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Notes:  Trowa wakes up in Quatre’s arms.  They go to take a shower and fun things happen.

Warning:  Yaoi LEMON ahead!  3x4 pairing this time.  Yup, Trowa’s the aggressive one, unlike in the last part.

Desires and Deceptions
Part 31

Trowa slowly slid his eyes open, yawning as he came to wakefulness.  He blinked a few times, clearing away the haziness of
sleep, stretching his muscles only to groan as pain lanced up his backside.  It had definitely been too long since their last
romantic encounter, Trowa thought, wincing from the ache that Quatre had left from his enthusiasm.  

Perhaps bringing Wufei into the mix would leave Trowa with fewer bruises . . . not that Quatre purposely hurt him, just that the
beautiful young Arabian had an almost insatiable lust when it came to lovemaking, especially if they were being reunited after
being apart for extended periods of time.  Of course, it also led to great sex, which Trowa would never disapprove of.  He
smirked at the thought that Quatre would definitely enjoy having two young men to pleasure.  If he could bring Trowa to climax
three times, what could he do with two people?  Trowa was eager to discover what it would be like when Wufei joined in . . .
but he was patient and knew that he would allow Wufei the time he needed to become comfortable with the idea himself.

A warm body snuggled closer to him, strong yet gentle arms wrapped around his body to hold him close.  Trowa turned, a smile
quickly crossing his features as he laid eyes on Quatre, the beautiful young man who still slept beside him.  His blonde hair was
still damp with sweat, clinging to his skin in a few places.  A truly serene smile was on his face, his body looking to be
completely at ease as he slept.

An idea came to Trowa’s mind and he grinned.  With one swift movement, Trowa tossed the sheets away from their bodies,
although he didn’t really remember either of them pulling the sheet up earlier.  Then he slid out of bed, wincing with pain as he
carefully pulled Quatre out along with him.  He held the Arabian gently, trying not to awaken him, pulling Quatre’s body against
his chest as he rose from the bed.

Trowa paused before he started walking, his attention focused on the bed.  There was blood staining the sheets.  Trowa sighed .
. . he hadn’t known that Quatre had been quite that rough with him.  To be honest, Trowa had never felt anything but pleasure
that last time, of course with Quatre pounding into him so delightfully, Trowa tended to lose focus on anything other than the
ecstasy Quatre delivered.  There wasn’t a good deal of blood, so Trowa decided that it couldn’t be too serious.

With a shrug, Trowa resumed his walking, heading for the bathroom.  He intended to give Quatre a bath, to wash away the
sweat and semen from his love’s body.  Quatre would only be uncomfortable to remain like this, Trowa thought.  

As soon as he stepped into the bathroom, Quatre’s eyes drifted open.  He yawned, wrapping his arms around Trowa’s neck.  
“Where are we going?”  Quatre asked tiredly.

“To get cleaned up.”  Trowa replied, setting Quatre down on his feet.  He kept his arms around him, making sure that Quatre
would stay standing before he stepped over and turned on the water and set it to the proper temperature.

Quatre gasped.  “You’re bleeding.”  

Trowa sighed.  “It’s nothing.”  Trowa said, not wanting Quatre to worry.

“Don’t give me that, Trowa Barton.  I hurt you, didn’t I?”  Quatre replied, glaring slightly.

Trowa took a deep breath, nodding his head, turning to face Quatre.  “You game me an injury but I am in no way hurt.  I
wouldn’t have wanted you to do anything different even if I had known you would case damage.  I love you and it just felt so
good to have you ram into me.  It was too long between our lovemaking, that was all.”  Trowa said, assuring his love, wrapping
his arms around Quatre’s small frame and holding him close.

Quatre embraced Trowa in return, laying his head down on Trowa’s shoulder.  “I still feel bad about hurting you.”  He
whispered, laying a soft kiss to Trowa’s skin.

“I’ll be fine, I swear.”  Trowa said, kissing the top of Quatre’s head.

Quatre pulled away, smirking.  “Let me be the judge of that.  Turn around and spread ‘em.”  Quatre said, giggling and blushing.

Trowa let out a small chuckle, doing just as Quatre wished.  He turned around, leaning forward so that his arms rested on the
counter in the bathroom, spreading his legs and setting his feet apart.  Then he waited patiently.  He flinched as Quatre's fingers
suddenly brushed up the back of one of his thighs, then looked into the him mirror above the counter and watched what his
lover was doing, even though the angle was odd.

