Disclaimers:  I do not own Gundam Wing or any of its characters.

Notes:  Duo awakens in a dangerous situation.  Keith has plans for him.  And Wufei arrives, hoping that he’s not too late to
save his lover.

Guardian’s Betrayal

Part Seven

Duo winced as he came to wakefulness.  He was lying on a bed, face down . . . but he couldn’t feel a pillow beneath his head.  
‘Shit!’  Memories slammed into him, reminding him of how he had probably ended up here . . . Keith had been in the house.  

He tried to move and felt a stab of panic when he realized that he was tied up, his arms and legs spread wide to the four corners
of the bed, something foreign shoved in his mouth . . . a gag most likely.  Being tied up was NOT good . . . especially when he
knew who it was that had done the tying.  Given time, Duo knew that he’d be able to escape the bonds.  He prided himself in
being able to escape any imprisonment.  However, time was something he did not have . . . and in this position, he was fearful
of what would be happening to him.

Duo heard a sound and turned, straining to see that Keith was standing beside the bed, taking a long swig of some alcoholic
drink and emptying the bottle.  “Good . . . you’re awake.  Makes things more fun.”  Keith licked his lips and looked Duo over,
smiling appreciatively.  “You are one hot piece of ass, you know.  The way you’re always strutting around in those little shorts
like a little slut just makes me want to pound you into the mattress.”  He smirked, his hand pawing at his own crotch.

Duo felt the fear inside of him grow when Keith leaned forward and ran a callused hand over his bared flesh.  At some point
while Duo had been unconscious, Keith had stripped him of his clothing.  Duo knew where this was going.  He'd seen Quatre,
and had no wish to have the same thing happen to him.  He let out a muffled yelp as Keith’s hand lowered to fondle his backside.

“I’ve seen you with that Chink . . . making out like a little whore.  You probably don’t know what it’s like to be fucked by a real
man.”  He slapped Duo’s backside abruptly.  “My problem right now is, that you do nothing for me at the moment.  I like my
bitches to suffer a little before I fuck them.”  He laughed coldly, slipping his hand down along the cleft of Duo’s ass.  “I know
that those two Asian shits will be back soon, but I want to have some fun with you before they get here.  So . . . I’m going to

Duo’s eyes widened as Keith held up the empty glass bottle.  ‘Oh, God!  Tell me he isn’t serious with that thing!’

“I bet that Chink loosened you up . . . let’s see how much you like this!”  Keith hissed, spreading Duo’s ass cheeks apart.  
There was no further warning.  Slowly, Keith pushed two dry fingers inside of Duo’s body, roughly stretching him . . . causing
nothing but pain.  Barely a minute later, he removed his fingers, pushing the top of the bottle up into him.

Duo gasped, fighting the urge to move.  No, what if the bottle broke?  He couldn’t struggle, couldn’t take the risk of the bottle
breaking inside of him.  Keith only laughed, thrusting the bottle in and out of Duo, hurting him, painfully stretching his body.  

Duo whimpered around the gag in his mouth, his body shifting against his better judgement.  He froze, terror in his heart as he
heard a loud cracking sound.  Oh, God . . . what was he going to do now?  The bottle was breaking!  How could he save
himself from this?


Wufei halted the car, jumping out without bothering to turn off the engine or close the door behind himself.  If there was even a
slim possibility that Duo was in danger, he would see to that first.  If not, then he would come out and turn off the car’s engine
once he was sure that Duo was fine.  Damn, he wished that he had brought his handgun with him.  But no, he had left it up in
the bedroom that he and Duo shared.

Wufei sighed, truly hoping that there was no danger to his lover.  He didn’t know how he would protect Duo without a
weapon.  Sure, he could use his hands . . . he had been trained in the martial arts, but if the man used Duo as a shield, he was
virtually helpless.  

He ran into the house, looking around for Duo.  He wouldn’t call out.  No, he couldn’t do that.  If Keith really was in the house,
then Wufei’s calls to Duo would only alert the man of his presence.  That would leave Wufei at a disadvantage and that wasn’t
acceptable.  Duo’s safety was at risk.  Wufei wouldn’t allow any harm to come to the one that he loved, not if he was able to
stop it in some way.

After checking the downstairs . . . having found the backdoor to be ominously open, the kitchen in disarray . . . Wufei made his
way upstairs.  He had a baseball bat in his one hand . . . it was Duo’s.  The young American was always leaving that thing lying
around the house.  Wufei had picked it up from the stairs as he made his way up them.  There had been no knives in the kitchen,
the drawers had been ransacked and emptied . . . Wufei didn’t know where the sharp implements had been dumped.

He was just entering the hall when he heard a strange noise coming from the bedroom that he and Duo shared.  Narrowing his
eyes, his heart beating wildly out of worry for his lover, Wufei made his way over to the door.  With sweaty palms, he turned
the knob and eased the door completely open.  What he saw inside the room made his heart stop for a split second, his mouth
gaping open as he surveyed the horrible scene before him.

