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Author’s notes:  Here’s part two.  Hope you like it.  It takes place after Duo’s all better and healed.

The Heart Never Lies
Part Two

Chapter One

Relena woke up, her body drenched in sweat.  It was that dream again.  That dream that had plagued her ever since that night
she and Duo had shared.  It was the memory of what happened between them, played over and over again in her mind while she
slept.  It was so vivid, so real, like it had just happened yesterday.

But it hadn’t been yesterday.  It had happened over a month ago.  Relena wished that she could forget, that she could just
pretend that nothing had happened.  She loved Heero, not Duo.  Nothing good could happen from what they had done.

She got out of bed, walking into her bathroom.  She flicked on the light and caught her reflection in the mirror.  “Oh God, what
have I done?”  She asked.

But there was no reply.  She was alone.  Tears came to her eyes as she thought of Duo, the way he had touched her, the
feelings he had brought up in her.

She couldn’t stop thinking about him.  He was always in her mind, always there, with his handsome face, his wonderful smile.  
She wished she could just forget him and move on with her life.

What they had done had been a mistake, a foolish mistake.  She should never have done that.  But it had felt so good, so

Relena fell to the floor, uncontrollably sobbing as she tried to pull herself from her memories.  She was so confused.  Did she
really want Duo?  But she couldn’t bring herself to break up with Heero, she couldn’t hurt him like that.

She just sat there and cried, not knowing what to do anymore.  Her heart was torn between two men.  How could she be with
one without hurting the other?

Relena took in a deep breath, letting it out slowly as she tried to pull herself together.  She couldn’t act like this if she wanted to
get through tonight.  She had that Ball to attend, that stupid Ball thrown in her honor to celebrate her safe return.  There would
be dignitaries and royalty from other countries in attendance, not to mention all the pilots, including Duo.  She didn’t know if she
could bear to be around him, and not be able to touch him.

Chapter Two

Duo walked through the entranceway, entering the Ballroom.  He hated these things, these fancy parties.  He always felt out of
place.  He was dressed in a tux, although he didn’t wear a single shred of white.  No, white was too pure for him, the God of
Death.  He was too tainted with the blood of the innocent to ever deserve to wear white again.  So, he was dressed completely in
black, no other colors at all.

He saw Relena, standing beside a group of men.  She was talking, smiling.  She looked exquisite in her sky-blue gown.  The way
it flowed around her, the way it fit her like a glove, she looked so beautiful.  She looked every bit like the Queen she was.

Relena was all he ever thought about.  He couldn’t sleep, not that he was even trying to anymore.  All he could do was
remember Relena, how happy she had made him.  Her every move captivated him.  Thoughts of her taunted him in his dreams,
replaying his memories of their night together.  She haunted his every waking moment.

She had been avoiding him since they had left the forest.  She wouldn’t return his calls, wouldn’t see him when he came by.  It
was as if she hated him.  He had to find out, had to know if she really cared or not.  He had to know if he was just wishing for
more than he would ever get.  

Chapter Three

Relena walked through the crowds, talking to the dignitaries that had been invited to the Ball.  She hated these things, the way
everyone wanted to talk to her, to get something from her.  They didn’t care that she was a person.  To them, she was just
another Queen, a faceless title.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him.  She turned, looking directly at Duo as he walked through the door.  He was dressed
in a tux, but there wasn’t a single bit of white on him anywhere.  His entire suit was black, as if he was in mourning over some
great loss.  But even though he wore black, he looked so great.  

He sauntered over to her, gently pulling her away from the crowded room.  His touch sent shivers up her spine.  She felt as if
she could just melt in his arms right there.

He led her to a door, never telling her what he was doing, or why he was taking her away from the Ball.  He just opened the
door, and ushered her inside, closing the door behind him.

“What are you doing, Duo?”  She asked, slightly annoyed at his actions.

“I have to know.  Did I mean nothing to you?  Were you just using me?”  He asked.

His words hurt her, but she couldn’t let him see that.  She had to keep cool, to make him believe that what they had done was a
mistake.  She wouldn’t have any more lives ruined by what had happened.  It was enough that her own heart was shattered.

“That’s right Duo.  It meant nothing.  I just needed some human contact and you were the only guy available.”  She said it in a
rough tone, as if she thought the answer had been so obvious.

“I don’t believe you.”  He replied, grasping her shoulders firmly.  “Look into my eyes, and tell me that you don’t feel anything
for me.  If you can do that, then I’ll never bother you again.”

