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Notes:  Heero makes breakfast for himself and Quatre, then spends the day keeping the injured blonde company.

Guardian’s Betrayal

Part Three

Heero stood over the stove in the kitchen, easily flipping a mostly circular pancake.  It wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t too oblong
either.  In another skillet, Heero was making a large amount of scrambled eggs.  Quatre would have a good breakfast . . . that’s
why Heero was going to all of this trouble.  He didn't usually make this type of food for himself.  No, it was for Quatre that he
did this.  The blonde was injured and needed a decent meal.  Heero would see to it that he got one.

“Woah!  Heero, whatcha cooking?”  Duo asked, bounding into the room.

Heero frowned.  “You’re up early, Duo.”  He commented, taking note that it was still before ten in the morning.

Duo shrugged.  “Yeah, well I could smell this great food from all the way upstairs.”

“Sorry, Duo.  This isn’t for you.”  Heero said.  “Quatre’s not well and I’m making breakfast for him so that he can stay in bed

“That bastard Keith hit him didn’t he?”  Duo seethed, his eyes blazing.

Heero shook his head.  “We have no proof that Keith is doing anything.  Quatre is not confessing how he has gotten hurt, at
least not the truth anyway.  There is nothing we can do.”

Duo sighed deeply.  “Mother fucker should take a head dive down a flight of stairs!”  Duo exclaimed.

“As much as I agree with you, there is nothing we can do until Quatre admits the truth.  You know that as well as I do.  If we
interfere before Quatre tells the truth, we could only end up hurting him further.”  Heero commented, turning off the stove and
dishing the breakfast equally onto two plates.

“I know, I know.  I don’t have to like it, but I know.”  Duo sighed, shaking his head.  He raised his gaze, quickly bringing about
a change of subject.  “So, you going to have breakfast with Quatre, huh?”  He smirked.  “Gotta crush on him or something?”

Heero blinked, then cleared his throat, wondering how Duo had been able to see through him so clearly.  He shook his head,
getting drinks for himself and Quatre.  “I . . . I don’t know what you're talking about.”  He said, fighting the blush that wanted
to color his cheeks.

“You do!”  Duo smiled, laughing once.  “I knew it!  You like Quatre!”

Heero hung his head, closing his eyes briefly.  “That is none of your business.”

“Aw, it’s okay, Heero.  Quatre’s sweet.  You’re nice when you want to be.  I think you two will be really good for each other.”  
Duo said, clapping his hand on Heero’s back.  “Go on now, you don’t want that food getting cold.”  He then opened the fridge
and shoved his head in, rooting around for his own breakfast.

Heero shook his head once more, glad that Duo hadn’t continued to pursue that embarrassing topic.  He put the plates and other
breakfast necessities on a tray and left the kitchen, carrying breakfast up to Quatre’s room.  Maneuvering carefully, he managed
to open the bedroom door without putting the tray down and without spilling anything.  He entered the room, kicking the door
shut behind himself with his foot, then strode over to where Quatre was laying in bed.

“I hope pancakes and eggs are acceptable.”  Heero said, setting the tray over Quatre’s legs.  “I didn’t know what you wanted to
drink, so I brought tea, milk, and orange juice.”

Quatre smiled a little.  “Thank you, Heero.  I’m sure it’ll be delicious.”  He said quietly, picking up a fork and beginning to eat his

Heero nodded, taking his own plate and eating.  The meal passed in relative silence.  It was comfortable though, not an awkward
silence.  Heero enjoyed being in Quatre’s company, liked being around the attractive young man, even though Quatre’s face was
bruised, his body beaten and battered.  Quatre was still a pleasure to be around.

When they had finished breakfast, Heero took the tray and set it aside, along with the empty dishes.  “So, what would you like to
do today?”  Heero asked.

Quatre’s brow furrowed slightly while he thought over the topic.  “Hm . . . well, I don’t really know.”  He said, his fingers
fiddling with the blankets covering him.

Heero thought for a moment, trying to think of something they could do all day.  “Well, there are board games . . . or cards.”  
He suggested.

“Cards sounds fine for a start.”  Quatre smiled.  “There’s a deck in the top drawer of my desk.”

Heero nodded, and headed over to Quatre’s desk.  He found the deck of cards then returned to the bed, tearing off the plastic
wrapping and opening the box.  Nervously, he sat on the edge of Quatre’s bed, shuffling the cards quickly and efficiently.  
“What should we play?”

There was a brief discussion over the game they would play, as well as which version.  In the end, they decided on poker.  
Heero was quite surprised to learn that Quatre was skilled in this game.  Heero lost nearly half the games they played . . . it was
disconcerting to know that Quatre could bluff so well, as well as endearing to know that he wasn’t a sore winner or a whiny

They ended up playing for several hours, not just poker, but a number of other games as well, before they both grew tired of
card games.  A few board games followed, Heero found the trivia game unchallenging, but then again, so did Quatre.  Most of
the board games ended with a tie, and they quickly grew bored with that as well.

