet and hastily packed his few belongings.  Then he left the
room, never once glancing back.  

“Where are you off to?”  A voice asked, startling Wufei slightly.

However, he didn’t jump.  Instead, he just calmly turned, facing Sally who had been the one that had approached him from
behind.  “I’m moving in with Trowa and Quatre if you must know.”  Wufei said.

“So, they accepted you into their relationship . . . I’m happy for you.”  Sally replied, although Wufei did detect a hint of
disappointment lacing her voice.

“Why are you here?”  Wufei asked, suspicious of her.

Sally smiled.  “To check on Quatre, and to pick up Heero’s belongings.  We decided to have Duo stay in a hotel . . . it would be
better for him at the moment.”

Wufei nodded.  Then he silently walked back to the room he would now be calling his own, the room he would share with
Trowa and Quatre.  “I think we can further discuss this in the presence of the others.  I’m sure Trowa and Quatre would like to
hear of Maxwell.”

“I agree.”  Sally replied.

Nothing else was said as Wufei led Sally through the halls, returning to where Quatre and Trowa were waiting for him.  As soon
as they walked into the room, Wufei smirked, watching as Trowa finished brushing his hair back into its normal style, the damp
bangs hanging down to cover one eye.

“Sally . . . So good to see you.”  Quatre said tiredly from where he lay in bed.  Trowa must have got him settled in, Wufei
thought.  He dropped his bag beside the door and crossed the room to stand beside the bed, knowing that Sally was right behind

“Quatre, how are you feeling today?”  Sally asked, also stepping over to the bed.  Wufei moved aside, giving Sally enough space
to work.  She leaned over, pressing her hand to his head.

“I’m tired, but I’m feeling better.”  Quatre said, yawning.

Sally smiled, pulling out her stethoscope.  After getting him to take several breaths, she removed the stethoscope again.  “Well,
you still feel a little warm, but you do look better.”  Sally said.

Quatre grinned up at her.  

“So, tell us your news of Maxwell.”  Wufei said, taking a seat at the edge of Quatre’s bed

“You have news of Duo?”  Quatre asked, his voice hopeful.

Sally nodded.  “Yes, Heero found him in a hospital.  I’m afraid he was hurt very badly . . . gang raped . . . He’s terrified, his
body almost completely covered in bruises and wounds.  And I was told by the medical staff that he was found wrecking a
store window, pulling radios out and smashing them, cutting his arms pretty badly in the process.”

Quatre gasped, tears finding their way along his face as he listened to Sally.  “How awful.”  He whispered, his voice shaky.

“He was violent when I got there.  According to doctors, they had to keep him in a straight jacket all of the time because he
would lash out at doctors and nurses.  He broke the arms of several doctors.”  Sally continued.

“Where is he now?”  Trowa asked, standing just behind and to one side of Wufei, his hand landing gently on Wufei’s shoulder.

“He and Heero are in a hotel a few miles from here.  The Excelsior.  I needed to pick up some medication for Duo, and I thought
it best to pick up Heero’s stuff since I was already going to be out.”  Sally said.

Wufei frowned.  “I’m guessing that you did not bring Maxwell here because you were concerned for his mental state.”

Sally nodded.  “Yes . . . he was terrified when I got there, and Heero had already been with him for a while.  He would not react
well to the Maguanac or the presence of too many people.  By keeping him in the hotel, Heero and I can keep an eye on him
without having to worry about a number of people disturbing him.  The hotel staff has been informed of the situation, at least as
much as I was willing to tell them, so Duo won’t have to worry about maid service disturbing him.”

“I understand.”  Quatre said, his head lowered as his shoulders shook.  

Wufei was concerned for the young blonde, fearing what this news would do to him.  But before he could say anything, Sally
asked.  “Would you mind if I have a moment alone with Quatre?  I want to do a further examination, and talk with him.”

Wufei nodded, taking hold of Trowa’s arm as he walked away.  Trowa didn’t seem all that willing to leave, but Wufei eventually
got him out of the bedroom.  “Come on, let’s go get Yuy’s belongings for Sally.  The sooner she leaves, the sooner she can care
for Maxwell.”

Trowa nodded, although his eyes looked back at the door to their bedroom.  

Wufei kept his hand on Trowa’s arm, silently guiding the worried young man along to the room where Duo and Heero had been
staying.  Inside, Wufei found the room to be a total mess.  “What happened here?”  Wufei asked.

“Heero had a little bought of frustration and took it out on the room.”  Trowa said, gesturing to a dent in one wall.

Wufei shook his head and crossed the room to a bag that was sitting on the floor.  He looked in, and saw that Heero’s
belongings were inside.  “It looks as if he finished packing.”  

“Yes, he was getting ready to leave when I found him in here, making this mess.”  He knelt down and picked up a small black
box. He tossed it over to Wufei, who silently slipped it into the bag with the rest of Heero’s stuff.

Wufei noticed that Trowa seemed distracted.  He dropped the bag to the floor again, and knelt down in front of the tall youth.  
“Are you okay?”  Wufei asked, cupping Trowa’s face with his hands and gently lifting the young man’s face to look at him.

