Disclaimers:  I do not own Gundam Wing or any of its characters.

Notes:  A short little epilogue to tie up this fic.  Quatre and Heero bask in the security of their love for each other.  Lemon
ahead, although not very graphic.

Guardian’s Betrayal


Heero smiled up at the angel above him, his beautiful Quatre bathed in a glistening sheen of sweat as he nestled himself between
Heero’s spread thighs.  It had taken Quatre months before he was even able to touch Heero in public, and now here they were,
finally consummating their relationship.  Heero hadn’t minded waiting . . . oh no, on the contrary, he had wanted to give Quatre
every opportunity he needed, to allow him time to heal both his physical and emotional wounds.

Quatre had been in therapy for the last year.  After the night of Keith’s death, Duo and Wufei had both been hospitalized.  But
both of them had been released the following day, neither of them having suffered any serious injuries.  Duo had been cleared of
any murder charges long ago . . . Keith’s death had been declared a case of self-defense.  As far as Heero knew, Duo and Wufei
had retired from the Preventers and had married and moved to L-2, adopting a number of war orphans.  The last that Quatre and
Heero had seen them, which hadn’t been more than a month ago at most, they were very happy.

Quatre leaned forward, nipping playfully at Heero’s lips.  Heero opened them, groaning as Quatre’s hands sought out any and all
sensitive areas of his body, manipulating him expertly.  He was happy that Quatre trusted him enough to do this, thrilled that the
beautiful blonde had finally thought himself ready to go this far.  Although he was quite content with cuddling the night through,
pleased that Quatre’s nightmares had long since faded to infrequent rarities, he had longed to be this close with the one he loved.

Heero’s thoughts were shut down as Quatre finally pushed his length into Heero’s previously stretched body, filling him slowly
but completely.  They had agreed that Quatre be on top when they finally did this, just in case.  Heero didn’t want any painful
memories to arise in the blonde, wanted him to enjoy this and have as much control as he possibly could in the pleasure they
were giving to each other.

They moved in a timeless fashion.  Heero wrapped his legs around Quatre’s waist, pulling the Arabian’s body as close as he
could, feeling as Quatre’s hands tightened at his hips.  This was perfection, Heero thought, striving to meet each of Quatre’s
plunges.  He arched against him, opening his mouth as Quatre’s tongue slid between his parted teeth.  They kissed long and
hard, tasting and seeking, mapping out territory they had delved into many times before.

With one firm stroke of Quatre’s tender hand along his aching length, Heero broke the kiss, crying out his lover’s name in sweet
rapture, grabbing his buttocks and pulling him deeper.  His seed washed over the both of them, Quatre’s body stilling not a
moment later as he sent his fluids within Heero’s shuddering body.

Heero fell back to the bed, laying there and panting as Quatre slowly withdrew himself.  “I love you, Heero.”  Quatre whispered,
placing a gentle kiss to Heero’s shoulder as he lay beside him, pulling the covers up over the both of them.

“Love you, too.”  Heero replied, taking hold of Quatre’s hand and interlocking their fingers, the glint of moonlight hitting
matching silver bands catching Heero’s eye as he allowed himself to fall asleep in the arms of his only love . . . his husband.

The End