Disclaimers:  I do not own Gundam Wing or any of its characters.

Notes:  Another time skip.  I just couldn’t figure out how to continue from where I left off in the last part.  So, a time skip.  
About a month, give or take a few days, has passed since Heero’s collapse.

Warning:  Yaoi LEMON ahead!  You’ll see the pairing when you read.  I don’t want to give it away.  If you don’t want to read,
then just skip it.

Desires and Deceptions
Part 30

Quatre yawned and stretched, removing his arms from around the warm body beside him.  He smiled as he opened his eyes,
Trowa’s bare, muscular back right in front of his face.  Trowa was in the middle today, the way the three of them had gone to
sleep, with Wufei and Quatre on either side of him.  The three of them alternated who was in the middle when they slept and this
time it had been Trowa’s turn.

It had been about a month since Heero’s collapse at the hotel, since that day when Quatre had finally sensed happiness within his
friends.  He smiled at the thought, quietly sliding out of bed as he thought back, happy that Duo and Heero had finally talked, that
Quatre no longer had to block their feelings from his mind.  Their emotions weren’t so painful anymore, only Relena’s feelings
annoyed him now, so he blocked her delusions.  Although she didn’t cause Quatre as much strife as Duo and Heero’s emotions
had done, she was still a grievance.

Quatre smiled, taking his eyes away from his two sleeping companions, turning and silently making his way to the glass doors
that led out onto the balcony.  On his way out, he grabbed his robe, hastily pulling it around himself.  Then he stepped out into
the winter morning, a fresh layer of snow covering all around him.  

He took in a deep breath, exhaling with a cloud of air as he crossed his arms over his chest.  He liked being able to get around on
his own once more, enjoyed having independence once again.  Although, he hadn’t been too dismayed with the treatment he had
gotten from Wufei and Trowa while he had been ill.  To be waited on hand and foot by those two gorgeous young men wasn’t
all that bad.  The very thought of the numerous baths that they had shared, both of them assisting Quatre, even after it was
apparent that he could do it on his own, made a blush spring to Quatre’s cheeks.

He contented himself with the memories, letting them fall aside as he gazed out at the grounds of his estate.  The pure whiteness
of the snow covered everything, a few sparse flakes still falling from the early morning sky.  Quatre held out his hand, catching
a flake, watching with amusement as it melted in his palm.

“What are you doing out of bed?”  Wufei’s voice asked from behind him.

Quatre turned, smiling as he saw that Wufei had left his hair down once again, something he only did when the three of them
were alone.  He reached out, pulling the loose strands from behind Wufei’s ear, letting them brush against Wufei’s cheek as
Quatre released them.  “I was just looking at the fresh snow.”  Quatre replied.  “But you’re so much more attractive.”

Wufei blushed, bowing his head momentarily before he looked up again, clearing his throat.  “Aren’t you cold?”  He asked,
changing the subject.

“I’m all right.”  Quatre replied, shrugging as he turned back around to look at the grounds of the estate.  To be honest he was
quite cold, but he wanted to be out here, to be able to do things on his own once again.  He was getting too used to being spoiled
by Wufei and Trowa.

Warm arms circled Quatre’s body from behind and he sank back into the warmth, sighing as Wufei held him.  “Let me just keep
you warm then.”  Wufei said.

Quatre sighed, leaning back against Wufei’s chest, letting his hands rest over Wufei’s.  “Trowa still asleep?”  Quatre asked.

Wufei’s lips brushed the back of Quatre’s neck.  Quatre gasped, smiling as tiny tremors moved through his body.  “Why don’t
you come back inside and find out for yourself?”  Wufei suggested, his breath hot against Quatre’s chilled skin.  He kissed
Quatre’s neck again, nipping lightly at the skin, then lapping with his slick tongue at the marks that he had left with his teeth.

Quatre stepped away from the warmth that Wufei provided.  “Don’t tease . . . not unless you intend to back up your
insinuations.”  Quatre warned, closing his eyes as he set his hands down on the cold railing, letting his racing heart calm itself.

