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Notes:  Major time skip ahead.  Months have passed since the last part took place.  A wedding is being held, and then a talk
between Trowa, Heero, and Treize.  Then a serious problem occurs.

Hope From the Past

Part Eleven

“I now pronounce you husband and wife!”  Came the announcement from Treize, marrying the young couple standing before
him.  He smirked, nodding his head.  “You may kiss the bride.”

Wufei and Meiran did just that, their tender kiss followed immediately by a loud roar of applause.  The two of them had been
dating for a few months now, and Heero couldn’t be happier for them.  He and Trowa were Wufei’s best men . . . as the young
groom hadn’t been able to choose between the two of them.

Sitting in attendance of the nuptials were various friends of the couple, as well as Duo and Quatre.  The two previously ill young
men were faring better now.  Neither were restricted to lying in bed all the time.  Grueling sessions of physical therapy each day
had left them able to walk around for brief periods of time with the use of leg braces and crutches.  But still, they were not
better just yet and had to rely on wheelchairs for the majority of the time, oxygen tanks always nearby in case one or both of
them found they were having trouble breathing.

Treize hadn’t given them clearance to travel without personal guards yet, still unsure whether or not they were a threat.  So the
two of them hadn’t been issued private quarters and remained in the infirmary.  Trowa and Heero had questioned them both
about their mental capabilities, but neither seemed willing to talk about it all that much.

Trowa and Heero knew just about as much now as they had known when they had first met them.  It was apparently
aggravating to Treize, who wanted answers.  But neither Trowa nor Heero were willing to pressure the two young men to talk
before they were comfortable with that particular topic of conversation.

Trowa and Heero cared for the two young men that they had rescued, and felt very protective over their mental and physical
welfare.  It wouldn’t be right to interrogate them.  Plus it might ruin any chance there was of a further relationship.  Heero knew
that he himself wanted to pursue a relationship with Duo . . . he didn’t know if the same could be said of Trowa with Quatre,
but he was pretty sure that his friend felt deeply for the blonde.

As the ceremony ended and everyone moved onto the reception, Heero went over to where Duo was seated.  As usual, he was
in a wheelchair, but Heero was just glad to see that Duo had recovered his health.  The young man was still quite pale, his body
thin, but he was far better than he had been only months before.  He was currently wearing clothes that were slightly too large
from him and his long hair was pulled back in a braid.  Heero had helped him with it, although Duo had requested the specific
hairstyle.  It looked rather good on Duo in Heero honest opinion.

“How are you feeling?”  Heero asked, kneeling down in front of Duo while the crowd of people went to the nearby tables that
had been set up around the room.  

This was a military base after all, it wasn’t as if there were fancy church weddings in existence anymore, nor reception halls to
hold a throng of people.  This room served just as well though, and what meager food they had for refreshments was enjoyed
by everyone.  It was rare to see a cake . . . Meiran and Wufei had saved up their rations to get it, although the icing had been a
gift from Treize.

“Yeah, I’m just a little tired.”  Duo said, his eyes blinking closed briefly.

“Maybe you should skip the reception.”  Heero suggested, looking over to Quatre, only to see the blonde in a similar tired state.  
“I think Quatre needs a rest as well.”

Duo smiled.  “Quatre wouldn’t leave now . . . he doesn’t want to.”  Duo said, then looked over to Meiran.  “Besides, I can’t
leave now.  Meiran’s my friend, I want to see her happy.”

“All right.  But not too much longer.  Sally will have a fit if you pass out.”  Heero said, smiling as he brushed a bit of hair from
Duo’s eyes.  He frowned then, thinking of what Duo had said only moments ago.  “How do you know that Quatre doesn’t want
to leave?”

Duo blinked tiredly.  “You don’t need to ask that.  You already know.”  Duo said, turning his head away.  “He’s in my mind,
always . . . he’s afraid I’ll leave him alone.  I don’t mind though, it’s reassuring to have his presence there.”

“Why would he think you’d leave him alone?”  Heero asked, growing a little concerned, not only for Quatre but for Duo as
well.  Was there a medical reason for Quatre’s worry?  Was there something wrong with Duo?

Duo smiled, although faintly.  “I’m not sick, if that’s what you’re worried about.”  He held up his hand, stilling Heero’s next
question.  “No, I can’t read your mind.  It’s just that you looked so worried, it was obvious what you were thinking.”  He took a
breath.  “As to why Quatre’s scared, it’s because his sisters are missing from his mind.  All his life he had been able to hear
them, now he can’t.  He doesn’t understand why.  It must have something to do with what you’re hiding from us.”

Heero sighed, lowering his head.  So, Duo knew that he was hiding information from him.  Well, it was for his own good.  It
would be traumatic for them if they discovered just how long they had been in cryogenic stasis.  Heero didn’t want to put them
through that yet.  They weren’t ready for that information.  And Quatre definitely wasn’t ready to learn that all of his sisters had
died centuries ago.

“Duo, you know I can’t tell you . . .”

Duo’s fingers settled on Heero’s lips.  “Don’t worry about it.  I know you’ll tell me the truth in time.  I trust you . . . you’re
probably looking out for our best interests, or under orders.”

“Heero, can I see you for a minute?”  Treize’s voice asked, gaining the attention of both Heero and Duo.

