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Hope From the Past

Part Seven

Trowa yawned as he stepped into General Treize’s office.  He hadn’t slept well, once again falling asleep at Quatre’s bedside.  It
left him sore and tired, but he still would rather sleep beside Quatre than in his own bed.  At least there he was sure that Quatre
was well.  He hadn’t wanted to disturb Catherine and that was the only reason that she hadn’t been there last night.  She did
need to sleep as well.

Catherine was with Quatre right now, and Meiran with Duo.  Heero and Trowa had both been told to go to Treize’s office, and
neither had wanted to leave the two young men alone.  Trowa wondered just what Treize wanted to see them about.

“Please, have a seat, Mr. Barton.”  Treize said, gesturing to the only remaining chair.  Heero and Wufei occupied the other two.  

Trowa nodded, sitting as he turned his attention to his commanding officer.  He noticed immediately that Sally stood beside
Treize’s side, Noin nearby.  He once again wondered what they were all doing here, why he and the others had been called in

“Sally has gotten the results of the tests done on those two young men.”  Treize said, answering Trowa’s unasked questions.  
He nodded to Sally.

Sally flipped open a file.  “Like I explained to you before, there has been extensive damage to their bodies.  However, there is a
good chance that they will make full recoveries.  Also, I have the results of the blood test . . . that is Quatre Raberba Winner.”

Trowa nodded and sighed.  He was happy that he finally knew for sure that it was Quatre . . . However, he felt sorry for the
young blonde.  He had been held prisoner for the last few centuries, his body used and abused many times over.

“What do we do now, sir?”  Wufei asked.

“Mr. Winner’s family should be informed of this news.”  Treize replied.

Trowa’s eyes widened.  “You can’t mean to go to them.  They’re rebels even amongst the resistance movement.  They follow
their own rules and answer to no one.”  

Treize nodded.  “Yes, I know all of this.  However, perhaps Mr. Winner being alive and well, and rescued by a team of my men,
will get them to agree to an alliance.  We do need all the help we can get if we are to rid ourselves of the Taltheans.”

“Yes sir.”  Trowa replied, although he still didn’t like the idea.  The Nomads weren’t really the most trustworthy of people in
Trowa’s opinion.  They just did what they wanted and didn’t ally themselves with any other resistance movement . . . that made
them nothing but trouble in Trowa’s mind.

“This is why I called you here.  I am planning on meeting Mr. Winner’s family . . . I have arranged a meeting with the Nomads.  
And I will need you three, Noin, and Sally to come along with me.”  Treize said.

“But, sir . . .”  Heero said, not finishing his thought.

Treize held up his hand stopping Heero’s sentence.  “I know that you and Trowa have a reluctance to leave Mr. Winner and Mr.
Maxwell.  But I think it would be wise to have the people most involved with their rescue to be present.  And since theNomads
aren't the friendliest group of rebels around, I would rather have someone I know I can trust with me, in case a fight breaks

Trowa sighed, seeing the intelligence in that decision.  “When do we leave, sir?”  Trowa asked.

“Within the hour.  Get into your gear, say your goodbyes and meet Noin, Sally, and I in the garage.”  Treize replied.

Trowa and the others stood.  “Yes, sir.”  The three of them said, then left the General’s office.

Trowa frowned as the three of them headed for the infirmary.  He was worried about how Quatre would react to Trowa’s
upcoming mission.  What if he grew frantic at the thought of Trowa leaving?  

He silently walked into the room.  Catherine turned from her place by Quatre’s side, then got up and walked over to Trowa
when she saw him.  “Is something wrong?”  She asked, gently grasping his arm with one hand.

Trowa sighed, turning his gaze to stare at the floor.  “I have a mission.”  He whispered, not wanting Quatre to hear about it this
way.  He wanted to actually tell Quatre about having to leave, not have him overhear when Trowa was speaking with his sister.

Catherine nodded.  “I’ll give you two a little privacy then.”  She said, stepping aside to let Trowa pass.

Trowa appreciated her kindness, glad that she was so understanding.  He stepped over to Quatre’s bed, offering a kind smile
when he saw that he was awake once again.  He sat in the chair beside Quatre’s bed, and gently took hold of his pale, trembling
hand.  “Quatre . . . there’s something I have to tell you.”  Trowa said, speaking quietly.

“W-what is it?”  Quatre asked, his eyes filling with fear.

Trowa was silent for a few moments, taking the time to lightly caress Quatre’s face, trying to calm him somewhat with a gentle
touch.  “I’m going on a mission.”  Trowa whispered, frowning as he saw tears begin to fall from those lovely aquamarine eyes.  
“Don’t cry.”  Trowa hushed, stroking his fingers along that pale face.  “You won’t be left alone.  Catherine will be here to keep
you company . . . and I shouldn’t be gone too long.”

Quatre sniffled and nodded, tears continuing to course along his face.  “Is it dangerous?”  He asked, his voice catching in his

“No, it shouldn’t be.  We’re just going to meet with another faction of the resistance.”  Trowa replied, leaving out anything of
vital importance . . . he was still unsure of where Quatre’s loyalties lay, not to mention not knowing if the Taltheans had left any
type of listening devices on or in the young man.

Quatre raised his other hand, lightly touching his fingers to Trowa’s cheek before his arm fell limply to the bed again.  “Be
careful.”  He said quietly.

Trowa smiled.  “I will.”  He replied.  “I’ll see you soon.”

Quatre nodded. Trowa let his hand caress Quatre’s cheek one last time, before he stood and backed away.  Quatre’s hand
tightened on his briefly, then let go, slipping from Trowa’s as Trowa continued to back away.  Trowa turned and walked to the
door, stopping short when Catherine blocked his passage.  