Wufei sighed.  “Quatre, I have told you before . . . I do not think I am quite ready to go that far with the two of you.  I . . . we .
. . I don’t want to ruin this before it truly starts.”

Quatre crossed his arms over his chest, sighing once again.  He should know better, none of them wanted to rush into things,
they didn’t want to risk their newfound relationship just for a few moments of pleasure.  Quatre turned, knowing that tears were
trailing down his face as he looked to Wufei, noticing that Wufei was looking down at his own feet.

“I’m sorry.”  Quatre whispered, reaching out and embracing Wufei gently.  “I don’t want us to rush into things either.  I guess
I’m just a little frustrated.  I am a teenager after all . . . full of all those raging hormones.  With you two around, how can I help
but want either of you?”

Wufei chuckled lightly.  “I am just as old as you are, Quatre.  I get those same feelings.”  He pulled away, a smirk on his face.  
“However, I believe with your empathic abilities your hormones may be a little more out of control than most people.”

Quatre blushed shyly.  “Y-yes, I do pick up on the lust and other emotions from you and Trowa.  I can’t help it . . . it’s just so

Wufei wove his fingers through Quatre’s hair.  “Why don’t you go and entertain yourself with Trowa . . . I am certain he is

Quatre blinked.  “A-are you sure?  What about you?  We are a trio now, not a couple.”

Wufei shook his head.  “You and Trowa have been intimate with each other before . . . I know that.  And someday soon the
three of us will be together, but I realize my own feelings aren’t all there is.  You and Trowa were together first, the two of you
shouldn’t have to do without each other just because of me.”

Quatre was elated.  But he wasn’t sure if it was right.  Wufei was a part of this relationship now.  Even if he gave his consent
was it really a good idea to hop in the sack with Trowa?  “Wufei, I don’t know.”

Wufei smiled, caressing Quatre’s cheek.  “Quatre . . . I am certain that there will be times when the three of us won’t be
together, but that doesn’t mean that the two together will be expected to remain abstinent until the other’s return.  Go . . .
besides, I know that Trowa would enjoy the act as much as you will.”

Quatre blushed again.  “W-what about you?”  He asked quietly.

“I have survived for several years without . . . a little longer won’t kill me.  It will just make me appreciate the two of you all the
more when we finally do consummate our relationship.”  Wufei smiled, leaning forward and kissing Quatre searingly.

Quatre moaned into the kiss, pressing his body up against Wufei’s, savoring the taste of Wufei’s tongue in his mouth.  He loved
the way the Chinese youth laved attention on every inch on his mouth’s interior.  He was so lost in the moment, that he didn’t
even notice as Wufei led him back into the bedroom, even taking the time to close the balcony doors behind them to keep the
chill air out.

When Wufei finally allowed Quatre to catch a breath, the young Arabian looked around, bewildered as he wondered why he was
inside.  Then he smirked at Wufei, realizing what had happened.  “Sneaky.”  Quatre laughed, nipping playfully at the tip of Wufei’
s nose.

“Go on, have fun . . . wake Trowa up in a most enjoyable way.”  Wufei whispered, then pulled away from Quatre.  “When you
two are done, you will find me in the library.”

Quatre smiled, watching as Wufei silently left, padding out of the bedroom in only a pair of pajamas and his robe.  As soon as
Wufei had quietly closed the door behind himself, Quatre crept over to the bed, peeling off his garments as he moved.  
Shimming out of his last article of clothing, his boxers, Quatre slid under the covers and into bed, quickly moving over to where
Trowa lay.

Trowa was sleeping on his side, facing away from Quatre.  Quatre smirked, reaching out and gently rolling Trowa over onto his
back, watching with amusement as the tall young man grumbled incoherently in his sleep.  He brushed Trowa’s bangs to one
side, smiling at the sight of his beloved’s face, the handsome lines of his features a welcome view to Quatre's eyes.