Quatre knelt down on the floor behind Trowa, his hands spreading either of Trowa’s ass cheeks, his mouth set in a frown as he
examined him.  Trowa watched curiously, flinching repeatedly as Quatre prodded his sore backside with his fingers, gently
maneuvering a finger within him to check interior damage.  Trowa gasped at that, biting back a cry of pain as a burning
sensation spread from where Quatre’s finger was currently imbedded.

Quatre moved slowly as he extracted his finger.  “It doesn’t look too bad.”  He said, laying his hands at Trowa’s waist and
planting a kiss to the small of Trowa’s back.  “I’m sorry.”  He said once again, standing up and leaning forward, pressing his
chest against Trowa’s back.  

Trowa stood up straight, turning and embracing Quatre once again.  “I told you before, I do not mind a slight pain.  I love you.”

Quatre snuggled closer to Trowa, then smirked.  “This means we can’t . . . do it . . . for a while now.”

Trowa laughed.  “So you’re only after my ass then?”

Quatre mock pouted.  “Well, you have such a wonderful ass.”

“And you’ve got such a big, hard, fucking cock.”  Trowa smirked, leaning forward and kissing Quatre deeply.  He never knew
what came over him when he and Quatre talked about sex . . . he wasn’t so bold outside of the bedroom.  But of course, that
didn’t mean he didn’t enjoy it.  Talking like this with Quatre always produced results, one of which Trowa could feel poking him
in the side.  He pulled away from Quatre’s lips.  “Quatre, you did so much for me . . . can I return the favor?”  Trowa asked,
shyly, feeling a warm blush creeping into his cheeks.  He had never been so forward as to initiate anything . . . he was still
unsure even after all the times they had been intimate.

Quatre blinked, then smiled brightly.  “You mean it?  You want to do something . . . to me?”  He asked, a hint of disbelief in his
voice.  It was obvious that he was shocked by Trowa’s behavior.

Trowa nodded.  “Let’s get into the tub and I’ll show you what I want.”  Trowa replied.

Quatre was nearly giddy in excitement, his shaft already throbbing against Trowa’s leg.  He smiled again, his entire appearance
lit up by his happiness.  “Anything you want . . .”  He turned and walked over to the bathtub, bending over and turning the
controls so that it was set to a shower instead.  “Just not a bath . . . I want a shower today.”

Trowa nodded, following Quatre into the tub, letting the warm spray of water cascade down over the two of them.  Even after
climaxing three times in a row, Trowa could feel himself hardening, just by looking at the gorgeous body before him.  The water
streamed down Quatre’s pale body, running down in rivulets along his sleek muscular frame.  

Trowa brushed his soaked bangs out of his face, slicking them back with the rest of his hair.  Without ever taking his eyes from
off of Quatre’s beautiful body, Trowa reached out and grabbed the soap, lathering it up in his hands before applying it To
Quatre’s shoulders.

Quatre’s reaction was immediate.  He moaned . . . shrugging his shoulders and leaning back a little, allowing Trowa even better
access.  Trowa smiled, memorizing everything about his lover even though he already knew each plane and scar as well as he
knew his own body.  He ran his hands along every inch of Quatre’s back, massaging and washing all at the same time, loving
every whimper of pleasure that escape Quatre’s throat, each moan and sigh that told him that his plan was working.  He washed
Quatre’s arms quickly then he got down on his knees, washing the front and backs of Quatre’s legs at the same time, smirking
as he purposely let his hand lightly gaze against Quatre’s erection.

Quatre gasped, then suddenly turned to face Trowa, taking the soap from his hands.  He then delivered the same treatment that
he had gotten, forcing Trowa to turn around and then washing his back, arms, and legs.  Once Quatre was done, Trowa turned
again, laying his hand over Quatre’s and the soap, rubbing their hands together so they both got all lathery.  Then he smiled
again, the two of them setting out to wash each others’ chest and abdomens at the same time.

A few minutes later, Trowa had to take a step back since Quatre’s hands had gotten a little too eager.  One of his hands had
wrapped around Trowa’s length, pumping him until he had gasped and grabbed that hand.  Trowa took the soap and put it back
where it belonged, picking up the shampoo and popping the lid.  After hastily washing and conditioning both of their hair, Trowa
set that aside as well.  He rinsed his own hair out first.  Then he maneuvered Quatre under the spray of water, rinsing away
every trace of soap and shampoo.

“I believe I owe you.  By my count I orgasmed three times, and you only twice.”  Trowa said, letting his hands linger on Quatre’
s chest to tweak his nipples into hardness.