She looked into his eyes, his beautiful cobalt blue eyes.  But she couldn’t bring the words to her mouth.  “I can’t.”  She sighed,
turning away from him.  “But we can’t be together Duo.  I love Heero.  I won’t hurt him.”

Relena felt his hands pull away from her, felt his body move away.  She looked up to him, watching as he turned his back to
her.  “I don’t want to lose you, Relena.”

“I can’t handle this Duo.  I can’t be with both of you.”  She said.

She heard the sadness in his voice, the way it cracked as he spoke.  “You mean more to me than anyone in my life.  But I won’t
stop you.  If you want to go, then go.”

Relena wanted to reach out and touch him, to wrap her arms around him and comfort him.  But she knew she couldn’t.  It
would only make things more complicated.  She had to stop this now, before it went any further.  She stepped past him,
walking back to the door.

Chapter Four

Duo didn’t look as Relena walked away.  He didn’t have to.  He heard the door open, heard it close again behind her.  She was
gone.  She had chosen.  She loved Heero more than him.

Duo was left standing there, his heart in his hands.  But that heart was now shattered, broken so badly that every breath he took
seemed to hurt.  

He bowed his head, looking to the ground, as his tears fell from his eyes.  “I love you, Relena.”  He whispered to the empty
room, as his tears dripped from his chin.     He never knew he could feel so much pain without being physically hurt.

He turned to the window, knowing he couldn’t go back out to that party, couldn’t bear to see all those happy people.  He couldn’
t face Relena again.

Duo threw the window open, and hopped out, walking across the grounds as he left.  He wouldn’t bother her again, wouldn’t
try and win her heart.  She was with Heero.  He would just have to get used to that.

Chapter Five

A week later, Relena wandered the halls of her home.  She couldn’t get her mind off of Duo, the way he had looked when she
had left him.  She had hurt him, terribly.  If only she could go back and change what she said, do things differently.  Maybe she
could have made him understand.

As she was walking, she overheard Heero talking with Quatre and Trowa.  She walked over to them, curious to hear what they
were talking about.

“Have any of you seen Duo lately?”  Quatre asked.

“No, why?”  Heero replied.

“He’s been acting so strange.  He doesn’t seem like himself.  I tell you, I haven’t seen him smile in over a week.”  Quatre replied.

“Well, what do you expect after you break up a four-year relationship?”  Trowa commented.

“What?”  Relena gasped.

“He broke it off with Hilde.”  Quatre said, turning to her.

“When?”  She asked, not believing what she had just heard.

“Over a week ago, before the Ball.  Come to think of it, he hasn’t laughed since before then.  I wonder what happened between
them.  They seemed like such a happy couple.”  Quatre replied.

Relena couldn’t say anything.  Her mind was focused on what she had done to Duo.  She had hurt him terribly, more so than
she had originally thought.  He had come to her, hoping to start something between the two of them.  And she had just dashed
his hopes to the floor, crushing them as if they were nothing.

A servant ran over to them, his breaths coming in ragged gasps.  “What is it?”  Trowa asked, patiently.

“Duo Maxwell is in the hospital.”  The young man replied, holding his hand over his chest.

“What happened?”  Relena asked, her heartbeat quickening with panic.

“He tried to kill himself.”  

Relena nearly fainted, hearing those words.  She sank into a nearby chair, unaware of how the others were looking at her.  She
wouldn’t have cared anyway.

Strong arms grasped her shoulders, and Relena forced herself to breathe again.  She looked up to see the face of Heero standing
beside her, his eyes revealing his concern for her.  Trowa was on her other side, while Quatre was kneeling before her.  

“Are you okay?”  Quatre asked.

“I guess I was just a little shocked.”  She answered, trying to keep the fear out of her voice.

“It is a bit of a shock.”  Trowa replied.  “Who would have thought that Duo would try to kill himself?”

“Can we go to the hospital, to find out how he is?”  Relena asked, hoping they didn’t hear her desperation.  She had to know if
he was okay.

“Sure.”  Heero replied, in his usual monotone voice.

Relena tried to remain calm as she and the others walked through the hallway of the hospital.  Heero and the others were with
her, going to Duo’s room.  As she opened the door, she felt her breath catch in her troat.  She hoped she wouldn’t breakdown
when she saw him, that she wouldn’t collapse at the sight of him in a hospital bed.