Quatre nearly giggled in anticipation as he leaned over, letting his fingers trail in a light caress along Trowa’s neck, down his
chest and along his well-toned abdomen, stopping only when his fingers met the blankets that still covered the two of them.  
With a smile on his face, Quatre altered his position, bringing his one leg up and over Trowa’s body as he straddled Trowa’s
lower half.  Resting his weight on his elbows, Quatre leaned over, lighting tracing his tongue over Trowa’s lips.  In an
unconscious reaction, Trowa parted his lips and Quatre took advantage of the opportunity offered to him, slipping his tongue
into the welcoming cavern, seeking and tasting, truly savoring every texture as he thoroughly explored Trowa’s delectable

Still asleep, Trowa responded, his own tongue moving against Quatre’s in languid swipes, the pressure he used just enough to
excite Quatre further.  Even when asleep, Trowa was one hell of a kisser, Quatre thought.  When Quatre pulled away, Trowa’s
groaned in disappointment, his brow furrowing slightly.  Quatre smiled, leaning forward once again.  However, this time he
avoided Trowa’s lips, placing several tiny nips along Trowa’s throat before he swiped his tongue across the tiny dents he had
made, sucking as he licked, marking Trowa’s neck with several hickeys.

Quatre smiled once again, listening to Trowa’s panting breath, feeling the shivers coursing through his lover’s body as he
worked.  Also, it was quite apparent that Trowa had risen to the occasion, as something delightfully hard was poking at Quatre’s
rear through the restraints of the pajama bottoms that Trowa was wearing.  Quatre smirked, rubbing his backside up and down
along that hardness he felt, delighted to hear the moans emanating from Trowa’s throat, gasping as Trowa bucked his hips in a
reflexive response.

“Q-Quatre?”  Trowa’s voice asked, sounding rough from sleep.

Quatre raised his head, smiling as he looked into Trowa’s emerald eyes, watching as he blinked tiredly before opening those
lovely eyes completely.  “Yes, love?”  Quatre replied, giving Trowa’s chin a quick swipe of his tongue.

“W-What are you doing?”  Trowa asked, his breath coming out raggedly as he watched Quatre intently.

Quatre arched an eyebrow.  “I would think that what I am doing is quite obvious.”  Quatre stated, chuckling lightly as he ground
himself against Trowa’s erection.

Trowa hissed through clenched teeth, raising his hands from the bed and sliding them up along Quatre’s legs.  He let those
hands continue upwards, caressing Quatre’s thighs, reaching around and squeezing his buttocks.  Trowa pulled him closer,
continuing the friction between them, both of them gasping from the sensations moving throughout them.

Then Trowa loosened his grasp on Quatre’s ass.  “Quatre . . . what about Wufei?”  Trowa asked, his hands moving to gently
hold Quatre’s waist.

“He said this would be okay.  He’s waiting in the library until we’re done.”  Quatre answered, keeping eye contact with Trowa
although he’d rather get to more intimate activities than just talking.  “I had my doubts about this as well, but Wufei assured me
that he was fine with this . . . said that we shouldn’t have to do without just because of him.”

“Are you sure?”  Trowa asked.  “He might have just been covering.”

Quatre sighed . . . this was virtually killing the mood.  “Trowa . . . please, can’t we do this?  You can ask him for yourself
afterwards and if he does want to I’m willing to do it again with the both of you.”

Trowa chuckled.  “No wonder Wufei said it was okay.  Obviously he saw just how insatiable you are.”

Quatre blushed.  “Is it my fault I’m turned on by the two gorgeous guys I love?  Besides, you agreed that once I was better that
you wouldn’t get out of this bed until I said so.  I am quite healthy now and you aren’t getting out of this bed.”

Trowa smiled.  He removed his hands from Quatre’s body, sighing as he raised his arms, above his head, crossing them at the
wrist.  “Go ahead, have your wicked way with me.”

Quatre smiled deviously, thinking of all the things he’d like to do with Trowa, blushing as some particularly fun ideas came to
mind.  He’d save those for another time though, not today.  Instead, Quatre moved off of Trowa, leaning over and opening the
drawer in the bedside table.  He rummaged around blindly until he found the half-used tube of lube, then he returned to his
previous position over Trowa’s body, dropping the tube to the side as he gazed down at the form of his lover.

