Disclaimers:  I do not own Gundam Wing or any of its characters.

Notes:  Chibi Fic.  J is a sadistic pedophile, who uses his knowledge to clone children for business purposes.

Lost Innocence


Doctor J smiled cruelly as he sat on the edge of the bed.  He reached out, grazing his metal prosthetic across the skin of the
child that lay there.  Ebony tresses fell in a black waterfall around the boy’s shoulders, washing delicately over the golden-hued
skin of the child’s perfect body.  Another success, J thought, smiling at his latest creation - number 07-05.  He had three more
of these creations.  Although as he thought, he cursed the name of his former associate, Professor G.  If only that man had not
interfered, he would have had five of these beauties instead of just the four.  As soon as he found out which of his workers had
betrayed him to that sanctimonious hypocrite, J would get his revenge.

However, vengeance could wait a short while.  Right now, J had other things on his mind, such as putting this fresh youth to

The boy whimpered as J began to touch him.  J had been doing this for a year now.  The other six series’ of toys had worked
out well.  Of course, none lasted long.  Being so young, they had not been able to handle the stresses put on their delicate
bodies.  But to have them older would not have suited J’s needs.  No, they had to be innocent, had to remain purely young and
sweet to the tastes of J’s clients.

J was always the first to sample these beauties.  It was the most delightful benefit of having created them.  Of course, this time
there was another - besides the one that G had taken from him - that J would not touch.  No, that boy had been saved from J’s
advances.  His body was wanted in all its virgin glory.  The hefty price being paid for him, made the sacrifice worthwhile.  It
mattered little though.  When the time came to scrap this series and begin again, J would have a new one to taste for the first

He sold each of them of course, to the men and women who wanted such things, to touch and use their young bodies.  Their
bodies being so delicate, they never lived more than a few months at most under those conditions.  And then J would start over
again, just as he had done before.

“No!”  The child cried, pushing at J’s hands, trying to wriggle away.

J grabbed the child by the arm, yanking him to a sitting position, then slapped his cheek roughly.  “You are here to do what I say
and nothing else!  You are mine!  Do you understand me?”  J hissed, yanking roughly on the child’s silken hair.

The boy cried, wrapping his tiny hands around J’s arm.  “I’m sorry!” he sobbed, his body shivering as he hiccuped.

J nodded and leaned back on the bed.  “Good.  Now, do as you’ve been taught,” he ordered, letting go of the boy’s hair.

The child sniffled, goose bumps breaking out on his flesh as he slid forward.  Whimpering like a whipped puppy, he shakily
pulled at the sash that kept J’s bathrobe closed.  The boy gulped, pushing aside the flimsy cloth that had been J’s only covering.

Tears steadily dripping along his cheeks, the frightened boy settled himself between his creator’s legs, just as he had been taught
to do.  He took a deep breath, or as deep a one as he could manage between his sobs, and leaned forward to lick at J’s growing

“Such an obedient boy,” J commented with a sigh, weaving his fingers through the boy’s tresses, silently urging the child to

The boy did as he was expected.  He opened his mouth and took in all that he could, wrapping both of his little hands around
what he hadn’t been able to fit within his mouth.  Then he set to pleasuring J.  As always, it was something that J immensely

Yes, this boy would make him a good deal of money.


A frightened teenager stood in the shadows, watching through a mere crack in the door.  There was Doctor J - his master and
creator - using another of his clones for his own perverse pleasure.  But what could he do to stop the man?  There was nothing.  
He was just another clone.  And for much too long he had been helping this monster.  True, he had tried to redeem himself by
helping one of the children by calling Professor G.  But what about the four boys that remained?  He hadn’t been able to contact
the other three scientists, but he thought they’d react the same way.  This was just wrong.

His designation was H-01 and had been created along with the first series of children, the first victims of Doctor J.  He was
older than the rest, for the simple reason that he had a different purpose than they dud.  His task was to watch over the children,
to take care of them when Doctor J had no use for them.  He was the one who held them as they cried, who tried to entertain
them when they weren’t being put to work, to treat their injuries when they were harmed.  He did his job impeccably well.  In
fact, he loved taking care of them.

It was his fondness of the children that had spurred him to disobey his master.  H-01 had done bad things.  He had hacked into J’
s computers, had sought out a way to get help for the children.  It was a shame that he had only been able to find Professor G
before J had caught on to the fact that someone was using his computers without his permission.  He had been lucky not to
have been caught.  J could easily have him replaced.  He was just another clone after all, disposable like the rest.

With a sigh, he backed away from the room, away from the sickening moans of his creator as the latest of the children
pleasured him.  H-01 shook his head, trying to block out the sounds.  He didn’t want to see any more of these children suffer.  
It wasn’t right.  He only hoped that G was sticking to the bargain they had struck.  Sure the man had done the first half of the
job.  He had gotten 07-02 out safely.  But would he do the rest?  Would G really go and get help?  Would he send a rescue for
the rest of them?

H-01 could only hope that he would.  There was nothing else that he could do.  He was a prisoner too, just like the rest of them.


Duo hummed happily as he dusted the coffee table.  He was simply in a good mood, and he really didn’t know why.  He
shrugged.  What did it matter anyway?  As long as he was happy, that was a good thing.

The sound of the doorbell chiming caught his attention and he strolled to the front door, a smile on his face as he wondered who
was visiting him this early on a Saturday morning.  However, when he opened the door, his smile immediately vanished.

“Professor G,” Duo very nearly growled, his mood darkening considerably.  “What are you doing here, old man?”  He blinked,
catching sight of movement behind G’s body.  Yet, he couldn’t see what it was.

“Just bringing you a surprise.”  G said, a smile spreading over his features.  He turned slightly, reaching behind himself.

Duo’s mouth dropped open at the sight that met him.

Clinging to G’s arm was a small child, no more than four years old at the very most.  It was a little boy, with striking long hair
that trailed behind him in a lengthy braid.  The boy looked up at Duo with sparkling violet eyes, a curious gleam in his gaze.

The child turned to look up at G.  “Grandfather?  Who’s this man?” the boy asked meekly, pointing to Duo.

Duo didn’t hear anything after that.  Whatever G had said never reached Duo’s ears.  His eyes rolled back into his head and he
had the brief sensation of his face meeting the carpet before the world around him went black.

To Be Continued . . .