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Notes:  This is it, the last of Desires and Deceptions.  Here’s the epilogue.

Desires and Deceptions

Heero grumbled as he sat up, trying to push away the nurse that was fussing over him.  Her name was Cerise O’Reilly,
according to her name tag, although she didn’t appear to be of Irish descent.  She had long, blonde hair, which was pulled back
in a tight ponytail.  

Heero had been in this hospital for almost a week now, and finally they were letting him out, although only into Sally’s care.  He
and Duo were going to be spending the rest of Heero’s recovery at Quatre’s estate.

Heero would have preferred to get up on his own, but this oddly and irritatingly cheerful nurse refused to leave him alone.  Her
personality was eerily similar to Duo’s with an odd mixture of Quatre’s mixed in.  And Duo was being of no help, standing by
the door chuckling at Heero, not doing a damn thing to help get rid of the perky young girl bothering him.  

Before Heero could ask Duo to stop his giggling, a doctor pushed past Duo on his way into the room.  Heero frowned at the
man, recognizing him immediately.  Over the last week, this doctor had acted like a complete asshole.  He was almost openly
hostile with Duo, glaring at him, ignoring him when he spoke, his every action saying that he just didn’t like Duo.  And Duo had
mentioned that this same doctor had tried to keep him from seeing Heero that first day.  Heero was getting fed up with his

“Please leave.”  The doctor said bluntly to Duo.  “There are some tests I need to perform before your friend Rick can be

Duo sighed and nodded.  He turned, casting a small smile to Heero.  “I’ll see you later.”  Duo mumbled, glaring at the doctor one
last time before he left.

The doctor nearly slammed the door behind Duo.  Even Nurse O’Reilly who had been perky and chatty, didn’t seem to like him.  
Her smile had faded as soon as he had walked in, and now she was somberly doing her job, getting Heero into a sitting position
as the doctor stepped forward.

The doctor stepped over to Heero, checking him over.  As he examined Heero, he spoke, his words causing nothing but anger to
spread through Heero’s body.  “I don’t know why you’re protecting that little pervert.”  The doctor said.  “I saw the damage he
caused to your body . . . it must have been painful for him to rape you like he did.”

“He didn’t rape me.”  Heero seethed through clenched teeth, balling his hands into fists as he tried to control his anger.

The doctor shook his head, clucking his tongue, treating Heero as if he was just some foolish child who didn’t wish to believe
the truth when it was told to him.  “Really, I’m sure you’re ashamed of how he’s violated you, but not charging him for the
attack is just foolish.  Who knows how many others he’s hurt with his sick games.”

Heero was nearly shaking with rage.  “Are you done examining me, Doctor?”  Heero asked, barely able to control himself.

The doctor stepped back, scrawling something on the paperwork on the clipboard he was holding.  He didn’t even look at Heero
as he nodded.  “Yes . . . I suppose you’re well enough to leave.”

“Good.”  Heero said, then climbed down off the bed.  He grabbed the doctor’s collar with one hand, pulled back his fist and
struck the insensitive prick right in the center of his face, hearing a satisfying crack before the man fell unconscious to the

Heero gasped, nearly falling over as a sharp pain reminded him of why he was in the hospital in the first place.  Hands wrapped
around his shoulders, pulling him back to the bed and helping him to sit.  Heero turned, looking to Cerise O’Reilly, the perky
young nurse, who was smiling very brightly once again.

“It’s about time someone punched that asshole.”  She remarked, pulling off Heero’s hospital gown, then removing the bandages
and checking his stitches.  “He’s the reason I don’t tell anyone I work with about my Lily.”  She flashed Heero a bright smile,
pulling a locket from under her uniform and opening it.  “That’s my wife, Lily.”  

Heero looked at the picture in the locket, seeing an attractive young red-haired woman.  “She looks nice.”  Heero said, not really
sure how to compliment a woman.

“If anyone asks what happened to him, I’ll swear that I saw him slip and fall on the floor.  I don’t think anyone will care to ask
though . . . no one here really likes him.”  Cerise said.