“You are so beautiful.”  Quatre murmured, reaching out and trailing his hands over Trowa’s chest, smiling as Trowa arched
toward his touch.

Quatre leaned over, his hands continuing to caress Trowa’s torso as he brought his lips to Trowa’s mouth once again.  Trowa’s
reaction was immediate, parting his lips, his tongue darting out to taste Quatre as Quatre plunged his own tongue inward.  While
his hands and mouth were busy, so was Quatre’s lower half.  He continually ground himself against Trowa, stimulating them
both with the friction between their bodies.

Trowa suddenly broke the kiss, panting heavily as he gasped.  “M-more!  Please, Quatre!”  He begged, raising his hips as Quatre
moved against him, his hands gripping the iron rails of the headboard as he gazed at Quatre with sheer lust in his eyes.

Quatre chuckled, ignoring Trowa’s pleas as he bent his head to lap at one of Trowa’s nipples, slowing drawing the small bud
into his mouth as he laved attention on it.  With his one hand he toyed with a nipple, flicking at it, gently pinching it, while with
his mouth he nipped at the other, suckling and licking.  He raised his mouth, pulling away just enough to blow a cool breeze over
the saliva-dampened nub, smirking as Trowa gasped and writhed in reaction.  Then Quatre repeated his actions by moving onto
the other nipple, allowing his fingers to toy with the one his mouth had just abandoned.

Then Quatre resumed his travel downwards, alternating sucks and bites, licks and kisses down Trowa’s chest, nipping at each
of his ribs on the way down.  Trowa continued to pant, a sweet sheen of salty sweat covering his body as he begged and
pleaded for Quatre to go lower, to take him in his mouth.  Trowa’s language got quite filthy as Quatre continued to tease him,
but his hands never left the iron headboard, his grip causing his knuckles to turn white with the effort of keeping his hands to
himself.  Quatre smiled, loving the way he could make Trowa finally let loose when in bed.  Unlike most of the time, Trowa was
quite vocal in the bedroom and knew enough smutty and dirty words to make even a sailor blush in embarrassment.

Quatre snickered, then let his tongue swerve around the outside of Trowa’s navel before delving in and causing the taller youth
to shiver and gasp once again.  Quatre raised his eyes, watching Trowa’s face with amusement as he demonstrated with his
tongue in Trowa’s navel, what he planned to do with other parts of his anatomy in Trowa’s ass in only a few more minutes.

Trowa bucked beneath him, lifting and letting his legs drop back to the bed in frustration as Quatre ignored his pleas.  Quatre
smirked yet again, giggling as he grabbed the edge of the blankets and pulled them up over his head to cover himself and Trowa’
s lower half, making sure that his actions could no longer be seen by his lover’s lust-glazed eyes.  

Quatre bit playfully at Trowa’s stomach, watching as the muscles rippled and clenched in anticipation.  Then Quatre hooked his
fingers under the waistband of Trowa’s pajama bottoms, purposely moving slowly as he slid them down.  Trowa raised his hips
to assist, then sputtered and cursed as Quatre continued his agonizingly slow pace, whispering various expletives as he breathed
harshly.  Quatre could sense Trowa’s desperation to finish, and it made him dizzy with need.  However, he felt such an
unbearable urge to move slowly, wanting to prolong this experience for as long as possible.  It had been so long since they had
last been together, more than two months . . . they had never gone more than a week without finding pleasure in each other’s
bodies before.  He wasn’t about to rush things now when they had plenty of time.

Quatre gave a swift tug, sighing in appreciation as Trowa’s rock-hard cock sprang from its cloth restrictions.  He took a
moment to remove Trowa’s pajama bottoms, just letting them lie there at the bottom of the bed as Quatre grasped the insides of
Trowa’s thighs and gently urged them apart.  Trowa moved instantly, widely spreading his legs to accommodate Quatre’s body,
his every movement just begging for Quatre’s attentions.

The blonde Arabian chuckled and smiled, running his hands up and down along Trowa’s thighs, kneading the strong muscles as
he leaned forward.  He buried his face between Trowa’s legs, the brown curls tickling his nose as he deeply inhaled his lover’s
unique scent, Trowa’s hot erection brushing against his cheek as he nuzzled against him.

