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Notes:  Duo finishes giving Heero his bath.  

Desires and Deceptions
Part 29

Duo couldn’t keep the smile off of his face as he finished giving Heero his bath.  Heero’s words of affection, even if they had
been said while the Japanese youth had been sleeping, left Duo feeling happier than he had felt in the past couple weeks.  He
hadn’t felt this good since before the party at Quatre’s estate, before all the crap that had happened recently.

He sighed, pushing aside the unpleasant memories.  Duo reached out, gently shaking Heero’s shoulder to rouse him.  “Heero,
wake up.”

Heero groaned, blinking several times before he opened his eyes completely.  “Huh?  What?”  He asked, sounding confused,
groggy.  “Something wrong?”

Duo smiled.  “No, there’s nothing wrong, Heero.  It’s just that I finished cleaning you off and I thought you’d like to get out of
the bathtub.”  He replied, running his hand up and down along Heero’s wet arm.

“Y-yeah . . . that’s probably a good idea.”  Heero said tiredly, his every movement betraying just how exhausted he was.

Duo wrapped his arms around Heero’s body, moving carefully to get them both out of the tub without falling down and breaking
their necks.  Once again, Duo left Heero sitting on the toilet seat, this time leaving him to retrieve the towels that he had gotten
out earlier.  Duo dried himself off first, wrapping the towel around his waist when he was done, then unpinned his hair and let it

Then he crossed the room to stand in front of Heero.  Smiling, he began to rub the soft cloth over Heero’s thin body.  His smile
faded as he dried Heero’s torso, the sight of the young man’s ribs quite disturbing to behold.  However, he smiled again as soon
as he looked up at Heero’s face again, not wanting to upset Heero with his own worries.  “I didn’t wash your hair.”  Duo said,
to distract himself and Heero from the task at hand.  “It wasn’t too bad, plus it would have been difficult to rinse it while you
were asleep.”

“You could have awakened me.”  Heero said, letting out a yawn that he tried to stifle with his hand.

“No, you needed the sleep.”  Duo replied.

Finished drying Heero off, Duo helped him up and into the bedroom, the towel wrapped around Heero’s waist.  He let Heero sit
on his bed, while he went to get some clothes out of the drawers of the dresser.  He got something for himself first, just a pair
of boxers and a plain gray tank top, but it was good enough.  He hastily dressed himself.  Then he opened the drawer that
contained Heero’s clothes . . . there was only one drawer of his clothes, since he didn’t own all that much.

The first thing that caught his eye, was a green tank top.  Frowning, he pushed it aside, shoving it back into a corner and
choosing a blue tank top instead.  He knew that Heero didn’t want to wear that, not after his nightmare.  He shook his head,
picking out a pair of boxers for Heero to wear.

Duo hadn’t been expecting to find anything underneath, so the sight of a small black jewelry box hidden between pairs of
underwear got his attention.  Duo picked up the box, looking over his shoulder to see if Heero could see him.  Heero wasn’t
even looking in his direction, apparently fighting to keep his eyes open as he stared down at himself.

So Duo once again turned his attention to the box.  He opened it, biting back a gasp as he saw two rings settled inside a velvet
lining.  They were silver, each with two hearts intertwined.  He noticed that they looked as if they opened and so he opened one,
guessing that the hearts stayed closed with tiny magnets or something.  A tear trickled from his eye as he read the inscription
hidden by the hearts.  It said simply, “You are my peace.”  He opened the other, wondering if the inscription was the same for
both rings.  He smiled, reading. “You are my home.”

Duo’s memories flashed back to the day when Heero had taken him to the mall, the day he had thought he was well enough to
go outside once again.  He remembered quite clearly when Heero had wrapped his arms around him in that store, asking him to
sum up how he felt with just one word.  His answer had been “home,” just as Heero’s reply when Duo had asked him the same
question was “peace.”

Duo knew he had to ask Heero about this, but he thought that he had better wait until after Heero was dressed.  Quickly wiping
the tears from his eyes, Duo turned, hiding the box behind his back as he moved over to Heero’s side.  He knelt down, subtly
shoving the box under the bed as he helped Heero to put on the boxers, removing the towel from around his waist and carelessly
throwing it aside.

“Something wrong?”  Heero asked, looking at Duo with concern in his gaze.

“No . . . nothing.”  Duo said, looking down.  He cleared his throat, then helped Heero with tank top.  “Lay down.”  He
whispered, carefully urging Heero to lie down.

Heero silently complied, his barely open eyes watching Duo’s every movement.  “Are you sure?”  He asked, while Duo pulled
the blankets up to cover him.

