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Notes:  Heero sits by Quatre’s side in the hospital, watching and waiting for any change in the blonde’s condition.

Guardian’s Betrayal

Part Five

Heero felt useless.  He was torn between feeling fury and fear.  Fury at Keith for doing this to Quatre, and fear for Quatre’s well-
being.  A part of Heero also wanted to inflict harm on Duo and Wufei who had been making out while Quatre was upstairs in a
shower, his body broken and bleeding.  He knew that what had happened hadn’t been their fault, and that they were probably
beating themselves up about it as it was . . . but the anger was still there.  There was no way that he could place blame on
Trowa . . . the young man had been away on a mission for almost a week, some deep undercover job that Heero knew little
about.  Right now, Trowa was the only one that he couldn’t hate . . . well, Trowa and Quatre.  Quatre was an innocent victim,
someone who had been horribly hurt, someone who Heero loved too much to hate.

He felt that he was just seconds from throwing something and screaming in anger, but he knew that he couldn’t do that.  He did
not want to awaken Quatre and frighten him.  As it was, he sat there, watching Quatre’s chest rise and fall with each labored
breath that the blonde took, while Heero was clenching his fists so tightly that his knuckles were white.

“I’m so sorry, Quatre.  Une hadn’t needed me on the assignment THAT badly.”  Heero whispered, fighting the urge to reach out
and caress Quatre’s bruised face.  “I probably could have stayed behind.  Sure, it would have taken longer for them to complete
it, but this would never have happened to you had I been there.  I would have stayed by your side and killed that bastard before
he . . .”  Heero swallowed hard, tears prickling in the corners of his eyes.  He couldn’t believe that Keith had gone so far as to
rape Quatre, to violate his young body so viciously.  That’s what the doctor said had occurred.  Upon Heero’s request, the
police had been called to investigate.  “Never again, Quatre.  I swear that he will never hurt you again.”

Heero took a deep, calming breath, pushing back his tears.  He did not want to dwell on Quatre’s injuries.  Besides the rape,
there were several new bruises, contusions around Quatre’s throat . . . apparently, Keith had been strangling him at some point.  
It was probably to keep him from crying out for help.  There was a minor head injury due to being slammed against something .
. . most likely the bathroom wall.  The tiles HAD been cracked.  Quatre had broken ribs and internal bleeding . . . Heero forced
himself to turn away from the thoughts of murder.  Quatre might pick up on his anger, the blonde was gifted in sensing other
people’s emotions.  He didn’t want Quatre to fear him more than he probably was going to anyway.

Heero looked up as Wufei entered the room, followed by someone who Heero could only guess was a police officer.  “All right .
. . I acquired a list of injuries from the doctor.”  The officer said.  “Now, I just need to ask a few questions.”  He gave Heero a
strange look.  “What is your relationship with the victim?”

Heero sighed.  “I’m a friend.”  He was resigned to the fact that a friend was probably all he’d ever be to Quatre now.

The officer frowned, but nodded and scrawled something down on a pad of paper that he held in his palm.  “Have I seen you
somewhere before?”  He asked, looking up at Heero again.  “That’s not a standard question . . . you just look familiar to me.”

Heero nodded.  “Probably.  I work with the Preventers.  What do you need to know?”

The officer nodded. “All right . . . where were you when the incident in question took place?”

Heero almost sighed in relief.  Finally, he could do something to call forth the solider, to push his own feelings aside and help the
fragile, injured blonde.  “I was on assignment with the Preventers for the past several days.  I only got back earlier this evening.”

“Can you give us a description of the perpetrator?”  The officer asked, continuing to write in that notebook.

Heero proceeded to give a VERY detailed description of Keith.  Wufei interrupted once or twice to give a description of what
Keith had been wearing that night.

The officer turned to Wufei.  “You were home, not on assignment . . . how come you didn’t notice the continued abuse to your

Before Wufei could answer, Heero broke in.  “I was wondering that myself.  Some of those injuries are too old to have been
caused tonight, but they weren’t there when I left.  Don’t tell me you and Duo were too wrapped up in each other to notice.”  
He knew the words were hurtful, but he really couldn’t care at the moment.  Quatre was all that mattered, his health and safety,
and getting him justice for the pain that he had been caused.

To his credit, Wufei didn’t wince and met Heero’s eyes.  “He must have been covering the bruises.  I saw him every day and
never saw any physical difference.  Had I known, I would have called you back.”  He turned to the officer.  “Keith came home
this evening, smelling of liquor, stating that he was going to take a shower.  He came down with wet hair and was cleanly
dressed and we naturally assumed that’s all he had done.  He probably made sure that Quatre couldn’t cry out for help.  We
would have helped him had we known what was going on.”  That last sentence was directed at Heero.

The officer closed his notebook, shoving it and his pen into a pocket.  “Where is this Duo person now?”

Heero sighed.  Once again, feeling useless.  “He stayed at the house.”

The police officer frowned.  “Is that wise?  If this Keith returns, he could harm your friend.”

Wufei shook his head.  “I doubt it.  Duo is a Preventer as well . . .”

The police officer shook his head.  “That doesn’t matter.  People like this don’t fight fair.  They get a kick out of being fought.  
It makes breaking the soul that much more fun for them.  Believe me, I’ve seen it often enough over the years.”

A soft moan made Heero turn to look back at Quatre, his eyes going wide as he watched the blonde begin to stir.  Wufei and the
officer stepped over, both watching Quatre as well.  If Quatre was waking, then perhaps he could answer a few questions . . .
but only if he wanted to.  Heero wasn’t about to force Quatre into talking.

