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Notes:  Quatre, Wufei, and Trowa have breakfast.  A visitor arrives at the estate wanting to see Relena.  

Desires and Deceptions
Part 32

Quatre finally took his hand away from Wufei’s, his face lit up by a smile as he took a seat at the dining room table.  He didn’t
think that anything could shatter his wonderful mood right now.  Even the tiredness he felt from the strenuous activities that he
and Trowa had done earlier wouldn’t stop him from being happy right now.  However, he did feel somewhat worried as he
observed Trowa, watching as the tall young man carefully took his seat, wincing in pain.  But Quatre wasn’t upset.  Trowa had
said that it wasn’t that bad, said that he wouldn’t want anything differently, and Quatre believed him, feeling Trowa’s love for
him, Wufei’s as well.  Quatre was literally basking in these wonderful feelings surrounding him.

“Oh, I almost forgot to mention.”  Wufei announced, spreading his napkin over his lap as one of the servants set a plate of food
in front of him.  “Duo called while the two of you were . . . busy.”

“Really?”  Quatre asked, knowing a smile was on his face as he looked to Wufei, not noticing when his own food was brought
to him.

“What did the two of you talk about?”  Trowa inquired, stirring his coffee around.

“Actually, he wanted to talk with Quatre.”  Wufei said, picking up a spoon and examining his bowl of fruit as he spoke.  “He
wanted advice.  He’s planning a romantic evening to surprise Heero and wants some help.  I told him that you were otherwise
engaged . . . and that you would call him back as soon as you could.”

Quatre smiled, biting a chunk of toast.  He chewed it around a bit and swallowed before answering.  “How wonderful.  I'll call
him back as soon as we’re done eating.  I’m happy that Duo has decided to stay with Heero . . . they both need each other.”

Trowa smirked, swallowing a spoonful of oatmeal.  “I’m sure everything will work out for the two of them eventually.”

Wufei nodded.  “Yes, they just need to continue talking.  They should be able to patch things up between them without our
meddling.”  Wufei said, glancing once in Quatre’s direction.

“I wasn’t going to meddle.”  Quatre pouted.  “Duo asked for my help.  I’ll just give him advice, not interfere in every little detail.”

Suddenly, a wave of anger rushed through Quatre.  He gasped, dropping his fork to clatter on his plate.  He closed his eyes,
forcing his breathing to remain even, while he pushed away the unwanted emotion.  He had been careless, he had lost
concentration, had let down his guard.  As a result, Relena’s emotions, as faint as they were to him now, had shoved their way
into his mind.  Her anger, her despise of everyone in this room and Duo, her twisted sense of love for Heero . . . it swam
through Quatre’s mind, making him feel quite dizzy.

When he finally was able to push them back, to raise his mental block against her once again, Quatre opened his eyes.  To his
mild surprise and immense delight, Trowa and Wufei were both kneeling in front of them, each with a hand on one of Quatre’s

“Are you okay?”  Trowa asked, reaching up, his hand lightly grasping Quatre’s neck, his slender fingers gently stroking his skin.

Quatre smiled, nodding.  “Yes . . . I just had a momentary lapse of judgement.  I was careless with my mental blocks and felt
Relena’s emotions for a bit.  I’m fine now.”  

“Are you sure?”  Wufei asked.

Quatre nodded again.  “I’ll be much better just as soon as we can get her out of our home.”  Quatre replied.  

Wufei didn’t look convinced, but he did nod.  “Well, Duo and Hilde still have yet to have their say on Relena’s punishment.  
When Duo called, I asked . . . he said that he would think on the matter.  Hilde didn’t return my calls when I tried to contact

“Give her time . . . she has her own problems to deal with . . . she probably still needs time to get over the sting of Relena's
betrayal.  They hadn’t been friends, but I think Hilde did trust her.”  Quatre said.

“Yes, of course love.”  Trowa smiled, his fingers continuing to brush against the skin of Quatre’s neck.

Just then, the doorbell chimed through the household.  Quatre looked up, wondering who it could possibly be at such an early
hour.  He rose to his feet, his head swimming with dizziness for a few moments.  He closed his eyes, setting his hand on the
table as he waited for the moment to pass.  Wufei and Trowa’s hands held onto him, both of them lightly caressing his body in
some manner, but neither uttering a word.

“Come, let us go see who is visiting you.”  Wufei suggested to Quatre.

“Yes, you should probably walk a bit.”  Trowa said.

Quatre smiled and nodded, grateful that they weren’t considering restricting him to bed once again.  He’d had enough of resting
. . . he wanted to keep doing things, even the small things that he had missed out on while bedridden.  “Yes.”  He said.  “Shall
we?”  He said, holding a hand out to both of the young men that he loved.  He smiled even brighter as each of them took hold of
one of his hands, the three of them heading out of the dining room and to find out who their unexpected visitor was.