“I . . . I’m just worried about Quatre.  This information about Duo . . . Quatre will just worry.  He could make himself sick
again.”  Trowa said, his eyes never meeting Wufei’s, a shudder rippling through his body.  “And with Relena so close . . . he’s
bound to suffer because of her.  Then there’s Duo . . . and Heero . . .”  He trailed off, sweat beading on his skin, his body
trembling with an intense severity.  His breath was not coming to him easily, and Wufei knew that he would hyperventilate if he
continued to act this way.

So Wufei did the only thing he could think of . . . he pulled Trowa closer to him, pressing his lips against the tall young man’s in
a tender kiss.  It was just a whisper of a kiss, tentative and uncertain.  Wufei feared that Trowa would despise him for this . . .
perhaps he was moving too fast.

However, Wufei’s fears immediately vanished with the small moan that escaped from Trowa’s throat.  Trowa wrapped shaking
arms around Wufei’s body, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss.  Wufei circled his own arms around Trowa, relishing the
feel of the tall youth’s body so close against his own.

A jolt of pure shock and excitement lanced through Wufei’s body as he felt a gentle swipe of Trowa’s tongue against his bottom
lip.  He opened his mouth to the shy request, allowing Trowa to take the initiative in this embrace.  Wufei didn’t want to do
anything that would scare Trowa off, knowing that the young man wasn’t completely sure of himself just yet.

Trowa’s body pressed closer against Wufei’s, so Wufei leaned back, eventually landing on the floor as he pulled Trowa down
along with him.  Trowa’s tongue was expertly moving around his mouth . . . seeking, exploring.  Wufei returned Trowa’s gentle
actions by stroking his own tongue along Trowa’s, exploring the recesses of his mouth as Trowa was doing to his.

Wufei felt as Trowa’s hands began to wander, his own hands roaming over Trowa’s sleek body.  Trowa straddled Wufei's
body, their mouths never breaking contact as his hands slipped up underneath Wufei’s shirt, sliding gracefully over his skin and
sending shivers of delight wherever they touched Wufei.

Wufei moaned in sheer pleasure as their tongues continued to duel, deciding to return the gesture by moving his own hands
beneath Trowa’s shirt, caressing the smooth planes of his chest, playing with the sensitive flesh of Trowa’s nipples.  Trowa
gasped into Wufei’s mouth, his movements becoming more aggressive by the moment.

“Ahem!”  Someone said, loudly enough to startle both young men.

Wufei and Trowa broke away from each other, panting from exertion and excitement, both of them blushing as they saw Sally
standing in the doorway, her arms crossed over her chest as she smirked at them.  Trowa bowed his head, his cheeks tinted a
rosy shade.  Wufei just glared at Sally for interrupting.

“Having fun, gentlemen?”  Sally asked, smirking slightly.

“Is there something you want?”  Wufei asked, continuing to glare as he rose to his feet, noticing out of the corner of his eye as
Trowa also stood.

Sally shook her head, sighing.  “I finished my examinations of Quatre.  I also told him that for the time being that it might be
better for his health if he blocked Duo’s emotions to the best of his ability.  Duo is bound to be emotionally scarred and he will
have to deal with a few things.”

“How is Quatre?”  Trowa asked.

“He is much better.”  Sally smiled.  “Just keep him happy and take care of him.  In time he will make a complete recovery.”

“That is good to hear.”  Wufei commented.  He bent slightly and picked up Heero’s bag.  He and Trowa walked over, handing
the bag to Sally.  “Here are Heero’s belongings.”

Sally took the bag.  “Thank you.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I should get back to Duo as soon as I can.  He needs his
medication.”  She started to walk away then turned back after a few steps.  “Oh, and I left Quatre with Abdul . . . just in case
you were wondering.”

Wufei nodded, glad to hear that she hadn’t just left Quatre alone in the room.  He remembered how frightened Quatre had been
the last time he had been alone, and didn’t want to repeat that.  Quatre needed to relax if he was to get better, not worry.

When Sally walked away, Wufei turned to Trowa.  “Let us get back to Quatre.  I am sure he will be glad to see us.”

Trowa nodded.  “Perhaps we can pick up where we left off.”  He said, blushing slightly.

“Quatre would most definitely enjoy that.”  Wufei smirked, taking hold of Trowa’s hand as they walked away, returning to their
bedroom where Quatre was waiting.

Wufei stepped into the bedroom first, his hand remaining clasped with Trowa’s as they walked inside.  Abdul was sitting in a
chair by the bed, talking with the young blonde.  However, the Maguanac looked up as soon as Trowa and Wufei stepped in.

“I am glad to see you are recovering, Master Quatre.”  Abdul said, turning his attention back to Quatre.  “Perhaps I will be
allowed to visit you later.”  He stood, backing away from the bed.

“Yes, I would like that.”  Quatre replied, weariness in his voice, his eyes drooping in apparent tiredness.

Abdul nodded to Trowa and Wufei as he left, silently closing the door behind himself.  Wufei released his grasp on Trowa's hand
as he approached Quatre’s bedside, Trowa walking around and climbing up onto the other side.

