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Notes:  Once again, Relena causes problems for Duo and Heero, this time with possibly dire results.  Yes, I am cruel and evil . .
. it’s just so much fun.

Desires and Deceptions
Part 36

Duo watched as Relena strode into the room, slamming the door shut behind her almost as loudly as she had opened it.  She
glared at Duo with a flash of cruel intent in her eyes, then smiled at Heero with a disgustingly sweet look on her face.

Heero shivered in Duo’s arms, reaching to the bed and pulling the sheet up to cover himself more completely, as if Relena's
presence was bringing the temperature in the room down uncomfortably.  Relena then turned her icy glare back on Duo, her
mouth set in a thin grimace as she looked at him.  “Get your hands off of him, you filthy little beggar!”  She seethed, cocking
the gun with an ominous click.

Duo felt that it would be better if he just played along for now.  Perhaps he would be able to talk his way out of this.  He raised
his hands, standing up and stepping away from the bed and his lover.  “Why don’t you put the gun down, princess?”  Duo
asked, a gentle smile on his face.

If it was at all possible, Relena only looked more furious, as if he was soiling her in some manner just by speaking to her.  
“Leave my Heero alone you twisted pervert!”  She hissed, aiming the gun at him.

“Your Heero?”  Heero asked, rising from the bed and pulling the sheet with him, covering himself out of modesty.  “Who the hell
said I was yours, Relena?”  With a few quick strides, which were obviously painful given the wince he made whenever he
moved, Heero walked over and opened one of the dresser drawers, pulling out a pair of boxers.  He pulled them on under the
sheet, then tossed the sheet aside.  “Leave us alone.”  He said, giving Relena a hate-filled glare of his own.

“Heero . . . you don’t know what your saying.  This twisted freak has obviously corrupted your mind.  He’s nothing more than
worthless scum.  Come with me and let me help you.  I’ll get you to forget all of that thing’s perverted ideas.”  Relena said, an
insane gleam in her eyes.

Heero shook his head.  “Give me that gun, Relena.”  He said firmly, holding out his hand expectantly.

“No!”  Relena replied, taking a step back, the weapon still aimed at Duo.  “Not until you promise that you’ll come with me.  I
know I can trust you.  You wouldn’t lie to me.  I know you love me.”

Heero turned and smirked once in Duo’s direction.  Duo understood immediately, and felt no amount of worry as Heero stepped
forward and spoke to Relena.  “That’s right, you can trust me.  I’ll go with you just as soon as you hand over that gun.”  He
said, his voice calm as he held his hand out to her.

Unfortunately, at that moment, Relena decided to look down.  Duo followed her gaze, his eyes widening as he saw the fresh line
of blood making a trail down one of Heero’s legs.  Duo cursed himself for being so rough on Heero last night, knowing that it
would only lead to trouble now.  He was absolutely right in that assumption, since only a moment later, Relena’s expression
turned furious.

“You BASTARD!”  She screeched, her eyes blazing with fury.

In that instant, everything seemed to pass by in slow motion, everything around Duo moving at an impossibly slow pace.  He
watched as Relena pulled the trigger, and damned if it wasn’t impossible but he could swear that he saw the bullet racing
through the air right at him.  He closed his eyes, waiting for it to hit him, for the inevitable pain of a bullet tearing through his
flesh and bone.

However, the pain never came.  There was nothing for what seemed like an eternity.  And then he heard the sudden gasp and
time once again resumed its normal pace.  He opened his eyes, horror-stricken as he saw Heero’s muscular back in front of him,
wondering how on earth Heero had gotten in front of him so quickly.

With a deep-seeded dread, Duo reached out and grasped Heero’s shoulder, his hand shaking as he slowly turned Heero to face
him.  Duo’s eyes widened, his heart nearly stopping when he saw the blood flowing down Heero’s body, from a fresh bullet
wound in his chest.

“Duo . . .”  Heero gasped before his eyes rolled back in his head and he collapsed, landing heavily in Duo’s arms.

Duo was shaking as he laid Heero down, numbness spreading throughout his body and mind as he grabbed the sheet that Heero
had discarded earlier and set it and his hand over the wound in Heero’s chest.  “No . . . no . . . no . . .”  He mumbled over and
over again, applying pressure to the injury, feeling as Heero’s warm blood quickly soaked through the sheet and surrounded his
trembling hands.  “Don’t leave me, Heero . . . oh God, please don’t leave me.”  He cried, breaking out into sobs as Heero made
no movement.

Relena was long forgotten.  Duo didn’t even notice that she was still there, although she was no longer a threat to Duo.  The gun
was laying on the floor in front of her, as she knelt on the floor, rocking back and forth with her hands over her ears, her eyes
clenched shut, grief-stricken that she had injured her beloved Heero.  Duo didn’t notice her, nor did he care that she even
existed, since his only worry was for Heero and nothing else.

