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Notes:  Duo is planning a nice romantic dinner after a fun day out with Heero.  Slight lime in this part.

Desires and Deceptions
Part 33

Duo cut the transmission, feeling quite good with himself after that conversation he had just had with Quatre.  The blonde
Arabian was going to take care of dinner, all Duo had to worry about was keeping Heero out of the hotel suite for the next
several hours.

He and Heero had been living in this hotel for about two months now.  Sally had left a couple weeks ago, leaving the two of
them in each other’s care.  They were going to check out in the morning, the both of them having recovered enough, according
to what Sally had said yesterday when she had made one of her regular appearances to check on their welfare.  Duo’s wounds
were almost completely healed, and Heero’s health was nearly back to normal.  

Duo and Heero were talking again.  They had discussed at length everything that had happened between them, all that Relena had
done to them, and had come to an understanding.  It took a while, but the two of them were finally happy again.  Duo was
comfortable with touching Heero again, and Heero wasn’t always apologizing for something that he had never had any control
over in the first place . . . things were just better.

So, to celebrate their last night in this hotel suite, Duo was going to treat Heero to what he hoped would be a nice, comfortable,
romantic dinner between the two of them.  He wasn’t quite ready to get intimate with Heero just yet, but he wanted to show him
some amount of affection, even if only in a small way.

With a smile, Duo strolled out of the hotel room.  He could barely suppress his excitement as he saw Heero standing by the exit
of the hotel, a small bag in his hand which undoubtedly contained the box of pocky he had asked Heero to buy for him.  “Where
should we go first?”  Duo asked, taking the bag out of Heero’s hand and holding his hand out to the handsome Japanese youth.

Heero smiled in return.  “How about a swim before brunch?”  Heero suggested.

Duo nodded.  “I’d love a swim!”  He exclaimed.  

He and Heero had been taking advantage of the hotel swimming pool quite frequently, finding that it did help them recover a bit
faster if they exercised.  Duo loved it, just being near so much water made him happy, and with Heero nearby it was even
better.  He wasn’t a great swimmer, but Heero had been helping him lately and his skills had improved somewhat.  

“Let’s go!”  Duo laughed, grabbing Heero’s hand and dragging him in the direction of the pool.

“We’ll need our trunks, Duo.”  Heero said, smirking as he was dragged through the lobby.

Duo stopped in his tracks.  “I’ll get them.  Might as well take the pocky back upstairs while I’m at it.  We’ll share it later.”  Duo
said, turning and casting a gentle smile at Heero.  “I’ll meet you in the locker room.”

Heero nodded, giving Duo’s hand a slight squeeze before walking away.  For a moment, Duo just watched Heero, one corner of
his mouth curling into a feral grin as he surveyed the Japanese youth’s backside.  Duo shook his head, clearing aside those
thoughts . . . he just wasn’t ready for that yet . . . Heero might not be ready either.  Duo wasn’t about to rush into things.  It
wouldn’t be good for either of them if he did such a thing.

He returned to the suite, running in and tossing their swim trunks and any other things they might need into a small bag.  He
dropped the bag containing the pocky on the coffee table.  Then he rushed back out of the room, heading downstairs to the
locker room.

The two of them changed in silence, then spent the next several hours in the pool.  Whether swimming or just generally floating
about, it didn’t matter, nor did the presence of the other people in the pool.  They had fun.  Heero did laps while Duo just lazed
about enjoying the water around him.  For a time they raced each other back and forth, splashing each other now and then and
getting glares from the lifeguard on duty.

After they left the pool, they went and spent a short time in the sauna.  Duo found it quite relaxing, clad only in towels, relaxing
in a sweltering hot room with Heero.  In Duo’s mind there couldn’t be anywhere else he’d rather be.  Slowly, the few people in
the sauna drifted out of the room, eventually leaving Duo and Heero alone.

Duo slid closer to Heero’s side.  “Anything in particular you want to do after brunch?”  Duo asked, brushing his soaked bangs
out of his eyes as he breathed in the heavy air.

Heero shrugged his shoulders, his eyes closed.  “Not really.”  Then he opened his eyes and looked right at Duo.  “Just being
with you is good enough for me.”  He smiled.

Duo felt that he could melt with hearing Heero saying something like that.  “Well, I’m going to take you all over the place, Heero
. . . We’re gonna have a great day and when we get back we’ll have a simple little dinner up in our suite.”  Duo said, leaving out
the part about that dinner being romantic, or candle lit.  He did want it to be a surprise for Heero when they did get back to the
room later tonight.