Trowa bucked again.  “Please . . . Quatre . . . oh God . . . please.”  He pleaded, writhing in an attempt to make Quatre do more.

Quatre chuckled again, not ready to quit his teasing.  “Patience, love . . . I want this to last for the both of us.”  Quatre replied,
giving one quick swipe of his tongue to Trowa’s hard length.

In reply, Trowa hissed, his hips rising from the bed once again.  “Yes . . . anything . . . please, Quatre . . . more.  Fuck me.”  
Trowa begged, panting.

Quatre was having a difficult time controlling himself as well, Trowa’s emotions and his own bodily needs telling him to just
push into Trowa’s tight body now, to pound away into his ass until the world disappeared.  However, Quatre couldn't . . . he
wouldn’t hurt Trowa, and he wanted this to last for longer than just a few fleeting moments.  Quatre ached to take his own
throbbing erection in hand and find completion, but he wanted the pleasure to last for the both of them.

Once again, Quatre bent over, bypassing Trowa’s rigid shaft completely as he sucked on his sac, taking one into his mouth and
fondling it with his tongue, then releasing it and taking in the other one.  Meanwhile, he hooked his hands under Trowa’s knees
and bent his legs, planting the taller youth’s feet flat on the bed and moving them to the side, effectively spreading Trowa wider.  
Trowa did nothing but pant and gasp as Quatre gave one last lick to his sac, moving even lower on Trowa’s willing body.

Quatre reached out with his hand, searching blindly for the tube that he had taken from the drawer earlier, while he traced his
tongue down until he found Trowa’s hidden entrance.  He ran his tongue around the tight ring of muscle, before pushing it
inward, rewarded immediately by a startled cry from Trowa which was immediately followed by a loud bout of swearing.  
Quatre began a gentle thrusting motion, mimicking what he truly wanted to be doing right now with his own shaft.  Allah, how
he wanted to bury himself within Trowa’s inviting body, the heat he tasted with just his tongue making his cock throb in

Finally, he found the tube of lube.  Without looking, he slathered some onto his fingers, removing his tongue from Trowa and
immediately replacing it with one of his fingers, not yet penetrating, just circling the outer edge.  “You want this?”  Quatre asked
with a light chuckle, knowing the answer to his question before he had even spoken the words.

“Yes!”  Trowa gasped, pushing backwards until he impaled himself on Quatre’s finger.

Quatre was always careful, making sure that only one finger entered his lover, being sure not to push it too far in even if Trowa
had thrust himself down on it.  He wouldn’t ever do anything to hurt his lover, all he wanted was for him to be happy, to find
pleasure in everything they did.  He slowly thrust his finger in and out of Trowa’s entrance, preparing him with patience.  With
his other hand, he threw the blankets from off of his head, not caring that they ended up laying across his back as he slid
upwards on Trowa’s body, licking his lips while he pushed a second finger into Trowa.

Trowa’s eyes were clenched shut, his mouth open and so tempting.  Quatre took the invitation and claimed his hot mouth.  
Trowa’s hands finally left the iron headboard as he gave in to the overwhelming pleasure, grasping at Quatre’s slick body
frantically, an arm sliding around the Arabian’s waist while the other slipped around his neck, bringing him even closer as they
kissed with fervent hunger.  Tongues warred for dominance, tasting and seeking, both of them lost in desire as Quatre worked a
third finger into Trowa.

At last, Quatre pulled away, sucking on Trowa’s talented tongue before he made his way back down Trowa’s body, leaving a
long trail of wetness as he licked a line right down the center of the tall young man’s body.  It was time, Quatre thought . . .
Trowa was worked up enough . . . time to take pity on him.  While Trowa pushed back on the fingers invading his body,
seeking more from them, Quatre lapped at the tip of Trowa’s erection, tasting the precum that had gathered there before leaving
a trail of licks up and down the throbbing length.  Then he quickly wrapped his lips about the head of Trowa’s cock, lowering
himself onto the shaft little by little until he had taken as much into his mouth as he could.  Then he moved back up, grazing his
teeth along the length, wrapping the fingers of his free hand around the base as he pleasured his tall lover with his tongue,
putting all his effort into making sure that Trowa enjoyed this.