Relena pushed the door open, stepping inside the room.  Heero and the others were right behind her.  She swallowed hard.

The first thing she saw, was Duo, looking just as helpless as when he was sick in that cabin.  His face was so pale, his hair
loose around him.  His wrists were in bandages.  Various machines were hooked up to him, as were two IVs to replenish the
fluids he had lost.  Then she saw Hilde, sitting in a chair near Duo’s bed.

Hilde stood and walked over to them, her eyes red and puffy from crying.  “What happened?”  Trowa asked, while Quatre
wrapped his arms around Hilde.

Hilde pulled away from him.  “I hadn’t heard from him in a couple days.  We broke up, but we still stayed in contact.  I was
worried about him.  When I walked into his house, I saw . . .”  She started crying and Quatre helped her back over to the chair.  

“There was so much blood, all around him.  And there was an empty pill bottle next to his hand.  I guess he wanted to be sure.”  
She continued.  “The doctors say that I got to him just in time, that if I had found him just a few minutes later . . .”

Relena grasped Hilde’s shoulder, trying to offer some sort of comfort, even though her own heart screamed in agony.  “I’m
sure he’ll be fine.”  She said.

“I wish I were so sure.  But the doctors say he’s in a coma and may never wake up.”  She began crying again, burying her face
in her hands.  

Relena turned away from her and looked to Duo.  She felt dead inside, as if her own wrists had been cut open along with Duo’
s.  This was all her fault, everything was because of her.  She shouldn’t have hurt him like that.  She should have been kinder
when she told him that she had chosen Heero.  And in her heart she wondered if she had made the right decision, choosing
Heero over him.

Chapter Six

Relena sat in the chair, watching over Duo.  It had been three days since they had gotten word of what had happened to him.  
Of course she hadn’t stayed there the entire time.  She still didn’t want Heero to know how she felt about Duo, couldn’t let him
find out.

Hilde got up out of the chair beside Relena.  “I'm going to stretch my legs.”  She said.  “Come get me if anything happens.”

“Of course.”  Relena replied, feeling nothing as the words left her mouth.  Her world had ended three days ago when Duo had
tried to kill himself.

After a few minutes, Relena stood.  She stepped over to Duo’s bed and took hold of his hand.  With her other hand, she gently
brushed the bangs away from Duo’s eyes.  “I’m so sorry Duo.  This is all my fault.  If only I hadn’t been so mean.”  

She paused, twirling her fingers in his long brown hair.  Then, she continued.  “Don’t leave me, Duo.  Please come back to me.  
I don’t know if I could live if you were dead.”  Her tears fell from her eyes as she strained to speak.  “If only I hadn’t been so
weak, you wouldn’t have done this.”

“Relena?”  Hilde’s voice said from behind her.

Relena quickly wiped her tears away with the back of her hand before she turned.  “Oh, Hilde.  I didn’t hear you come in.”

“How long?”  Hilde asked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”  Relena replied, still denying what she felt for Duo.

“Oh come off it, Relena.  You’re in love with him.  It’s obvious.  How long have you two been seeing each other?”  Hilde said,
grabbing Relena’s shoulders.

“We haven’t been seeing each other.”  Relena replied.

Hilde didn’t seem convinced.  “I heard what you said, at least some of it.”

Relena pulled away from Hilde.  “We haven’t been seeing each other.  We were only together once.”

“When?”  Hilde asked.

“After I was kidnapped, after Duo rescued me and he was sick, we found this shack to stay in.”  Her words came out shaky.  
“I had to keep him warm, and there was only one blanket, so I curled up beside him.  When he woke up, we were already so
close, and I guess I was vulnerable because things aren’t going great between me and Heero, so we . . .”  She couldn’t bring
herself to finish.

Hilde wiped a single tear from her eye.  “I can’t say I'm not mad.”

“I'm so sorry Hilde.  We haven’t been together since, I swear.”  Relena said, her own tears falling from her eyes.  She didn’t
want to lose Hilde as a friend.

“Don’t be sorry, Relena.  Things weren’t going right between me and Duo for awhile.  We just haven’t been the same for over a
year.  I was going to break up with him myself, but he did it first.”  Hilde replied, laying a hand on Relena’s shoulder.

“This is all my fault.”  Relena mumbled, looking back to Duo.

“How can you say that?”  Hilde asked.

“At the Ball he came to me.  I broke his heart Hilde.  I told him that I couldn’t hurt Heero.”  She cried.  “I didn’t want to choose
between them.”