Duo swallowed, suddenly feeling quite nervous.  He reached under the bed, grasping the jewelry box in his hand and pulled it
out, not yet showing it to Heero.  “I . . . I . . .”  Duo stammered, not exactly sure how he could ask this.  So, he lifted the box,
setting it down on the edge of the bed.  “Heero?”  He quietly asked, hoping that the Japanese youth would be able to answer the
questions that he just couldn’t bring himself to ask.

Heero’s face immediately paled, his eyes going wide as he stared at the box.  He reached out, his hand shaking as he took the
box, carefully opening it.  He gasped, brushing his fingers over the rings.  “I . . . I was going to ask you . . . when I got back
from . . . and then . . .”  Heero replied, not able to finish his sentences.

“Heero?”  Duo asked, figuring out for himself what Heero wasn’t saying.  Heero had been planning on proposing . . . that was
what he couldn’t bring himself to say.  He was planning on proposing, just after he got back from his mission, perhaps even
during the party that Quatre had thrown for him.  It would have been perfect, if Relena hadn’t gone and spoiled everything with
her delusional insanity.

“Look, I know you hate me now.”  Heero said, pushing the box into Duo’s hands.  “You can throw them out if that’s what you
want to do.”  He sniffled, brushing aside a tear.  “It . . . it was the best dream a thing like me could ever hope to have . . . I
guess I didn’t really deserve it or you after all.”

Duo shook his head.  No, he still cared for Heero . . . still loved him.  Just because they were having problems, didn’t mean that
he cared less.  He had loved Heero all this time, even when he had been in the hospital cursing his name . . . he couldn’t help it.  
Heero was his world.  So Duo did the only thing he could think of, he thrust the ring box back into Heero hands.  “Do it right!”  
He said, then lowered his voice, fearing that perhaps Heero didn’t really want him.  “That is . . . if you still . . . if you still want

Heero blinked and looked up at Duo, his eyes glistening with tears.  “You . . . you still . . .”

Duo smiled, nodding.  “I will always love you, Heero.  You hurt me, yes, and it will take some time for me to get over that.  You
should have trusted me, and I shouldn’t have run away.  We will talk . . . some other time when we’re both up to it.  The
question is . . . do YOU love ME?”

Heero nodded, answering immediately, “More than life itself.”

Duo laughed, quickly lashing out and pulling Heero into a hug, never wanting to let go.  “You don’t know how happy that makes
me.”  Duo said, crying tears of happiness as Heero returned the embrace.

After a moment, Heero pushed Duo away.  Duo watched curiously, wondering what Heero was up to as the silent young man
pushed aside the blankets.  Heero smirked, pulling the rings free of the box as he sat on the edge of the bed.  Then he slid out,
letting himself fall to his knees in front of Duo.  

He took hold of Duo’s hand.  “W-will you marry me, Duo?”  Heero asked, staring up at Duo hopefully.

Duo knew he was crying again, and he didn’t care one bit.  “Of course I will.”  He replied, feeling like he could jump for joy as
Heero slipped the ring onto his finger.

“You are my peace, Duo Maxwell.”  Heero said, kissing the back of Duo’s hand.  Then he struggled to get himself back into
bed, Duo’s hands wrapping around him to help him up.  As soon as he was sitting on the edge of the bed again, he held the
other ring out to Duo.

Duo smiled, knowing what to do.  He got down on one knee, taking hold of Heero’s hand.  “Marry me?”  He asked, already
knowing Heero’s answer.

Heero tiredly nodded.  “Of course.”  He smiled.

“You are my home, Heero Yuy.”  Duo beamed, sliding the ring onto Heero’s finger, throwing himself into Heero’s arms only
seconds later.  “God I love you, Heero.”  He whispered, holding on as tightly as he could to Heero’s body.

“Love you too.”  Heero replied, then yawned.

Duo pulled away this time, looking at Heero with growing concern.  “You need some rest.  Why not go to sleep?”  He asked,
once again helping Heero to lie down and covering him with the blankets.

Heero smiled up at him.  “Okay.”  He said, reaching out and sliding his hand along Duo’s cheek, his hand eventually falling away
as unconsciousness claimed him.

Duo watched him for a few moments, still hesitant about contact.  He may have hugged Heero, but those embraces were short
and just spur of the moment, or for comforting.  Those hugs had still brought up memories that he would rather forget.  
However, as Duo noticed Heero lapsing into what looked to be an unpleasant dream, he knew he had to get over his fears once
and for all.

Slowly, Duo crawled into Heero’s bed and under his blankets, curling his arms around Heero’s body even as they both
trembled.  Heero jerked awake, looking to Duo with curiosity.  Before Heero could open his mouth to say anything, Duo pressed
a kiss to his forehead.  “This is just so you can sleep peacefully.  I don’t want you having another nightmare.”  He said.

