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Notes:  Some more Quatre and Duo suffering.  I hope this part doesn’t get confusing.  Enjoy.

Hope From the Past

Part Six

Trowa snapped awake, nearly falling from his chair as he jerked in his seat.  He berated himself for falling asleep, wanting
nothing more than to keep an eye on the beautiful blonde.  He rubbed his eyes tiredly, then looked down, only to see a pair of
blue eyes looking back at him.

Quatre smiled at him, despite how ill he seemed to be.  Trowa could clearly see the blonde’s bruises now, but wished that they
had remained hidden.  Trowa reached out, letting his fingers trail across a deep purple bruise that circled Quatre’s throat, then
slid his hand up to glide across a bruise that covered half of the blonde’s beautiful face.

Quatre’s smile faded, his body twitching as he began sobbing.  “I’m sorry.  I must be disgusting to you.”  He cried, closing his
eyes and turning his head away.

“No.”  Trowa hushed, not wanting to hear that from the lovely young man.  “You were hurt . . . abused.  You are not
disgusting.  The Taltheans are disgusting for ever touching you, for causing you to suffer like this.”  He tenderly swiped the
blonde’s sweat-soaked hair back, pushing it out of his eyes.

Quatre smiled, tears still coursing from his red-rimmed eyes.  “Thank you.”  Quatre said, although Trowa had a difficult time
believing that Quatre had accepted his words so easily.

“Trowa?”  Heero asked, from the other side of the bed.

Trowa looked up, breaking eye contact with the beautiful blonde to look at his partner.  “Yes?”  He replied, giving Heero all of
his attention, although his one hand still clasped one of Quatre’s.

“Meiran was here earlier.  She knows about them.”  Heero stated.

“Will that be a problem?”  Trowa asked, concerned for Quatre’s welfare if word started spreading about who he might be.

Heero shook his head.  “I don’t think it is.  She brought up a valid point while she was here.  We can’t be here to watch over
them all of the time.”  Heero said.  “Missions will be assigned to us that we will have to accept.”

Trowa frowned, knowing this to be true.  He felt Quatre’s hand tighten around his for a brief moment, hearing a whimper
coming from the blonde’s lips.  He knew that Quatre was frightened, that perhaps he thought that Trowa would leave him.  
Trowa looked down at Quatre, brushing his fingers across Quatre’s pale face.  “It’s okay.”  He whispered.  “Don’t be afraid.”  

“Is there anyone you would trust to watch over Quatre while you are away?”  Heero asked.

Trowa kept his eyes locked on Quatre’s as he answered Heero.  “My sister.  She can be trusted.”  He said, offering the slightest
of smiles in the hopes that it would alleviate Quatre’s fear.  “I know she would never cause harm to either Quatre or Duo.”

“I sent word to General Treize while you were sleeping.  He’ll be here in a few minutes, at least that was what he had said.  We
will discuss this with him.”  Heero said.

Trowa nodded, never breaking eye contact with Quatre.  “I understand.”


Heero was nervous, not knowing if this was the best of ideas.  Treize had already said that no one was to be told of Duo and
Quatre, and Meiran already knew.  Although Wufei hadn’t exactly broken the rules since he hadn’t told Meiran the names of
either young man.

Only minutes later, General Treize walked into the infirmary.  Heero and Trowa immediately stood at attention in front of their
commanding officer.  “At ease.”  Treize said, not bothering with a salute, although he never saluted anyone anyway.  “Are these
the young men?”

“Yes, sir.”  Heero said, standing beside Duo’s bed.

Treize nodded and walked further into the room, pausing at Quatre’s bedside.  He took a long look at the young blonde, who had
once again slipped into unconsciousness.  “You wanted to see me about something, Heero?”  Treize said, moving over to Duo’s
bed and looking down at the long-haired young man.

“Yes, sir.  It’s about Duo and Quatre.”  Heero said.  “Since they are already exceptionally afraid, we were wondering if it would
be possible to have someone with them at all times, if only to keep them calm.”

Treize raised an eyebrow at Heero.  “I see.  And is there someone in particular you have in mind?”

Heero looked down at the floor.  “Meiran already knows about them.  She was curious and wandered down here.”

Treize sighed.  “Then I guess I have no alternative but to agree.  But only if you can find someone to watch over the other.  It
wouldn’t be right to have one person divide their attention between them.”  He said, laying a hand on Heero’s shoulder.  “Lighten
up, Heero.  Someone as young as you shouldn’t worry so much.  I see that you are concerned for this young man, as is Trowa
of the other.  And I see your point.  They do need someone to keep them company if they are to recover.”