“What are you gonna do to even the score?”  Quatre asked, biting his bottom lip as he blushed, arching toward his hands.

Without a word, Trowa fell to his knees.  “Now, let’s see.  You teased me so much . . . perhaps I shouldn’t let you get off so
easily.”  Trowa said, snickering, purposely blowing his breath over Quatre’s shaft.

Trowa smirked up at Quatre’s bewildered and impassioned expression, noting the lust-filled glaze that covered the Arabian’s
eyes.  Then he turned his attention to the prize before him, which already stood proud and erect in front of his face, a single
drop of precum glistening at the tip.  Quatre was by no means small . . . at least not in this certain way.  In fact he was very
well-endowed, although not freakishly big.  In Trowa’s mind, Quatre was just the right size, in every possible way.

Trowa let his fingertips twist through the golden curls surrounding his love’s heavy erection, listening intently as Quatre whined
above him.  Insistent fingers dug into Trowa’s shoulders, urging him to do something, but Trowa ignored them, deciding to go
at his own pace.

After toying with Quatre’s hair for a few more moments, Trowa turned his attention to the blonde’s sac.  Trowa rolled Quatre’s
testicles around in his hand, massaging and gently squeezing, listening to each and every impatient noise that Quatre sputtered.  
Perhaps he was a little selfish, wanting to give Quatre a hint of the torture that the Arabian had given to him, but Trowa also did
love to feel Quatre’s body, every texture he could find.

His odd sense of curiosity sated, Trowa smiled, wrapping one hand around Quatre’s shaft, delicately beginning to pump it.  He
watched as precum oozed from the tip, then leaned forward and eagerly lapped it up, nibbling tenderly at the head of the erection
he continued to stroke it.

“Allah!”  Quatre screamed, slamming his hands against the two walls he could reach, his body nearly in one corner as Trowa
worked on him.  “More, Trowa . . . Yes!”

Trowa loved the encouragement so he let his lips wrap around the very tip, flicking his tongue into the slit, sucking out what
liquid he could.  With his hand he continued to pump Quatre’s shaft, while he slowly took more and more of the length into his
mouth.  Water rained down on them, glistening on their bodies as Trowa let his throat relax, pulling all Quatre had to offer into
his mouth and yet wishing there were more for him to taste.

He heard Quatre scream again, his hands leaving the wall to dig into Trowa’s shoulders again, one moving again to roughly grip
his hair.  “Fuck!”  Quatre yelled, lost in sensation as Trowa began humming in the back of his throat.

Trowa lifted his gaze, knowing that if he could he would be smirking at the sight above him.  Quatre was panting, hair plastered
to his face from the water still flowing down on them, his eyes clenched shut as he forced himself to remain absolutely still.  It
was obvious he was only staying still to prevent Trowa from being hurt.  Trowa felt that was very kind, so as a reward he
swallowed a few times against the head of Quatre’s cock.  Quatre shuddered, mouth dropping open and he moaned a wordless
sentence, his legs quivering in a threat to give out on him.

Trowa slowly retracted his mouth, letting his tongue slither around the delicious organ in his mouth.  He waited until the last
moment, pulling back until just the very tip of Quatre’s shaft was in his mouth, then he moved back down again, beginning a
quick bobbing motion, his hand pumping in counterpoint to his mouth.  He sucked in eager anticipation, his free hand moving
down to toy with Quatre’s sac, rolling it around in his hand lightly as he applied more and more suction, hastening his tempo as
he sought to bring his lover to a quick climax.

Quatre lost control finally, his hips shallowly moving to thrust his cock into Trowa’s mouth.  It didn’t hurt, he wasn’t using
enough force to do any damage.  In his mouth, Quatre’s shaft pulsed and Trowa squeezed the blonde’s sac, listening with
pleasure as Quatre gasped in surprise, his climax coming out quietly as his body began to spasm.  Trowa continued to suck him
off, waiting patiently until he had swallowed every last drop, not letting Quatre’s slack organ fall from his mouth until he was
sure he had thoroughly drained him of his delicious seed.

Quatre sank into his arms, laying his head against Trowa’s chest as he fought to regain his normal breathing pattern.  
“Wonderful.”  He sighed, his hands dropping tiredly.  

Trowa closed his eyes, groaning as Quatre brushed against his still aching length.  Trowa had put aside his own pleasure for
Quatre’s . . . although it would have been quite easy to take care of it himself.

“Want me, big boy?”  Quatre asked huskily.