There lay Duo, his beautiful Duo, face down and spreadeagled on their bed.  Minute shudders ran through his body, muffled
whimpers escaping his gagged mouth as his hands ineffectually clenched and unclenched, straining in the bonds that held him in
place.  But what brought Wufei's blood to a boil was the fact that Keith was kneeling just to the side of his lover, ramming a
bottle up into Duo’s ass.  It was obviously bringing nothing but pain to Duo . . . the reactions Duo was having was eluding to
that fact.

Wufei growled deep in his throat, springing forward into the bedroom and raising the bat above his head.  He brought it down
sharply against Keith, striking him in the back for the most part, but hard enough to knock him away from what he was doing to
Duo.  Sparing a glance down at the bastard, Wufei spit at his unconscious form, wanting to smash the bat over his head and kill
him . . . but he wouldn’t.  No, Duo needed him now.

Wufei carefully climbed up onto the bed beside Duo’s naked body, setting the bat down.  “Sshh, Duo . . . don’t move.”  Wufei
urged, cautiously taking hold of the bottle.  He pulled it out slowly, having noticed that there was a crack in its surface.  He didn’
t want to injure Duo, although he already saw that there was some blood staining the bottle.  Duo remained perfectly still,
holding his breath as Wufei pulled the bottle free and dropped it to the side.  Wufei cared little that the bottle broke as soon as it
hit the floor . . . Duo was his only concern at the moment.

Quickly, Wufei untied his lover’s hands, bringing the gag from his mouth.  “Are you okay?”  He asked, worried that Duo’s spirit
might have been broken, even though his body had not suffered all that much damage.

“I’ll be fine.  Just get me the hell out of here.”  He said hurriedly, his eyes portraying his frantic need to get away.

Wufei nodded, hastening his efforts in untying Duo.  He had only gotten the lithe youth’s wrists undone when someone grabbed
him from behind, propelling him backwards and into a nearby wall.  “Wufei!”  Duo’s shriek reached his ears just a moment
before the world spun into blackness briefly.

When he was able to see again, he found himself pinned to the wall, Keith’s hands tight around his throat.  “You little bastard!”  
Keith seethed, his eyes burning with a mad fury.  He tightened his hold, closing off Wufei’s air.

Wufei blearily gripped at Keith’s wrists, trying to pull them away, but he was getting dizzy.  A head injury, Wufei knew that he
had one, serious enough to impair his senses . . . perhaps a concussion.  This was not good.  He tried to raise his legs, but Keith
was too close, he couldn’t bring it up far enough to hit him, or to knock him aside.  There was nothing he could do.

His eyes widened, his mouth open as he struggled to take in a much needed breath.  But he couldn’t.  Keith was strangling him,
killing him.  What about Duo?  How would he help Duo if he was killed by this man?  He focused on that, forcing himself to
remain conscious, knowing that he couldn’t abandon Duo like this.  He couldn’t leave him to fend for himself.  He had to help

His throat burned for air.  Keith’s hands were so tight around his neck, crushing his throat in his grasp.  Darkness lingered at the
edges of Wufei’s vision, slowly creeping inward, threatening to plunge him into the abyss . . . Duo, he thought a moment before
the darkness filled his eyes . . . his only worry for Duo and not his own life, even as his hands fell uselessly to his sides.

A deafening wail filled the air, a pain shooting up Wufei’s body as he was dropped to the ground.  Suddenly, the darkness was
whisked away.  Wufei found himself gasping for air, Keith’s hands gone from his throat.  He opened his eyes, his vision blurry
as he saw Keith arching his back, his eyes wide as saucers.  Then, quite abruptly, Keith fell to the floor and lay there unmoving,
his eyes blankly staring at Wufei . . . dead eyes.

It was then that Wufei saw a piece of the broken bottle protruding from the side of the man’s neck.  Blood flowed in bright
crimson, quickly spreading out around the lifeless corpse.  Duo stood over the man, shaking and breathing heavily, his eyes wide
as he looked at what he had done.  His hands were marked by deep gashes, caused by his holding the broken glass.

Wufei unsteadily rose to his feet, his throat aching terribly.  He stepped around Keith’s corpse, pulling Duo’s trembling body into
his arms.  “Duo?”  He asked, his throat paining him as he spoke.  “Duo?”

Duo wrapped his arms around Wufei, shaking as he wept on his lover’s shoulder.  “Can we leave now?”  He asked quietly.

Wufei nodded.  He reached to the bed, grabbing a sheet and draping it around Duo’s body, tearing two strips off and bandaging
the cuts in Duo’s palms.  He then wrapped an arm about Duo’s shoulder and uneasily led him from the room.  He was quite
dizzy himself and only hoped that he would be able to stay conscious long enough to call this in to the police.  They would have
to be informed.  

At least Keith could no longer hurt anyone . . . that was the only consolation that Wufei could find.  Keith was dead, and Quatre
and Duo were now safe from him.  Wufei only hoped that it would be enough to soothe them.

To Be Continued . . .