Disclaimers:  I do not own Gundam Wing or any of its characters.

Notes:  Another time skip.  Heero is away on a mission and Quatre finds out just how cruel a bastard Keith can be.  When Heero
gets home, he finds a most disturbing scene.

Warning:  Rape scene ahead.

Guardian’s Betrayal

Part Four

Quatre sighed as he stepped into the bathroom.  Finally, Keith had left him alone, had gone out, hopefully for the rest of the
night.  It had been days since Heero had gone on that mission, and although he would be back any time now, Quatre still feared
for his own safety.  Three days ago, Heero had taken the time to be with him, to spend an entire day in his company.  It had
been so sweet of him, and Quatre appreciated it, not only for the kindness, but for the protection that Heero had given him for
just that one day.

Quatre pulled off his shirt, wincing at the stinging of his fresh wounds.  With Heero gone, Keith had gotten more aggressive,
more harsh in his attacks on Quatre.  Still, at least Keith had left his face alone, none of the others would know that he was hurt
as long as Keith only hit his body, only bruised his arms and legs, his torso.

No one could see those marks, no one except himself.  And Heero.  Heero knew . . . Quatre was sure of that.  After that day,
how could he not know?  He had seen the marks, and although he had said that he accepted Quatre’s excuse, Quatre knew
better.  Heero knew the truth but was allowing him to lie, was waiting for him to tell the truth.  Again, Quatre appreciated Heero’
s patience and kindness.

Quatre glanced up at his reflection in the mirror above the sink.  There he was, his eyes empty and surrounded by dark circles,
his skin even paler than usual.  He was tired, not only in body but in spirit as well.  He didn’t know how much longer he could
keep up the act that everything was all right.  Keith probably wouldn’t let him live until his eighteenth birthday.

He shook his head, clearing it of thoughts of his own death.  It would only be for another year, not even that really.  Soon he
would be eighteen, and then he would be free of Keith forever, free to be away from that horrible man forever.  But still he was
hurting . . . Allah, he wished that Heero would return soon.

Quatre stripped off the rest of his clothes and stepped over to the shower.  He turned on the water, letting it flow over his hand
as he tested the warmth.  He smiled despite the emptiness in his heart, the sound of the water bringing some comfort to his
aching soul.  It was calming, listening to the sound, watching as the clear water ran across his palm.

He pulled his hand back, and stepped into the flow of water, closing the glass shower door behind himself as he closed his eyes.  
He just basked in the feeling, letting the water run across his skin, streaming along his body as he stood there, motionless.  He
would relish his time alone for as long as he could.

Finally, after several minutes of quiet peace, he grabbed a washcloth and the soap and began cleansing his body, being careful
not to aggravate his bruises.  He began humming, losing himself in the feeling of serenity that had washed over him.

That serenity was destroyed in an instant as the glass door was slid open.  Quatre jumped, startled, and turned to see Keith
standing before him.  Quatre’s eyes widened in terror, seeing that awful man, his body free of any and all clothing.

“What . . . ?”  Quatre began, only to have his words broken.

Without warning, Keith grabbed Quatre, shoving him roughly against the back of the shower, causing the back of his head to
bang against the wall hard.  For a moment Quatre was dazed, his vision going dark for just an instant.  But that was long enough
for Keith to step into the shower, closing the door behind himself, trapping Quatre in the shower with him.

“You little tramp!”  Keith hissed, roughly grasping Quatre’s hair and pulling at it.  “I saw the way you looked at that Jap. kid . . .
you’re a fucking queer, eh?”  He chuckled, although his voice held no humor.  “You’re mine, do you hear that?”

Keith’s hands roamed his body, and Quatre opened his mouth to scream, knowing that he needed help.  Duo was downstairs,
Wufei with him, they could help.  No sound left his mouth however, as Keith bruisingly kissed Quatre, stifling any cries he
might have made with his disgusting tongue.  Quatre could taste the liquor in his mouth, could smell the stench of alcohol on his

Keith pulled away, his hand wrapping around Quatre’s throat.  He pulled his other arm back, sending a vicious assault against
Quatre’s already bruised body.  He punched and kicked, striking in whatever way he could.  He broke open Quatre’s lip again,
caused his nose to bleed once more.  Pain swept through his face and body, his stomach, legs and chest under assault as well,
until he was left dazed.

“I bet you spread those legs of yours wide for him, didn’t you?  You fucking slut!  Did you like it?  I bet you did . . . whoring
yourself to that piece of shit . . . let’s see how you like me pounding your little ass against this wall!”  Keith hissed, tightening his
hand around Quatre’s throat.

Quatre gasped, his air cut off.  He raised his hands, weakly trying to push Keith away from him, but his hands were slick with
soap and kept slipping across his skin.  Unable to get a good grip on the man, Quatre began hitting him, desperately wanting to
be free.

A knee to the groin stopped any and all of Quatre’s struggles.  He closed his eyes against the pain, crying, as his uncle’s mouth
descended over his own again.  Keith took Quatre’s wrists and pinned them to the wall behind him, holding them there with a
strong grip of one hand.  He felt as Keith grabbed one of his thighs, lifting him and spreading his legs while keeping him pinned
against the wall.

Quatre whimpered as Keith positioned himself between his legs.  With one swift thrust of his hips, he plunged himself deep into
Quatre’s virgin body.  Quatre screamed out, his voice muffled by Keith’s bruising kiss.

His body was pushed against the wall repeatedly, as Keith continued to thrust into him, causing Quatre nothing but pain.  Quatre
ineffectually tried to wring his wrists free of Keith’s harsh grasp, but couldn’t manage to free himself.  Tears streamed from his
eyes, pouring down his cheeks to join with the water from the shower.  