As they reached the entrance hall, Quatre saw a Maguanac talking energetically with Hilde.  A strange coincidence, Quatre
thought . . . only a few moments ago they had been talking about her in the dining room and now here she was.

“Hilde . . . how nice to see you.”  Quatre said, smiling brightly.  “I hope you have been doing well.”

Hilde smiled in return, excusing herself politely from the conversation she had been engaged in and walking over to stand in front
of Quatre, Wufei, and Trowa.  Quatre noticed that she looked quite pale, but thought it wasn’t his place to pry.  “I’m doing
okay.”  She said, then turned to Wufei.  “I got your messages, the ones asking me how I thought Relena should be punished.”

“Did you come to a decision?”  Wufei asked.

“May I see her first?”  Hilde asked, a note of anger in her voice.

Quatre nodded.  “Sure.”  He turned to the Maguanac by the door, asking him politely to bring Relena to them.  The Maguanac
quickly obliged and in a few minutes, Relena was pushed down the hallway to them.

Quatre only took a momentary glance at her, finding the sight of her to be unpleasant.  Her hair was slightly less shiny, pulled
back in a bun to keep the strands out of her face.  Her garments were a maid’s uniform now, her own clothes having been
unsuitable for menial labor.  She was wiping her hands off on a dishrag as she walked, her face set in a scowl as she saw
Quatre, Wufei, and Trowa.

She turned her nose up at them as she was led over.  Then quickly, as soon as she passed by Quatre, she spit right in his face.  
Quatre flinched, feeling as Trowa and Wufei made a move toward her, but held them back, not wanting to see any bloodshed
right now.  Once he was sure that they wouldn’t do anything harmful to Relena, Quatre took a hand and wiped the spittle from
his cheek, grimacing at her as he glared.

“Miss Relena.”  Hilde nearly growled, her hands clenched at her sides as if she were struggling to keep her own anger in check.

Relena turned to Hilde, looking her up and down, then turned away, crossing her arms over her chest as he snubbed the four of
them.  Without uttering another word, Hilde stalked forward, raising her hand high and delivering a strong backslap to Relena’s

Relena sputtered and stumbled backwards from the blow, the Maguanac catching her to make sure she didn’t fall, then shoving
her forward to get her out of his arms.  Relena stared at Hilde, raising her hand to her quickly reddening cheek.  “What did you
do that for?”  Relena asked, her tone one of shock and appall.

Hilde spat at her feet.  “You’re a disgusting, whiny, little rich bitch, Relena!”  Hilde hissed furiously.  “Heero should have killed
you when he had the chance.  You’re not even worth the air you breathe.”

Quatre blinked.  He had never heard such words from Hilde’s mouth.  Of course, he had never been in the room with her when
she had been so angry either.  He just watched the scene play out before him, thinking that Relena did deserve the telling off she
was getting.

“How dare you!”  Relena shouted.  “I’m the Vice Foreign Minister!”

At this, Quatre decided to interrupt, unable to contain a giggle as he looked at her.  “No, you’re not, Miss Dorlian.”  Quatre said.  
“Unfortunately, you have been relieved of your post by the President of the Earth Sphere.  Une advised him that you weren’t
acting like yourself, and for a while now it seems as if your work has suffered . . . just a couple weeks ago, you failed to file a
vital piece of documentation that could have started a new war.  Luckily, it was found in time.”

“But I couldn’t have had anything to do with that missing file.  I’ve been in here for months!”  Relena protested.

“But no one else knows that, Miss Relena.”  Trowa replied.  “Wufei and I saw to it that your work was been routed to your
underlings, secretaries and assistants and such when possible.  Une herself handled the more important matters.  You really
should have hired better assistants, none of them were capable workers.”

Relena was shaking with rage, glaring at everyone around her.  “You won’t get away with this!”

“And you won’t get away with what you did to Duo . . . or to Quatre and so many others!”  Wufei seethed.  “Justice will be
served, and it will be served by each of those that you have harmed.”

Quatre smiled again.  “Seeing you lose your lofty position in the government is my punishment to you, Relena.”

“You didn’t hurt me all that much, not physically anyway.  It was enough just to slap you.”  Hilde smirked.  “And to hear what
Quatre had in store for you made this all the better.”

Quatre frowned, finding it difficult to block Relena’s emotions when she was so close to him.  “Take her back to the kitchen.  
She still has work to do.”  Quatre said, rubbing his hand over his chest.

The Maguanac grabbed Relena’s arm, nearly dragging her back down the hallway.  Once she was gone, Hilde spoke.  “Thank
you for calling me, Wufei.”  She said.