Heero nodded, accepting that answer.  “I could turn on my side facing away from you . . . if you think you’ll be more
comfortable that way.”  Heero offered.

Duo smiled.  “You hate sleeping on your side.”  He commented.  “I’ll be fine . . . just go back to sleep.”  Duo said, laying his
head against Heero’s chest, smiling as he listened to Heero’s strong heartbeat until it lulled him to sleep.


Trowa flipped through some magazine, sighing as he tried to find something interesting within the pages.  Nothing appealed to
him.  After a few more moments, he closed the magazine and tossed it onto the coffee table in front of him, feeling bored.  
Patience was a virtue that Trowa had become accustomed with, but still he didn’t know why it was taking Sally so long to get
back.  He wanted nothing more than to take Quatre home so that he and Wufei could take care of him, and they couldn’t leave
until Sally returned.  It was wearing on Trowa’s patience.

He rose to his feet, pacing momentarily before he decided to check and see if Duo and Heero were well.  He crossed to the
bedroom door, quietly opening it.  The sight before him made him blink.  Duo and Heero were curled together on one of the
beds, their faces content as they slept in each others’ arms.

Trowa smirked, backing away and out of the room, silently closing the door behind him.  He turned, deciding that he might as
well check on Quatre’s welfare.  However, the sight of Sally entering the hotel suite stopped him in his tracks.  In her arms
were several grocery bags, which she just dropped by the door.  “Something wrong?”  She asked, looking at Trowa with
concern, apparently having noticed that he had been standing next to the door to the bedroom where Duo and Heero slept.

“No, I think everything will be okay.”  Trowa replied, smirking.  He opened the bedroom door again, just as quietly as he had
before.  “Take a look.”

Sally nodded, walking over in a few quick strides.  After glancing in, she turned to Trowa and smiled.  “I see what you mean.”  
She whispered.  “Perhaps I’m not needed here anymore.”

Trowa closed the door.  “No, I’m certain they do still need your help, medically speaking of course.  Neither are quite up to full-
strength just yet.”

“Yes, but probably not for much longer.”  Sally replied.  “Duo is a good deal stronger than before, and now that he and Heero
seem to be patching things up between them, Heero will most likely make a full recovery.”

Trowa nodded, thinking that it was an accurate assumption.  “If you’ll excuse me, I would like to take Quatre home now.”  
Trowa said.

“Go ahead.  I can handle things from here.”  Sally replied, casting him a small smile.

Trowa turned and walked away from her, heading to the other bedroom.  He opened the door, a smile quickly making its way
across his face as he saw the two young men that rested on the bed.  Both Quatre and Wufei were laying there, their arms
wound around each other, a smile gracing Quatre’s angelic features as he clung to Wufei.  Neither were sleeping, although
Quatre was just barely awake, his eyes open no more than a fraction.

“Is everything okay?”  Wufei asked, his hand running along Quatre’s side.

Trowa nodded.  “Sally's just come back, so we can leave now.”

“Home?”  Quatre asked tiredly, a blissful smile on his face as he snuggled closer to Wufei.  “I’d like to go home . . . you said we
could cuddle.”

Trowa smiled, crawling up onto the bed and spooning up behind the blonde Arabian.  “Yes, I did say we would cuddle when we
got home, all the cuddling you want, love.”  Trowa said, punctuating his statement with a tender kiss to the back of Quatre’s

Quatre moaned, then rolled over, curling his arms around Trowa’s body.  He brushed a feathery light kiss against Trowa's lips,
then pulled away, settling himself with his head against Trowa’s chest.  He sighed contentedly, holding Trowa in his arms.

“You seem to be in good spirits.”  Trowa chuckled, wrapping his own arms around Quatre’s lithe body.

Quatre nodded against his chest.  “Yes, I sensed a change . . . so I opened my mind.  Things are better now . . . not so much
pain.  Although there’s an undercurrent of fear, worry, and guilt, Duo and Heero are happy.”  Quatre sighed.  “They’re finally
happy again.”

“That’s wonderful, love.”  Trowa replied.  He glanced over at Wufei, only to see the other youth smirking.  “Now, I believe it is
time to go home.”

“I agree.”  Wufei said.

Quatre smiled, yawning.  “Yes, home . . . then cuddling.”

Trowa laughed, shaking his head in amusement.  Then he pulled Quatre into his arms, moving off of the bed and taking Quatre
with him.  Wufei also got out of bed, moving over to the door and opening it for Trowa.  As he walked out of the bedroom, then
out of the suite, Trowa cast a smile down at Quatre.  The blonde was already asleep, a smile gracing his features as he
slumbered in Trowa’s embrace.  Trowa felt relieved . . . it was wonderful to have things return to normal, for everyone to be
happy once again.  Perhaps now Quatre could fully recover.

To Be Continued . . .