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Notes:  Heero’s fainted.  Duo thinks over a few things.  General g-boy suffering.

Desires and Deceptions
Part 26

“Heero?!”  Duo screamed, watching in horror as the young Japanese man collapsed.  He turned to the door, calling out to Sally
as he rolled Heero over onto his back, gasping as he saw blood flowing from a fresh cut on Heero’s forehead.

An instant later, Sally and the others came rushing into the room.  “What happened?”  Sally asked, dropping to her knees beside
Heero.  Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei hovered behind her, watching with concerned faces as she got to work.

“I-I don’t know.  Heero came out of the bathroom, I asked him what was wrong, and he passed out.”  Duo said, trying to
understand what was going on.

He knew that he hadn’t been paying much attention these last two weeks, but that was because Duo was sure that Heero hated
him, that Heero didn’t want him to look at him.  It was obvious since Heero only touched Duo if he absolutely had to, that he
didn’t really care about Duo anymore.  There was another reason that Duo didn’t look at Heero though.  He also avoided looking
at Heero whenever he could, not wanting to feel the terrible pain of heartache that would come whenever he looked at Heero,
knowing that Heero could no longer love him.  Duo was tainted filth, nothing but used goods.  

This whole situation . . . it had been Duo’s own fault.  Heero had left the room, but that was due to the shock of finding Duo in
bed with Hilde.  However, Duo had left the first chance that he had gotten, not even waiting around to find out if Heero was
coming back.  He could have waited for him, to stay and wait so that they could attempt to talk things out.  But he had just
walked out on him, hadn’t even given Heero a chance to talk with him.

Duo frowned as he looked carefully at Heero’s body, trying to understand why Heero looked so sick.  To see Heero so pale and
thin, Duo knew that something was wrong.  Duo had to wonder if it was something he had done, or if perhaps it was that Heero
actually did still care about him.

“He looks so pale.”  Trowa commented.  “How long has he been like this?”

“I don’t know.”  Sally replied.  “I never noticed anything out of the ordinary.”

Quatre glared at her, shoving her aside as he knelt next to Heero.  “How the hell could you not have noticed this?”  He asked,
pulling up Heero’s T-shirt to expose his emaciated form, the ribs that showed clearly through his pale skin.  “He looks like he
hasn’t eaten in ages.”

“I can understand Duo missing this . . . he has been ill himself.  But you, Sally, are a doctor . . . you should have noticed this.”  
Wufei stated, shoving his arms under Heero’s prone body and lifting him.  He carried Heero over to his bed, gently setting him

“I don’t know why I didn’t see it.”  Sally whispered, her voice guilt-stricken, saddened.

Duo sat on his own bed, watching the happenings across from him, concerned for Heero’s health and well-being.  Sally stood,
quickly moving over to kneel beside Heero’s bed, her fingers prodding the area of his head that continued to bleed.  Wufei and
Trowa stood beside her, while Quatre stayed back.

“It doesn’t look too bad.”  Sally commented, reaching over to the bedside table and grabbing several tissues, which she used to
stop the flow of blood from Heero’s injury.  “Just a minor head wound.”

“Is it safe to wake him?”  Wufei asked.

Sally nodded.  “Yes, besides we do need to find out what’s going on, just how long he’s been neglecting himself.”

“Allow me.”  Trowa said.  Sally nodded and moved aside, allowing Trowa to kneel beside Heero’s bed.  Trowa reached out,
laying his hand against Heero’s face, gently beginning to slap him.  “Come on!  Wake up!”  He said, his tone laced with both
worry and insistence.

Heero’s brow furrowed.  “Mmph!  Wha?”  He groaned, his eyes opening a bit as he turned his head away from Trowa’s hand.  
For a few moments he was disoriented, then clarity returned to his gaze.  “What is it?  Did something happen to Duo?”  He
asked, looking between each of the people around his bed warily, concern obvious on his face.  “Where is he?  Is he all right?”

“I’m fine, Heero.”  Duo announced, rising from his bed and taking a few steps forward.  His heart was elated, thinking that
perhaps Heero did still care.  To ask about him in that tone, after just awakening, Heero must still care at least a little.  Duo had
hope again, as miniscule as it was, he had hope once again.

Heero’s face looked noticeably relieved, his eyes softening the moment he saw Duo.  “Good.”  He sighed.

“Heero, we have some questions for you.”  Trowa stated.

