Disclaimer:  I don’t own Gundam Wing or any of the characters.  

Notes:  I gave Quatre an extra family member, an uncle by marriage to his father’s sister.  Not a very nice guy.  He doesn’t
appear in the prologue though.  But anyway, here’s my 1+4 fic.  Heero wakes up from a nightmare.  Quatre is quietly sobbing
in his room.  Enjoy.

Warnings:  This has adult themes and violent content.  Rape, abuse, murder.  Lime and Lemon. Pairings:  Otherx4, and
1+4/4+1, 1x4 later, implied 2x5, 3+Midii.  Trowa’s not really in this fic all that much.

Guardian’s Betrayal


AC 197

Heero pulled his legs up to his chest, not knowing why it felt as if his heart had been ripped in two.  Nightmares had never
affected him like this before.  What made this one so different?  But even before he asked himself that question, he knew the
answer.  It was no nightmare, it was a memory.  A memory so terrible that it even scared the Perfect Soldier.

He wrapped his arms around himself, trying to force away the tears that ached to come forward.  Why should he cry?  This
was nothing.  A useless memory.  It wouldn’t do him any good to express emotion, so why should he?

But he just couldn’t help but shudder as he sat there in his bed, the sweat dampened sheets twisted around his sleek, muscular
body.  At least Heero didn’t have to worry about anyone else finding out about the nightmares.  Each of the pilots had their own
room.  They were staying in one of Quatre’s many mansions.  And Heero’s room was far enough away from the others’ so that
no one would hear him if he cried out in his sleep.  

Quatre had arranged it so that no one’s sleep would be disturbed by unusual sounds from another of the pilots’ rooms.  Most
likely because of all the noise Duo made when he and Wufei had one of their nightly trysts.  The two of them thought that no
one else knew about their little affair, but it was so plainly obvious even to the blind.  Why else would the two of them make a
show of arguing with each other during the day?

Heero swung his legs over the edge of his bed, his stomach grumbling in hunger.  He got out of bed and walked over to the
door, grabbing a robe from a nearby chair as he walked.  He threw the robe on and left, feeling a need to eat.

He turned on a light as he entered the kitchen and opened the fridge.  Although, he didn’t really need one.   He knew the place
well enough to find his way around in the dark.  Nothing looked appetizing, obviously Duo had already beaten him to the fridge
that night.  Even the leftovers from that night’s dinner were gone.  

He closed the fridge, deciding that this had been a waste of time.  There was nothing he wanted to eat here, nothing that could
be quickly made.  He turned and went back upstairs.

As he passed Quatre’s door, Heero stopped, hearing something strange.  It was the sound of muffled cries.  Why was Quatre
crying, Heero wondered.  But he brushed it off as nothing.  It wasn’t any of his business anyway.  However as he walked away,
back to his own room, there was an odd feeling in his stomach, like his heart was twisting.  He pushed the unwanted emotion,
the worry, away as he closed his own bedroom door behind him.


Quatre could hear the sound of footsteps outside his room.  He knew it was Heero.  There was just something about the sound
of the footsteps.  

He tried to stop the tears, hoping that Heero hadn’t heard.  Of course, Heero wouldn’t care if Quatre was crying.  He didn’t care
about other people’s emotions, or his own for that matter.  He was the Perfect Soldier, not weak like Quatre was.

Quatre couldn’t stand it.  How could he have fallen in love with Heero Yuy?  For so long, he had thought he loved Trowa.  But
Trowa wasn’t interested in him in the least.  In fact, he already had a girlfriend, Midii Une.  The two of them had met when they
were children, and had recently become reacquainted.

No, Quatre couldn’t be in love with Heero.  It had to be some huge mistake.  Besides, Heero would never love him back.  Heero
was only interested in his missions with the Preventers.  Quatre had to be mistaken, maybe he was just confusing admiration for
love.  That had to be it.  He couldn’t be in love with Heero.

He brushed back his tears, knowing that he had to get his mind off of Heero.  He couldn’t just spend his time being miserable,
yearning for a love that would never be.  He had to get on with his life.  

Quatre climbed back into his bed, pulling the blankets up over his head.  How he hated cold weather.  Why hadn’t they gone to
one of the mansions he had in the tropics, or the desert.  He hated being cold.

To Be Continued . . .