The slapping sound of his skin, drenched in water, slapping against the shower wall drew all of his attention.  He would gladly
hear that, and only that if it meant that the other sounds were drowned out . . . if it meant that he wouldn’t hear as Keith moaned
in pleasure from what he was doing, from the agony that he was causing to Quatre’s body and mind.

Finally, after several moments of nothing but pain to Quatre, Keith emptied himself into Quatre’s torn body with one final painful
thrust.  As he climaxed, he bit down hard on Quatre’s bottom lip, drawing a flood of blood.  He pulled himself out of Quatre,
caring nothing for the damage he had caused, not only to Quatre’s body but to his mind as well.  Keith took his mouth away
from the blonde as he moved, a cruel smile curling his lips.

“We should do that more often.”  Keith said, as he opened the shower door and staggered out of the stall.  He stopped in the
doorway between Quatre’s bedroom and the bathroom, turning to look back at Quatre.  He smiled cruelly, licking his lips.  “I
think that friend of yours . . . what’s his name . . . Duo?  I think he would be an excellent fuck as well.  Maybe I should visit
him one night while that twerp of a boyfriend is away.”  Then he was gone, having left the bedroom quickly.

Quatre wrapped his arms around his shaking body, sobbing uncontrollably as he slid down the wall.  He looked down at himself,
seeing the water of his shower mixing with the blood that flowed from his body.  He laid down, not caring if he bled to death or
not, just laying there as the water continued to rain down on him.


Heero couldn’t explain why, but he had a terrible feeling that something was wrong.  He shook his head, pulling his car to a halt
in Quatre’s driveway.  He was home now.  If anything was wrong, he would attend to it.  And if that bastard had hurt Quatre
again . . . this time he wouldn’t be able to just stand by and allow it to continue.  He had to put a stop to Quatre’s suffering, even
if the blonde wouldn’t admit to being abused.

Quickly, he got out of his car and entered the house, rolling his eyes as he found Duo and Wufei making out on the couch in the
front room.  He turned and headed up the stairs, deciding that he just had to see Quatre for himself, to make sure that the blonde
was well.  

He was weary from his mission, but still wanted to check on the young man’s welfare.  He knocked on the door to Quatre’s
bedroom, frowning when there was no reply.  Perhaps Quatre was asleep already.  He checked his watch, finding that it was
still well before nine . . . Quatre rarely went to bed so early.

Heero quietly turned the doorknob, pushing the door open just as silently.  If Quatre was indeed sleeping, then he would never
know that Heero had checked on him.  There would be no harm in just taking a look.

What he found when he stepped inside, was an empty room.  The lights were on, but Quatre was nowhere to be found.  Then
Heero heard it, the shower was running.  Quatre was probably in there then.  Heero took a seat and waited, wanting to see
Quatre before he allowed himself to go to sleep.  He wanted to see if Keith had hurt him again, and the best way to do that
would be to wait and see what he looked like when he exited the bathroom.

After twenty minutes, Heero frowned.  Quatre still wasn’t out yet.  He knew from past experiences, when the two of them had
been on missions together, that Quatre didn’t take that long to wash himself.

He rose from his seat, hesitant as he approached the bathroom door.  He pushed it open, peering inside cautiously.  He had a
nagging suspicion that something was wrong.  A voice in the back of his mind was pestering him to check on the youth, and so
Heero followed his instincts, even though they led him into a room where Quatre was more than likely stripped and wet.

He waved his hand, trying to clear away the steam that filled the room.  Little was visible, Heero didn’t like it.  “Quatre?”  He
called out, only to hear nothing in reply.  Concern filled Heero and he approached the shower.  “Quatre, are you okay?”  He
asked, his hand set on the glass door.

When he got no reply, Heero slid the door open.  His eyes were drawn to the floor, then widened as he took in the sight of
Quatre’s battered body.  “Quatre!”  He exclaimed, horror-stricken by the amount of blood in the water around Quatre’s pale

Heero knelt beside Quatre, applying his fingers to the young man’s neck.  He found a strong pulse, to which he was immensely
grateful.  And yet he was deeply concerned for all the injuries that Quatre had, bruises and welts . . . cuts and scrapes.  There
was little of Quatre’s body that wasn’t injured in some way.  Reaching up, Heero turned off the flow of water.  He grabbed a
towel from a nearby rack and wrapped it around Quatre’s body, quickly pulling him into his arms, holding him carefully and
hoping that he wasn’t causing further injuries to the wounded youth.

He stood, hastily leaving the bathroom, then the bedroom and all but running down the stairs.  “Duo!  Wufei!”  He called out, as
he stepped from the last step.

“Oh my God!  What happened?”  Duo asked, running to stand before Heero, his hands pausing in the air just above Quatre’s
unconscious form.

“What does it look like?  He’s been beaten.”  Heero responded, growling low in his throat as he asked his next question.  “Where’
s that bastard, Keith?”

“He left just over a half hour ago.”  Wufei replied.  “He hasn’t come back.”

“Fuck that, just get Quatre to the hospital!”  Duo shouted, pushing Heero toward the door.  “You drive him, Wufei.  I’ll wait
here and keep an eye out for Keith.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?”  Wufei asked, his gaze one of concern.  “Apparently he is a dangerous man.”

Duo smirked slightly.  “I’ll be fine.  You go on.  Quatre needs the help.”

Wufei smiled, giving his boyfriend a quick kiss before leaving the house.  Heero nodded his thanks, saying nothing, then
followed Wufei.  He just wanted to get to the hospital as quickly as possible.  There was no time to waste if Quatre was
expected to recover.  Heero just hoped that when Quatre did awaken that he would be able to give Heero some answers.

To Be Continued . . .