Hilde turned Relena’s face toward her, making her look at Hilde.  “Well, you’re going to have to choose.”

“I know.  But how can I choose one without hurting the other.”  Relena gestured toward Duo.  “This proves my point.  What if
I break it off with Heero and he does something like this?  I don’t know if I could handle that.”

Hilde wrapped her arms around Relena, pulling her into a hug.  Relena didn’t pull away, she just let herself go.  All her tears
came forward as she cried onto Hilde, letting out all her fear, her sorrow in her tears.

Chapter Seven

The next day, Relena once again stood by Duo’s bedside.  Hilde was right beside her, holding her hand.  Every now and then,
the other girl would try and lessen Relena’s pain by saying something comforting.  But it never really helped.  All her words
were just that, words.  They didn’t make her feel any better, they didn’t bring Duo back.

Her heart leaped, seeing Duo’s eyes twitching.  She stepped closer to the bed, her eyes locked on him, as he struggled to regain
consciousness.  After a few moments, his eyes opened.

Duo looked over at them.  Hilde stepped past Relena, grabbing Duo’s hand.  “Oh, thank God.  You’re awake.”  She exclaimed,
tears running down her face.

Relena stayed back, not sure that Duo would want to see her again. But his eyes were locked on hers.  “Relena?”  He whispered.

“Yes, Duo?”  Relena asked, her voice shaky.

He turned away from her, looking out the window beside his bed.  “Go away.”

“W-what?”  She stammered, shocked to hear those words come from his mouth.  

“Leave me alone, Relena.  Go away.”  He said, his voice slightly raised.

Relena turned and left, her tears streaming down her face.  She deserved his hatred after what she had done to him.  She should
never have thought that he would forgive her for choosing Heero over him.  And now that she knew it was a mistake, choosing
the man she was comfortable with over the one that offered her excitement and happiness, it was too late.  She had lost him

There was no sense in breaking up with Heero now.  The pain in her heart was unbearable, but she knew she couldn’t hurt him
like she had hurt Duo.  She wouldn’t break his heart too.   

Chapter Eight

Seeing Relena, had brought up so many feelings.  Fear, hate, sadness, shame.  But the strongest emotion was love.  Looking at
her, standing over his hospital bed had brought back his memories of their night together.

After the Ball, he had tried to forget her, to get on with his life.  But she occupied his every thought.  He was drowning in
thoughts of her that haunted his soul.

After a week, he couldn’t function anymore.  And in the end he had swallowed that bottle of pills.  But they hadn’t worked fast
enough, not fast enough for him.  So he took a razor to his wrists.  

When he woke up in the hospital, he knew that he shouldn’t have taken those pills, he should have just cut his wrists in the first
place.  Those sedatives had probably slowed his heart beat low enough to keep his blood from flowing as fast as it could have.

Then he saw Relena.  He couldn’t hate her, not even after she had shattered his heart.  He understood that she loved Heero, not
him.  Their one night of passion was all they would ever have.

In a few days, he got out of the hospital, although he had to go to several therapy sessions because of his suicide attempt.  For
the most part, he kept away from Relena.  He only had to be around her when he was protecting her.  She was the Queen and it
was one of his duties to guard her.  But even then, he kept his distance, not letting himself get too close to her.

The days passed, becoming weeks.  In time he grew accustomed to being around her but not being able to touch her.  He didn’t
like it, but he was getting used to it.  It was hard being so close to her.  But at least this way, he knew she was safe.

Chapter Nine

Relena looked up from her computer, feeling a cold draft in her room.  It had been weeks since Duo’s suicide attempt.  He was
back to work, back to protecting her from terrorists and whoever else was after her.  

He was standing outside her door now, making sure that no one disturbed her while she worked through the night, on one of
many proposals to a King for peaceful relations between their two countries.  It was just a request to see if they could meet for a
treaty signing, but it was still very important to the peace of her nation.

Her heart ached for Duo.  Her body yearned for him to be near her, to feel his arms around her again.  But she knew it could
never happen, not as long as she was with Heero, not as long as Duo hated her.  She saw the hate in his actions, in his
movements.  And if he would ever look at her again, she would probably see that hate in his eyes.  He never looked at her
anymore, never gazed at her with those perfect cobalt blue eyes of his.

Relena stood, wrapping her arms around herself to try and keep the cold away.  She walked over to the sliding glass doors that
led out to her terrace.  She wondered why they were open, but really didn’t give it a second thought.