Quatre began bobbing up and down, licking and sucking as he pumped his hand along the rest of Trowa’s shaft.  It didn’t take
much longer, Trowa had already been so close before.  Trowa arched his back, crying out in pleasure, his eyes snapping open
as he released himself into Quatre’s eager mouth.  Quatre happily swallowed all he could, not caring that a few drops had
escaped to dribble from the corners of his mouth.  Quatre pulled away, giving Trowa’s length just one last lick before he
released it from his mouth, also removing his fingers from Trowa’s body as he slid up to lay along Trowa’s side.

Trowa leaned up, kissing Quatre, taking the time to lick away his own seed from Quatre’s chin, smiling as he breathed heavily.  
He looked down, quirking his eyebrow as he let his hand travel along Quatre’s side, until he ran his hand in a feathery touch
along Quatre’s shaft.  Quatre threw his head back and groaned.  Smiling, he leaned forward and lightly bit down on Trowa’s
shoulder.  “Want you.”  Quatre whispered.  “You always feel so good around me.”  He licked Trowa's throat, glancing down
and taking note that Trowa was reacting, his length slowly becoming erect once again.

Trowa gave a languid pump to Quatre’s shaft, sucking on Quatre’s throat.  “And I’d love that hard cock of yours fucking my
ass.”  Trowa replied in a whisper.

Quatre shivered, the words Trowa used so crude . . . he loved it.  He reclined, laying down on his back and smirked at Trowa.  
“You know what I want.”  He said, his voice filled with lust.

“Of course.”  Trowa smiled, pushing back his own sweat-soaked bangs, as he got onto his knees and straddled Quatre’s body.  
He reached back, grasping Quatre’s shaft and guided it to his own opening.  Then in one quick downward thrust, Trowa
impaled himself, arching his body as he cried out in a mix of pleasure and pain.

Quatre gasped, bucking as he was sheathed by Trowa’s unbearably tight body.  Two months without each other had been too
long in Quatre’s opinion.  Trowa was just so hot, so tight . . . it was almost too much for Quatre to bear, being encased by such
a gloriously divine feeling.

While they both adjusted to the sensations, Quatre ran his hand along Trowa’s thighs, smiling up at his lover as he massages his
muscles.  Trowa smiled back, his own hands sliding across Quatre’s chest, momentarily toying with the blonde’s erect nipples.  
Quatre moaned, closing his eyes and just enjoyed the feelings, not only his but Trowa’s as well.  Sometimes being an empath
was very pleasurable indeed.

After another few moments, Trowa moved.  Quatre opened his eyes, gazing up at his lover as Trowa nodded.  Trowa raised
himself, falling back onto Quatre’s hard shaft fast, crying out once again as he both gave and took pleasure from Quatre’s
cock.  With each of Trowa’s downward movements, Quatre thrust upward, gripping Trowa’s hips as they continued to pick up

Trowa leaned back, altering the angle that Quatre’s length took, grasping Quatre’s legs for leverage as he made himself move
faster, harder along Quatre’s erection.  Trowa cried out again and again with each following thrust, apparently having aimed
properly to cause Quatre to hit his prostate now.

“I . . . love . . . you.”  Trowa panted, riding Quatre as fast as he could manage.

“Love . . . you . . . too.”  Quatre replied, also panting.  He took Trowa’s length in his hand, roughly pumping until he brought
Trowa to completion again.  White spots speckled Quatre’s vision as he orgasmed, Trowa’s warm seed spilling across his
stomach while they both cried out in ecstasy, Trowa’s emotions mingling with Quatre’s until Trowa collapsed bonelessly against
Quatre’s chest.

After a moment to catch his breath, Quatre shifted, all too soon becoming aware that he was still hard inside of Trowa’s body.  
He had orgasmed, but he wasn’t quite done yet.  He still wanted more, still desperately craved his own finish.  Slowly, he began
to give gentle nips and kisses to Trowa’s shoulder, sliding his hands up and down along his lover’s slick body.