Duo needed to get help . . . he realized that.  He had to call someone.  Slowly he stood, backing away from Heero, hurriedly
making his way to the door.  It was then that he noticed Relena again, and rage washed through him as he watched the girl in
front of him.  He grabbed her shoulders, roughly forcing her to stand.  The blood from his hands stained her garments, but
neither of them seemed to care.

Relena opened her eyes and looked at Duo, her face suddenly breaking out into a wide, insane smile.  She flicked her gaze
between Duo and Heero for a moment, before looking at Duo again and laughing maniacally.  “I’ve seen so many things in my
life, Duo . . . but I never saw Heero Yuy cry before he met you.”  Relena smirked.

Duo blinked, the comment sending a sharp pain into his chest.  However, he said nothing to Relena.  He simply pulled back his
arm and punched her square in the nose, watching with a mild amount of satisfaction as she crumbled unconscious to the floor.  
Then he opened the door and raced to the nearest phone, dialing the first number that came to his mind.

Sally’s face appeared instantly.  “Duo!  We’ve been trying to contact you . . . Relena’s loose, she may be heading . . .”

Duo cut her off.  “No need to warn me, Doc.  She’s already graced us with her presence.”  Duo said, chuckling even as he

“Duo?  Duo has something happened?  Are you hurt?”  She asked, her face quickly paling.

Duo shook his head.  “I need you to call an ambulance, Sally.  H-Heero’s been shot.  He’s bleeding . . . he’s dying.”  Duo said,
his voice chocking on his words as he spoke.  

Without saying another word, or even bothering to cut off the transmission, Duo returned to the bedroom, stepping over Relena’
s unconscious body to kneel beside Heero once again.  He pressed his hands to Heero’s wound again, trying to staunch the flow
of blood, weeping as he tried to save his lover’s life.

The paramedics arrived first.  They had to forcefully remove Duo from Heero, one of them keeping Duo away while two others
worked to save Heero’s life.  Heero was being lifted onto a gurney when Sally rushed into the room.  She spoke with one of the
paramedics briefly, then knelt beside Relena’s unconscious form.  A paramedic handed her a syringe and Sally injected whatever
was inside into Relena’s arm.

The paramedics left, wheeling the gurney, that Heero was strapped down to, away.  Duo watched, fiddling with the towel that
he was wearing, unable to take his eyes off of the door that they had taken Heero out of, worry stabbing at his heart and soul as
he feared for Heero’s life.

He wasn’t even aware that Sally had knelt down in front of him until she lightly slapped his face to gain his attention.  Duo
looked at her, tears quickly welling up in his eyes.  He threw his arms around her, burying his face against Sally’s shoulder as he
quivered in fear and grief.  “What if he dies?”  Duo asked, his breath hitching as his words came out hoarse and cracked.

Sally’s hands were strong and soothing against his bare back.  “Duo . . . don’t give up hope.  You and I both know that Heero
has survived so much worse.  He did self-destruct and survive.”  Sally said, offering comfort.

However, Duo couldn’t accept it.  He shook his head, pulling away from her slightly, his eyes burning from the river of tears he
was crying.  “He had something to come back for then.  What if he doesn’t want to live?  I hurt him last night . . . I was too
rough with him when we . . . when we were intimate.”

Sally smiled, brushing aside his hair with gentle fingers.  “Duo . . . Heero loves you.  A little rough sex won’t drive him away.”  
She paused, taking a deep breath.  “Now, why don’t we get you dressed and I’ll take you to the hospital.”

Duo nodded, then glared at Relena’s unconscious body.  “What about her?”  He asked.

“We’ll take her with us.  I told the paramedics that she was a patient under my care, that she unfortunately had a nervous
breakdown due to losing her job and just suffered from her first psychotic episode.”  Sally said.  “I do have a licence to practice
psychiatry . . . I should have done this before, but Quatre told me not to unless you wished it . . . I’m going to have her
committed to the psychiatric ward at Khushrenada Memorial.”

Duo chuckled, brushing aside his tears.  “Seems fitting.  She is a loony.”  He would have laughed, but his joy was weighed
down with worry for Heero.  Slowly he stood, moving away from Sally and over to the dresser, pulling it open and grabbing
some clothes that wouldn’t take long to pull on . . . just boxers, a T-shirt, and a pair of sweat pants.  He got dressed quickly,
pulling on socks and shoes last.  Sally was behind him, brushing his hair quickly but carefully, braiding it for him so that they
could get out of there as soon as possible.  Duo appreciated her help, his mind focused on getting to the hospital and finding out
Heero’s condition.

To Be Continued . . .