As she reached out to close the door, a hand grasped her wrist tightly.  She was violently pulled outside before she could make a
sound.  She was spun around, so that her attacker was behind her.  She felt a cold metal blade against her throat.  
Unintentionally, she let out a whimper.

“Now be quiet, my lady.”  A deep voice whispered into her ear, his hot breath brushing against her skin and sending shivers
down her spine.  She knew that voice, but she couldn’t remember who it was.

The blade was pulled away from her throat and she was shoved hard from behind.  Relena fell to her knees and then the hand
was on her again, rolling her over onto her back.

Finally, she could see the face of her attacker, as he straddled her hips, effectively pinning her to the ground.  “Bruce?”  She
whispered, remembering the gardener that had kidnapped her all those months ago.  She hadn’t seen him since that day, not
even at the base where those men had been holding her.  Everyone there had been a stranger to her.

“I’ve wanted to do this for such a long time, since I first saw you.  But my employers were so set on me bringing you to them,
unharmed.  Well, now that they’re out of the picture, I can have my fun.”  He said, his voice low and deep.  

Relena gasped as Bruce tore the front of her dress off.  “Stop, please.”  She begged, as he moved his free hand over her silk
slip.  She was too scared to move, too scared to breathe.

“How would I have any fun if I did that?”  He waved the knife in front of her eyes.  “Now, you keep your mouth shut, or I’ll
have to cut you.”

Relena lay there, her body shivering from the cold and the fear.  He sliced into her slip with the knife, tearing it in two pieces.  
He quickly cut her bra off. Then he grabbed her breast firmly, roughly.  She forced herself to keep her hands at her sides, not
wanting to anger him by struggling.  Who knew what he would do if he got mad?

Relena clenched her eyes shut, not wanting to see what he was doing to her body.  It was bad enough that she had to feel it.  
Duo was only a few feet away, just outside her bedroom door, but she couldn’t call to him.  She was too afraid, too terrified to
do anything.

She felt him change position.  His body lifted off of her, although his hand remained on her breast, squeezing it tightly.  He
forced her legs apart and positioned himself between them.  Her underwear was torn off in one quick motion.  Tears came to
Relena’s eyes as she thought of what was about to happen.

She heard the sound of a zipper and her eyes snapped open.  She couldn’t let this happen, no matter how afraid she was.  Then
she saw his hands, but not the knife.  Her eyes darted around, searching for the blade he had threatened her with.  Then she saw
it, lying there on the ground beside her legs.

“Duo?!”  She screamed, knowing that this was her only chance.  The knife was on the ground.  Maybe Duo could get to her in
time.  “Duo?!  Help me!”  She screamed again.  

Bruce’s hand clamped over her mouth, as his hand searched for the knife beside him.  “Damn you.”  He hissed.

Then a black shadow collided with Bruce and he was thrown off of her.  Relena just watched, realizing that Duo had tackled
him.  She watched as Duo pounded on Bruce’s face, leaving his face covered in blood.  Bruce wasn’t moving, but Duo didn’t

“Duo?”  She said, her voice coming out as a whisper.

That got his attention and he turned to her.  His eyes grew wide, seeing the state she was in.  What had remained of her dress
and slip fell off as she sat up.  She looked down at herself and crossed her arms over her bare body, suddenly ashamed of

Duo jumped to his feet and walked to her side.  He didn’t say a word as he lifted her into his arms, carrying her back into her
room.  He laid her down on her bed, pulling the blankets up over her.  

She lay there shivering, watching him as he tucked the edges of the blanket around her body.  For the first time, she noticed that
he was trembling.  “Duo, are you okay?”  She asked.

He broke down, falling to his knees and crying uncontrollably, his head resting on her bed.  “I'm sorry.”  He mumbled through
his sobs.

She pulled him closer to her, not caring that only a blanket and his clothes separated the two of them now.  “It’s okay Duo.  
You got to him before he could do anything.”  She felt she had to comfort him, despite her own emotions.

“No, for everything.  I never should have let anything happen in that cabin.  I saw you were vulnerable, I should have just said
no, but I’ve wanted you for so long.”  He lifted his head to face her, his eyes glistening with tears.

Realization dawned on her.  He didn’t hate her, he loved her completely, even after what she had done to him.  “I thought you
hated me.”  She said, her own tears falling from her eyes.