Heero smiled to Duo once more, allowing his hand to linger against Duo’s cheek briefly before rising to his feet and walking
over to his commanding officer.  “Yes, sir?”  He asked, standing before the taller man.

“Heero, I want you and Trowa to meet me in my office as soon as this reception is over.  I have a matter to discuss with you.”  
Treize said.

Heero nodded.  “Yes, sir.”  He replied.  This must have to do with Quatre and Duo.  Almost everything that Treize talked with
them about had to do with those two young men.

Treize turned and headed over to a group of people, while Heero returned to Duo’s side, content to spend the rest of the
reception in the company of the beautiful long-haired youth.  He was captivated by everything about Duo, wanted to know
more.  Heero wanted to know everything and was ready to wait for answers to all the questions burning in his mind.  He wanted
to feel Duo’s body, to taste his lips . . . it was a common recurrence in his dreams.  He’d never rush him though, not for
anything in the world . . . he wanted Duo to want him in return if anything should happen between them romantically.  He didn’t
want Duo to hurt ever again.


Trowa was sitting by Quatre’s side when Heero came over to tell him that Treize wanted to see them.  The reception had been
winding down for the past few minutes and Quatre was almost completely asleep.  Catherine offered to take Quatre back to the
infirmary and Trowa reluctantly said goodbye to the lovely young man.  As he and Heero were walking out of the room, he
caught sight of Sally wheeling Duo down the hallway in the direction of the infirmary.

In only a few minutes, Trowa found himself standing in front of Treize’s desk.  “You wanted to see us, sir?”  He asked,
standing at attention.

Treize bade them to sit, then sighed, folding his hands on the surface of his desk.  “Yes, I have something I want to request of

“Request of us?”  Heero asked, confusion obvious in his voice.  Trowa was quite confused as well.  It wasn’t every day that
their commanding officer made requests of them.

“I’d like to meet with Duo and Quatre, and I want you two to arrange it.”  Treize said.  “You two are the closest to them, they’d
trust you if you told them to meet with me.  I have some questions I want to ask them and I would rather do it privately.”

“Sir, with all due respect, I’m not sure they’re ready for a meeting such as this.  They’re reluctant to speak of their pasts, even
more reluctant to talk of their powers.”  Heero said.

“I know this.”  Treize responded.  “While I am more at ease about their apparent powers, I do feel I need to ask them.  Perhaps
they trust you too much.  I fear that their connections to you may have made them afraid to speak of these matters with either
of you.”

Trowa nodded.  “The reasoning is sound.  If they do fear that telling us would result in us feeling differently about them, then
they would hide the truth.  Speaking with someone they have no emotional connection with could give them a way to speak of

“Exactly why I suggested this.  I hope you will consider it.”  Treize said, rising from his seat.

Trowa opened his mouth to reply, however anything he had wanted to say died on his lips when the base alarms suddenly went
off, the lights in the room quickly beginning to flash red.  Treize slammed his hand down on a button on his desk.  “What the
hell is going on?”  He asked.

The voice over his intercom speaker replied quickly.  “We have a security breach in the outer doors, sir!  Intruders have entered
the base!”

“Who is it?”  Treize asked.

“Don’t know . . . looks . . .”  The intercom went dead.  Apparently someone had reached the communications systems and
disabled them.

Treize looked up at Heero and Trowa.  “Find Duo and Quatre and protect them from whatever has invaded our base!  If you
have to, get them out through the emergency exit!”  He ordered, then moved swiftly around his desk.  “I’m going to Ops. to
find out what the hell is going on here!”

Neither Heero nor Trowa wasted a moment in leaving the room.  They ran through the halls, both of them heading for the
infirmary.  “Heero!”  Duo’s voice called out, gaining their attention.

“Why isn’t he in the infirmary?”  Heero asked, looking to Sally for answers.

“Sorry, but I had to stop for a bathroom break.”  Duo said, blushing slightly.  “What's going on?  Why are the alarms going
off?”  Duo asked, his tone changing to a fearful one.

“There are intruders in the base.  Come on, I have to get you somewhere safe.”  Heero said, taking control of Duo’s wheelchair
and getting him away.  

Sally was left to look at them as they departed, then she turned to Trowa.  “I suppose you were sent to get Quatre?”  She asked,
but didn’t wait for a reply.  “Last I saw, Catherine was taking him to the infirmary.  I told her to go on ahead without me and

Trowa nodded, then took off at a run for the infirmary.  Sally was right behind him the entire way.  Neither of them were
prepared for what they found though.

Catherine was lying on the floor with a fresh head wound to her forehead, blood seeping from the cut and covering a good
portion of her face.  But what was more upsetting was the fact that Quatre was backed up into a corner, trapped by the
wheelchair he was confined in, while three rather large men approached him.  

“Leave me alone.”  Quatre cried out, holding his hands up as if to defend himself from those men.  He looked around at the men,
then his eyes found Trowa.  “Trowa?!”  He screamed, terrified.  “Help me!”

Trowa rushed into the room, thinking only of protecting the pale blonde.  He was able to knock aside two of the men, only to
blink as he finally recognized the uniforms they wore.  They were of the Nomads . . . what the hell were they doing breaking
into the base?  That was the last thought to pass through Trowa’s mind before a flash of red filled his vision.  A wall of black
came crashing down on him as he crumbled bonelessly to the floor, the only sound reaching him being Quatre’s cries of fear.

To Be Continued . . .