“So, what will we be doing today then?”  Heero asked.

Duo smirked, then shrugged.  “Well, we could always walk around the art museum for a bit, heard from Quatre that there's
some nice paintings and stuff there.”  Duo said.  To tell the truth, he had never been in a museum in his entire life . . . but he
was interested in seeing what the fuss was all about.  “Then maybe we could walk around the mall, maybe take in a movie.”

Heero chuckled.  “Sounds like a wonderful plan, Duo.”  

“Thanks.”  Duo grinned.  Then he leaned forward, kissing Heero, for the first time in months.  When he moved back, he
blushed, realizing what he had just done.  He hoped that Heero wouldn’t be upset with him.  It had just happened, Duo hadn’t
been thinking at the moment.

Heero merely smiled, hesitantly weaving his fingers through Duo’s hair, gently caressing his scalp.  Duo’s fears ebbed away,
knowing that it was fine.  It was like they had started over again from the beginning.  Duo and Heero were shy with each other
again, unsure of themselves and of their actions.  Perhaps this time nothing would go so horribly wrong.

Together, they left the sauna, showering quickly and quietly and then getting dressed.  Duo braided his hair, Heero telling him
more than once that perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea to go out in the cold weather while his hair was wet.  Duo just kissed
him on the nose and said that he would be fine.  Besides, he’d risk getting sick if it meant that Heero would take care of him

Duo took the bag, giving Heero’s hand a squeeze as they exited the locker room.  “I’ll take this upstairs, you go get us a cab.”  
Duo said.

“Are you sure?  I could take the bag up.”  Heero offered.

Duo shook his head, smiling, knowing that he couldn’t let Heero up to the room.  “No, I’ll do it.  I never could hail a cab
properly and you know it.”

Heero smirked, letting go of Duo’s hand after one more gentle squeeze.  “I’ll meet you outside then.”  He let go of Duo’s hand
and walked away.

Duo let out a sigh, then ran to the elevators, heading back to the suite once again.  At least they didn’t need anything else up
here, not if they were going to be out for the rest of the day.  He threw the bag into a corner, then hastily checked his pockets,
making sure that he hadn’t forgotten anything.  

He nearly smacked himself when he remembered that he had left his wallet in the drawer of the bedside table.  After retrieving it,
he left the suite once again, buttoning his coat as he stepped out of the elevator and into the lobby, quickly leaving.  He smiled as
he took his seat beside Heero in the back of the taxi, then the two of them left, going out on the day that Duo had planned out in

The art museum was wonderful, at least in Duo’s mind, like nothing he had ever seen before.  He had no idea that there had
been so many talented people, so many different styles of art.  He couldn't decide what period or style he liked better . . . they
were all just beautiful.  The sculptures were exquisite, some of them almost seeming lifelike.  Duo was glad that this place hadn’t
been damaged in any of the battles during the war, it would have been a shame to destroy such lovely works of art.

After visiting the museum, they walked around the mall for a few hours, catching a bite to eat at the food court, before walking
around some more.  Once again, Duo pulled Heero from shop to shop, eagerly looking at everything he could see, much like a
child in a toy store would.  Duo was thrilled to be outside again, and to be able to share his time with Heero, it made everything
all the better.  Heero smiled almost all day, laughing along with Duo’s jokes, telling one or two of his own.  All in all, they had a
great time.

Duo once again glanced down at his watch, as they exited a movie theater, Heero’s arm firmly wrapped around his waist as they
strolled along.  “Damn, I didn’t know it was that late.”  Duo commented, seeing that it was well past seven in the evening.

“Lost track of time, love?”  Heero asked, brushing back a few strands of Duo’s hair.

Duo stopped and looked up at Heero.  “I don’t think I’ve ever had such a great day before.”  Duo smirked.  “Well, maybe there
were a few that rival this one, but not too many.  The day you asked me to marry you really stands out in my mind.”

Heero leaned forward, capturing his mouth in a gentle kiss, oblivious to the stares of the other moviegoers around them.  A
moment later, Heero pulled away, a small smirk on his face.

“You know, if you wanted me to shut up you could have just said something.”  Duo said playfully.

“But kissing you is more fun.”  Heero remarked.

Duo laughed, laying his head against Heero’s chest.  “How about we go back to the hotel for that dinner, Heero?”  Duo
suggested, biting his lip as he hoped Heero would accept.