Trowa smiled, sucking Quatre’s bottom lip into his mouth for a few moments.  “Always . . . but I can’t.”  Trowa whispered.

Quatre nodded.  “I know . . . you still don’t feel comfortable with entering me.  I understand.  But there has to be a way to take
care of this.”  Quatre said, delicately running a single finger along Trowa’s throbbing shaft.

Trowa shivered, taking in a harsh breath.  An idea suddenly struck him.  He reached down, grasping Quatre’s limp organ,
slowly pumping it.  Quatre fidgeted in his lap, wriggling as he moaned and groaned.  “Trowa . . . what . . . oh Allah that’s good
. . . why are you . . . what . . . More!”  Quatre said, never quite finishing any of his sentences as Trowa worked him to
excitement again.  He quickly leaned forward, capturing a pert little nipple in his mouth and sucked fervently against it, holding it
between his teeth and tugging slightly, laving attention on it with his tongue.

Trowa stood, feeling that Quatre was beyond ready again.  It never took much to get Quatre excited, sometimes it only took a
single look across a crowded room to make him hard.  It was one of the many things he loved about the beautiful blonde.  

He pulled Quatre to his feet, standing Quatre with his back against one of the walls, his legs slightly parted.  Quatre smiled at
him, although his expression did hold some confusion, a minute amount of disappointment since Trowa had stopped pumping
him, but above all that was the anticipation in his eyes, the hungry look of pure desire that he held in those mesmerizing
aquamarine orbs.

Trowa leaned forward, pressing his body up against Quatre’s, their cocks touching nearly from tip to base.  Trowa shifted,
grinding into Quatre, his heart elated to know that his plan was working since Quatre gasped loudly and wrapped his arms
around him, grabbing Trowa’s ass and forcing him to move even closer.  Trowa ignored the slight ache that came with Quatre’s
action, instead concentrating on stimulating his lover.  He humped against Quatre repeatedly, hands firm on the blonde’s waist as
the friction built up between them.

Quatre lunged forward, hungrily claiming his mouth.  The kiss was sloppy but passionate, their minds on nothing but carnal
pleasure as they sought out each other’s tongues and let them dance in the sweltering heat of their mouths.  Trowa picked up his
pace, his thoughts only on release, forcing himself to grind against Quatre’s lithe body eagerly, faster, rougher . . . Quatre’s
mouth sucked in his tongue like a vacuum, tasting and biting gently . . . the blonde was obviously close.

Then suddenly, abruptly, both Quatre and Trowa came, crying out their releases into devouring mouths . . . Trowa’s hips
continuing to move until he slid down to his knees, bringing Quatre down along with him as they pulled their mouths away from
each other.  They panted, stomachs coated in their mingled seed, twitching from the remnants of release.

Once Trowa was sure that he could stand again, he helped Quatre up, moving him into the spray of water to wash them both
off again.  Trowa turned off the shower, reaching over and grabbing a few towels, handing one to Quatre.

“That was wonderful.”  Quatre smiled as he dried himself.

Trowa blushed, smiling back.  “You’re wonderful.”  He ran the towel over his chest, then along the rest of his body quickly.  “I
think Wufei’s been waiting long enough, don’t you?”

Quatre beamed.  “Yes, we should go keep him company.  But first I think we should get dressed.”

Trowa laughed, then tossed the towel at Quatre playfully.  “I was hoping you’d go just as you are, love.”  Trowa chuckled,
watching as Quatre’s cheeks turned an adorable pink shade.  He took hold of Quatre’s hand, smiling as he led the blonde back
into the bedroom.  

The two of them got dressed, Quatre taking every possible opportunity to touch Trowa . . . gentle brushes of his hand across
some part of Trowa’s body, or some other form of contact.  Trowa understood, and made no move to stop him, he was
enjoying it himself anyway.  Quatre was fond of human contact, he craved the touch of another person . . . he was very gentle
and receptive and Trowa loved him for it.

As they left the room, dressed only in clean pajamas and robes, Trowa reached over and took hold of Quatre’s hand.  He turned,
smiling as their eyes met.  Trowa leaned forward, ghosting his lips over Quatre’s then pulled away.  “Love you.”  He whispered,
brushing his free hand through the blonde’s damp silken tresses.

Quatre smiled brightly, giggling and blushing.  “Love you.”  He replied, turning and pulling Trowa along with him as they headed
down the hallway.