“It was no trouble.  I felt that you, Quatre, and Duo should have say on what her punishment was to be.  We’ll just have to see
how Duo decides to deal with her.”

“Are you sure all you want to do is slap her?”  Trowa asked.

Hilde nodded and smiled slightly.  “Yes.  She didn’t really hurt me, just used me to split Duo and Heero up.  Seeing Relena
reduced to the position of kitchen staff really brightened my mood.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ve completed what I
came here to do.”

“Please, visit us again sometime.”  Quatre smiled, extending his hand to her.

She took it, giving a good strong shake.  “Absolutely.  You have a lovely home, Quatre Winner.”

A few moments later, Hilde was gone, having closed the door behind herself.  Quatre turned to Trowa.  “I think I have a phone
call to make.”  Quatre said.

Trowa nodded.  “We’ll leave you to it then.  Unless you’d rather we stay?”

“No, you two go on.  I’ll be fine.  I can handle a phone call on my own.  Besides, Duo’s probably nervous enough as it is.  He
doesn’t need the added worry of embarrassment.”  Quatre replied.

“Okay.”  Wufei said, then reached over and took hold of Trowa’s hand.  “Come on, Trowa . . . perhaps you should be lying
down.  Sitting doesn’t seem to be good for you at the moment.”

A faint rosy tint crept over Trowa’s cheeks.  However, he followed as Wufei led him away, his hand clasped with Wufei's as he
silently walked.  Quatre held his hand over his mouth, stifling a giggle as he watched the two young men depart.

Quatre walked into the room closest to him and picked up the phone, dialing the number to the hotel where Duo and Heero were
still staying.  As soon as Duo’s face came into view, Quatre smiled.  “Hi, Duo.”  Quatre said.

“Quatre!  Man, am I glad you called!”  Duo announced.  “Just hold on a sec.”  He turned away from the video screen, looking at
something out of Quatre’s view.  Quatre smiled as he heard Duo talking to Heero.  “Hey, Heero . . . can you go down to the gift
shop and get me some . . . ah . . . some Pocky?”

“Why the sudden interest in sweets, Duo?  Are you trying to get rid of me?”  Heero asked.

“No, of course not.  I’ve just got a sudden craving.  You’re the one that got me hooked on the stuff . . . it’s your own fault for
buying that box last week and letting me have a taste.”  Duo replied.  “Could you get me a box, please?  I’ll meet you downstairs
when I’m done talking to Quatre and we can go out.  Okay?”

“All right.  I’ll be waiting downstairs.”  Heero complied.  A moment later, Quatre saw Heero’s form walk across the room in
front of the screen, then depart.

As soon as Heero was gone, Duo looked back to Quatre and smiled.  “There, now we can talk in privacy.”  He smiled.

“Wufei mentioned that you had a few questions about having a romantic evening with Heero.  How are the two of you doing?”  
Quatre said.

Duo sighed.  “We’re not QUITE where we were before this happened, Quatre, but we’re getting there.  I don’t feel
uncomfortable sleeping in Heero’s arms anymore, but I’m not ready to go any further yet.”

“Wonderful.”  Quatre grinned.  “So . . . what do you need?”

Duo bit his lip, as if in thought.  “Um . . . I wanted to do something really special for Heero.  Like a nice candle lit dinner for two
with romantic music, kinda like what he did for me a couple months ago.”  He sighed again.  “However, I got a few problems
with that.  I can’t cook and all my music is still at your place.  I don’t wanna take him out to a restaurant.  I could always call
room service, but I haven’t got the faintest clue about what to order.”

“Duo, would you like me to take care of it?”  Quatre asked.  “I can make the arrangements if you’d like me to.”

Duo practically beamed at that idea.  “Would you?  Damn that would be just great!”

Quatre chuckled.  “I’ll make sure Heero’s favorites are prepared.  Do you want something in particular for yourself?”

“No, I’m open to trying new things . . . I’ll have the same as Heero.”  Duo replied.  

Quatre nodded.  “Just tell me what time you want dinner and it’ll be done.  You’ll have to keep Heero out of the hotel suite until
then though.”

“I understand.  I have the whole day planned anyway.”  Duo smiled.  “Eight o’clock, okay Quatre?  That seems like a good time
to have dinner.  Don’t forget the music, you have free range with that . . . just nothing by VAST, okay buddy?”

Quatre didn’t question it, he just nodded.  “I’ll make sure the music is romantic.  I’ll take care of everything, Duo.  You two just
have some fun today.”

“Thanks, Quatre . . . I’ll owe you one after this.”  Duo answered, then cut the transmission.

Quatre smiled, picking up a pad of paper and a pencil.  He quickly began jotting down notes, planning for what he hoped would
be a night to remember for Heero and Duo.  Music, food, table settings . . . he’d make sure that everything was special for his

To Be Continued . . .