“Okay.  I am a bit hungry.”  Heero said.  “Perhaps we can order some room service, I really don’t feel like cooking anything.”

“Okay.”  Duo grinned.  He grabbed Heero’s hand and dragged him out of the theater, heading to the street.  He hailed a cab as
quickly as he could, which took him a few tries.  It was almost eight before they got back to the hotel, a few minutes after the
hour until they got up to the suite.

“Heero, close your eyes.”  Duo said, holding the handle of the door, while he unlocked it.

“What?  Why?”  Heero asked, looking at Duo with some amount of suspicion.

Duo smiled, placing one of his hands against Heero’s face.  “Trust me.  It’s a surprise.”  Duo whispered.

Heero nodded, closing his eyes quietly.

Duo grasped Heero’s hand, then led the young man into the suite.  He bit back his own gasp as he saw the state of the hotel
suite, all the candles, the flowers.  It was beautiful.  Candles were lit on almost every surface of the suite, but nowhere where
they would pose a fire hazard.  Purple roses were strewn about everywhere, the petals even creating a pathway on the floor to a
table that had several covered plates set on its surface.

“Okay, open your eyes, Heero.”  Duo said, his heart beating fast.  Quatre sure did know how to go about making a romantic
dinner.  He could even hear the gentle music playing in the background, the light tunes of a violin and a piano mixing beautifully.

Heero did gasp, turning and attempting to take in every sight and smell before facing Duo.  “You did this?  How?”  Heero asked,
his face lit up by a lovely smile.

Duo giggled.  “Quatre helped me.  He arranged all this.  Now, let’s see what he got for us to eat.”

Heero followed Duo over to the table, both of them moving to stand at one end.  Heero reached past Duo, pulling the lid off of
one of the plates.  “Vegetable tempura.”  Heero murmured, moving onto the next two plates and pulling their lids off.  “Miso
soup . . . green seaweed salad.”  He picked up the last lid, a smile on his face as he whispered.  “Chicken teriyaki with soba
noodles.  These are all my favorites.”

Duo smiled, letting his hand glide up and down on Heero’s back.  “I wanted this to be special, a celebration for our last night
here.”  Duo said, then noticed a nearby tray, which had two more covered plates on it.  “Hey, what are those?”  He asked.

Heero walked over to it, Duo right behind him, and pulled off the lids.  “Green tea ice cream with red bean paste.” He looked at
Duo.  “Dessert.”

Duo smiled, shrugging off his coat then pulling the lids off of the plates on the other side of the table, his food he guessed.  It
was just the same as Heero’s, just as Duo had told Quatre he wanted.

Heero picked up Duo’s coat from the floor, hanging it and his own on a coat rack, then returned to the table.  He pulled out a
chair for Duo, who blushed as he sat, not used to such attention.  Then Heero took his own seat.

Duo looked over everything before him, not sure where to start eating.  He tried the seaweed salad and nearly spit it out,
deciding that it wasn’t to his liking.  Heero chuckled at him from across the table.  Duo merely stuck his tongue out in return.

“Um, what do I start with?”  Duo asked, looking at the different plates.

“The tempura . . . it’s the appetizer.”  Heero informed him, pointing to the plate it was on as well.

Duo nodded, looking at the deep-fried substance.  He chewed thoughtfully, deciding in the end that he liked it.  As Duo ate, he
kept an eye on Heero, making sure that he was doing everything okay.  Heero must have noticed that Duo was copying him,
since he smiled in Duo’s direction several times.  He sometimes moved slower than he normally did when he ate, probably a
silent way of offering Duo some help.

With the exception of the seaweed salad, Duo liked all of it.  The teriyaki was just great in his opinion.  However, he was looking
warily at the dessert, not sure if green tea ice cream with red bean paste would be to his liking.  “Are you sure that’s edible?”  
Duo asked, furrowing his brow as Heero set the dish in front of him.

Heero pulled his chair over, so that he could sit next to Duo, clearing a space for him to put his own dish.  “Absolutely, Duo.  It’
s very good.”  Heero said, eating his own serving as he watched Duo.

Duo bit his lip, then shrugged, deciding to give it a try.  As soon as the first taste hit his tongue, Duo loved it.  “This is great.”  
He commented, before eating more, finishing off the whole dessert in only a few minutes.