Heero made lunch for Quatre, and later on fixed dinner for everyone.  He was already planning on cooking dinner for himself
and Quatre, so it made little difference for him to cook for six, or for two.  Although he was not fond of the idea of cooking for
Keith, the man was home and Heero would not let him starve.  Quatre would probably get blamed if Heero avoided feeding him .
. . Heero didn’t want to cause Quatre any more agitation or injuries.

After dinner, Heero borrowed a few vids from Duo.  The long-haired youth had also supplied Heero with a bowl of popcorn and
assured him that Quatre would enjoy it.  Heero had been skeptical about how Quatre could enjoy heated kernels of corn, that
would only get stuck in his teeth, but he nodded and gave Duo his thanks.

“Come on, Heero . . . you can sit next to me.”  Quatre said, as Heero entered the room with the movies in hand, as well as the
bowl of popcorn.

Heero nodded, then took a seat beside Quatre on his bed.  He was nervous, not used to being so close to the object of his
affections.  But if it would please Quatre, he would do it.  Even if Quatre asked him to jump out of a window . . . Heero would
do it, if only to see a smile alighting the blonde’s attractive face.

“Don’t be so nervous, Heero.  I won’t bite.”  Quatre said, a gentle smile gracing his face.  He took the movies from Heero’s
hand, flipping through them to see what the selection was.  “Did Duo give you these?”  He asked.

“Yes.  Why?  Is there something wrong?”  Heero asked.

“No, nothing’s wrong.  It’s just that these are all romance movies.  I didn’t think you would have chosen them yourself.”  
Quatre replied.

Heero turned to the blonde, only to see a pink tinge coloring his cheeks.  “If you want, I’ll go back and see if he has anything
else.”  He offered, moving to take the vids from him.

Quatre pulled his hand back.  “No, it’s quite all right.  I do actually want to see this one.”  He said, handing one of the vids over
to Heero.

Heero nodded, taking the disc from the packaging.  He handed the popcorn bowl over to Quatre and got up, striding across the
room to the television that Quatre had modestly tucked away within a cabinet.  He got everything set up, then returned to Quatre’
s bed, remote in hand.  Once he was settled in his seat, leaning back against the headboard, with Quatre sitting beside him, Heero
turned on the movie.

All in all it wasn’t a bad film, at least what Heero had seen of it.  Heero didn’t really pay attention to it all that much though.  
Quatre’s close proximity to his body was quite distracting, pleasantly so.  He could feel the heat of the young man’s body, could
smell the sent of shampoo from his hair, along with Quatre’s own unique bodily scent that lingered in the very air around them

There were numerous occasions during the course of the movie where they both were reaching for popcorn at the same time
and their fingers brushed together.  Each time, Quatre would blush and retract his hand, shyly murmuring an apology and
looking bashfully up at Heero.  Heero would merely smile and direct his attention back to the movie, not knowing what to say or
if he should react with more physical contact.  This wasn’t under his limited knowledge of experience when dealing with
socializing and human contact . . . he didn’t really know what to do, although his heart was pounding heavily in his chest,
spurring him to do something, anything.

So the next time that Quatre’s hand brushed against his own, and Quatre shyly apologized, Heero finally made a move and did
something.  He bent forward and kissed him, nothing more than a gentle touch of his lips to Quatre’s, since he didn’t want to
hurt the young man.  Still, it was enough.  The taste of salt from the popcorn heightened the taste of Quatre’s sweet lips.  It was
simply a wonderful experience.

When Heero pulled back, he hoped that Quatre wouldn’t reject him.  His fears over a painful response, was allayed though, as
Quatre grabbed Heero’s shoulders and kissed again, deeper this time.  Heero smiled against Quatre’s lips, happy that Quatre had
not rejected him.

Quatre opened his mouth, almost shyly licking a trail over Heero’s lips.  It was instinctual for Heero to respond, careful in his
actions as he parted his lips and deepened the kiss.  For an unknown amount of time the two of them mapped out each other’s
palates, Quatre’s gentle hands roaming across Heero’s chest, while Heero’s remained holding Quatre’s arms.  Heero didn’t want
to do anything to hurt Quatre.

Quatre was the one to break the kiss.  He smiled, then laid his head against Heero’s chest, cuddling closer to him as he wrapped
his arms around Heero’s body.  This was how the two of them spent the remainder of the movie, holding each other.  There
was no need for anything more.

When the film ended, Heero looked down at the youth he cradled in his arms, smirking when he found that the blonde had fallen
asleep.  Carefully, he adjusted their positions, laying Quatre down in bed.  He stayed beside the blonde, not wanting to let go,
content to lie there beside him, holding him.  He fell asleep, watching Quatre’s angelic face until darkness overtook his senses.

To Be Continued . . .