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Notes:  It begins with the end of the last part. 2x1 Lemon ahead.  Enjoy.

Desires and Deceptions
Part 34

“Um, Heero . . . can I sleep with you?”  Duo asked, biting his bottom lip and wringing the end of his braid in nervousness.

Heero nodded.  “Of course, Duo.”  He replied, lifting his blankets so that Duo could slide in.

Duo got in, laying on his side next to Heero, shuddering when he realized that Heero was clad only in boxers just like he was.  
As Heero set the blankets over the two of them, Duo laid his head against Heero’s chest, for the moment content to just lay
there.  Then his hands began to wander, shyly beginning to caress Heero's warm flesh.

Heero gasped loudly as one of Duo’s fingers brushed a nipple.  “Duo . . . what are you doing?”  He asked, his breath already
harsh as he grasped one of Duo’s questing hands.

“I . . . I’m ready, Heero.”  Duo whispered, pushing himself up and straddling Heero’s lower body.  “Can, can we do this?”  He
asked, hoping that Heero wouldn’t reject him.

One of Heero’s hands snaked its way up along Duo’s body, sending shivers of pleasure wherever his fingers touched Duo until
he gently grasped Duo’s neck.  “Only if you’re certain you want to.  I don’t want to force you into anything.  Don’t think you
have to please me.  I’ll love you no matter what you decide.”  Heero replied, his other hand clasping one of Duo’s lightly.

Duo looked down at their entwined hands, a trace of light reflecting off of the silver surface of one of their rings.  Duo smiled,
finally knowing that he was ready . . . there was no doubt in his mind.  He loved Heero and Heero loved him, that was all that
mattered.  “Yes, I’m ready.”  Duo said, smiling.  

“Then do whatever you want.”  Heero smirked, his hand sliding back down Duo’s body, eventually reaching his boxers.

Duo grinned, grabbing Heero’s hand and pulling it away from himself.  “Heero . . . um . . . can I be on top?”

Heero blinked for a few moments and Duo feared that he had asked too much.  Duo had never been on top before, it had always
been Heero before.  Then Heero smiled and Duo’s fears were washed aside.  “You can do whatever you want.”  Heero said,
raising his arms above his head and offering himself over to Duo.  “I love you.”

Duo smiled ferally, sweeping in and devouring Heero’s mouth with his own, his hands making quick work of their only
garments as they tasted each other.  As soon as neither were wearing anything, Duo pulled back, taking in the sight of his lover’
s body as Heero did the same with him.  “God, you’re beautiful, Heero.”  Duo whispered, trailing an appreciative hand down
Heero’s toned abs., watching as they clenched and rippled beneath his fingertips.

“So are you, love.”  Heero responded with a shuddering breath, his hands lightly ghosting along Duo’s thighs.

Duo bent forward, resting his weight on his elbows as he nipped at Heero’s throat, catching a pulse-point in his mouth and
sucking on it.  His eager hands maneuvered themselves onto Heero’s strong chest, tweaking and pinching his nipples into
hardness.  Duo relished each moan he pulled from Heero’s throat, feeling Heero’s growing erection against his ass.  Duo
smirked, moving lower on Heero’s throat and biting and sucking at it again, lapping at the small teeth marks he was making
while he ground his hips downward against Heero’s length.

Heero hissed through clenched teeth, his hands gripping Duo’s hips, fingers leaving bruises in Duo’s skin.  His words were lost
on Duo, as they had become nothing more than whispered phrases, most of the time not even spoken in the same language.  As
Duo continued to taunt him, Heero spoke in English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and several other languages.  But even if Duo
couldn’t understand all of the words, he got the gist of it, knowing that Heero wanted more.  It definitely didn’t sound as if he
was begging Duo to stop.

Duo pushed one knee between Heero’s legs, nearly laughing as Heero quickly spread himself for him.  “I take it that you're eager
for more.”  Duo joked, settling himself between Heero’s spread legs, massaging his thighs as he smiled down on him.

Heero’s face was flushed, sweat beading on his brow as his breath came in ragged pants.  “Please, Duo.”  Heero begged, his
eyes glazed with wanton desire as he hooked his legs around Duo’s body and urged him to move closer, thrusting his hips
upward and causing his shaft to brush against Duo’s aching length.

Duo threw his head back and groaned, reaching behind himself and snapping the band off the end of his braid.  He wriggled his
fingers through the braid, pulling it apart until his hair finally fell free around him.  He knew how much Heero loved it when Duo
let his hair down, especially in bed.