Heero laughed, eating his at a less expedient pace, taking his time with his own.  Duo turned to him and smiled, swallowing his
last mouthful.  Heero reached out, wiping his thumb across Duo’s chin.  Duo blushed, ducking away, only to see that Heero had
wiped a bit of food from his face.  Duo blushed again, smiling shyly.  Then, without a second thought, he curled his lips around
Heero’s thumb and sucked the ice cream off of it.

Heero gasped and dropped his spoon, his eyes flying wide as he watched Duo.  The rosy shade of Duo’s cheeks probably
turned a dark crimson as he pulled his mouth away, bowing his head in embarrassment as a smile curled his lips.  He just hadn’t
been able to stop himself.  Heero was so damn sexy . . . all these weeks they had spent alone were sheer torture on Duo’s libido
. . . all he wanted to do was jump into bed with the gorgeous Japanese youth.  Still, he didn't feel that he was ready and had
ended up taking care of any embarrassing states of arousal in the shower alone.  And right now, Duo could feel the familiar
feelings of arousal coiling in his stomach, stretching out and spreading throughout the rest of his body as he watched Heero
from underneath the curtain of his bangs.

Heero opened and closed his mouth a few times, apparently unable to get out what he wanted to say.  Finally, he just gave up on
talking and reached out, sliding his one hand along Duo’s face, gently urging him to raise his gaze.  Heero smiled, his fingers
gently stroking Duo’s heated face.

“Um, let’s get some sleep.  Okay, Heero?”  Duo mumbled, forcing a smile on his face.

Heero nodded.  “Okay.  I suppose we do have to wake up early tomorrow.”  He pulled his hand away from Duo’s face and rose
from his seat.  In just a few long strides, he had reached the stereo and turned it off.  The gentle sounds of chamber music
ended abruptly.  

Duo got up, moving hastily into the bedroom, stripping down to his boxers.  He climbed into his bed, hoping that Heero wouldn’
t notice that he was sporting a hard-on.  Duo lay on his side, curling his arms around his pillow as he buried his face in it, trying
to will himself to sleep.  He clearly heard as Heero stepped into the room, probably after he had blown out each and every
candle.  Heero just strode over to his own bed.  The faint rustling sounds of clothing being removed, made Duo bite into his lip
as the images supplied by his imagination made his erection twitch.  He closed his eyes, trying to push aside the feelings, not
wanting to use Heero, not sure if he was ready himself.

After several more minutes of debating with himself over whether or not he was ready, Duo decided that he had to go for it.  He
climbed out of bed, kneeling down beside Heero’s bed and shook his shoulder gently.  Heero opened his eyes immediately and
turned to him . . . the lighting in the room was just bright enough for Duo to be able to make out each of Heero’s lovely features.

“Um, Heero . . . can I sleep with you?”  Duo asked, biting his bottom lip and wringing the end of his braid in nervousness.

Heero nodded.  “Of course, Duo.”  He replied, lifting his blankets so that Duo could slide in.

Duo got in, laying on his side next to Heero, shuddering when he realized that Heero was clad only in boxers just like he was.  
As Heero set the blankets over the two of them, Duo laid his head against Heero’s chest, for the moment content to just lay
there.  Then his hands began to wander, shyly beginning to caress Heero's warm flesh.

Heero gasped loudly as one of Duo’s fingers brushed a nipple.  “Duo . . . what are you doing?”  He asked, his breath already
harsh as he grasped one of Duo’s questing hands.

“I . . . I’m ready, Heero.”  Duo whispered, pushing himself up and straddling Heero’s lower body.  “Can, can we do this?”  He
asked, hoping that Heero wouldn’t reject him.

One of Heero’s hands snaked its way up along Duo’s body, sending shivers of pleasure wherever his fingers touched Duo until
he gently grasped Duo’s neck.  “Only if you’re certain you want to.  I don’t want to force you into anything.  Don’t think you
have to please me.  I’ll love you no matter what you decide.”  Heero replied, his other hand clasping one of Duo’s lightly.

Duo looked down at their entwined hands, a trace of light reflecting off of the silver surface of one of their rings.  Duo smiled,
finally knowing that he was ready . . . there was no doubt in his mind.  He loved Heero and Heero loved him, that was all that
mattered.  “Yes, I’m ready.”  Duo said, smiling.  

“Then do whatever you want.”  Heero smirked, his hand sliding back down Duo’s body, eventually reaching his boxers.

Duo grinned, grabbing Heero’s hand and pulling it away from himself.  “Heero . . . um . . . can I be on top?”

To Be Continued . . .