Quatre’s brow furrowed, his parched lips parting with a strangled whimper.  He turned his head from side to side, his hands
clutching at the thin blanket covering him, letting go again only a moment later.  “Duo . . .”  He whispered, his eyes opening a
little.  “Where’s Duo?”

Heero’s heart fell.  He was thrilled that Quatre was awake, but it was a shot to his ego to know that Duo was the first he
thought of.  “Duo’s at the house, Quatre.”  Heero said, laying a hand on Quatre’s shoulder.  “You’re in a hospital.”

Quatre shook his head, his eyes blank as he struggled to sit up.  “I have to go.”  He said, his face contorting into an expression
of pain.  “I’ve got to go home.”

Heero stood, pushing lightly on Quatre’s shoulders, wanting him to stay down, and yet afraid of hurting the already injured
youth.  “No, Quatre . . . stay in bed.  You’re in no condition to be getting up.”

Wufei moved around to the other side of the bed.  “Listen to Heero, Quatre.”  He said, looking unsure as to what to do.  “You
have to stay in bed and allow yourself time to heal.”

“No!”  Quatre screeched, thrashing under Heero’s hands.  He was fighting to get away, trying to get out from under Heero’s
grasp.  “Let me go!”  He yelled.  “I have to go!”

Wufei helped Heero, trying to keep Quatre from injuring himself further.  He looked over at the officer.  “Go get a nurse!”  He

The police officer didn’t waste a moment.  He turned and left the room.  However, Heero’s attention was firmly fixed on Quatre’
s face, watching as sweat quickly covered his skin.  The blonde fought and kicked, trying to get away, yelling and screaming at
both Heero and Wufei to let him go.  Neither obliged.  How could they let him go when he was hurt?  He needed time to recover,
to heal.

The nurse rushed into the room, a syringe in hand.  While Heero and Wufei struggled to hold Quatre down, finding it difficult
with the way he writhed, she injected him with the contents of the needle.  It had to be a sedative of some kind, for only a few
minutes later, Quatre’s struggling became weaker.  

“Please let me go?”  Quatre begged, kicking feebly.  He eventually settled down, panting raggedly as he lay there.  The nurse
checked his injuries, and the IV, making sure that he would be okay before she left the room once again.  The police officer didn’
t wait around, probably trying to be kind and leave Quatre to rest for the time being.

Heero sighed, adjusting the blankets over Quatre’s body.  “You should rest.”  He said again, looking at Quatre’s face, meeting
his tired eyes.

Quatre nodded tiredly, then turned to Wufei.  He reached up, grasping Wufei’s arm.  “Duo’s in danger.”  He said, his voice
growing weak.  “Keith . . . he wants Duo . . . told me so after he . . .”  His voice trailed off, not continuing that line of thought.  
“You have to get to him before it’s too late.  Please . . . please help him . . . stop Keith from hurting anyone else.”

Heero looked to Wufei, seeing as a moment of panic flickered in his eyes.  “Go on, Wufei . . . go make sure Duo’s okay.”  
Heero said, knowing that Duo did have to be looked in on.  If Keith had made a threat against Duo, then he was probably still
hanging around the house somewhere.

Wufei nodded.  He set his hand on Quatre’s arm.  “Thank you, Quatre.  You rest and I’ll see to it that Duo’s kept safe.”  He
assured the blonde youth, only a moment before leaving the room.

Heero sighed, contenting himself with staying by Quatre’s side.  Wufei could handle the situation at the house, if there was one.  
Heero wouldn’t leave Quatre’s side . . . the blonde would need comfort, reassurance that he was safe.  He had to be here in case
Quatre attempted to escape again.  

Sighing, Heero brushed his hand over Quatre’s forehead, sliding the sweat-slick bangs away from his face.  “Get some rest,
Quatre.  I’ll keep you safe.”  He whispered gently, afraid that he might only hurt him, he set his hand on Quatre’s arm, only
wanting Quatre to know that he was safe here with him.

Quatre tiredly looked at Heero, a brief smile alighting on his bruised face.  “Thank you.”  He whispered wearily, only moments
before his eyes finally drifted shut and he succumbed to slumber.


Duo rubbed his eyes tiredly.  It was late and he wanted to go to sleep, but he knew better than to do that.  He had to keep a
watch out for Keith.  Finally, he had a reason to pound the bastard.  No one would question why the jerk had one or two bruises
. . . that monster deserved it for ever touching Quatre.  He should be given a fraction of the pain that he had given to Quatre.

He pushed himself up from his seat, thinking that he had heard something.  He pulled his handgun from its holster, moving
quietly and with purpose to the kitchen, where he thought the sound had emanated from.

Duo flipped the light on, looking around the kitchen cautiously.  He didn’t see anything other than that the backdoor was now
open, moving as a breeze pushed it from outside.  Damn . . . Keith could very well be in the house now.

It happened so suddenly that Duo didn’t even have a moment to register what was going on before it was too late.  A strong arm
circled around Duo’s body, easily pinning his arms to his sides.  Barely a second later, a cloth was pressed over his nose and
mouth, the unmistakable scent of chloroform filling his nostrils.

Fuck, he thought.  How could he have allowed himself to be surprised like that?  His vision quickly went hazy, his gun dropping
from his hand to clatter against the tiled kitchen floor.  Duo didn’t hear it though.  His senses compromised, it wasn’t long
before he was plunged into darkness, falling prey to the cruel man behind him.

To Be Continued . . .