“You better not be gone long.”  Catherine warned.

Trowa nodded and gave her a small smile.  “Take care of him.”  He said.

Catherine shook her head.  “Of course I will.”


Heero watched for a moment as Trowa stepped over to Quatre’s bedside, then turned his attention to Duo.  Meiran had gotten
up and walked away, just as Heero had approached, so he was left alone with the lovely young man.  Heero turned, smirking as
he saw Wufei and Meiran in the midst of a conversation . . . probably arguing about something, as usual.

He brought his attention back to Duo, noticing that the young man’s hyacinth eyes were just barely open.  Heero reached, out
and took the oxygen mask away from his pale face, pleased to see a weak smile curling Duo’s lips.  “Feeling any better?”  Heero

“Not really.”  Duo replied.  He reached out and took hold of Heero’s hand.  “Something on your mind?”  He asked.

“What do you mean?”  Heero replied, feeling confused.

Duo smiled slightly.  “You came here for a reason, right?  I guess you just look like you have something to say.”

Heero nodded, glad to hear Duo talking so much.  At least he was breathing easier, which in turn allowed him to talk more than
just a few simple words as he had been doing up until now.  “Yes, I just wanted to let you know that I will be away on a
mission for a short time.”  Heero said, keeping his gaze locked on Duo’s lovely eyes.

“A mission?”  Duo asked, then began coughing.  Heero quickly replaced the oxygen mask, seeing that Duo still had a need for
it.  After the fit of hacks passed, Heero once again removed the mask and allowed Duo to speak.  “A mission?  Will you be gone
long?”  He asked, his voice quiet and sounding weak.

“I’m not sure.”  Heero replied, honestly.  “A few days at least.”  

“Dangerous?”  Duo asked, tightening his grip on Heero’s hand for a few moments.

“I don’t think it will be.  It is just a simple meeting, nothing too dangerous.”  Heero replied.

Duo smiled and took in a labored breath, letting it out slowly.  “I guess I’ll see you later then.”  He smirked, lifting his other hand
to weakly brush across Heero’s face.

“Yes.”  Heero said.  “I hope to find you feeling better when I return.”  

Duo smiled.  “I'll try my best.”  He replied.

Heero nodded.  “That is all I can ask.”  He once again placed the oxygen mask over Duo’s face, then stood and backed away,
reluctantly releasing his hold on the young man’s hand.  Then he turned and walked away, passing by Wufei and Meiran as he
walked.  He didn’t listen in, knowing that their conversation was probably a private one.


Wufei frowned as Meiran dragged him aside.  “What is it you want?”  He asked, glaring slightly.  He had only come here to wait
for Trowa and Heero, and to check on the welfare of those two young men . . . although he would never admit to his curiosity.

Meiran visibly flinched at Wufei’s harsh tone, jumping back as her body trembled for a few brief moments.  She reached up and
pulled the chain of her necklace up and over her head.  Then she held it out to Wufei, the oval locket that danged from the chain
spinning as she waited.  When Wufei didn’t take it, Meiran grabbed one of his hands and pushed it into his palm.

“What are you doing?”  Wufei asked, his voice much more quiet this time.  He was confused.  Why would Meiran give him
such a treasured possession?  He held the chain in his hand, clutching it tightly.

Meiran smiled and took her hands away from his.  “I expect to retrieve this from your own hands upon your return.”

Wufei blinked, gasping as the implications of her statement and actions sunk into his mind.  “Do you realize what this means?”  
Wufei asked, wondering if she knew this made it look like she was considering being more than just friends with him.

Meiran took a breath, then smiled.  “I am giving you a talisman.”  She said.

Wufei nodded, tightening his hold on the chain, feeling as the links dug into his skin.  “You are loaning me something precious to
you.  Are you sure of what you ask?”  He wanted to be sure she knew what she was doing . . . that she had no doubts.

She only continued to smile.  “Yes.  I want you to return this to me when you return.  We will talk over tea then.”

Wufei’s eyes widened at the mention of tea.  It was expensive and difficult to come by, almost impossible.  He wondered where
she could possibly have gotten tea herself, but let the questions pass, not wanting to tarnish this moment with irrelevant
questions.  He bowed to her, looping the chain over his head and around his neck.  “It will be an honor.”  He said, feeling a
smirk tugging at his lips.

When he rose again, he picked up the locket from his chest where it lay.  Carefully, he opened it, looking at the images of
unknown strangers.  It was Meiran’s voice that told him who they were.  “My mother and father.”  Meiran said.  “The
Taltheans killed them when they took me . . .”  She stopped and Wufei looked up at her in concern, only to see her shaking her
head, a tear falling from her eye.

Wufei gripped her shoulder.  “Are you okay?”  He asked, looking at her worriedly.

Meiran nodded.  “I will be fine.”  She said, raising her eyes to meet his.  “All that time with the Taltheans I thought my parents
were watching over me and keeping me from dying . . . it was all I could believe in.  Perhaps now they will watch over you.”

Wufei nodded, not really knowing how to reply.  He closed the locket, then tucked it down under his shirt, the cold metal
making him shiver involuntarily as it touched his bare skin.  “I will return soon.  For now, just take care of our guests.”  Wufei
said, hesitantly reaching out and brushing a stray strand of ebony hair away from Meiran’s face, tucking it behind one ear.

Meiran smiled once again, “I will eagerly await your return.”  She said.

Wufei nodded, then turned and left the room, knowing he had to change his garments before he could go on a mission.  He
would do his best to make sure this mission went smoothly, only wanting to return to Meiran.  They had a date for tea and he
would be damned if he was going to miss it.

To Be Continued . . .