Heero glared at the taller youth, then rolled away.  “Leave me be.”  He muttered angrily.

Trowa grabbed his shoulder, forcing him to roll back over.  “No!  Now, how long has it been since you’ve eaten anything?”  
Trowa replied, his tone angry.

“I don’t know.  I stopped trying over a week ago . . . I just couldn’t keep anything down.”  Heero answered, looking away.  “If
you’re wondering, I haven’t slept much either . . . no more than two or three hours at a time if I’m lucky.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”  Sally asked.

Heero shrugged.  “Doesn’t matter . . . nothing does.”

“Of course it matters!”  Sally nearly yelled.  Then she looked at Wufei.  “Wufei, could you give me a hand?”  She asked, rising
and striding out of the room quickly.

Wufei nodded as Sally passed by him, then he quickly followed behind her.  Several minutes later, they reentered the room,
Wufei carrying a bowl in his hands, Sally carrying her black medical bag.

Up until they came back in, the room had been oddly silently, the tension nearly visible.  However, as soon as Heero saw what
Sally and Wufei were bringing in, he tried to get up.  “Stay the Hell away from me!”  He shouted, glaring at them both.

Wufei placed the bowl on the bedside table, smirking down at Heero.  “We can’t do that, Heero.  Now, you’re going to drink
this broth and then you are going to get some rest.”  He said.

“The Hell I am!”  Heero replied, moving himself to a sitting position.  

Trowa grabbed his shoulders, forcing him back down to the bed, quickly straddling Heero’s body, his knees pinning Heero’s
arms to his sides.  “You need to eat, Heero.”  Trowa stated.

Heero ignored him, struggling to get out from under Trowa, bucking and writhing to get away and off of the bed.  Wufei
quickly moved to help Trowa, holding Heero’s legs down as the Japanese youth continued to fight.  “Leave me alone!  Don’t
worry about me!  I’m not worth the effort!”  Heero screamed, tears trickling from the corners of his eyes while he struggled.

All through this, Duo was staring at Heero, trying to comprehend why he had never noticed this before.  Heero was ready to die
. . . thought himself unworthy of help.  He cared about Duo.  It was almost too much, and Duo berated himself for being so
blind.  Heero must care if he had forgotten about his own health, if he would let himself wither away like this.  While he was still
deeply concerned about Heero’s health, Duo felt a twinge of warmth in his heart, knowing that Heero still had feelings for him.


Quatre watched with deep fear as Heero fought against Trowa and Wufei, as Heero tried to get them to release him.  He
flinched, hearing Heero’s yells for them to stop and leave him alone, the pain and anger Heero felt crashing against Quatre like
tidal waves.  Quatre staggered closer to the bed, his fist tightly clenching the front of his shirt over his chest, his heart pounding
in his chest as he struggled to keep his breath even.

“Heero, you need to eat something!”  Sally stated, readying a syringe.

“No!”  Heero replied, sweating profusely now, still trying to get Wufei and Trowa off of him.  

Sally stepped forward.  “Either you eat, or I knock you out and force you.”  She said, holding up the syringe to prove her point.  
“I can have a hospital bed brought in here, strap you down, and have you fed intravenously all before you come out of sedation.  
Or you can be good and just drink the broth.”

Heero just glared at her a moment.  Then he sighed and let his body go limp under Trowa and Wufei, giving up his struggles.  
“Fine.”  He whispered.  “I’ll drink the stupid broth.”

Sally nodded.  Wufei and Trowa slowly removed themselves from off of Heero, both of them watching the Japanese youth
carefully.  Heero merely stared down at the blankets as he pushed himself up to a sitting position, his arms shaking as he
moved.  Once he was sitting up, Sally handed the bowl to him.  The five of them stood there, watching as Heero slowly drank
the broth.

Heero handed the bowl back to Sally before he had halfway finished the broth.  “I can’t stomach any more . . . it’s too much.”  
He whispered, avoiding the gazes of his concerned friends.

Sally smiled slightly, setting the bowl on the bedside table.  “That’s fine . . . just as long as you have something in your
stomach.  Now, lie back.”  Sally said, laying her hand on his shoulder and urging him down.

Heero silently obeyed, turning his face away while Sally injected him using the syringe she had prepared earlier.  “This is just a
mild sedative, Heero . . . it’ll help you get some rest.”  She said, reaching out to brush her fingers through his hair briefly.  He
moved away from her touch and Sally sighed, shaking her head.  

