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Notes:  Duo frets over Heero’s condition.  This is the last part before the epilogue.

Desires and Deceptions
Part 37

Duo sat in a chair in the waiting room, his face buried in his hands as he cried.  Sally was next to him, her arm wrapped around
his shoulders to offer some amount of solace, to try and keep his hopes up.  They had been there for hours now, and they were
still waiting on word of Heero’s condition.  Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei had already been there, and were now in the cafeteria
getting something for Duo to eat.

Duo didn’t think he could eat though.  All he wanted to do was sit there and worry.  However, Quatre was quite persistent.  As
weak and tired as he looked this morning, Quatre was insistent that Duo eat something.  Quatre could be quite stubborn when he
wanted to be, and with both Wufei and Trowa backing him up, it was kind of difficult to say no to him, especially with how
tired he seemed to be today.  Duo had idly wondered why he looked so weary, but his thoughts had quickly returned to his
worries over Heero’s life.

He rocked back and forth, tear tracks staining his cheeks.  He wasn’t even aware of the figures approaching him until a deep
voice spoke.  “Now, Mister . . .”  Duo looked up at the two strangers, his first impression telling him that they were police
officers, detectives probably.  The officer speaking, sighed when he saw Duo, rolling his eyes.  “Oh for Christ’s sake . . . they
called us to investigate HIM?”  He asked, pointing in Duo’s direction.

“I guess I should be glad it’s you two.”  Sally muttered, glaring at the men while she tightened her arm around Duo’s body.  She
turned to Duo.  “These are detectives Samson and Forrester, they investigated your poisoning . . . and suspected Rick.”  Sally
whispered, pointing to each of the men when she had said their names.

Duo nodded.  He remembered Sally explaining to him in the car that they would have to use an alias for Heero when they
admitted him to the hospital.  Just in case anyone from the last incident happened to recognize Heero and remember that he had
been using the name Rick.  So Duo was going under the alias he had been given when he had been admitted for the poisoning
those months ago . . . Max.

“Why are you here?”  Sally asked, glaring at the detectives.

Detective Samson sighed.  “Hospital staff reported a rape.”  Duo winced, listening as the cop continued, hating himself for how
rough he had been with Heero last night.  He should have been gentler.  “I guess they can’t tell when two people are just

Detective Forrester knelt down in front of Duo, laying a hand on his shoulder as if to comfort him.  “How have you been?”  He
asked, his voice laced with kindness.

Once again Duo didn’t answer.  He just couldn’t find his voice.  Sally answered for him.  “Max has been really upset about what

“What I really want to know, is why Relena Dorlian shot your friend Rick.”  Detective Samson declared, crossing his arms over
his chest.

Duo sighed.  “She was aiming for me.”  He admitted quietly, tears silently falling from his eyes and dripping from his chin.

“She’s unstable.  We found out recently that she was the one who poisoned Max.  Evidently, she was jealous of his relationship
with Rick, wanted Rick to herself . . . She had delusions that Rick actually cared about her in return and was tricked by Max
into a relationship.”  Sally said, sighing.  “I took her under my care, considering her former position in the government we were
hoping to keep the incidents under wraps if she agreed to get psychiatric help.  She snuck out last night and somehow got hold
of a weapon.  Apparently, Rick was trying to protect Max when he was shot.”

“And where is Miss Dorlian now?”  Detective Forrester asked.

“In the psychiatric ward of this hospital.  I’ve committed her . . . she’s far too dangerous to be left unsupervised.”  Sally said.  
“As long as Rick and Max don’t press charges, she can’t be prosecuted.”

“That’s right . . . just as long as Rick pulls through this all right and doesn’t press charges, there won’t be a criminal
investigation.”  Detective Samson nodded.  “That also means she’ll only be committed for a trial basis.”

“Yes, I’m contacting her next of kin and requesting him to agree to a more long term stay.  She hasn’t been well for a long
time.”  Sally sighed.  “I’m sure even he will see that.”

Detective Forrester nodded.  He looked as if he was about to say something else, when a doctor walked over to them.  Duo
jumped to his feet, Sally rising a bit slower and keeping her arm around Duo’s shoulders.  “How is he?”  Duo asked quickly,
wringing his braid in his hands as he waited for a reply.

The doctor sighed, taking a deep breath before speaking.  “He’s out of surgery and in stable condition.”  The doctor said.  Duo
nearly fainted hearing that, his heart almost jumping out of his chest he was so happy.  However, the doctor continued to talk.  
“It was a rather close call.  Just another inch to the right and the bullet would have pierced his heart.  It's a miracle that there
wasn’t more damage.  However, he’s not out of danger yet . . . we’re going to monitor his condition in the intensive care unit
for the next day or so.”

“Can I see him?”  Duo asked hopefully.

“I’m sorry, we only allow the immediate family into the intensive care ward.”  The doctor replied.

“I’m his fiance.”  Duo announced, wiping his tears away.

The Doctor sneered at Duo, looking him up and down as if in disgust.  This was probably the guy that had called in the rape.  
Duo shivered, feeling dirty just because of the way this guy was looking at him.  