“Thank you, sir.”  Heero said, nodding slightly.

“Try and find someone you trust to watch over the other one.  Someone who knows how to keep their mouth shut.  We don’t
need dozens of people swarming down here to see someone who may or may not be Quatre Raberba Winner.”  Treize said.

“Yes, sir.”  Both Trowa and Heero replied.

Treize turned and walked to the door.  Before leaving, he glanced back.  “Make sure you give me the name of these caretakers.  
I’d like to know who you choose.”

“Yes, sir.”  Trowa and Heero both said again.

A moment later, Treize was gone again, and Heero let out a long breath that he hadn’t known he had been holding in.  He took
his seat beside Duo’s bed and gently clasped one of the young man’s hands, wishing that Duo were awake so that he could see
into those wonderful eyes of his again.

“Heero, can you keep an eye on Quatre for a little while?”  Trowa asked.  “I’m going to go see Catherine.”

Heero nodded.  “Of course.”  Heero said, keeping his hold on Duo’s hand but turning his attention to the frail looking blonde.  If
Duo awakened, he would be able to let Heero know that he was awake with a tug on his hand, and Heero would see if Quatre
awakened.  This way he could keep an eye on both without having to ignore one.


Trowa quickly moved through the hallways, wanting to get back to Quatre’s side as quickly as possible.  He didn’t want the
blonde to wake up and get frightened if he wasn’t there.  Quatre had already suffered through too much in Trowa’s opinion.

He paused outside of Catherine’s door, taking a breath before he reached out and knocked.  He waited patiently as he heard
shuffling inside, knowing that Catherine was on her way to answer the door.  Only moments later, Catherine opened the door.  
A smile crossed her face and she quickly drew Trowa into her arms, embracing him tightly.  

“Oh, Trowa . . . you’re finally back.”  She said, holding him tightly.

“Yes.”  Trowa replied, returning the embrace.  “Catherine . . . I . . . I have a favor I need to ask you.”

Catherine pulled away, looking at him curiously.  “What is it?”  She asked.

Trowa ducked his head.  “Heero, Wufei, and I found two humans during our mission.  They were being held captive by the
Taltheans.  They’re terrified, Catherine . . . and we’re hesitant to leave them alone for too long.  I was wondering if you wouldn’
t mind spending some time with one of them when I’m not around.  I don’t want to leave him alone.”

“Trowa, of course I will.”  Catherine said, tilting Trowa’s face back up so that he looked at her.  “You must like whoever this
person is if you’re so concerned about him.”

Trowa felt his cheeks burning with a blush.  “I . . . um . . .”  He said, unable to continue.

“You do like him.”  Catherine smiled, brushing a hand along Trowa’s cheek.  

Trowa bowed his head and turned away.  “I’m not sure what I’m feeling, Catherine.  I-I’ve never felt like this before . . . it’s
confusing to me.  I’m not sure what to do.”

Arms wrapped around him from behind, Catherine laid her head against his back.  “Guess you’re not so little anymore, little
brother.”  She whispered.  “Why don’t you talk to him about these feelings of yours?  Maybe he would be glad to know that
someone cares.”

“I can’t.  He was hurt, Catherine . . . raped and abused for possibly centuries.  We found them in cryogenic stasis.”  Trowa
replied.  “I don’t think he’d appreciate my emotions right now.  It might just scare him to know that someone finds him

Catherine’s arms pulled from around him, and she stroked her hands along his back tenderly.  “Then I guess you’ll just have to
give him time to recover.”  She said.  After a pause she spoke again.  “Why don’t you introduce me to him . . . maybe I should
meet this person I’ll be watching over.”

Trowa turned and smirked at Catherine.  He nodded.  “Yes, that would probably be a good idea.”  He took hold of her hand and
led her through the hallways, returning to the infirmary.

When they stepped into the room, Heero was in the exact same place as he had been when Trowa had left, still watching over
both Quatre and Duo.  When he saw Trowa, Heero nodded, then turned his full attention to Duo, watching the unconscious
young man, still holding his hand gently.  

Trowa led Catherine over to Quatre’s bed, a smile curling his lips as he watched Quatre’s eyes flutter open.  “Hello.”  Trowa

Quatre smiled weakly, his body still drenched in sweat as he was suffering through withdrawal.  “Trowa.”  He whispered, his
voice rough and strained.

“How are you feeling?”  Trowa asked, reaching out and clasping Quatre’s clammy hand.