Quatre stepped forward, staggering slightly as dizziness filled his head.  “Could you leave us alone for a moment?”  He asked,
looking down at Heero while speaking with the others.

“Sure.”  Sally replied.  “He’ll be asleep soon, so whatever you have to say should be said quickly.”  

“I understand.”  Quatre nodded, listening until he heard the door open and close.  Once he was sure that they were alone in the
room, Quatre sat on the edge of Heero’s bed.  He reached out and carefully took hold of Heero’s hand.  “Heero?”  Quatre
whispered, brushing his thumb over the back of his friend’s hand.

Heero turned to him, tears spilling from his eyes.  “I can’t go on like this, Quatre . . . it hurts so much.”  Heero whispered, his
voice pained.  “But I can’t go back to the way I was . . . the soldier is gone.  I couldn’t put up the walls again . . . it didn’t
work.  I tried . . .”  He said, sobbing as he took his hand away from Quatre, winding his arms around himself.  “It hurts too
much to keep going.  I want it to stop.  I want it all to just stop.”

Quatre didn’t wait to hear anymore . . . he didn’t need to.  He leaned over, wrapping his arms around Heero’s body, pulling the
young man into a tender embrace.  “It’s okay, Heero . . . you’ll see . . . everything will work out.”  Quatre whispered, silently
praying that his words were true.  In his heart he could feel Heero’s doubts, and they mingled with his own . . . the hurt and
suffering he sensed from his friend leaving a deep ache in Quatre’s chest.

After a few moments, Heero’s sobs ceased, his arms weakly falling away from Quatre’s body.  Quatre pulled back, smiling
slightly at the sight of Heero’s sleeping form, reaching out to brush back Heero’s bangs before he stood and covered Heero with
the blankets.  Quatre turned and left the room, casting one last glance back at Heero before he exited and closed the door behind

“Everything okay?”  Trowa asked.

As soon as Quatre locked eyes with his tall lover, his legs gave out from underneath him and he felt himself falling, everything
around him spinning.  Before he hit the floor however, a pair of strong arms wrapped around him.  Quatre looked over at who
caught him, smiling when he saw that it was Wufei.

“Are you well?”  Wufei asked, his tone concerned as he held Quatre up.

Quatre smiled.  “I just feel a little faint.”  He replied, raising his hand to his head.

“Then perhaps you should lie down.”  Trowa said, swiftly moving over to Quatre’s side and sweeping him up into his arms.  
Wufei stepped aside, allowing Trowa to carry Quatre over to a long sofa, then quickly followed behind Trowa.

Quatre sighed, contentedly.  “I’m quite comfortable right here.”  He said, wrapping his arms around Trowa’s neck and nuzzling
closer to him.  He closed his eyes, relishing the feel of Trowa’s arms around him, losing himself in the comfort that the embrace

A moment later, Quatre felt Trowa’s arms pulling away from him, feeling as he was laid down on a comfortable surface, his
head propped up slightly by something pleasantly warm.  Quatre opened his eyes, a smile immediately crossing his face as he
looked up into Wufei’s dark eyes, realizing that his head was set on Wufei’s lap.

“Comfortable?”  Wufei asked, idly stroking his fingers through Quatre’s hair.

“Very.”  Quatre replied, smiling brightly.  He looked down, feeling as his legs were lifted.  He smiled even brighter, watching as
Trowa took a seat at the other end of the sofa.  Trowa removed Quatre’s shoes, slowly beginning a foot massage that left
Quatre sighing happily and moaning lightly in pleasure.  Trowa was very skilled with his hands, as Quatre knew very well.  
“That feels great.”  He said, watching as an amused smile crossed Trowa’s handsome features.

“Just lay back and relax.”  Wufei said, his gentle fingers grazing along the edge of Quatre’s face, while the fingers of his other
hand continued to toy with his hair.

“When did this happen?”  Duo suddenly asked, sitting in a chair close to the trio.

Quatre smiled over at his friend, realizing for the first time that hardly anyone knew that Wufei was now a part in his and Trowa’
s relationship.  “While I was recovering . . . Wufei approached us and told us how he feels about us.”  Quatre said, unable to
keep the smile from his face.

Duo cast a small smile at Trowa.  “I was right then, huh?  You are into kinky threesomes, eh Trowa?”