He wiped her tears away with his fingers, laying his palm against her cheek.  “I could never hate you, Relena.  I love more than
life itself.”

She laughed despite her tears, relieved that he felt so strongly for her.  “I love you too.”  She replied, finally admitting her
feelings to him.

Duo wrapped his arms around her, pulling her body against his.  The blanket slipped away as his arms held her close, but Relena
didn’t care.  She didn’t feel cold anymore, not with Duo.

“Oh, God.”  A voice whispered from the other end of the room.

Relena looked up, her eyes growing wide with shock as she saw Heero standing at her door.  She pulled away from Duo, pulling
the blanket up to cover herself once again.  Heero just stood there, as if his body were frozen in place.  His eyes held an
expression of shock.  

“Listen Heero, it’s not what it looks like.”  Duo said, obviously afraid that Heero would do something drastic.

“Oh, I think it is what it looks like.”  He replied.  He turned and walked away, slamming the door behind him as he left.

“I’ll go after him.”  Duo said.  “Besides, I should tell someone about that guy out there.”  He motioned to the terrace door before
walking away.

As he left, Relena hopped out of bed, knowing she couldn’t stay in that room alone.  She had to talk to Heero, had to explain

Chapter Ten

Duo caught up with Heero in the hallway.  He grabbed his shoulder, turning him around to face him.  Duo was surprised when a
fist collided with his eye, although he had expected that kind of reaction.

“I guess I deserved that.”  Duo said, rubbing his sore eye.

“How long has this been going on?”  Heero asked, looking as if he were ready to punch Duo again.

“We were only together one night, almost two months ago.  After that she didn’t want to hurt you, so she chose you over me.”  
Duo sighed, remembering the pain he had felt in his heart.  “That’s why I tried to kill myself.”

“And what about tonight?  Don’t tell me that was a goodbye hug.”  Heero sneered, his anger apparent.

“She was just attacked.  She was almost raped.”  Duo said, his voice coming out as a whisper.


“That’s why she didn’t have anything on.  The guy’s lying on her terrace.  I don’t think he’ll be going anywhere for awhile, not
after the beating I gave him.”  Duo replied.

“I’m sorry Heero.”  Relena’s said.  Duo turned to see her behind him, slowly approaching the two of them.  “I never wanted to
hurt you.”

“Well, you did.”  Heero replied, turning away from her.  He began walking away.

“Heero wait!”  She said, reaching her hand out to him.

“Good bye Relena.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to forgive you.  But right now I can’t even stand to see you.”  He said,
continuing to walk away.

Relena began crying.  Duo wrapped his arms around her, holding her close as her sobs racked her body.  He hoped Relena
would be able to get over this, that she wouldn’t let it interfere with what he hoped would be a lasting relationship.

Chapter Eleven

Relena rolled over onto her side.  The bed was so soft, so warm.  She really didn’t want to wake up yet.  But she just couldn’t
resist opening her eyes to look into the face of the man she loved.

Duo slept beside her, his hair unbound and around him.  Relena loved watching him as he woke up, as he saw her for the first
time every morning.  They weren’t married yet, but that didn’t matter to her.  He already had her heart.  

His eyes slowly opened, meeting hers quickly.  His lips curled into a smile, as he pulled her body closer to his.  “Good
morning.”  He said, his exquisite blue eyes reflecting his love for her.

“Good morning.”  She replied, giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

A memory drifted into her mind, clouding her lovely day.  She remembered the day Heero had left, the last time she had seen
him.  Relena wished she could have told him about her and Duo, and not have had him find out the way he had.

“Something wrong?”  Duo asked, running his fingers through her hair.

“Do you think he’ll come?”  She asked, referring to the wedding that was about to take place in a few days.  She and Duo were
happy, they were in love.  She had no doubt in either her mind or heart that she had chosen the right man.  She only regretted
that she had hurt Heero.

“It’s been a year.  Heero will show up, I’m sure of it.”  Duo replied.

Relena smiled at him, glad to have him by her side.  He could always bring a smile to her face, no matter how bad her day had
been.  “I’m sure youre right.”  Relena replied, laying her head on Duo’s chest, as she curled up beside him.  

And even if Heero didn’t come, she would still be happy.  She had Duo, and that was all she ever wanted.  Well, maybe
children.  But that wouldn’t be too hard a task to get, not with the way they were going at it lately.  They never seemed to be
able to keep their hands off of each other.  Relena sighed, content in the arms of the man she loved.

To Be Continued ...