Heero slowly reached up, curling his fingers through the silky strands, a gentle smile on his face as he played with the ends.  
“Beautiful.”  Heero murmured breathlessly.

Duo smiled deviously, taking hold of a good amount of his hair and pulling it over his shoulder, slowly moving the ends along
Heero’s length as if his hair were a paintbrush.  Heero writhed and gasped under Duo’s torment, moving his hands away from
Duo’s hair and down to the bed where he clamped them down into the mattress, arching his body upwards as he ground his
teeth together.  Duo chuckled, doing it again, letting his hair ghost over Heero’s hot shaft, loving the little whimpers he drew
from the usually silent young man.

After a few more moments, Duo threw his hair back over his shoulder and bent forward, teasing the head of Heero’s erection
with his tongue.  God, how he had missed the taste of Heero’s delicious cock.  He laved attention to it, trying to imprint every
detail to his memory, cataloging every texture in his mind.

“Please, Duo.”  Heero pleaded, his hips raising and lowering repeatedly as Duo toyed with him.

Duo didn’t hear him though.  He was totally engrossed in the taste of the throbbing organ before him.  He wrapped his lips
around it, engulfing as much of it in his mouth as he could manage without choking, letting his hand wrap around what
remained.  Then he withdrew his mouth, letting his tongue follow the trail of the pulsing vein on the underside of Heero’s shaft.  
He quickly bobbed his head, striving to bring Heero to a quick climax so that they could get to the main event.

Heero’s hands tangled in his hair, stroking his scalp, never attempting to force him to do more.  Duo always marveled at how
much control Heero actually had over his own body.  It was amazing that he wasn’t trying to thrust himself deeper into Duo’s
mouth, or pushing Duo’s head downward onto him.  His hands were simply there, his fingers sliding over Duo's scalp as if
massaging it.

Duo hummed, smirking as he heard Heero gasp above him.  Heero was close, Duo knew it.  So Duo did what he knew would
bring Heero over the very edge.  He reached up, sliding his hands along Heero’s body until he reached his nipples.  Duo knew
that Heero was particularly sensitive when it came to his nipples.  For a moment he toyed with them, rolling the hard nubs under
his fingertips, all while he continued to suck and bob along Heero’s engorged length.  Then he took the nubs and twisted them
between his thumbs and forefingers, delighted when Heero arched against his hands, his seed abruptly exploding into Duo’s
waiting mouth.

Duo didn’t spit it out, he merely caught it.  He pulled his mouth off of Heero’s flagging erection, spitting Heero’s seed into his
hands.  They didn’t have anything that could be used as lube . . . so this would just have to do.  Slowly, he began to press a
finger to Heero’s opening, watching in satisfaction as Heero spread his legs even further apart.  He wormed the digit into Heero’
s body, using the mixture of saliva and semen to lubricate his movements as he stretched his lover.

Heero grunted, but did nothing to tell Duo to stop.  So Duo worked two, then three fingers into Heero’s tight body, diligently
stretching him.  When Heero started thrusting back against those fingers, Duo removed them.  Heero groaned in displeasure.

Duo spread what was left of Heero’s seed over his own length, then positioned himself, slowly pushing into Heero’s body.  
Heero grunted again, wrapping his legs around Duo’s waist and thrusting back, effectively pulling Duo against him so that he
impaled Heero with one swift thrust.  Duo nearly came then and there, but he held it back, wanting to find completion with his
lover, not end it here before they could even start.  Duo paused, biting his bottom lip, letting the both of them get used to the
sensations of this new position, neither of them having been on these sides before.  Duo had always been bottom before, Heero
top . . . it took some getting used to, to switch positions.

After a few seconds, Duo pulled back, moaning loudly as he let himself sink back into Heero’s wonderfully tight body.  If he
had known that it would feel this good, he would have asked Heero to let him be on top before . . .  although it also felt so
wonderful having Heero’s shaft buried inside of him.  Heero’s body was just so gloriously warm and so snug a fit . . . it felt like
perfection to thrust into.  

He pulled himself almost all the way out again, this time plunging back in a little harder, his pace picking up as the sensations
mounted.  He grabbed Heero’s legs, bending them so that Heero’s knees were against his chest, his legs over Duo’s shoulders,
the Japanese youth bent nearly in half as Duo let loose on him.  His pace quickly picked up, becoming frantic and wild, Heero’s
pants for more throbbing in Duo’s ears along with his own heartbeat as he drove further into Heero’s ass, craving more as he
sought to deliver Heero’s release and find his own.

