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Notes:  A songfic.  The song is  “In Fields Where We Lay”  by Bewitched.  This is in Wufei’s perspective.  I guess it would be
set sometime in the beginning of the series.  Enjoy.

In Fields Where We Lay

//There’s a green hill far away
In a land I know so well//

Wufei stood staring out at an expanse of grassy hills.  Flowers covered the ground, tiny blooms that looked so delicate.  Nothing
else lay before him, and only his Gundam stood behind him, hidden in a grove of trees.  This field, it reminded him so much of
the one on his own colony, the one where he had enjoyed reading, the field where he had found peace for a time.  He
remembered his time on his home colony, a year ago, dearly.

//And the sun it shone so bright
In the fields where once we did lay
In the fields where once we did lay//


Although the sunlight was artificial, it had still been bright, and he had to seek shade under a tree.  He turned away from his
book, smiling at the girl laying beside him.  Meiran, his wife, was a beauty.  And not only beautiful in body, but in her spirit as
well.  She was headstrong, opinionated, not weak like the rest of womankind, in Wufei’s opinion.  No woman could match her
beauty, could ever compare to the strength her soul possessed.

//As we walked that winding road
I remember oh so well
The times we spent together
In the fields where once we did lay
In the fields where once we did lay//

“Come on, Wufei, let’s take a walk?”  She smiled, as she stood.  

Although usually she was berating him for not wanting to fight for the colony, they sometimes were able to share a peaceful
moment together.  Today was one of those days.  She was in high spirits, her mind not set on worries for the colony.  Wufei
smiled, happy to see her in a good mood.

They walked along the road, a road Wufei knew like the back of his own hand.  He took several glances at his new bride,
reveling in her lovely features.  Only fourteen, but she would definitely blossom into a beautiful woman in time.

//How we laughed and carved our names
And declared our love forever
On that old oak tree we found
In the fields where once we did lay
In the fields where once we did lay//

Meiran stopped in front of a large old tree.  She pulled out a pocket knife, and flipped it open.  Then she began to dig it into the
wood of a tree.

“What are you doing?”  Wufei asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Declaring to all who come across this tree in the coming years, how much I love you, Chang Wufei.”  She said, turning to him
and planting a small kiss on his nose.

“Do you really think it is necessary to injure a tree just for that?”  Wufei asked.

“Oh, lighten up.”  She chided, then returned to her carving.

Once she was finished, she stepped back, admiring her work.  It was a simple heart, their initials carved inside of it with the
word “loves” carved between them.  Wufei couldn’t help but feel happy at the sight of the carving.  Now anyone who saw it
would know that he and Meiran loved each other.  They might not know who the initials belonged to, but still they would know
that two lovers had been here, had marked their love for all to see.

Wufei wrapped his arms around Meiran.  “I love you.”  He whispered.

“And I’ve told you many times, that the feeling is mutual.”  Meiran replied, laying her head against his chest.

//There’s a green hill far away
In a land I know so well
And the sun it shone so bright//

A week later, Wufei watched as Meiran took off for battle.  The colony was being attacked, and Meiran was taking his place,
fighting when all Wufei wanted to do was became a scholar.  He had no urge to fight.

“But you are a woman.”  Wufei said.  “A woman should not be fighting.”  He knew that Meiran could fight, but he hoped this
would make her stop.  He couldn’t let her do this.  Maybe he should have taken the Gundam himself, instead of being the
scholar all of the time.

Master O stepped over, glaring at the transmitter as he hissed.  “A woman can’t handle that machine!”

“Then I hereby give up being a woman!”  Meiran replied, indignantly.  “I am Nataku!”  As she flew the Shenlong Gundam over
a field, the field where only a week ago she and Wufei had declared their love, she murmured.  “I must protect the flowers.”

//In the fields where once we did lay//

Wufei took one of the remaining mobile suits, knowing that he couldn’t just let Meiran go like that.  “I'm not such a coward that
I’ll stand by and watch while my wife is killed.”  He said to himself, launching his mobile suit into the air.  

They fought side by side, Wufei just trying to protect Meiran.  Then it happened, an enemy mobile suit rammed itself into
Meiran’s, giving her a heavy blow.  Wufei caught the Gundam in his mobile suit’s arms.

“Wufei, please take me to the field.  I want to see the tree one last time.”  He heard her say over the communication system.

Wufei’s throat choked up and all he could manage to say was one word. “Idiot . . .”

“And please, do not call me Meiran anymore . . . I am Nataku now.”

“Fine.  I will do as you wish.”  He said, just trying to keep her calm.

//In the fields where once we did lay//

Wufei hurried, pulling Meiran from the mobile suit. He sat, leaning her against his shoulder, since she had no strength to sit up
on her own.  He was overcome with worry, concern for his young wife.

“Was I strong?”  Meiran asked, her voice weak.  “Were you ashamed to have me as your wife?  Were you?”

“No.”  He replied, trying to smile as he held back his tears.  He couldn’t believe that this was happening.  They hadn’t been
married all that long, not long at all.  “No  . . . You were strong  . . . stronger than anyone.”

Meiran cupped his face with a trembling hand.  “No  . . . you are . . . stronger . . .”  She slumped against his shoulder, her hand
falling away from his face.

Wufei shoved her gently.  A hysterical laugh escaping his lips as he said, “Hey, get off me.”  

But she didn’t move.  She was dead.  “Meiran!  Nataku!”  He screamed, clutching her body in his arms as he frantically yelled.  
“I haven’t proven myself worthy of being your husband yet!  NATAKU!!  NATAKU!!!”  He screamed to a deaf sky.

He looked up, the heart-shaped carving on that tree that was staring back at him wordlessly.  He looked down at Meiran again,
laying her gently on the ground.  He brushed a hand across her cheek.  “I will prove myself someday, Nataku.  I will finish the
fight you have started for justice.”

End of Flashback

Wufei brushed the tear from his eye, along with the memory of those days long since past.  Meiran was dead, had been for a
year.  He would not dwell on the past, not when the future lay ahead of him.

“This looks so much like your field, my Nataku.”  He whispered to the wind.  “I am still trying to prove myself to you.  I love
you, Meiran.”

He turned, returning to his Gundam.  He climbed in, taking one last look at the field before taking off.  “I will prove myself to
you, my Nataku.”  He whispered.

//In the fields where once we did lay//

The End