Trowa followed without question, letting his thumb graze across the back of Quatre’s hand, delighted in hearing the happy sigh
from the beautiful Arabian.  Eventually, they stepped into the library, where Quatre had said that Wufei would be waiting for
them.  For a moment he didn’t see the Chinese youth, thinking perhaps that Wufei had left to go have breakfast or to find
something else to do.  Then he heard a strange sound from inside the room, something that sounded distinctly like a soft snore.

Trowa stepped into the room, quickly moving closer to the sound, Quatre’s hand still in his own as they walked.  As they
stepped around one of the high-backed leather chairs that were scattered about the large room, Trowa couldn’t suppress his
smile.  Quatre gripped his arm and the two of them glanced at each other, smirking at the sight of Wufei.

Wufei was sitting in the chair, fast asleep, his ebony hair hanging loose around his face.  There was a book clasped in his hands,
resting with its pages up on his lap.  His legs were curled up underneath him, his head bowed as if he had fallen asleep in the
middle of reading.  There were a pair of reading glasses resting on his nose, and with them on, Wufei looked truly adorable.

Quatre leaned over, giggling as he whispered an idea to Trowa.  Trowa smiled, a faint tint to his cheeks as he nodded.  He took
his hand away from Quatre, silently walking over and leaning over the arm of the chair, Quatre doing the same across from
him.  Then they each exchanged glances.  Quatre nodded, and the two of them swept forward, both of them brushing aside
Wufei’s hair as they each began planting kisses to either side of Wufei’s throat.

Trowa was gentle, his kisses soft, his tongue tracing light patterns across Wufei’s delectable skin.  Sparing a glance at Quatre,
Trowa saw the blonde working with great enthusiasm, apparently thrilled to make another happy.  Neither of their hands were
idle either, stroking across Wufei’s body, sometimes brushing against each other’s as they sought to awaken the young man in a
delightful way.

It didn’t take long to awaken Wufei.  The young man arched against them, his head falling back against the chair as he moaned
in pleasure, his eyes opening a fraction and glancing to either side.  He raised his hands, placing them against the cheeks of the
two young men who were lavishing him with attention.

Quatre beamed happily, pulling away from Wufei with a large smile on his face.  “Good morning!”  He grinned.

Wufei nodded as Trowa also moved away, casting smiles to both of them as he righted himself in his seat, drawing his legs out
from underneath him as he stretched.  “Yes, quite a nice morning I might add.  Did the two of you . . . enjoy . . . yourselves?”  
Wufei asked, blushing even as he had spoken.

Trowa blushed as well, ducking his head shyly.  Quatre apparently didn’t feel the same embarrassment as Trowa and Wufei
did.  “Yes, thank you for suggesting it.  I hope you will find yourself more comfortable with us soon.”  He cast a worried glance
to Trowa, just as the taller young man sank with a hiss of pain into a nearby chair.

“Trowa . . . are you okay?”  Wufei asked, apparently also concerned.

Trowa nodded, blushing again.  “I’ll be fine.  I’m just a little . . . sore.”  

This time Quatre did blush, lowering his head.  “I was a little too enthusiastic.”  He said, his voice tainted with sadness and guilt.

Trowa reached over and grabbed Quatre’s wrist, pulling the young man into his lap and ignoring the pain in his backside.  “I told
you . . . I loved every minute of it.  So stop blaming yourself.”  Trowa whispered into Quatre’s ear, wondering idly if Wufei
could hear what he was saying, but knowing that it wouldn’t matter as long as Quatre would feel better.  “How many times did
the two of us climax?  Four times each?”  He spoke the next part even quieter.  “You fucked me so good . . . gave me nothing
but ecstasy with that thick cock of yours.”  He smirked as Quatre shivered in delight, apparently liking Trowa’s words.  

Quatre turned, immediately claiming his mouth with a kiss in a silent thank you.  Trowa pulled back before either of them got
too excited, noticing that Wufei was blushing deeply, looking down at his lap as he tried not to stare.  Trowa had to wonder how
much of that conversation Wufei had heard, but didn’t really think it mattered.  Wufei was a part of their relationship and even if
he had heard none of it, he would know soon enough just what kind of exquisite attentions Quatre delved out when in bed.

“How about we grab some breakfast?”  Trowa offered as he and Quatre rose to their feet, both of them holding a hand out to

Wufei smirked up at them, his blush fading.  “Absolutely.  I’m starving.”  Wufei said, putting his book aside and removing his
glasses.  He dropped them in the pocket of his robe, then reached out and took hold of both of their hands, allowing the two of
them to lead him away to the dining room.

To Be Continued . . .