Trowa turned to look at him, a gentle smile on his face as he gazed into Quatre’s eyes.  “You okay?”  Trowa asked, concerned.

“Want more.”  Quatre stated, once again kissing Trowa’s neck.

“What?”  Trowa gasped.  “I thought you . . .”

Quatre shook his head, lightly pumping his hips upward to prove that he was still indeed hard and ready for more.  “No . . .
want more.”  He whispered, grinning as he rolled Trowa over onto his back, never removing himself from Trowa’s body as he
pinned his lover to the bed.  “May I?”  He asked, his lips and tongue snaking along Trowa’s sweaty throat.

“Of course, my love.”  Trowa replied, sounding out of breath.  “Do your worst.”

Quatre smiled brightly, his heart throbbing in his ears as he grabbed Trowa’s legs, moving them as far apart as they would go
without hurting him, hooking one over his shoulder as he ground himself into Trowa’s tight body.  Then without another word
of warning, he completely let himself go, pulling out and ramming into his lover as fast and hard as he could, desperate to

He could feel the edge of completion drifting on the fringe, listening to Trowa’s rasping pants, to his encouragement for more as
he thrust back to meet Quatre’s frantic pace.  “Fuck!”  Trowa nearly screamed, grabbing Quatre’s arms as he pulled Quatre
closer with his legs.

Quatre pulled his arms away from Trowa, instead he took hold of his hands, weaving their fingers together as he plunged deeper
and deeper, the world fading from around him until nothing but Trowa’s body remained, his tight cavern quivering around
Quatre’s shaft as the blonde pounded the young man into the mattress.

“More!”  Quatre yelled, his hips working overtime to fuck his lover into oblivion.  He leaned forward, continuing to ram into the
unbelievable heat and tightness of those clenching muscles, letting the friction between their abdomens work Trowa’s shaft to
yet another orgasm.  Then abruptly, Quatre’s eyes shot wide open, his hips continuing to jackhammer against Trowa, his seed
shooting forth in what felt like an endless stream, until he fell spent and sated against Trowa’s strong chest.

When Quatre became truly aware once again, he slowly pulled his softened length from Trowa’s channel, moving to the side
and cuddling close.  He spared a glance, noticing that Trowa had indeed had another orgasm, and that greatly relieved him.  
They both continued to twitch from the aftereffects, and just lay there for a few moments before anyone said anything.

“Remind me to never let you go without for so long again.”  Trowa said, tiredly.

Quatre blinked, fearing that he had done something wrong.  “You didn’t enjoy it?”  He asked, biting his lip as he raised his head
and stared deep into Trowa’s eyes.

“Of course I LOVED it . . . but if we continue like that we’ll never be able to get anything done ever again.”  Trowa replied,
smiling as he caressed Quatre’s cheek.

Quatre chuckled, laying his head against Trowa’s chest.  He sighed, feeling tired as he drew lazy designs over Trowa’s sweaty
chest.  “Wufei’s waiting for us in the library.”  Quatre announced.

“He’ll have to wait a bit longer.  I don’t think I can get up at the moment.”  Trowa replied.

Worry overcame Quatre and he tightened his hold around Trowa’s body, biting his lip.  “I . . . I didn’t hurt you did I?”  Quatre

Trowa’s arm drew Quatre even closer, gently sliding up and down along his side.  “I’m sure I’ll be sore . . . but it was well
worth it.”  Trowa replied.  Quatre looked up, relieved to see a smile gracing his lover’s features.  “I love you.”

Quatre’s smile broadened.  “Love you too.”  He said, giving Trowa a quick kiss before he laid his head down again.  “I'm sure
Wufei will understand if we take a little while longer.”  Quatre stated, not sure he could get up even if he wanted to right now.  
He was tired, so he closed his eyes, quickly falling asleep basking in the receding feelings of his mind-blowing orgasm, feeling
Trowa’s pleasure from the act as well.

To Be Continued . . .