“How are you feeling?”  Wufei asked, sliding his hand along Quatre’s face, gently caressing the smooth skin of his cheek.

Quatre smiled, looking up at Wufei with a tired expression.  “I’m just a little tired.”  He replied, raising his hand and laying it over

“Sally said that she told you to block Duo.  Are you strong enough to do that?”  Trowa asked, concern lacing his voice.

Quatre closed his eyes and took in a deep breath, letting it out slowly.  “Yes, I . . . I think I can do it.  It’ll help that I have such
strong positive emotions here to focus on.”  He opened his eyes and smiled to both Trowa and Wufei.

“Then let us make a few more positive emotions.”  Trowa smirked, taking a quick glance at Wufei before leaning forward and
pressing his lips against Quatre’s.

Wufei removed his hand from Quatre’s cheek, letting his fingertips travel down along his lovely neck.  He watched amused, as a
shiver coursed its way through Quatre’s small frame, a soft moan emanating from his throat as his arms found their way around
Trowa’s body.

Trowa pulled back.  Wufei waited a few moments, allowing Quatre to catch his breath, before he too swept in and kissed the
beautiful Arabian, delighted to hear the pleasured gasp coming from the petite blonde.  He teasingly slid his tongue across Quatre’
s bottom lip, pulling back just as Quatre opened his mouth to him.  

Quatre pouted and groaned at the lack of contact, and looked up at Wufei.  Wufei just smirked in return then looked to Trowa.  
“Now, to get back to where we left off.”  He said, moving forward and kissing Trowa deeply, his tongue demanding entrance
almost immediately.

Trowa responded eagerly, his hands moving up to grip Wufei’s biceps as their tongues sparred for dominance of the kiss.  It
was rougher than their previous one, but neither seemed to mind that fact all too much.  A hand other than Trowa's slipped
under Wufei’s shirt and slid along his chest.  Wufei cracked an eye open, only to see Quatre moving closer to the two of them,
sitting up to get a better angle while he ran his hand in delicate strokes over Wufei’s chest.

Wufei gripped one of Trowa’s arms, while his other hand moved to return Quatre’s caresses, sliding along a blanket-covered
thigh.  He saw as Trowa’s hand joined in the act, slipping between a few buttons of Quatre’s pajamas to massage his chest.

Quatre gasped as Trowa apparently began doing something that the blonde enjoyed.  Quatre slid back Wufei’s shirt to expose his
shoulder, then bent forward and licked a trail across the exposed skin, alternating soft nips with gentle kisses to Wufei’s
shoulder and neck.

This continued for several moments.  And then Quatre’s hand suddenly fell away, landing in Wufei’s lap.  The sudden touch
startled Wufei and made him jump, breaking away from Trowa’s kiss to blush as he looked down at the hand laying limply in his
lap.  He then looked at Quatre’s face, smiling when he saw that the young blonde was asleep, his head resting against Wufei’s

“I guess we wore him out.”  Wufei chuckled, gently reaching out and laying Quatre down again.

Trowa pulled the blankets up to cover Quatre.  “Well, he was tired to begin with.”  He commented.

Wufei nodded.  He wove his fingers through Quatre’s silky hair, frowning in concern for the lovely Arabian.  

“I’m sure he will recover.  Sally said he would.”  Trowa said, his hand landing on Wufei’s shoulder in a comforting gesture.

“Yes, I am sure of that as well.”  Wufei said, then sighed.  “But what do we do with Relena?  She cannot be arrested . . . the
vice foreign minister involved in an attempted murder . . . the scandal would be horrendous.”

Trowa nodded in understanding.  “Yes, the press would probably be more focused on Duo and Heero than on anything that
Relena had done.  Two members of the Preventers being homosexuals . . . that in itself would be headline news.”

“We will just have to devise a suitable punishment ourselves then.”  Wufei said.  “Duo and Quatre should have some say in the
matter though.  The two of them were hurt the most by this.  Perhaps Hilde would like a say as well . . . she was hurt by Relena
as well I believe.”

“Yes, Hilde would probably appreciate a chance to get back at Relena, even if just for toying with Duo’s life as she had.”  Trowa
replied.  “I’ll call her later . . . for now we’ll just have to wait until both Quatre and Duo recover to find out what Relena’s
punishment will be.”

Wufei nodded, satisfied with the answer.  A faint grumbling in his stomach let him know that he was hungry.  He looked up at
Trowa.  “Would you care for something to eat?”

“Yes, I am a bit hungry.”  Trowa said, offering a slight smile.

“Good, then I will go fetch us something . . . and something for Quatre as well . . . he should eat again, if only to regain some
portion of his strength.”

“We’ll be waiting here.”  Trowa smiled, laying back against the bed, his arms reaching out to wrap around Quatre’s small frame,
holding him gently but with much affection.  Quatre curled toward him, snuggling against his chest while he remained asleep.

Wufei had to smile at the sight.  He stood and walked out of the room, casting a glance and a smile back at the two young men
before he departed.  Relena should die for all the harm she had caused . . . although Wufei knew that they had to wait for Duo
and Quatre to recover, knowing that they had to have a say in the young woman’s punishment.  

To Be Continued . . .