Trowa blushed a deep shade of crimson, Quatre’s face feeling quite warm as he remembered the morning that he had awakened
with Duo in his bed, the jokes that Duo had made to lighten the mood at the time.  It had been before the party, before Heero had
gone on his mission, before all of the horrible mess that had followed after that day.  

“We are not kinky.”  Wufei huffed, then a slight smirk crossed his face.  “At least not yet.”

Duo covered his mouth to suppress a laugh, winding his other arm around his stomach as he was obviously in some amount of
discomfort.  “I never thought you were one to make jokes, Wufei.  That was a good one.”  Duo said, smiling.

Quatre was delighted, sensing the happiness coming from Duo, glad that something had been able to cheer him.  However, he
was still blushing from hearing Wufei’s words, wondering if there was any seriousness in them.  Perhaps it would be fun to find
out.  He looked to Trowa, wondering how the other third of this relationship had reacted, only to see that Trowa was looking at
him, his one eyebrow raised in a silent question.  Quatre answered with a smile, knowing that Trowa had been curious to know
if Quatre was comfortable with the possibility that Wufei had brought up.  In return, Trowa smirked, then returned to the
massage that he was giving to Quatre’s feet.

“I’m happy for you, all three of you.”  Duo said, then yawned.

“Duo, you should go back to bed.”  Sally said, laying her hand on one of his shoulders.

Duo looked up at her, but said nothing.  He only silently nodded, casting a smile to the three on the sofa as he rose from his
seat.  He slowly moved over to the bedroom door, hesitating a moment.  “You guys will all be here for a while, right?”  He asked
without turning around.

“I have to go get some supplies . . . food more suitable to Heero’s current condition, easily digestible foods and other such
things, perhaps some vitamins as well.”  Sally said.  “However, I should be back soon.”

“We’ll be here.”  Quatre stated.

“But only until Sally returns.”  Wufei said.  “Although he’d like us to believe differently, Quatre is still not quite up to full-
strength yet.”

“Yes, I will need to get some rest.  Sensing Heero’s suffering before I was able to put up a block left me weary.  But I wouldn’t
change anything . . . it got me here and to see you smiling again.”  Quatre said.

Duo turned, casting a small smile at Quatre.  “Thanks, Quatre.”  He said, then opened the door and stepped inside the other

“You three will keep an eye on him, right?”  Sally asked, as soon as Duo had shut the door behind himself.

“Of course.”  Trowa replied, although the answer to Sally’s question had been plainly obvious to anyone.  

“I knew you would.”  Sally grinned.  “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”  She said, then hastily left the hotel suite.

Quatre watched her retreating form until she had closed the door behind herself.  Then he sighed and looked up at Wufei.  “I’m
tired.”  He said.  It was the truth . . . this entire situation was weighing heavily on him, drawing on the strength he had only
recently built up again.  

Sensing pain from his friends left him hurting as well . . . he didn’t like it.  Also, he had waited until just a moment ago to place a
block against Heero’s emotions in his mind . . . so for the past few hours he had been sensing all of that suffering, his own body
and mind feeling the effects of the agony that Heero was in.  Quatre had wanted to see it with his own eyes, to make sure that
there wasn’t something wrong with his abilities again, to be sure that it was in fact Heero that he had been sensing.  Now that he
had seen, he just had to figure out what he could do to help his friend.

“Then go to sleep.”  Wufei said.  “Would you like to sleep here on in Sally’s bed?”

“Bed . . .”  Quatre replied, winding his arms around Wufei’s waist.  “More room to snuggle with you in a bed.”  

Wufei smiled down at him, then carefully pulled Quatre into his arms.  “Let’s go then.”  He said, rising from the sofa and lifting
Quatre with him.

Quatre looked over to Trowa.  “You coming with us?”  He asked, yawning.

Trowa shook his head.  “No, love . . . someone should stay here in case Duo needs one of us.  As soon as Sally gets back, we’ll
go home and the three of us can . . . cuddle . . . all you want.”  He said, blushing slightly as he said the word ‘cuddle.’

“Okay . . . Can’t wait.”  He said, grinning.  He closed his eyes, laying his head against Wufei’s chest.  Quatre felt as the Chinese
youth began walking.  However, he was asleep before he reached the other bedroom, not realizing when Wufei had set him
down on the bed or when Wufei had laid next to him and curled his arms around Quatre’s body, pulling the blankets up to cover
the both of them.  Quatre had been plain exhausted.

To Be Continued . . .