Heero nodded, nearly chuckling.  “Thank you.”  

Cerise smiled again, then helped Heero to get dressed.  Heero wasn’t shy about his body, so he really didn’t mind that she was
seeing him in the nude.  Besides, now he knew that Cerise wouldn’t find him the least bit attractive, not when she had a pretty
young wife waiting for her at home.


Duo sighed as he left Heero’s hospital room.  He wandered around aimlessly, not really sure what to do while he waited for that
jerk of a doctor to get done checking Heero over.  All Duo wanted to do was to take Heero and get out of here, go back to
Quatre’s estate where no one would give them weird looks or sneer at them for their sexual preferences.

He wasn’t looking where he was going, and when he finally did look up, he was quite surprised to find that he had wandered
into the psychiatric ward.  More specifically, he was standing in front of the room that he had personally spent some time in all
those months ago.

A whimpering sound from within the room caught Duo’s ear, alerting him to the fact that someone was inside.  Curiosity
quickly overcame Duo’s senses and he pressed his hands to the door, standing on his toes so that he would be able to see
through the small window.  He nearly gasped in shock as he saw Relena . . . although she was in such poor condition that Duo
could barely believe it was actually her.

Her hair was so much shorter, missing in places, her scalp marked with a few cuts.  She was sitting on the floor, her hands
wrapped around her knees as she rocked back and forth, muttering over and over again to herself that Heero was hers, that she
knew he loved her.  She spoke to no one, although it was obvious that in her mind she only saw Heero since she was promising
everything anyone could ever want if he would just proclaim his love to her.

Duo thought this display was quite pathetic, sad in a way.  She was completely delusional, her mind apparently gone.  He felt a
tear trailing down his face but he brushed it aside, sighing as he wished things could have been different.

“Are you a friend of Miss Dorlian’s?”  A strange voice asked.

Duo turned, finding himself face to face with a young doctor.  “I used to be . . . before . . .”  Duo replied, although he couldn’t
figure out how to finish that sentence.  He and Relena had never actually been friends.  He had thought they were, but then she
had betrayed him, had tried to kill him.  He didn’t know how to feel about her anymore.  He couldn’t hate her, yet he couldn’t
like her . . . she was just there, a person who was sick and needed help.  

“It’s good to see that she’s getting some visitors.”  The doctor said, stepping forward and unlocking the door.  “Her brother
visits her every weekend, but I think she’s been waiting for someone else.  I don’t know who.  But perhaps a new face visiting
her will cheer her up.”

Duo nearly laughed at that.  He highly doubted that Relena would enjoy seeing him.  He thought about telling the doctor that there
would be no point in opening the door for him, that he was just going to walk away . . . but he couldn’t seem to do it.  In fact,
he had the oddest feeling that he should go in there.  Perhaps he would find a sense of completion once he faced her, once he
stood up to her one on one.

“What happened to her hair?”  Duo asked, finding a need to say something.

The doctor sighed deeply, his hand pausing on the doorknob.  “We’re not exactly sure how . . . but she got her hands on a pair
of scissors.  By the time we got them away from her, she had cut most of her hair off and was mumbling something about
making herself look better for a hero or something.”

Duo gulped, understanding completely.  This was just another part of her illness.  He nodded, waiting as the doctor opened the
door.  Duo stepped into the room, the doctor following a few steps behind.  “I’ll leave you two alone.  If you need me, call me .
. . I’ll be right outside.”  The doctor said, then Duo heard as the door was closed, and Duo was locked inside with Relena.  It
was a bit unnerving to be so close to the person that had repeatedly tried to kill him.

“Hello, Relena.”  Duo said, his face expressionless as he watched the girl.

Relena looked up, her eyes settling on Duo after a few seconds.  Duo shivered under her gaze, finding the gleam in her eyes to
be upsetting.  The sight of her, with so much missing hair, her face pale, and her thin body clad only in what looked to be
pajamas . . . it was just so strange a sight to see.  It was like looking at a complete stranger, some poor wretch that had been
misfortunate in life, not the former queen of the world, someone who had helped bring peace to the earth and colonies.

