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Author’s notes:  This is the epilogue.  Someone asked me to write it, and I thought it would be a good idea, since I left a few
loose ends.  This is written in a completely different perspective from the rest of the story.  It's short and only intended to tie up
any loose ends I might have left.

The Heart Never Lies

He stood in the ballroom, looking out at the wedding reception.  Duo and Relena had married only a few hours ago.  Mr. and
Mrs. Maxwell were now dancing, holding onto each other as if there were no one else in the room with them.  

Heero just watched them, remembering what he had once had.  Relena had been his.  And although he hadn’t been able to say it,
he had loved her.  He sighed, remembering the way she used to look at him, her violet eyes sparkling with love for him.  Those
days were over now, nothing could change that.

He turned away from the happy couple, looking around at the rest of the room.  Quatre and Trowa were side by side, as usual.  
After what had seemed like an eternity, the two of them had gotten together and now they were inseparable.  It took Trowa long
enough to realize how Quatre felt about him, even Wufei, the usually oblivious ex-pilot, saw the feelings directed at Trowa.  
There had been problems between Quatre and Trowa, but now they were happy.

Wufei was on the dance floor, with Sally Po in his arms.  They moved gracefully across the floor.  And for a brief moment,
Heero thought he had seen a smile of Wufei’s lips.  But he brushed it off as a part of his imagination.

It looked as if everyone was happy.  Every one of them had somebody to love.  Heero was glad he came, if only to see how
everyone was doing.  When he had gotten the invitation to the wedding, he hadn’t been sure if he should come.  And in the end,
he just couldn’t bring himself to step into that church.  He couldn’t watch as Relena pledged her life and heart to another man.

He had come to the reception, but no one really knew he was there.  He stayed in the shadows, watching from the corner of the
room.  Relena looked so beautiful, gliding across the dance floor, even if she was in another man’s arms.  The beautiful white
gown she wore fit her like a glove, hugging her curves in all the right places.  She looked every bit like the Queen she was.

Memories replayed themselves in his mind.  The day he found out about them was very vivid, like it had happened yesterday.  
Seeing her in his arms had crushed him then.

But now, Heero was happy for her, happy that she had found the one she truly wanted, even if it wasn’t him.  It had taken him
awhile, but now he finally forgave her for the pain in his heart.

“Heero!”  Relena’s beautiful voice called out.

Heero looked to her and saw her running across the floor to him, pulling Duo behind her.  “Hello, Relena.”  He said quietly.

“I’m so glad you came.”  She said, wrapping her arms around him.  

She felt so warm, so good against his body.  He pushed her away, gently.  “I wasn’t sure I would.  Sorry I missed the

“That’s okay.  It's just good that you came.”  Duo replied, offering his hand.

Heero took it after a few moments.  He looked back to Relena.  “I have something I want to tell you.”  He said, finding it hard to
say the words he had been practicing for a long time now.

“Heero, if this is about you and me . . .”  Relena began, but Heero didn’t let her finish.

“No, it’s not.  Well actually it is, sort of.”  He paused a moment, taking a deep breath.  “I’m happy for you Relena.  And I want
to thank you.”

“For what?”  Relena asked, a look of confusion passing over her face.

“If it hadn’t been for you, I would never have left.  And then I wouldn’t have met Amber.”  He said.  A hand clasped his
shoulder and he turned to see the smiling face of the woman he was currently involved with.  She was the exact opposite of
Relena, with hair as black as night and eyes that shone an emerald green.  Her disposition was more like Duo’s, with a happy
cheerfulness that never seemed to leave her.  She was always able to brighten his day.

He had met Amber several months ago.  He had been a shell of the man he had once been, drinking day and night, trying to
forget Relena.  She had cleaned him up, got him to get help.  She had always been by his side, never leaving him no matter how
much he had pushed her away at first.

He never knew why she had helped him, why she had decided to come to the aid of a stranger.  But now he couldn’t be
happier.  Amber was his fiancé now, and they would be married in a few months.  He loved her, differently than the way he had
felt about Relena, but he knew he loved her.

“Duo, Relena, this is Amber.”  Heero said, introducing them to her.

“It’s nice to meet you.”  Duo said, shaking her hand, with a huge grin on his face.

Relena also smiled.  “I'm glad you found someone.”  She said to Heero.  “You deserve to be happy.”

“Thank you.  So do you.”  He replied.

The rest of the night was spent talking of old times.  Heero was happy, among friends.  Amber got along with everyone, except
Wufei.  He kept insisting that Amber was a clone of Duo.  But still, he smiled at her jokes.

Heero looked around at his friends, at the people he cared for.  The happy faces surrounded him, making him glad that he had
come today.  

The End