“Tired . . . hurts . . . thirsty.”  Quatre replied, his eyes drifting over to look at Catherine.  “Who?”

Trowa smiled.  “Quatre, this is my sister, Catherine.  When I’m not here, she’ll be watching over you.  Okay?”

Quatre tiredly pried his hand away from Trowa’s and held it up to Catherine.  Catherine took hold of his trembling hand, shaking
gently.  “Nice to meet you.”  Quatre whispered.

“A pleasure.”  Catherine smiled.  She looked at Trowa.  “You stay here and I’ll get something for him to drink.”

“Ice chips.”  Heero said, apparently having heard the conversation.  “I was told they should only have ice chips for the time

“Thanks.”  Catherine said.  Then she took her hand away from Trowa’s grasp where it had remained all of this time and left the

Trowa took his seat again, brushing his fingers through Quatre’s soaked bangs as he tried to comfort the lovely blonde.  A few
minutes later, Catherine returned, carrying a small plastic cup in her hands.  “Here.”  She said, holding it out to Trowa.

Trowa took it and thanked her.  He took a chip from the cup and fed it to Quatre, watching in concern as Quatre was only able
to part his lips slightly.  His only hope was that the lovely blonde would recover his strength soon.  His thoughts were only on
his hopes for Quatre’s health as he continued to feed the blonde ice chips, stopping only when Quatre told him that he didn’t
want any more.

“Get some rest.”  Trowa said, sliding a hand across Quatre’s damp cheek, feeling the slight nod that the blonde gave in return.

Quatre’s eyes quickly closed.  A moment later, it was apparent that he was unconscious.  Catherine grasped Trowa’s shoulder,
leaning over to whisper in his ear.  “He seems like a nice young man.”  She said.  “But he’s so ill . . . I hope he gets better.”

Trowa sighed.  “As do I, Catherine.”  He said, gently caressing Quatre’s face with his fingertips, frowning at each twitch his
pale body made.


“Duo?”  Quatre called out with his mind, knowing that his friend could hear him here and that no one else could listen in.  He
was only using his mind after all, wasn’t speaking out loud for all the world to hear.

“Quatre . . . that you?”  Duo called out, his form slowly appearing in the inky blackness that surrounded the two of them.  “It’s
been a long time since we’ve done this . . . Do you think it’s a good idea?”

Quatre smiled, reaching out and pulling his friend into a hug.  “It’s the only way we can really talk.  Our bodies are quite weak.”

Duo shuddered.  “I don’t like being sick, Quatre.”

Quatre tightened his hold around Duo’s body, wishing it was the real thing that he was holding in his arms.  “I know . . . neither
do I, Duo.”

Duo pulled away, looking deep into his friend’s eyes.  “Do you think we can trust them?”

“Trowa, Heero, and Wufei?”  Quatre asked.

“Yeah, and the others.  I know they saved us from the Taltheans . . . but we don’t know all that much about them.”  Duo said.

Quatre smiled.  “I think we can trust them.  Trowa seems so concerned.  I don’t think they mean to hurt us.  If they did, then
why would they bother helping us?”

Duo nodded.  “They’re keeping something from us, you know.”  Duo stated.

“Yes, I can tell.  There’s something that Trowa hasn’t told me.  But I’m so weary when I’m awake . . . I can’t get my mind to
work properly to ask him about it.”  Quatre replied.

“Are you sure it isn’t that you’re just blinded by his looks?”  Duo grinned.  “You seem to like him a lot.”

“Just about as much as you like that Heero.” Quatre giggled.

Duo blushed and smiled.  Then his smile faded from his face.  “But how do you think they’ll react when they find out about us .
. . that we’re different?  Your family didn’t take it all that well when they found out about you.”

Quatre shivered as memories assailed him, bringing only pain.  “I hope they won’t hate us.  I-I don’t want to be locked away

Duo embraced his friend, soothing him with long strokes of his hands.  “Hey, remember the old days when this was the only
way we could talk?  We hadn’t even met in person in real life and you and I would have these long talks that lasted throughout
the night.”

Quatre smiled, burying his face against Duo’s body.  “I remember.  You were my only friend, Duo.”  He said, his voice muffled
slightly.  “Please, get better.”

“Only if you do the same, little bro.”  Duo replied.  “I want to see you all healthy again.”

“It’s a deal.”  Quatre said, smiling, knowing that Duo would try his best to recover.  And if Duo did, than Quatre would try as

To Be Continued . . .