Tears welled in her eyes as she looked at Duo, but no apologies flowed from her mouth.  Instead she just spouted what seemed
natural coming from her, nothing but ramblings about Heero and how much he should love her.  “I could give him everything.”  
She said, rising to her feet and staring at Duo.  “Anything he could ever want could be his . . . money, fame, children . . .
Anything he could ever want I could provide to him.”  Her face turned cruel, a glare in her eyes as she looked Duo up and
down.  “What could you possibly give him, but your perverted inclinations?”

Duo shook his head, never taking his eyes away from her.  He didn’t trust her a bit, not at all.  He wasn’t going to leave himself
open to an attack.  “I can give him love, Relena.  If you had loved Heero, you would have been happy to see him happy, even if
you couldn’t have him yourself.”  Duo replied, smiling as he spoke, knowing it to be the truth.

This didn’t seem to convince Relena though.  “No!  He can’t love you!  You’re just a twisted little street rat, a worthless piece
of gutter trash that should have died when the plague swept through L-2!”  She hissed, nearly spitting at him in rage.

Duo gasped and took a step back, his body pressing up against the door.  How had she known about the plague?  How the hell
could she have possibly known that he had been on L-2 then?

Relena chuckled, brushing her hand over her head and breaking off a scab or two as she scratched them.  “Heero’s not the only
one who can check backgrounds, Duo.  I know all about you . . . that little gang and the Solo whelp . . . you should have died
with him.  I know about the church and those foolish people that took you in.  Guess they couldn’t see how disgusting you
really are.  A shame they were killed too.  You just kill everyone that gets close to you, don’t you Duo?”  Relena laughed, a smile
on her face.

“Shut up.”  Duo said, narrowing his eyes at her.  “I didn’t kill them, I didn’t kill any of them.”  He said, for the first time in his
life actually believing those words to be true.  “Your little mind games won’t work on me anymore, Princess . . . there's nothing
you can say or do to stop Heero and I from living happily together.”

Relena growled at him, pushing away from the wall and stalking toward Duo.  “Worthless little piece of trash!  No one dares talk
to me like that!”  She pulled her hand back, intending to slap him across the face, but Duo easily caught her hand and kept her at
bay.  She stepped back, fury emblazoned in her eyes as she wrenched her wrist free.  Then she suddenly grew calm, and a
smile once again curled her lips.  “No matter . . . Heero walked out on you once . . . and he’ll do it again, just as soon as he gets
bored with you.”  She turned and walked back across the room, sitting on the floor again in the same position she had been in
when Duo had walked in.

Duo sighed and shook his head, knocking on the door to alert the doctor that he wanted out.  A moment later, the door opened
and Duo took a step back.  “You’re wrong, Relena.  Heero won’t leave me . . . he loves me, just as much as I love him.  Take
care, Relena . . . and remember that Heero will never love you.”  With that said, Duo smiled and left, hearing the satisfying
screeches of Relena’s rage as the doctor closed and locked the door once again.

Duo returned to Heero’s room, waiting patiently outside, wondering how long it would be until Heero was ready to leave.  He
didn’t have to wait long, since only moments later, Heero was pushed out of the room in a wheelchair, looking very unhappy
about this particular piece of hospital protocol.

However, Heero smiled as soon as he saw Duo, reaching out his hand.  Duo smiled, not hesitating as he clasped Heero’s hand,
bending slightly to give the back of it a quick little kiss.  “Ready to go home?”  Heero asked, a faint rosy tint to his cheeks.

“Absolutely.”  Duo replied, nodding once in Nurse O’Reilly’s direction, then walking along beside his lover as Cerise pushed him
along in the wheelchair.  All his worries were in the past, locked away along with Relena.  All he had left was hope . . . he was
looking forward to a bright future with his lover and couldn’t wait to get it started.

The End