Duo closed his eyes, placing sloppy kisses along Heero’s throat.  The memories of his past encounters burned in his memories,
the pain they had given him with their thoughtless lust . . . he thrust wildly into Heero, fighting them away as he sought pleasure
in his lover’s welcoming body.  He leaned back, grasping Heero’s hips and slamming into him, pounding the Japanese youth into
the mattress.  Roughly, he curled his hand around Heero’s fresh erection, pumping in counterpoint to his own thrusts as he
burned the demons of his past with the happiness he felt with Heero.  With one final plunge, the ghosts faded from his mind, his
seed shooting deep into Heero’s body as Heero spilled himself over Duo’s pumping hand.  Pleasure erupted in him, colorful
spots dancing before his eyes as he screamed Heero’s name, his back arching as his hips lightly continued to pump inward.

The ecstasy faded and Duo collapsed against Heero, releasing his grip on Heero’s softened length as he rolled to the side, panting
as he repeatedly shuddered from his orgasm.  Heero reached down, pulling up the blankets to cover them.  Duo snuggled closer
to Heero, laying his head on his chest as he sighed sleepily.  

“Love you, Heero.”  He said, feeling a tear dripping from his eye and not giving it a second thought.  He was free, finally those
demons had no control over him.  He was happy and there wasn’t anything any of them could do to change that.  They were in
the past and Heero was his future.

Heero pressed a gentle kiss to Duo’s forehead, wrapping his arms around him and holding him close.  “Love you too, Duo.”  He
said, his breathing slowly returning to normal.


Relena paced around her small room, her little prison.  She wanted to get out of here, and she wasn’t going to wait much
longer.  The windows had bars, the door was locked.  But they wouldn’t hold her here much longer.  She glanced at her watch,
smiling when she saw the time.  It was time for her bedtime check in . . . they always made sure that she was safe and locked
in her room before going to sleep.  Well, tonight, she wouldn’t be here when morning came.

She grabbed the chair from in front of her desk, pulling it over to the wall next to the door, raising it over her head as she heard
the approaching footsteps of her guard.  It would be the same as always.  The newly arriving guard would talk with the one
already there for a few minutes, then take over.  And after that one left, then the fool would walk in.

Relena waited patiently, knowing that tonight she would have to get out.  That bastard Winner had ruined her life . . . it was
those freaks’ fault.  They had sabotaged her job, had gotten her fired with their tricks.  No one would get away with that.  And
that Hilde bitch, to think she had actually had the nerve to strike her.  Relena shrugged . . . Hilde was just another one who
would have to pay for crossing Relena Dorlian.

There, there it was, the sound of footsteps hastily moving away from her door, the sound of a key turning in a lock.  The old
guard had left and the new one had taken his post.  Now the idiot was going to check on her.  She steadied the wooden chair
over her head, watching as the door slowly creaked open.

A moment later, the door was quickly thrust open, a tall man wearing a fez rushing into the room as he gasped.  He must have
noticed Relena’s absence.  Well, Relena would just have to prove that she was still there.  With one hasty stride, Relena was
right behind him.  Not giving him the opportunity to turn, Relena had begun to swing just as she had taken her step.  Only a
second later, the chair crashed against the man’s back, his silly sunglasses clattering to the floor as he collapsed.  His head hit
the floor roughly, blood quickly seeping from a fresh head wound while he lay there immobile.

Relena giggled, kneeling next to the fallen man, quickly rolling him over.  “Why, Abdul, you seem to be hurt.”  She laughed,
reaching under his vest and pulling the gun from his shoulder holster.  This would definitely come in handy.

She patted Abdul’s cheek, smirking when all he did was groan in unconsciousness.  “Well, I would go and find you some help,
Abdul . . . but you see, I really have got to get to that hotel I’ve heard so much about.  You know, the kitchen staff does have a
tendency to gossip a little too much . . . I couldn’t help but overhear.  You should probably talk to them about that.”  

Relena stood, moving over to the doorway and peering up and down the corridor before stepping out.  She turned back, smiling
at Abdul’s unconscious body.  “I’m sure someone will find you at sunrise . . . when they come to relieve you of guard duty.”  
She waved goodbye, giggling once again as she locked the door behind herself, hastily and quietly making her way out of the
estate, a gun tucked in the pocket of a coat she had found in a closet near the front door.

First she would get rid of that little street rat, and then the other freaks and that Hilde woman would follow him to hell.  Heero
was hers and no one would take him away from her . . . no one.

To Be Continued . . .