“You’re not a relative, I can’t allow you in.”  The doctor said, his tone cold as he glared with contempt at Duo, as if Duo was
the most disgusting thing in the universe.  Well, Duo wasn’t going to just sit by and take some gay bashing crap from this close-
minded doctor, and it didn’t seem as if Sally or those two detectives were willing to stand by and listen either.

After arguing for at least a half an hour, during which time, Wufei, Trowa, and Quatre returned from the cafeteria and also piped
in with their opinions, Duo was allowed in to see Heero.  While his friends waited outside, Duo lingered just inside the doorway,
twisting his braid in one hand as he looked worriedly at Heero.  In a plastic bag in his other hand were Heero’s personal
belongings, which wasn’t much . . . just a pair of boxers and the ring he had been wearing when Relena had burst into the hotel

Thankfully, Heero wasn't hooked up to a respirator . . . well there was that tube up his nose and it was a little disconcerting.  
However, all of the other machinery monitoring Heero's condition made Duo very nervous.  Duo had never liked hospitals in the
first place and to see Heero here only made his dislike of hospitals worse.  The various beeps and other noises in the room
frightened Duo, fearing that any minute now, it would turn into one continuous beep, signaling Heero’s death.  Duo didn’t think
he’d be able to handle it if Heero died on him . . . no, he didn’t want to lose Heero.

Slowly, Duo approached Heero’s bedside, looking on with deep concern at the pale skin of his lover.  He pulled a chair over,
sitting beside the bed.  With a trembling hand, Duo reached out, clasping one of Heero’s, frowning as he had to avoid several
wires and an IV tube.

His heart ached as he sat there and watched Heero, fearing that his beloved would never wake up.  What if Heero didn’t want to
come back to him?  Duo had been particularly rough with Heero last night, he had hurt him so much that he had bled . . .
perhaps Heero hated him for it.  A few stray tears coursed down Duo’s face again, wondering if Heero despised him for how
rough he had been, hoping that Heero loved him enough to come back to him.

“I’m sorry, Heero.”  Duo whispered while acid-like tears fell from his eyes.  “I never meant to be so rough . . . I’m no better
than those bastards that raped me.”  He muttered, full of self-hatred for the pain he had caused his lover.  Duo lowered his head,
setting it on the side of the bed as he cried.  “I’m sorry . . . Please don’t leave me, Heero.  I love you.”  

He laid there and sobbed for what seemed like an eternity before something softly brushed across the top of his head.  He looked
up, gasping in surprise when his gaze met with Heero’s beautiful blue eyes.  “Don’t cry.”  Heero said, his voice dry and rough.

Duo clasped Heero’s hand, kissing it as he laughed in happiness.  “You’re awake!”  Duo grinned, holding the back of Heero’s
hand to his tear-stained face.

“Don’t cry.”  Heero repeated, smiling.  “I know you never meant to hurt me.”

“You heard me, huh?”  Duo asked, blushing.  He brushed his fingers through Heero’s bangs, letting his thumb stroke across the
Japanese youth’s forehead lightly.

Heero nodded.  “You have nothing to be sorry about.”

Duo shook his head.  “I was too rough . . . I should have gone easier on you.  We didn’t have lube . . . you’d never been bottom
before . . . I should have been more considerate.”  Duo said, rambling.

Heero pressed his fingers to Duo’s lips, hushing him.  “No, it was wonderful.  I loved every minute of it . . . you were
wonderful.”  Heero smiled, then he sighed.  “But next time, perhaps lube would be a good idea.”

Duo smiled, thrilled that Heero would even mention there being a next time.  “Do you really mean it?”  Duo asked, hope filling
his heart.

Heero nodded.  “Of course.  I love you.  A little rough sex could never change that . . . nothing can.”  He replied, letting his
thumb stroke across Duo’s lips.

Duo clasped his hand and kissed it once again.  “I love you too.”  Duo smiled.

Heero lifted his head off of the pillow slightly, looking down at himself before laying back down.  He raised his left hand,
wriggling his fingers a little.  “Where?”  He asked tiredly, his hand falling back to the bed.  “My ring?”

Duo frowned.  He picked up the plastic bag, showing it to Heero.  “They took it off when you were brought in.  Something
about hospital policy . . . sanitary reasons or something . . . they cut it off.”  Duo sighed.  “I’m sure it can be fixed though.”

Heero nodded, his eyes barely open.  “Where’s Relena?”

Duo smiled.  “Psychiatric ward.”

“Good.”  Heero said, then he frowned a little.  “I’m tired.”

“Then why don’t you get some rest . . . I’ll be here when you wake up.”  Duo whispered, pressing a kiss to the back of Heero’s
hand once again.

Heero nodded tiredly, his eyes already closing.  “Okay.”  He said, smiling in Duo’s direction before closing his eyes completely.  
“Love you.”

Duo smiled, leaning over and placing a gentle kiss to Heero’s dried lips.  “Love you too.”  He replied, taking his seat again, idly
stroking Heero’s hand with his thumb as he watched him sleep.  Things were okay . . . Heero was going to be just fine.  Duo
was sure of that now.  Relena couldn’t hurt them anymore.

To Be Continued . . .